Larry Chen: 2.4 liter Inline four turbo and six speed manual! All new 2024 Toyota Tacoma Video

2.4 liter Inline four turbo and six speed manual! All new 2024 Toyota Tacoma

Posted: 2023-05-18 23:51:01
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Foreign All right first time writing in the new Tacoma nice little View 360 view plus that’s the front camera it’s pretty cool the question is what do I want to talk about that’s right I want to talk about everything all right we can do that we’re excited about this

Truck yeah I’ll tell you what it’s been a long time coming and we’re really excited about it so really glad we could have you here we’d love to show you all around I think a lot of people are excited about this truck I mean this is in terms of Leaps and Bounds just

Reading that sheet of all the new things sure that make it really an all-new truck it’s uh it’s pretty crazy all right a couple of things sure we are in Hawaii we’re actually on the big island that’s right and there is a good reason for that too there absolutely a lot of

People may not know but the Tacoma by far is the best selling vehicle in the state of Hawaii by a long shot sure is nothing even comes close that’s right so I’m a big Toyota truck guy awesome even though I love the gr lineup what gets us off-road obviously

Are the Toyota trucks so it’s really fitting for Toyota to launch this vehicle in Hawaii basically the state that Embrace this vehicle that’s right so I mean and and plus it feels like we’re in the rainforest right now oh my God talking about this thing this is incredible yeah

This location this view are you kidding me listen but so much of this I mean you have the trail Hunter you have the TRD you have a manual version um so much of this really speaks to the Enthusiast you being an off-road Enthusiast yourself sure you know it

Seems like from what I can tell more and more people who work at a manufacturer they may not be a true vehicle Enthusiast like a truck or a car Enthusiast you know and it’s honestly really refreshing to talk to somebody like you who actually lives it who enjoys it

You know we’re fortunate this is an incredible product you mentioned it I mean to be here in Hawaii with this honestly there really isn’t a better place to show off this truck but um I will tell you to a person on this project there’s a lot of excitement around this drug development program

We put forth what we thought was a really aggressive development concept we challenged our engineering and development team we challenged our manufacturing teams and every single individual to a person is super excited about this truck we talk about loving and living the product and that what that means is getting in it

Understanding how the customer uses it and making sure that it’s part of everything that we do that goes into it we talked about the development concept we use words like credible authentic tough and durable this was what this truck was meant to be and it all starts

With our QDR because that’s why so many people around here like it right they know that this truck is gonna they’re gonna spend some money on it but it’s going to last a long good long time yeah I mean part of it also is that one one

Of the things I always like to say and it’s not a dig on Toyota at all a lot of times with Toyota trucks especially it may not have all the bells and whistles but do you want your truck to last to a million miles or not you know but with

That said I feel like you’ve kind of turned it around with this current generation Tundra as well as this new generation of Tacoma now it actually has all the bells and whistles and more that was kind of the idea here right we get to do this about once every you know 15

To 20 years so we had to make sure that this platform was set up to last into the future as well so from everything now to the new turbos you know for example when we bring the turbos on the truck line everyone’s worried about turbo durability well for trucks we run

Our turbo not to our our passenger grade but actually to our commercial grade standards right because we know the duty cycle is going to be higher on those so we’re making sure that when we introduce these turbos and by the way turbos aren’t new to Toyota right especially if

You think about globally in some applications in different in different markets bringing these here you can rest assured these are going through all the same Paces that all of our previous generation Vehicles did let’s start out with this one the trail Hunter Trail Hunter new one yes sir this is uh near

And dear to me we had started to think about our premium truck lineup and you know talking about TRD versus Trail Hunter that’s the big question I always get asked 2D Pro is always about you know adrenaline fueled desert racing it’s a truck that’s meant to go fast in

The desert and have a good time we found a lot of folks were you know saying hey I need something that has the suspension travel but I’m not using it for that purpose so we really felt like there’s this active outdoor adventure and really you know performance Motorsports really

Was sort of what set all of these you know sort of suspension and and I’ll say uh components that have been really dedicated for this sort of ground clearance and crawling but we wanted to make sure that each was tuned for their respective purpose and so the trail

