Larry Chen: 1000hp Liberty Walk S15 Video

Reading Time: 8 minutes
Posted: 2023-09-22 15:00:46
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Foreign How’s this even a thing they did such a good job on this wow so Tyler here is fully blown away I’m actually really blown away too because I’ve seen a Liberty Walk S15 but just the actual Liberty Walk one oh the yellow the yellow and white yes the yellow and white one

I’ve never seen a non-liveried Liberty Walk S-15 and it actually looks so good it’s a rare occasion to see it without a Librium this usually run delivery um it used to have a blue and teal Livery that matched the roll cage and some other bits on the car we’ve

Re-wrapped it for Goodwood for a company we work with and then we’ve just taken the wrap off between putting another one back on so you’re seeing it in a this probably won’t happen again to this car being pretty much plain white it’s pretty cool to me though sitting here

Without a livery because it really shows the angular nature of the body kit it really shows how Wild it is I mean there’s no other kit like it no it’s aggressive very aggressive so the inspiration we know is from the super silhouette cars but it just sitting here almost like a street car

Looks so cool like this tail light design this area here and the rear spoiler I love it so about one slightly changed from the stock one so the stock super silhouette kit is exactly this but we’ve put a couple of extra bits on ourselves so the rear arches are

Actually wide up to get the drivetrain on this car is actually off of uh R34 GTR so we can’t get the normal kit in so we’ve widened these rears out even wider we’ve put some extra vents in through here so they don’t usually have the two plates here oh okay these are actually

Added on because I didn’t like the view through to the wilt I don’t know for me it just looked unfinished yeah and a lot of the guys the the cars in Japan are actually running black on the inside Wing but I wanted to do the whole card

Wet and then the rear diffuser we made removable the front bumper we made removable we’ve got the addition of these because it’s quite a big air dam on the back and I intended to actually use this on track however I’ve not found any tracks that will let me out because of the noise

Limits at the moment but it is going to happen at some point this will go on track the story of the car was it was endless’s demo car from Japan it was originally a black S15 pretty much stock body with some bolt-on rear arches just to get over the wide Rears

I knew of the car sitting in the UK and I wanted to build a super silhouette and then the opportunity came around and I was like I know the perfect donut car so mechanically this car sits exactly as it was a drag car back in Japan in the

Early thousands so like it then kind of lost touch people don’t really know what happened to it whether it just sat in a workshop or got sold around a little bit we don’t know but then it came into the UK it was sitting in a dealership in the

UK that’s well known for a very rare Japanese cars and we work with Oz glass I was just like yeah that’s a good donor so we’ve left all the mechanics as was and then done The Styling it’s so insane to me because there’s other builds that just start off with a regular streetcar

That may not have the Heritage that this car has this so that means endless the tuning company is slightly different so they actually raised it yes in the 2000s yep and they owned the car from new so it’s got like 15 000 miles on it or something stupid

It’s hardly done any mileage just go so what else from the outside what else have you changed from the original Liberty Walk kit from the original Liberty Walk kit not masses so it’s very subtle details it comes with this yep same spoiler same trunk this is all the same there’s some

Settling to get it to fit perfect because we’re a detailing company we’re very much about the details so just extended some edges just to get to exactly where we want but that’s normal with old cars and body kits these are actually longer on our car so these

Would end around here and here and I wanted to run them the full length and then the front bumper is slightly different and this is fully removable so we can actually pull this down and we can just slide the bumper off the loading and unloading it’s functional the fact that you could

Take it off so easily yeah it works nicely for us moving it around the world we’re going to Europe with a car a lot we go to a lot of car shows so we can get it on and off the trailers quickly it does have air ride but with such a

Long front end on it it’s still It’s Tricky the wheels too are so nice the fitment is so it’s it’s perfect so we actually dialed the kit into the wheels we had the wheels and then we just yeah a little bit of settling just to

Get it to sit right we wanted to get it sitting perfect when it’s on the floor just this alone just the the the scene here is so crazy I mean I love seeing that there’s just this big open space but it all gets broken up by just

How crazy the kit actually is you didn’t have this and you didn’t have all of this going on it looked way too blocky so it’s kind of nice that it’s got all of that going on especially in white it makes it look huge yeah that is so crazy

