Larry Chen: 2.2 Liter K20 Swapped Into This EF Civic, Making 320hp Video

Posted: 2023-05-10 15:00:08
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Oh We got here to my buddy adi’s place and this thing pulled up I love EFS I love civics but I’ve never seen this sort of swap so Ricky is the owner and Builder all right what do you what uh so now did this how did this come about I mean this is such

An interesting build yeah it’s a vision you know it’s like I’ve always liked in the air because it’s it’s been in well the car is not in the family but it’s like my dad had one my mom had one so it’s like you know seeing an EF since back then

So when I wanted to build something it started as a race car built with the K20 but it was too much put into it that we decided like now if if we raced it something wrong with it then you can’t make it anymore you know okay I have a couple questions

About EFS and Civics in general so was this car originally available here in Indonesia yeah yeah yeah yeah EF uh as this shape is available but back then we only had a carp which is like a 1.3 liters cup four cylinders that’s it we didn’t even have a B16 for example no

It’s all yeah single cab are so were these pretty popular then back then um it’s not as popular as the EG so then how many of these are left is this something common that you can see on the road um or are they all rusted out and just

Yeah most most of them are rested out I mean these days if you want to build something uh to be as decent it costs too much the parts is too expensive nowadays you know this build started in 2012. we managed to get it done in one and a half year

You know started as a vision it’s built by my Mentor you know my uh the guy who did it was I mean still in his 50s one of the most famous tuner in Indonesia actually you know he’s from the other generation so for those of you guys who are watching you can probably

Tell that there’s something going on with the hood yeah there is a bulge but there’s also an intake here can we take a look under the hood sure sure this is the thing that really blew my mind according to my friend Kenji from gretty he says that this is I wouldn’t say a

Popular swap but it’s something that’s been done before yes but I’ve never seen it and also another thing is we’ll show you guys in a second but the interior is what really blew my mind okay so what are we looking at here this is a K20 engine from an fd2 so what year

2007. so this would be kind of like a RSX Type S what we had in the US no it’s actually the CSX Acura oh okay so the k20z is what you guys have over there got it okay so then this obviously like you said this came with a

1.3 liter carbureted engine yeah so this has so much more power that’s too much too much it’s too much you know the car itself probably weighs something like 800 kilos to put something this the as you can see the belts is because of this right the this is a power steering yes so

This is came out of an 07 Civic we just took everything out including the aircon everything the dash because it’s a can bus it’s easier to do it this way even though it’s not easy so then this still has air conditioning yeah air conditioning power steering everything you pretty much need it when

You’re driving of course of course of course no such thing as winter it’s summer 24 7. I love it I love it so tell me about the color oh the color is is the British racing green it’s probably one of the oldest racing color that you can

You can find it looks great and then the roof is also carving you did a full carbon uh carbon replacement the Osaka JDM Wing love that all right so the the interior is what really blew me away yeah oh you have a remote you have a remote entry too

Um the interior there’s just so many things I want to uh talk about unpack I I just curious about the dash how is it that you were able to fit this stash in here I mean it’s it’s working everything works everything works wait so the speedometer all of that stuff works yeah

That is very incredible you guys did such a good job on this and then the fit and finish it almost looks like the dash was made for this yeah it’s it’s I mean it’s all worked off a bunch of friends you know we all know each other in this

In this scene anyway right Yeah so basically it’s everything out of an 07 Civic Type R it’s all jammed into this I mean except the pedal box you know what kind of pedal boxes and then you have like a carbon floor yeah carbon floor huh And then uh door panels it’s all kind of carbon yeah I love the seats too matching seats yeah see this is the old Workshop that’s not there anymore but yeah this is the last card that came out of the workshop pretty much this is just too cool yeah

So as you can see the seating positions is way it’s way to the back bump if I’m in the back hunch so I had to move everything back by about Like 30 30 centimeters yeah and part of it is that the dash is so long the aircon because this never came with air conditioning it came but it was so small but the 07 Civic the aircon all the compress I mean the condenser everything is all

So big so we have to move everything back This is so cool I love it I love that everything works yeah it works how often do you drive this not that much as you can see it’s only been done Less Than 3 000k so then you got uh when like the the donor car yeah did you have

To buy a full car no I mean I had by the EF so all working EF main condition and then I bought a half cut on often Type R O seven Type R half cut take everything up including the old Interiors all the parts and just try to

Put them in one by one and that’s a stock transmission too yeah yeah oh everything is stuck I mean the engine itself is actually stroked up to 2.2 okay so do you know how much it makes powerwise uh probably looking at about 320 320 yeah not much yeah

Yeah no wonder why you said it’s hard to drive yeah you’re gonna be spinning tires everywhere yeah exactly exactly even with uh michelins I can’t believe you run pilot Sports yeah on a Civic what and you have some really nice breaks too AP Racing brakes of course te37vs

Great build I love it so um yeah in a second oh and I love your plate too hmm so what year uh is that chassis the chassis is a 99d 1990 1990. it even has the remote boot opener oh so it’s all in the button because this key itself is an fd2

You just transferred all that yeah everything is everything so the boot itself this is is no I mean it’s locked There’s no room up front no no room up front this audio thing is to counter the balance of the weight yeah and then all of this so carbon too yeah Very nice fit and finish really good job I love it all right you were talking about the stock steering column yeah the steering column is actually about that much angle so because I had to move everything back so the steering column I have to tilt it down way down

In order to get a really good position wise right otherwise otherwise the steering will be like up here so yeah we had to do extensive modification and the steering column everything including the yeah the joints and the car in this age is not as Direct

You know not like the the car that we have nowadays you know so yeah the steering input is raw but not as direct as I want it to be put it that way let’s hear this thing All right So big foreign you got the approval from the man the missed the legend the European buffer yep the European vampire the big bumper that’s why we have color yeah I love I I think it looks great I so what was what was the original color black that’s black

Probably easier to change then huh yeah yeah it’s black So then you went all the way down to Bare Metal everything yeah everything we put in the rotisserie so everything’s stripped it we had to do a lot in terms of the chat I mean the uh the position of the seat is what I thought yeah way back way back

So then did you have to flatten the floor no no no no no no not as much not as much just the the transmission tunnel because we have to move everything back yeah yeah all the way back so we had to take out the original seat mounts right so

You you turned it into uh just a two-seater yep right cage and everything yeah with the cage and everything it’s great Kenji approved thank you nostalgic Honda yeah I have a sticker for you good thank you love it we’re uh we’re in Indonesia we’re in Jakarta we’re specifically here for the

Elite car show which is the two-day show and it is the biggest in all of Indonesia it is uh pretty cool it’s their Sema it’s gonna there’s gonna be a lot of people there and we’re gonna feature a lot of cars from there but uh this is going to go

Into the show but this is just like a little pre-meet so we’ll keep shooting and uh yeah I’ll see you guys in the next video hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the

Perfect gift Aura it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall We need Foreign [Applause]