Hunter is really about going you know long distances it’s about doing it in Comfort it’s about being you know heavily Laden because you’re taking the gear that you need with you whereas you want to kind of keep you know TRD Pro we want to kind of keep it light and fast

And Nimble so that was the Genesis and therefore we have the trail Hunter so Trail Hunter uh we’re working with old man Amy with it carries many of the same traits a three inch wider stance in the bass truck uh old man even suspension we’ve got multiple zones so two Jones

Three compression this allows us to give you good on-road compliance but then also have that sort of you know mid-speed Fire Road type activity but you can clearly see this is also built for getting in those tough to tough to reach places Rock sliders right to the frame from the

Factory from the factory guaranteed for you know half GVW we actually have a front skid plate we have a mid protection plate full fuel tank protection and then a rear diff uh protector as well so completely armored uh ready to go off-road we’re showing here our long deck version you can get

This also in a five foot box but we know that folks like to have a little bit more a little bit more space optional roof rack standard Sport Bar the sport bar actually can be converted into a full-size deck rack it’s interesting to me with the trail Hunter

You’re like it’s like pre-modifying it you know for the consumer for somebody that may not want to buy the base version sure and then you know put their own effort and put their own Flair and you know put their own taste and flavor into it which honestly takes a long time

And costs a lot of money you know off-road especially everything seems like it’s a lot more money because of the fact that it needs to be durable you know you need five six tires sometimes that’s right it’s a little different versus modifying something small like a

I don’t know Dr Corolla or even a Supra but it’s cool like this even has like a higher mounted air filter that’s right snorkel don’t call it a snorkel or anything right that’s right desert here well in this particular case we typically refer to as a snorkel but what

It’s really supposed to be doing is whether you’re running in the desert you’re running in a dusty trail we’re trying to get that clean air into the motor right um this is a great way to do that and you yeah you you hit on something that was really important because there’s

Three real tenets of Trail Hunter and the first one was that most folks they might go buy a truck and they say okay you know I want to become I want to get into everybody I’m new to it right first thing they just put on a deck Rack in a

Tent but you know fundamentally we need to build this truck from the from the base up you need that truck to be stable you need to make sure that it has good performance you’re raising the center of gravity right making sure that we have this thing set up so that you can drive

It safely and reliably because the most important thing is making sure you get back right we want to make sure our customers always get back so we said hey we can do something heavy lifting for you we’re going to take care of the foundational elements but we want to

Make this truck easily customizable and one of the other great Parts is when we can partner with some of these other suppliers out there what we’re able to do is integrate them better to the truck that means lower cost lower Mass better reliability and then of course the third

Thing is we can help you finance it it also is cool because it is a blank canvas still you know even though it comes from the factory with cool over fenders you know a little bit of a snorkel including honestly really nice wheels from the factory I’m sure a

Lot of owners right away they’re going to try to figure out a way to fit 35s on it you know up the Boost this that and other all that stuff let’s talk about the TRD Pro this thing looks absolutely incredible honestly I I wouldn’t say it looks more

Aggressive would you say this is equally aggressive as a trail Hunter it shares some common components but with a different spirit and execution so both of them have this sort of swept up front High approach uh front bumper that’s to make sure we get these things on the

Obstacle first right so you see these big gnarly over fenders obviously we talked about three inches wider on the tread width one of the most important tenets of this truck is we wanted to make sure it looked like it was going fast even when it was sitting still and

That was something that was really important so you can see the two-tone painted roof one of my personal favorite things that maybe not everybody sees but is right up in here you’ll notice that there’s no Mercury line right here this is actually we’ve been able to put this

Sort of Fastback spoiler directly in the side member router so we can keep it nice and clean trim this out with a with a resin spoiler here and then everything about this is meant the fast you know high up angles for for better for departure you know the steel rear rear

Bar this is blowing me away because this is actually an ARB it is bumper that’s right this is steel that’s right this actually is functional you can tow with it right that’s a rear recovery Point yep and it still has parking sensors built in that was the key so when you

When the aftermarket you know tries to do something like this they have to try to figure out how our Electronics so we got our sonar we’re here we got our BSM including the trailer PSM as well it’s like right up in here this behind this that’s right so we have worked together