Oh so these are all of the yeah oh those where it was running so it wasn’t early 2000 oh 2009 onwards sorry I ran it all the way up to this is so cool what a cool Tech sticker so this was a drag car yep and then is that what you would use

This for too drag racing oh no I’ll just drive it now so did you actually have to repaint all the interior yes the whole car was black so we had the cage fabricated by our friends at SW Motorsport to a drawing the spec that I had they done some extra

Bits from there then we painted the cage in our company till and then the rest of the inside in the white what is this Ajax it has air jacks yeah working air Jack yeah so you can air out and then air up there she is we’ve tried to do as little

As possible to change it away from what it originally was so it’s on the turbo that it would have been on when it was running as a drag car the full setup as it was the drag car the only thing that we really done is we

Removed some parts so we could just tidy up some of the satin black because we didn’t want to remove the engine didn’t felt that might take away a little bit of assault um so that was that was kind of like a nod to his Heritage so in this

Configuration do you know how much power it’s making we haven’t put it on a rolling road but the figures from back when it was in Japan is said to have 900 on fuel and then just over a thousand marked with the NOS it can’t be a two liter still

Then huh 2.2 stroked two points nearly a thousand horsepower There’s so much I mean it’s a drag car it needs it yeah and plus you have nitrous too the Nitros at the moment is not plugged in so that’s currently disconnected it is there we just need to plumb it back in gas it up and it would

Work but we haven’t tested that yet I’m um still getting to grips with full Boost at the moment full Boost is a lot so I don’t really need that just yet so you drive this on the street yeah I’ve driven this on the road yet foreign So did it already have air jacks in it no we put those in it was a bit of a crazy idea I was like I really want to call on air right air suspension with air jacks I’m not sure why it was just like a thought in my mind that I thought

It would be cool it was a lot of hassle double air yeah twinning so it didn’t have a cage when you bought it it did but it was a boat in dash Dodger so it was like the skinny little tube past here I was like for a thousand horsepower yeah I wasn’t

Comfortable with it I get it it’s lightweight but that’s a very Japanese thing yeah it’s just just bolt in cage it gets past rigs good enough and they just go but this is this is a very extensive cage yeah there’s a lot of work in this cage uh

Door bars and everything I love it and even the air jacks are matching color oh yeah so then what transmission does it have uh HK is super sequential and five speed in this so it’s it’s quite an old box it’s from a different era than right now and and then it has

Fcom Pro in it which still the original management it would have had back then and the only thing really changed in here management wise obviously the air controller but we’ve left all of the NOS set up as was this cut here is as was it did have door cards it didn’t have carpets

And it’s pretty much there we had to cut the dash a little just to get our cage in and get it in there but other than that it was pretty much this it had one seat and they were different seats but we just freshened it up with the brides

It’s so cool because you saved a car that who knows what would have happened to it I don’t think it was really usable in his current state drag racing is not a big thing really in the UK anymore not for street drag cars right so I think

This car would have probably just been lost to be honest I don’t think it would have actually been out and about we’ve give it a bit of a new lease of Life some people love that some people hate that kind of get it but for us it was we

Wanted to build an S15 like you say a lot of these cars have got the body kits but they don’t have the power or the provenance and it was kind of like the perfect storm it all fell into place at the right time for us so that was the

Car for us yeah so what’s next for this car this car is going to have another rat put on it that is similar to its original wrap it’s got a trip to Portugal couple of trips into Europe and then the final destination with fingers crossed everything’s looking good this

Car will be shipped out to the US for SEMA at the end of the year and that’s kind of the grand finale end of this year yeah wow this will be insane do you know what Booth you think it would be in we have our own booth at SEMA this year

For the first year ever and I think we have a space outside for this car so I’m hoping it’ll be out the front with the the cooler crowd and that’s what I’m hoping for I can’t wait to see that that would be so you’ll have a different color combo unfortunately

Anybody there they’re not going to be able to see it with no Livery and plain white it will have its Livery back but it will look quite special yeah I mean that’s fine too you know this as it sits even though it’s white with just a couple little accents it still looks so

Wild but of course these were meant to have liveries you know the super race cars yeah race car I love it thank you so much for bringing it thanks for having us yeah thank you hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I

Print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your wall Me Foreign [Applause]