Larry Chen: A Rare S14 Drag Car With A Billet 3.2 RB Built By Croydon Racing Developments Video

Posted: 2023-08-16 15:00:01
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Foreign The overlord is here the overlord is this the most expensive s chassis in the world I believe it’d be really close to it yeah I would say it is I’ve seen a lot of s chassis I think this is it yeah definitely some money in there

Just a little bit so my question is why why this vehicle I’ve just always had a love for this 14. um I’ve had 32s I’ve got a 35 about a few JDM Cars but this Fall Into Me is the best looking one I think so

Yeah it had to be an S14 and most of these from what I’ve seen over the years of shooting are drift cars or time attack road race cars but I feel like this is the first drag one I’ve ever seen there are some in the states

Um there are a couple down here but yeah they are predominantly used for um drip stuff mainly here but not built to this level though no I don’t I’m as anyone built at this level so and this is not even the first version no what version

Is this it used to be the third I believe it started off just an rb26 just normal H pattern gearbox then it went from that to a 2.8 liter with a sequential gearbox and now it’s gone to a 3.2 liter with an automatic gearbox let’s go through the process right this

Started life as your street vehicle yep you’ve had it for a while you’ve driven on the street and then you thought one day you know what I’m gonna go crazy crazy but but it was just baby steps every single time that’s right yeah so then first swap what did you hit like

500 600 horsepower I think we’re at 700 horsepower just a stock RB 26 out of a 34 GTR um yeah hit seven I think 700 at most I think around a 10 10-5 at the track back then and then we brought it over to Croydon and they built me a 2.8 liter

That was with a sequential samsonus behind it uh that made a Thousand Eleven Hundred at the end and the First full pass of that were in 889 at 161 mile an hour that’s really fast which yeah it was really fast for a real drive manual

Car I don’t know I don’t know too many that are quicker than that here I can’t believe that that wasn’t enough for you no it’s never enough I want some more and now it’s essentially its final Farm now this has to be I don’t I don’t think

There’s much more I can do to it but I’m sure I’ll find something but 3.2 liter yep Billet block yep uh now how much is this putting down power wise so it’s below block 3.2 later with a crd race head uh Pro Mod 98 turbo uh just to set

Up choose just like a running tune if you want to call it makes 1100 horsepower just on 30 pound and that’s just like the Baseline that’s just yeah that’s just very minimal to start with I think once already we’ll push it up to about 65 pounds and I should make

Between 16 to 1750 I think that’s quite the range yes there is a 1600 horsepower to 17.50 yeah roughly somewhere in between that and that’s probably pretty reliable too that’s well yeah they’ve got Motors here that are going two and a half thousand horsepower plus and they’re at the track every

Second week so yeah they are pretty reliable I just I that is so crazy especially because as you guys will see the rest of the car I wouldn’t say warrant this kind of power but it just doesn’t make sense and that’s why I love this build so much

They have so many incredible GTRs so many evos so many all these crazy race cars here at crd but this is the one that I like because honestly this is the one that is a little more relatable in that it started Life as a pedestrian pretty much yeah you know some something

That anybody could purchase at one point in time you know in the US it was very common to see these for a thousand dollars yes definitely yeah that will real cheap back then I think I paid for this car seven and a half thousand Australian dollars five years ago I

Purchased the second one which I have in full Factory condition uh three years later for sixteen and a half thousand and now they’re ranging between twenty to forty thousand dollars here so they’ve definitely gone up in value the original chassis was seven and a half seven and a half thousand dollars yes

And then I don’t even want to guess how much just the motor package cost I mean I’m assuming it’s probably maybe 20 times the cost I’m not too good at math but I will tell you the cause three starts with a three it’s 300 and something I’m not sure whereabouts lower

Or bottom but the car owes me about 300 plus this setup in total the car probably owes me half a million dollars that’s exactly why I think this is the most expensive s chassis of all time I’m not sure if anyone spent that sort of money on S14 especially I know you guys