With airb to package all this and to make sure that it’s time that it’s completely integrated this goes right into the frame so that you have tons of strength there right up here we have our integrated high lift Jack point right into the frame stick your nose right

Underneath there so cool you can lift it up it’s on both sides you know it’s something we can give away and but it’s a it’s an access uh you know a point that we can this is so interesting in that like I see this a lot with sports cars just when you think

You can’t get it done and just when you think because of Regulation it can’t be legal on a on a road car you know you guys figure it out somehow we’re we’re trying yeah absolutely in terms of like the actual bumper usage you know five mile per hour bumper or

Whatever pedestrian safety the fact that this passes all of it that’s so crazy so most of our pedestrian stuff we do up front but in the rear we uh we this is where we keep our safety system so we have cross traffic alert we have pedestrian cross traffic alert here so

The truck will backing up if it senses The Pedestrian it’ll hit the brakes for you so again you know while this is meant to be sort of fun in the desert a lot of folks this will be their everyday driver right so we have to give you the safety comfort and those other

Additional features that make this a really fun truck to drive around every day and like you just said to to bring you know backup cameras we’ve got cameras here with the towing we have a light that basically gives you about eight feet of visibility around here we

Have up in the chimso we’ve got another light so we’ve got the side deck lights these are mainly so if you had a tonneau cover they’re wide angle they throw like this way and this way and then there’s power back there there is uh this is 2 400 watts so AC power on

This side I’ve got your DC power two usbcs and we’ve got a a 12 volt in here as well so cool it just lifts up yeah also right down here if you want we can also put in a air compressor it mounts right in here this allows you to air up

Or air down you can pre-program it the actual compressor is mounted in there or right here oh right there okay oh this is the tail this is the power Tail kit yes sir this is uh on the tundra too yep but this is power so that’s a that’s

An automatic release on Tundra this is actually power you got a button on this side you got a button on that side and then of course you know sometimes you’re pulling the cooler out and you don’t really have room you just kind of do that walk away so cool close for you it

Also features in case you had a load on this or something it’s got a ratchet to protect itself and it’ll slowly fall get a pinch sensor right here so if you do happen to have somebody um this will this will reverse the tailgate as it goes up got it yeah so

All that’s so neat these are the little things that I just I didn’t even think of you know I wouldn’t have thought of all right so let’s check out the engine bay okay yeah and we’ll we’ll talk about the power plant option sure one of the things that

You know a lot of people will the discussion point will be the fact that it’s not a six cylinder anymore and that’s a and it’s a four-cylinder Turbo so tell me about this engine so this is what we call our iForce Max so this is a four-cylinder turbo but it’s paired with

Our one motor hybrid so that that motor is directly in line and then those are complemented with a eight-speed automatic transmission I think you’ve seen some of the stats here but the big horsepower big big torque 465 pound-feet of torque you get that at 1700 RPM obviously this one has

The performance air intake as well that’s part of you know signature to the TRD Pro Model it’s available in other other vehicles but mainly standard here but yeah so this is all about lots of power lots of torque uh making sure that four-cylinder out of a four-cylinder

Yeah with with the one motor hybrids yeah with it with the assist that’s right but yeah and like I was mentioning the turbos we run those new turbos they’re all run to our commercial standard it’s about one-third more duty cycle that’s required so really really

Put to the test but this thing is a ton of fun to drive and you know what all that torque it really helps when you get these big wheels on it you know so then was this in another Toyota global so this shares its basic DNA with The L4

Turbo we call it the FF for the front wheel drive vehicles right obviously this was reconfigured through the rear drive and then the one motor components are actually shared with Tundra so it’s actually the same motor same battery obviously made it up to the 880 and then

So the battery goes under the rear seats it does just like the tundra exactly correct that’s right all right so we do lose a little bit of storage but you get a you get a pretty pretty cool battery oh man that is awesome so when it goes

Into production is it going to have a big engine cover you know what no is the answer to that that’s why we decided we’re gonna we’re gonna leave the engine cover off I like that actually because it’s just one less thing to remove if you actually have to service anything you know and

