Larry Chen: 1.5JZ Toyota Corolla Drag Car From The Aloha State Video

1.5JZ Toyota Corolla Drag Car From The Aloha State

Posted: 2023-06-09 15:00:33
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Foreign we’re just going to start this off strong this is Hawaii’s fastest street registered vehicle yes I guess so you guess so or you know so um that’s what I’ve been told okay so what is this run it does 950 at a 149. I have so many questions what did this

Start life has um this started off as a regular one Jay-Z and it had a original um chassis before we put a 49 inch so I just started off with the 1JZ it did like 10 20s what year is this this is a 1981 Toyota Corolla 1981 Toyota Corolla and these were rear

Wheel drive from the factory yes got it but and what did it have in it it had a 3T 3T same kind of engine like Ricky’s I started off building this car for a buddy of mine and my wife’s uncle bought it from him and then once he bought it then I did

Basically rebuild everything changed the motor done the rear end put a roll cage in it a wing changed all the front end on it all techno toy tuning this was built at your house yes it’s all built in on 20 by 20 garage I basically did every single thing

On this swap myself I’m assuming you probably had help on was the paint yes we did have help on the paint and the artworks got it yeah and this thing is actually called no budget yes he named the car no budget this is Street registered runs a parachute because you actually need it

To stop yes it does a lot uh on the top end which is once you reach 150 miles an hour you require it to have a parachute to slow down yes so for those of you guys wondering we’re on the big island of the state of Hawaii and they actually

Have a drag strip here in Hilo and it’s one of three drag strips in the entire state but of course the the island that has the most population Oahu they do not have a drag strip anymore and would you say the fastest vehicles in the state run on Big Island

A lot of them yes there is a lot too in Kauai and Maui so we can we can leave those other guys out you know they’re all right there and if they’re not right there they’re they’re just as fast how were you able to did you have to cut anything to get this

To fit in it or anything to be honest I cut it a little on the shifter the shifter housing and the well for the shifter it sets back mebo inch and a half and is that because it’s using the stock transmission yes I’m using a motor yes r154 Transmission in it yeah

So it basically fit right in I did do a little um rubber Hammer to the firewall just for the starter just to clear it a little but other than that there’s there’s no cutting this car made 740 and 30 pounds boost how much does this

Weigh and to be honest I never did scale the car yet I know the registration is at 1930. and um I know the engine is way more heavier and with the roll cage and the rear end I’m just rounding it off probably around 2500. this is with you in it yeah with

Me in it I would say so then um is this a pretty popular chassis or drag race I’ve never even seen a drag Corolla from this generation here in the islands yes a lot of us like these because this is basically the last of the rear wheel drives for a

Toyota Corolla I think there is up to 86 is the last year that they make on rear wheel drive so us you know Toyota guys um and Hawaii people we love the old school look so that’s why we run yeah it’s a popularity thing a lot you know everybody’s into it yeah because

Obviously from this build it’s not a funding thing no you know you you could build a newer vehicle yes that potentially could go faster but that’s not the point this is your style yeah this is what’s fun yeah this is our culture like in in ways you know a lot

Of the the locals growing up here we all into this kind of cars and brings back our childhood and memories and stuff like that it’s just such a crazy look I love that you remove one of the headlights yeah to just force air or have a little more easy airflow into the

Turbo uh so then um tell me about the motor setup then what a lot of people would like to call it they call it a 1.5 JZ it has a 2JZ bottom end it has a 1JZ top end it’s a vvti model it’s a piston motor one millimeter over

Valves GSC cams 2200 injectors it has a 6870 precision it has SMS intake manifold so then is this like uh yeah it’s actually a for a Ford Mustang oh that’s cool yeah which is like the biggest that I could put on this manifold so then what engine management I’m running am Infinity

That’s yeah that’s what I run I have a tweak performance Plug and Play harness so it’s so simple there’s no no hectic wires on this tell me about this setup right here this is crazy um this is a homemade intercooler that I made because fitment issue is a really