Are going to pick this apart but I’m gonna show you all the little things about this and it will 100 justify it I mean the cost of labor cost of parts cost of craftsmanship and the Artistry yep definitely that’s what kind of goes into it there’s a lot of people don’t see and

There’s a lot more to it than just smashing something together and making it look good and yeah I mean we can even just talk about the fact that it’s a shaved engine bay and the paint inside of the engine bay is just as clean and finished as the rest of the vehicle and

This is not even a factory color what is this so this is a custom purple mix that um me and my paintings got together and we made up so it’s a really really dark purple I mean it shows pretty much black until you get some light on it and then

You’ll see some purple come out of it but it’s just like a factory color of any sort or is this no no it’s just a custom mix yeah but everything is so clean I mean I just can’t believe the fit and finish um all of this stuff is titanium all of

This Hardware all of it is titanium it would be hard to find a boat on this car that’s not titanium and if it’s not titanium there was a reason for it so right yeah titanium yep yep brand new brand new creeps whatever I could find

Brand new for this car genuine OEM is on the car these are the things that really surprise me I mean brand new headlights Corner lights red light yes headlights this one did you guys have to custom make this so no that was a 3D printed um yes there’s a gentleman out here that

3D prints them and um yeah we needed that so I’ve got the I’ve got the light rod on this side as well this is cool because this keeps it uh street legal yes you still got the light in it correct because there’s still a light in the satellite even though most of the

Function is to just get clean yes you could seriously eat off any surface it’s so clean um incredible carbon intake manifold amazing I mean the engine alone is a work of art yep even underneath the hood uh this is a sabon hood correct that’s the same one from the states yeah save

On hood and it’s still painted underneath just as nice as the rest of the vehicle so cool all right so let’s talk about some of the other parts of the outside of the vehicle um body wise did you guys have to fix any damage or anything so I’ll go for

The whole body so the front bar is a factory front bar that’s been plastic welded up we’ve rolled it up so there’s usually blinkers that sit in here and a cutter that sits in there but just for um drag racing purposes we’ve plastic welded the front bar up to close off

Some holes unnecessary holes okay uh with the hood it’s a cybon hood as you said it was fully carbon and um I had this idea of a gt2rs I believe they leave the exposed carbon showing on either side of the Bonnet so we decided to do something

Like that with that it’s a very defined line yeah so there is a slight Edge you can see on a factory Bonnet so we tried to follow it as best as possible and then um we could talk about Wheel and Tire combo but this is a pretty crazy pizza cutter setup that’s just

Though yeah just the world I think I believe a v-series will have the states and some lightweight wheelwood brakes Mickey Thompson Tire and yeah you’re gonna need any you’re gonna need every bit of that breaking power yes definitely yeah um so what about the rear tire setup so

The rear tires is Bella from the states again it’s a 15 by nine it’s the widest I could have fitted with a lookout look how sticky it is it’s the wireless I could have fitted with a factory in a tub as you say it’s

A 275 60 15 Pro radio why is it that you guys didn’t go wide body you already went this far do you know what I love the factory lines of the car so we did try and Pull and pump out the factory guard as much as we could I would just personal

Opinion wasn’t a fan of the wide body stuff so we just did the best we could with the factory body I think it looks great though I really like it I like the way it sits too it has a little bit of a rake that’s right from the rear looks

Pretty tough yeah so then doors those are an actual race carbon door they don’t fit the best but they do the job I mean a standard door is about 35 kilo this still weighed in at 3.8 kilos but with that said it’s all glass yes all glass yeah all around and then honestly

The the craziest feature to me is the fact that factory yes Factory sunroof is powered and it still works yeah it definitely is with all of the stuff that you have in it everything still has to work I’m still going to speak speakers in there stereo sunroof headlights tail

Lights all that sort of stuff I mean no air conditioning didn’t really have the space for it but yeah it’s got all the factory or majority of the factory components still it just looks so Sinister with the two parachutes um because what do you actually estimating This would run so the reason