I mean I guarantee you so many of these customers will do their own that’s right little things you know and and this is important you know I lifted this here but this is about 37 lighter right so we talked about keeping our Mass down so we’ve done a multi-material sort of uh

Focus lighting up the hood and make it a little easier actually I was telling the other some of the other folks that we’re also recognizing we’re getting much broader and broader we’re actually seeing a lot more women coming into our segment which is awesome for for Tacoma

And some of the complaints some of the I’ll say shorter people as well as some of our female customers have said is you know this is a really heavy hood and I can’t get to this proper Rod so we put two prop rods so if you’re a little bit

Shorter we can you can put it in here if you’re a little taller you want a little bit more head clearance you know you can put it up here so really we from about four foot eleven all the way up to about six foot five it’s designed so that this

Is a Tacoma for everybody and it’s a little bit easier to use so yeah 37 lighter you know we did that on the deck side we did that on the resin deck we did it on the tailgate so when it’s not power a little bit easier to open and

Close and you know know when we can return that mass of the vehicle we can increase things like payload we can make sure our fuel efficiency is good I’m assuming this light bar is similar to the Tundra TRD Pro where this goes on uh when you turn on the high beams that’s

Correct so that’s part of fmvss uh you know if we’re going to have something with this kind of power it can’t be on it can’t be brighter than the low beams right so that’s why they are tied to the high beams this almost doubles the the power output of the tundra much wider

Throw much farther through so we actually get about 20 meters more throw to the side that’s then paired with rigid wide-angle fogs now this is similar to what we use on Tundra but the concept here right is we have this really great LED pattern that comes out here but when you’re off-roading and

You’re coming up on a turn you need to see what’s right here so these wide angle fogs basically give you another eight meters of coverage around this area and then these spread out so when you’re moving fast you can see what’s over here what’s way over there and of

Course what’s down the road in front of you so so that was sort of our focus on why we wanted to go that route it’s just so crazy because all so many of these things that you have done from the factory are all things that people do after market anyways to the older

Generation Tacomas and some people will still want to have ditch lights and that’s okay most of these come pre-wired with accessories so we’ve actually got some accessory takes off here so if you want a ditch light we got three accessory buttons in here we got a power

Take off here we got a power takeoff inside the cabin and a power takeoff at the rear so again make it your to make it your Tacoma yeah let’s uh let’s take a look at the interior sure love love love this camo pattern cool the seats

Are so comfortable I did have a chance to sit in it awesome and yeah all premium materials it looks incredible and I don’t know if you had a chance to we can we can go up and see the seat out because these aren’t the final production ones but this is the iso

Dynamic performance seat so in addition to having you know ventilation heating power adjustability this also features that brand new ISO seat which is basically an air over oil system we have actual shocks that control the seat in this direction the seat laterally and then basically this is on

A spring Mount ball point and this is there’s a ball joint down here and so what this does is as you’re driving down the road and you’ve been down right and you get that kind of head throw this is taking all that and trying to isolate it

So it’s all about stability of the driver and the passenger and trying to take out all that stress from the upper body so seven percent of total input down which means you know driver fatigue passenger fatigue significantly reduced and then when you get into those really fast high

Impact sort of like you know really Dynamic events really takes a lot of the shock out of it for you I just I can’t believe that it’s standard that is standard and the great part is you know they’re completely adjustable so we’ll give you a sort of a prescribed

Pressure to set the map based on the occupant’s weight and then you can adjust it and we have little rings and so as you’re going you can decide how much travel and kind of like you would like mountain bike shock what you can do is you can adjust it to the the settings

You prefer and let’s just say you know what I’m on road and I don’t want this lock them both out you can lock out the vertical or horizontal or both just a quick flip of a switch and it’s both front seats both front seats that’s

Right I you know the crazy thing is I’ve never even seen that at all like I have never even I didn’t even know it existed until today you know we’re not so sure that it does exist anywhere else this has been something that we’re working on and it’s been something that again we

Want to continue to advance Pro to make it a great off-road experience even on-road it’s it’s great because it just brings a whole lot of comfort you’ll notice too the bolsters are a lot more a lot bigger here both uh on on the cushion as well as on the side cushion

Here and really what they’re made to do uh is to really hold you in place and so when you’re in this nice kind of snug area it feels real good I love this too this is all the controls that’s right are here now versus on the dash that’s

