Larry Chen: 3SGTE-Swapped AE86, Making a Whopping 500+hp Video

3SGTE-Swapped AE86, Making a Whopping 500+hp

Posted: 2023-05-01 15:00:45
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Foreign That’s definitely a bang okay hey guys it’s the day after the elite showcase show here in Indonesia I picked the Honda Brio for my pick of the show but my friend Lawrence picked this a86 for his pick of the show and there’s a lot of different reasons why he chose this one

Of the big ones is the fact that he said he knows how hard it is for him to build something like this in the U.S it’s even 10 times harder for the folks here in Indonesia to build something this clean and dysfunctional and this pretty a bang

Is uh here to tell us about the build it’s actually his brother’s car but you were part of the process of actually building this I followed the process yeah thank you so much for bringing this this thing is so cool and already before we started rolling he agreed to let me

Drive it for whatever reason I don’t know why I appreciate that but uh because I believe in you yeah you believe in me yeah I believe in you so what was the story behind this how long did this take take to build uh my brother is build it for 3.5 years maybe

He bought the car with a good condition but not so good enough right was this originally Indonesian car uh I I don’t know but my brother purchased in Indonesia oh okay yeah he purchased it a couple years ago it was in okay condition it wasn’t the best but

He knew he wanted to restore it yeah yeah yeah is it is it true you can look the engine yeah I see the engine this is a3s GTE so usually it’s a engine for a Toyota Celica you know yeah oh okay so this is uh out of uh the

Alltrack Celica uh like a four-wheel drive yeah when he bought we already have the 3s GTA engine so now this is all modified he took out the engine yeah upgraded everything yeah interior is pretty cool yeah it’s a TRD Sports it is for fd86 yeah the custom roll cage

And he drives this all the time just for the weekend do you drive it uh I don’t think so oh what is that meth injection yeah there’s a watermelon injection yeah how much power does this make then I can give you the paper 500 500 horsepower for this little car

500 horsepower yeah that is crazy all right whoa this has power steering yeah it’s EPS yeah it’s electric yeah electric power steering yeah all right so we’re we’re just gonna take this out for a drive real quick you can turn on the AC oh it

Has AC yeah every car here has AC yeah of course that’s so nice That is very nice what is the red line eight thousand eight thousand yeah okay all right here we go It’s very grabby yeah hold on hi Larry hi hi you love this my friend are you sure you’re okay back there I’m okay this thing has 500 horsepower I’m literally gonna do a poll oh yeah no problem that’s right oh okay here we go what what this actually has a lot of traction

Yeah how do you feel it’s good of course I feel good are you kidding me it’s amazing wow this thing is so fast 3s GTA yeah whoa yeah it’s good it’s very good good job thanks man the suspension is so good it’s it’s very easy to drive too oh yeah really yeah

It has so much traction yeah it probably helps we have a camera yeah yeah that’s why we have so much attraction so we’ve been shooting for about a week here in Jakarta and before this trip I never actually really knew anything about Indonesian car culture at all I

Didn’t even realize that they build these sort of cars here this is a perfect example of a car that kind of has like a overall very well sorted feel and it’s functional and it has to be because the weather here is super unforgiving it’s insanely hot but the

Fact is I could run the AC in this thing makes 500 horsepower to the wheels and you feel every bit of that when you get on the throttle it is pretty incredible you know the thing is it’s so difficult for them to build these sort of cars here because

The parts are impossible to get they’re actually 100 illegal like let’s say you wanted to get a new quarter window or rubber seals or I don’t know door handle that’s illegal to import here because it’s a used part it’s not a new part unless you can get something that was

Manufactured new like let’s say the coilovers yeah you could get those in but of course it’s more difficult just because you have to import them the engine let’s say if the 3s GTE blew there would be no way for him to legally get a new engine here this is something

Where you either have to pay somebody off or there’s some kind of gray area where you can smuggle them in that’s just something that they have to deal with we think that we have it hard in California in the U.S well honestly we don’t compared to these guys and then

Again another overarching theme that I’ve realized is I’ve been posting all these top end cars really nice well-built JDM Cars and I’ve been getting a lot of commenters saying oh my God the Indonesian car scene is so good it’s like way better than the us or whatever no it’s not it

It’s very good but the difference is the people That Tune cars here the majority of them at least that enjoy these JDM Cars or enjoy cars in general are very wealthy the wealthiest here in Indonesia versus the wealthiest car enthusiasts generally speaking in the U.S don’t build cool JDM

Cars it’s not something that they grew up with and a lot of times it’s just something that they don’t spend their money or time or efforted they like other things McLaren f1s Porsches full on Race teams or full-on collections but the people here because every car is

Right hand drive and the proximity to Japan what they grew up with is this and when they became of age and became of wealth they want to build stuff like this and they really take it to the next level with that said I hope you guys enjoyed

Our coverage here in Indonesia I’ll see you guys in the next video Me [Applause]