For the two parachutes is here I believe you need two parachutes to run 200 mile an hour so we definitely believe the car is definitely going to go 200 mile an hour plus so I did put the second shoot on for that yeah what what is your what

Is your goal my goal would be a mid to low seven second pass at 200 mile an hour plus yeah what’s the fastest you’ve gone before that in 89 at 161 so it’s it’s considerably that is addressing expecting to go yeah that is a drastic difference and then that wasn’t also in

A rear wheel drive vehicle that was this car yeah you had a 2.8 liter built while the boys here at Croydon I had a Samsung sequential gearbox though so the Shoe Fly and um yeah that went 889 amazing um tell me about this weighing setup

This is so cool so this rings that I’ve got from some guys up in the state above us Queensland um they had a factory S14 there they um shaped it all out of aluminum first they sent it to a carbon guy and he just molded off the aluminum these real good

Carbon pieces so we’ve got the side end plates top and just cut out aluminum piece here can we take a look in the trunk because that’s finished too yep definitely is bro and it has nitrous oh yeah definitely gonna need that to come up on the converter

Oh my goodness so it’s mostly to for launch or correct yes no it won’t add no power down the ship it won’t be needed it’s just it’s mainly for the launch yeah just to bring that turbocharger up on the converter and um yeah get out of the hole got it so try

Some correct yeah that’s Ross performance try some tank has a breather tank here it’s connected to and comes out all the way through here vents out the bottom here to an air filter oh so then it’s got to be so much oil that it’s yeah I’m not sure what the actual

Capacity of the oiling system is I believe it’s close to 10 liters yeah what’s this setup all right so that’s a CO2 bottle it holds I think it’s a I’m not sure how much it holds but that’s all just pretty much for the auto shift

Setup so once that gets set up I believe you’ll get it set up this week for to race on Friday I’d literally just have my hands on the steering wheel hold the button down let go of the button the car will shift two gears by itself yeah you

Just gotta focus on keeping it straight so take some driver area out and it’s a bit safer I believe and this is way neater than a package versus getting like a whole pump setup I’m assuming yeah like a compressor and all that sort of stuff yeah definitely look that

Bottle would I mean it’s only two ships at a time that bottle there I’ve got a spare as well but that will last so the magic really for me in terms of this build is the interior but first of all I just wanted to talk a little bit about

The exhaust yep the clearance here it’s like three fingers ish yeah it’s not too much if there are sportings that come with outside skirts if they didn’t have a side skirt it would have been tucked up a lot nicer a lot higher should I say but does have the sides

Good so we’ve only got that three fingers of space underneath it yeah this is where really the magic is for me um in terms of people questioning if this is A Streetcar this is a full-on street car through and through in every single way these door panels for example even

Though this is a carbon door it’s fully complete with glass power windows working power windows definitely yeah I’ll just turn the power on and they all work how are these so clean though did you buy new the car was originally when I bought it it was a

Very clean example so um I do have carbon um door trims from sabon as well but I just wanted to keep it all Factory looking for now so Factory Dash yep uncracked definitely not cracked knives put the dash Mount just to um yeah I think it looks a bit neater but now it’s

Not cracked yeah so uh and everything else all Factory center console Factory even got the this is still here that’s still there I mean it doesn’t work but all right I would have had a gap there if I didn’t leave it there so it just looks so good you still you have a

Little sound system definitely yeah I’ve got two speakers in the car so I don’t know if I can hear much when the car’s on but they’re there uh and then um refinish the top of the Alcatel yeah absor Alcantara on the ceiling and then on top of that this still has rear seats

Even though there is a roll cage and uh um there’s no way anybody could fit back there I’ve squeezed into the back it hurt me a lot but I got into the back to I have to do something in the back side area it’s but it’s fully finished and it