Right so very uh we have a lot of uh features to put in this truck so we wanted to be organized you’ve got your multimedia up here you got your HVAC here this is everything that is related to your powertrain right you come back over here we give you some other stuff

Like your fuel opener and you’ve got your power tailgate down button your three aux features your your bed lighting so this is kind of vehicle control this is kind of powertrain control and then this is like HVAC and of course multimedia and so you can see right here new stabby sway bar

Disconnect all right so that’s a new feature that it’s on both the TRD Pro as well as the trail Hunter it’s also available on the orps and obviously you’re pretty familiar with that it disconnects the front stabby gives you about 10 percent More Travel in the front maybe even more importantly you

Know when you’re in that sort of off-camber position it gets about an it allows you to access that additional 15 of stroke on the rear so our core tenant of off-roading right we give you a bunch of tools depending on the the situation that you’re in and so we allow you know

Our customers to decide how to best employ them the best thing we can do is keep all four wheels in in contact can you turn it on for us I sure can All Digital All Digital that’s right that’s right so this is our 12.3 fully digital meter again that’s paired with

Our 14 inch multimedia screen this is configurable you can decide you know what features you want in here it comes in four different Graphics that are available again programmable customizable to our customers this wheel is super cool too yeah a little bit of a little bit of a flat bottom here we

Picked this up we share this with uh with Tundra we kind of thought that really part of the TRD sort of theme yeah 12 o’clock that’s right you always know if you got the alignment right yeah can’t cheat this one the shift knob is nice too yeah really kind of comes a

Little leather wrap we got the the red accent I mean this is this is you know is this digital yeah that should be your digital display mirror that’s right exactly right that is so cool that’s right and you can adjust it a little bit absolutely up down left right yeah

Depending on what you like to see and then you saw too you can flip it down and you know if that’s ever never on there it is a reflective surface as well you may have noticed on top there’s three shark fins right so that one shark fin is the traditional antenna the two

On the outboard side actually are this is with an option that allows for a wireless trailer and camera that wireless trailer camera transmits directly right here you can see everything from the back and that’s what those two shark fins are doing so many bells and whistles uh built-in trailer brake control absolutely that’s

Absolutely critical right if we’re going to be serious about trailering we need to make sure that we you know equip these trucks with all the safety features you need they can tow up to about 60 or this one will be about 6 000 pounds so you got to make sure you’re

Okay so again this is kind of new this is our Drive select you can turn it here you go right to the the two wheel drive and you can see quick boom you’re back in two wheel drive press the button move it to four wheel high you can see right

Here before high boom you’re in four wheel High we can go into our different modes for example Drive modes we can go to sport mode uh normal Eco this is going to change so for example normal mode you move to sport it’ll change your your steering

Feel a little bit tighter a little bit more performance oriented wait is it electrics there electric power steering absolutely so that’s new new too absolutely everything has been upgraded on this yep yep so yeah and you can see here you got some of your more off-road feature roll

Incline roll pitch so these are these are things of course that you know we want to have front and center this one actually has a heads up display probably a little bit difficult to see it at the moment I’m not sure if you’ll be able to

Pick it up in your camera so again keeping those eyes down the road on the trail this will also feature the multi-train so if you go to you know the the 3D panel view also multi-train multi-train what that’ll do is that’ll pick up the front camera so this is kind of the 3D

Pano when we’re in gear and we’re rolling the the other systems will will come into place and that allows you to see what’s in front of the truck right and then allows you to to roll over yeah so lots of different functions out here

Can you give it some rev so we can sure absolutely oh [Laughter] wait wait wait wait wait one more time let me hear that four-cylinder Turbo Can you hear the turbos from the front let me get a little bit of they’re wide a little bit one more time yeah a little bit yeah a little bit yeah a little bit and some of our customers like to hear a little bit on the pro we

Let you we let you hear it sing a little bit all right so we have like five minutes left of light let’s talk about this one while it’s a lot easier to off-road yeah with the automatic yeah I like the challenge with a manual I think it’s