Big deal on this car this is a beam stripper because the front end is so short from the the bumper when I quarter mile race it helps on a it can be like a maybe a tent or two on the top especially if you’re racing a big car

Like if I’m racing like a Camaro or anything they’re actually a little bit more longer they’re front end than ours so by by legal ways I could go a little bit longer but I just decided to stay a little shorter got it but um yeah so you

Can legally go four feet from your center of your wheel when you’re at the racetrack so that’s part of the yeah part of the rules it just makes the track a little shorter yes essentially because otherwise you would be tripping it on the tire on the tire yeah or

Basically like right on the front of the the um bumper so right here it will help catch a little quicker so I like that because when I race I race I race mostly with the V8 guys so there’s a lot of those you know Firebirds and all those

Big cars that I race with so I try to get every little thing I can get out of it and then so rear end wise what did you have to do to modify it for these uh drag slicks so I had a good buddy of

Mine’s dad his name is Tate marks he had um he custom made a four-length setup on this for me with a Ford 9-inch rear end it has strange axles I’m running 373 gearing right now on it and it has um Africa shocks on the rear that’s pretty much set up all my links

Is um techno toy tuning so all my suspension besides my rear shocks is is made from techno toy tuning um shuttle to Wade brother Wade out there in California has has helped me along the way with all these builds that I’ve done this is what’s cool like this is super heavy

Yeah all metal all stock yeah stock Dash stock carpets everything headliner all of it is still stock with some good Recaro seats you could lose a lot of weight from the inside of this huh yes and believe it or not I actually have a lot more weight

Because I put sound detonating in here so when you shut the door it’s actually quiet and then um it even has a sound system still yeah huh so I I just took out the AC I had AC and power steering and I had a full sound system in here but we’re we’re really

Um concentrating on dialing in the car and racing it on the track so I took those stuffs out are you gonna race this weekend um not this one the following weekend I will at the end of the month I’m gonna race it on Sunday what’s what’s your

Goal for this my ultimate goal is to get into at least one 890 or quicker but I’ll settle for 8.90 I believe the car has a whole lot of potential my suspension is not dialed in I could do a little bit more power and stuff like that as well

It’s a stick shift car it’s crazy it’s got to be so insane for you to just like keep up with the gears it’s so fun it’s a Trill like no other so like when you when you launch it in first do you just slam it into a second right away

Basically I got a split second to reach for a second yeah does it have any sort of launch control or anything from the am that you’ve programmed in no I the only thing I have is a line lock and I have my two-step off my clutch so

There’s no switches besides my line lawn that’s that’s pretty much it so I just leave off my two-step so I’m still here figuring out all of that I have a tuner that helps me which is on on the window you’ll see on cars so that’s our tuner that does all my

Tunes and all my builds super awesome guy does above and beyond what I could imagine and they’re local to here yes he has his own Dino that’s so cool very very supportive and he does convenient Tunes um so let’s hear what this thing sounds like yeah you let it warm up I don’t

Want you to break yeah yeah yeah It’s such an interesting sound coming from this you okay you wanna do a little Bit This thing hooks up too good yeah the Slicks is why burnout box this is a legit burnout box this is the uh oh my God That’s crazy look it it still has traction look it’s still cleaned it look at this it dried it dried this completely look how dry this is look at this line they dried it up oh my God too much grass they just wants to hook up that’s that

But that’s what you built it for yeah it just wants to hook up yeah it’s so funny because look at these lines like look at all the lines on this driveway and look at yours yeah look how neat they are it’s like picking it’s like picking up the dirt yeah it is

Look this is this is my favorite part look you don’t even you don’t need to pressure wash this driveway you just have to do a launch here and it just cleans it up look how clean this is brand new underneath brand new 2003 thanks for showing us your build that’s

So cool thank you good luck uh at your next track day hopefully you’re breaking dates that’ll be hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to I print and sign every single one of these this is the perfect gift Aura is the perfect piece

Of art for your wall Foreign [Applause]