Looks like it’s still all works uh in terms of like um you can fold it down if you need to yeah definitely to get into the video you can um but there’s no belts back there obviously because nobody is going to be sitting back there but the fact

That it’s all Alcantara reupholstered so so so cool full carpet yeah sound ending under here uh sander now I’ll remove some sand Dunning but it’s still got cushioning in that under the carpet yeah um and then you have full carbon bucket seats yeah they’re from uh they’re from

The sites as well there’s a few cars a few parts on the car from the side so yeah full carbon seat Simpson harnesses uh fire extinguisher and then transmission Eminem shifter which we um sunk to fit in a factory location this is so cool it was a bit tricky but

That’s all Factory there yeah so I love that you didn’t even cut this no I didn’t have to cut in the mountain no nothing so cool you got your pad here yeah that’s everything you need oh my buttons here that I need to press when I’m on the start line

This is so crazy carbon forged carbon steering wheel oh what is it oh yeah forged common steering wheel that was from the states too I believe yeah and this is the crazy thing you had to do so much just to keep the sunroof working I mean because the cage is actually really

Tucked obviously it is yeah but there’s no room for any of this stuff no um and that’s your parachute release correct yeah it would have been a lot easier to remove the sunroof but it was one thing that had to stay in the car this that is just it’s too much I mean

From what what Mickey and I we were oh look at that we were talking about this last night like this could win any sort of car show I mean because of the fit and finish everything is so clean and even the guys here at crd they’re already thinking you’re crazy for racing

This vehicle yeah there was a lot of people that said are you actually going to race this car I’m like this is still going to race it yeah especially because the first time you did a burnout you pretty much just drifted this thing you went full sideways I was lucky to be

Able to witness that in person is dented um exhaust part I’m not sure how that happens what’d you hear I don’t know I hit something so we got it on a lift now and we’re actually looking underneath it yep and this definitely is a new vehicle now I mean

I can’t believe you guys took it down to metal and redid everything pretty much yeah strip the hole Underside and then painted everything in a like a raptor coat let’s get this rough finish and then um yeah everything you see underneath is powder coated and new bolts nuts yeah

Pretty much how was the condition of the actual chat the car was actually right it only had a hundred and 15 000 kilometers I’m not sure that is in miles but yeah it was actually a pretty good car to start with this is just absolutely insane it blows me away

That this drive shaft can handle all of that power yeah it’s just aluminum and yeah it surprises me too huh I cannot believe how clean everything is I mean you you’ve already taken it down the track one time yeah not all the way no but for you you know driving it around doing

Your burnout it is still simple so brand new I can’t believe it so is there a fuel cell so no so we removed the factory fuel tank which sits in this section here comes all the way down to here and we fitted effect we fitted a fuel cell

In the factory location so if you just see up here there’s a square or rectangular box oh yeah so that’s a fuel sewing just in that about 30 liter cells 30 liters enough for you to cruise around oh definitely yeah yeah and then you’ve got Factory filler point so I

Still open the side cap like a normal car really yeah you know it feeds through there straight into the tank huh I just can’t believe how clean this is underneath here it’s all tucked away nice too yeah and then so this is all like not for regulation but I’m sure

It’s just all for safety it is for regulation at the track you need to run these sort of pans so in case anything does happen to let go liquid doesn’t just drop onto the track so there’s one for the transmission there’s one for the engine oh this is just absolutely insane I can’t

Believe there’s enough room for this oh there’s there’s not much but there is enough it is pretty low to the ground so last night you almost took out my eyebrows yeah there was some flame shooting last night for sure this is just so crazy so oh my God

I cannot believe how clean everything is underneath it ready intercooler yeah kept something Japanese so so good I’m assuming that for a street setup you probably won’t run these pizza Cutters huh no I’ve got a set of t37s for it that I can sit it on for sure yeah but yeah

There’s no there’s no issue running those on the tree to be fine besides the attention from the authorities that’ll be the only issue but um it’s rich hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the

Perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall We need [Applause]