Super cool yeah I think I mean it’s OG you know that’s what uh we love it that’s what got the Toyota pickup trucks to begin with like that’s what got them popular absolutely an off-road scene right 100 and this one is six speed manual yeah let’s go inside and have a

Look I don’t even know what to say I mean the fact that this is a 2024 vehicle yeah brand new from Toyota with a manual transmission we don’t sell a ton of them but the folks who love them love them I’ve had two Tacomas I’ll say uh gen 3 Tacomas

And both of mine had three pedals I enjoy the drive I enjoy the connected experience that you get and I know we have a bunch of enthusiasts who feel the same so it was really important that we had we held on to this as long as we can

So this manual is available on our Sr as an entry grade we actually pair that with the the smaller rear differential we called our bd21 it’s our eight and a half rear diff uh when we come up into the TRD series we pair it with the bd24 the nine and a

Half rear diff and then we’re allowed to give you all the power and really let you really let you enjoy it so that one’s really about an Enthusiast so this comes with last power then it’s just just a little bit down we had a little bit of crankshaft hammering and so we

Had a we had to cut the cut the power just a little bit so we wanted to give you as much as possible but yeah that’s the the seven horsepower but this one doesn’t come in hybrid this does not come in hybrid this is only available in

Our gas with the The L4 Turbo with the 6mt but what we did add for you is this this is called imt2 so intelligent manual transmission too so for those days where you know you’re just kind of tired on your way home from work it’s got Auto rev matching as well as

Anti-stall features so it’s really tough great if you wanted to teach someone to drive this this is so cool that you guys kept this feature so I love using this in my FJ when I’m off-roading I mean you sometimes you just have to use it yeah exactly so it’s a little bit trickier

Though because we got rid of the key but basically same thing you engage your clutch start cancel foot on the foot on the brake you have your foot ready on the gas basically press hold it’ll let you know that it’s going to start to rev it’ll basically start to turn it over

You can lift your foot from the brake and then you know obviously apply the gas and off you go so then this is hybrid then way in a way in a way that’s in a way the electric the starter there you go is moving the truck in that application

Yeah yeah yeah that’s so cool so listen to a manual enthusia we’ll talk about let me just tell you a couple other cool things well I’ll let you decide if it’s cool yeah when we get you back out here to drive it but two things we did the

Clutch pedal we had a hydraulic accumulator right in the nowgoing generation for me it was great because it isolated vibration and it made the the throw so we lightened up the clutch just a little bit but more importantly with when we get rid of this uh this this accumulator

What it allows is very precise and consistent engagement so it engages all the time at the exact same home of the throw so if you really want to be in control and you really want to know when that pedal is out that’s I think a huge

Upgrade in this and then to to sort of I’ll say pair with that we also lightened up the the pedal side so we don’t have as much force on the pedal so it really makes that back and forth control a lot better A lot more Fidelity so that you know exactly what’s

Happening with the drivetrain this is so good looking too like just this packaging yeah it’s so beefy I mean there’s no other way to put it it’s so it’s done so well so but this still has four wheel drive four high and four left absolutely yep with the a-track honestly

I would think this would be better in the sand at least for me yeah put it in four low you have so much resolution absolutely you know and then as soon as you feel like it’s bogging you just drop a gear exactly no exactly well and then

Yeah pair this with our BFG tires and this thing will be a beast so we do we do offer this in the orp this is the sport but the orp is going to be a bunch of fun to drive so I actually can see potentially people buying this

It comes with less accessories but you know it it is a blank canvas and this is something that you can build out yeah and and just to be clear I guess I would say um by definition I’m going to say accessories like fundamentally anything that you put on all these other trucks

Should fit on this truck I mean obviously there’s some stuff that you know is not on this particular model but most of what we try to do runs up and down the line so if it’s available on the TRD series it’s usually available obviously if it’s if it’s related to the

Manual the automatic transmission it’s not but um otherwise yeah all the all the if you want the rails or the running boards or there’s some stuff that I want to ask about so sure this has all of these crazy features so this has adaptive cruise control it sure does

With a manual transmission yeah so what what this will actually do is it does when you’re you know when you’re in a specific gear you know it’ll still use the radar to control your speed but yeah I mean once you once you change gears then you know you’re you’re effectively

I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before yeah this is all part of it you know because like it’s already I guess not the most common thing to have a manual transmission and cruise control but the fact that it’s adaptive this is so cool yeah it’s a bit of a uh

Unicorn that’s awesome that is really cool yeah let’s come completely with our tss3 as well so all the the braking Etc so we have a clutch switch you know so if it does have to do e-stop clutch switch takes it on gear so you don’t you

Don’t install it but it does it by itself that’s right when I mean when you come to an emergency braking situation that’s right instead of just stalling out the vehicle that’s what we’re losing that’s right brake pressure and everything exactly that is so smart yeah yeah can you start

This one I I sure can We go park brake is on can I try the clutch please get over here yeah I’m excited about this one this one is this is the one see if I was to build one of these there you go this would be the one just because even though it’s more difficult to

Off-road oh this this is a light clutch yeah it’s taking a little bit of the effort out of it because you know we got rid of that accumulator so we had to reduce the effort but what you’ll notice when you put it in gear is man you throw

That come out that first inch it’s it’s there every time so if you’re in terms of like driving around town too I bet it would just be so much fun to rip this around I mean I’m sure you’ve driven this quite a bit you got to roll the

Gears and it’s a lot of fun yeah because you know driving is an experience and you know it’s meant to be something that uh you know I’d like to have as much uh engagement with it with the driver as possible a lot of folks don’t care for

It but that’s okay you know the folks that do will enjoy this so and also on top of that this feels like a truck shifter you know it’s not dinky it is it’s a good throw it feels good yeah it’s pretty smooth a little bit longer

Throw with the new bell housing we it’s a little bit further to the to the where the cable actually connects up to the transmission but still I think it’s uh you know it’s good it’s confident still are able to you know go from like first to reverse first reverse if you gotta

Rock and get out of the slippery stuff so and then reverse is same that’s right all the way left you got it up and then it gives it does that little beep there you go let you know that you’re in Reverse you got it so then one last

Thing I’m so sorry no no please hey we’re here for you guys I want to talk about the air down yeah what’s up with this thing well so unfortunately or fortunately however you look at it and this is an integral part of the overall Arrow package right so the truck got bigger

The truck got wider the truck got taller we wanted to make sure that we still had really competitive fuel economy and this is really important to the total Aero package so what we tried to do to this is make it so that you still have access

To your recovery points but if you are going off-roading or something like that there’s nine simple attachments you can use either a Phillips head screwdriver or a hex bolt shoot it with a gun zip tip tip and it comes right off we looked at different alternatives for

This honestly I looked at an auto air dam that would come down at speed the problem is with our package to get it up high enough so that I could make sure that it was out of Harm’s Way when you’re off-roading the last thing I want

To do is you know have a customer out there drop it on a rock have the part not function that’s an expensive you know part to replace so our thinking here was make it easy to take on and off for the customers who are really going to do some serious off-roading easy for

Them to pop off put it back on for the ride home but make sure that you know if they don’t take it off it’s not a huge replacement cost so trying to think about how the customer will use it and give the give them the the benefit of

This performance without having you know the big repair cost we are still a ways away from miles per gallon release yeah literally we haven’t even started our first full-on production phase for this truck so there’s still some development ongoing we’re still confirming all those things with EPA so down the road we’ll

Be able to let you know where we where we land cool wow it’s dark the sunset already and everything sorry for taking all your time hey man this is I really appreciate it yeah I’m just so glad that we actually have true car enthusiasts Behind these vehicles you know because

You got it to this point now people like us are going to take it and run with it you know and then if you don’t want to modify it that’s fine you know most of them aren’t but we love to modify our things we love to

Go faster we love to go further and I think that’s what these are perfect for I tell you what in a world where you know automobiles in some cases are are becoming a little bit more like appliances I still think what’s great and alive is the Enthusiast and the

Truck and also in the sport car sort of Arena people are so excited about these as part of a Driving Experience so that’s what we really wanted to deliver was a truck that we can give to you to customize it if you don’t buy it for the

Reasons that we put it together we make it very easily accessible and customizable for you so you’re you’re our Target customer awesome cool all right thank you see you guys in the next video Foreign [Applause]