Japan’s Version Of Cars and Coffee Is The Best In The World!?

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Posted: 2023-11-15 11:58:41
Author: Dino DC
I’m back at Daikoku Parking Area on a Sunday morning for an impeccable selection of cars. This place never dissapoints, such a mix from a BMW M1 to a pair of 992 GT3RSs, tons of JDMs, 911s and even a widebody Murcielago! Hit play and enjoy…

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Hey welcome to a nice cool Sunday morning here at da coku parking here I’m here with Luca thought it was a a pretty good timing to kind of bring back these Sunday morning videos because as you know the selection of cars that we get here on a Sunday morning is pretty

Different to what you would see at night little bit less JDM little bit more high-end and uh pretty much everything in between so we just going to start walking around and see what we Find And first thing that comes up is this new gen Honda NSX I keep saying I don’t see too many of these in Japan and I’m pretty much sure this is must be like one of the very few that I’ve seen here at da coku but the best part is that we

Got the original NSX here in a nice multiple car lineup always a pleasure to see these beautiful cars out and about this one has tight bar Wheels this is probably no it’s not a tight bar love it in yellow got these car still looks so damn good ageless got an old Porsche

Coming in two of them three of them Sunday morning is the time for cruising with your friends so you always see these uh nice groupings arrive and there’s a few more here a Cabrio everybody’s rocking the 930 license plate I love the gold on black big wing of the

Back Carrera 3 l absolutely stunning M2 man they just keep coming in look at this is so low another car 3 l and this 356 look at this beauty absolutely stunning have I stumbled in into some kind of Porsche meeting here this morning I just keep arriving look at this there’s a couple

More okay come on guys get going because I’ve just spotted something possibly more interesting 360 Moder coming in but uh yeah I just spotted something so bloody cool guys can you see it oh my God a BMW M1 in the wild oh God this is so cool now this is as rare as

You get look at this beauty he’s got the old school P chinor p7 those beautiful futuristic wheels from the’80s ’70s Chevy Nova man I got to do a walk around this thing it’s just one of those beautiful jaro wedge designs so beautiful and uh speaking of jarro

Design I did spot some uh kind of little group of lotuses coming in plus this one over here again that wedge shape never gets old giorgetto jaru nice five spoke wheels magnesium wheels from your maroon R35 GTR a few more Nissans here z34 S14 nice Golf GTI on BBS LMS more

Porsches coming in check out this 964 this sounds serious turbo 3.6 good Lord nice uh s30 long noose wide body S2000 oh man it’s rocking the speed Hunter stickers yay and uh sw20 or not aw11 MR2 next to the S2000 at 3.6 turbo going by lumpy cams love it this sits so well

On uh nice work CR 01s you don’t often see these cars with over fenders but um I have to say looks pretty good got a little project dropped up here it’s the only car that works now that’s how sad project car life is and uh yeah here’s that little

Grouping of lotuses and it looks like two elans have gathered here of course this is a legendary front-wheel drive possibly the best handling front-wheel drive car at least that’s what a lot of journalists back in the day used to say about thean never actually got to drive one uh but um love

To try that out another spree and then we have this thing that’s on UK plates mini Mo funny looking thing another NSX coming in and as we look at that check out this uh s660 on Hayashi racing wheels the leas Civic Type R yeah very good turnout today and check

This out even the taxi are pimped out at da coku parking area this is an Altech long body whatever that is he’s on aftermarket wheels check out the partial shelf trimmed in like Hawaiian leaf pattern and the cool Honda selection continues with this Honda beat on Sparkle Wheels with a hard

Tub it looks so weird with a hard tub super presone Advan GTS probably a car park from last night itasha couple of more nsx’s coming In check out the number plate and over here a little Nissan Heritage corner has materialized starting off with the four-door Haka GTR this is no replica guys this is an s20 powered original spec car 432 inspired oh we saw this at okan I think whatab is if it has that funny exhaust

In the back it might be that car oh no it isn’t so yeah 432r inspired s30 CB 1100r bit of vintage bike action for you guys I love this little uh I guess what belly holder another four-door GTR a Treno GT Haka twood door a pimped out jimney so this is

Becoming quite a thing old school 911 a prince Skyline now this is rare so this is a Skyline uh before Nissan was even Nissan so um it was on under the prince branding as you can see here so the skyline 2000 is a very rare car you don’t often see these cars out

So it’s quite the treat here’s that 3.6 turbo 964 appreciation walk around nice 34 with a two-tone I guess the bumper is very discolored B 110 Sunny love these things completely stripped out I guess it’s going to the little Nissan meeting over There Oh man I’m pretty sure we saw this at ours meeting last Sunday at the Jing Booth roll cage the guy’s wearing racing gloves driving on the street so you know he’s serious or at least he takes things seriously the Nissan meeting continues with a few more additions there another Z pulling in

Right next to the B 110 Sunny two more skylines down there listen to this thing 28z let’s go check out the hacko and a yon Mary as well God I love yon Mar’s especially done up like this look at this thing on XR fors 2000 GTX and a four-door hako and there I was at the beginning of the video saying that today is a uh

High-end import car thing less JDM but then again I guess it’s AA Sunday you never know what you’re going to get here at da coku the Nismo z34 is off with a couple of hakos in the back these guys are here to drive so they don’t really stay that long 996 GT3 Caterham

S2000 all the goodness is here there’s even a a new Amira so this is actually the very first one I see on the road here these things have not been out in Japan very long so very cool to see this and right behind it uh mitsub F debonaire very rare

Car so I call this the I guess the Japanese version of the Continental is it the Continental so sick some other stuff here on the side again let’s start with some Porsches some Pro moded tune goodness here I just love seeing well used properly used Porsches including this 993 RS I can

Even imagine what these things are worth I mean every time I check oh every time I check prices on these things it just seems to Skyrocket probably like a $300,000 car these days impressive some Ferraris going around the chopper guys and as we continue up here there’s a few

More jdms that we need to check out starting off with a stagia 240 RS with a mine sticker on it of course this was uh an old Tech creation back in the mid90s so a lot of people refer to it as the station wagon r33 GTR of course uh it runs r33

Uh running gear rb26 and the atessa four-wheel drive system always a cool looking car they’re beginning to pick up value wise so if you’re in the market for our RB 26 powered car you better get quick on these Hai ones another NSX a z32 on stock wheels and an Alfa Romeo

Duo so we’ve seen a lot of uh jaro design and of course we need to kind of balance it out with some Pina stuff with this spider there goes the Z all right luuka was hungry so we gave him a nice hearty Comin breakfast what did you choose what

Is this thing it’s like a kilo of chocolate four-door r31 Skyline bit of a rarity here’s an E30 M3 that we see often here at da coku on those white bbs’s one of the lotus salons taking off God I wish I could get a chance to drive

One of those things I really want to really find out if they drive as well as everybody always says all right let’s see if the selection is varied here oh my gosh look at this little thing you never know what you’re going to find in Japan little

Aline I don’t even know what that is is that a 310 as the number plate says they love their quirky cars here anything different rare that stands out they go for it that’s why I’ve only ever seen Alfa Romeo tzs here in Japan and a lot of them like you see them often

Which is ridiculous cuz they’re super rare and valuable these days and there goes the M1 my God what a beauty I’m in love and I still can’t believe I got to drive one earlier this year Fuji Speedway that was a treat big thanks to iding power for that the 964 turbo 3.6

Is off as well just listen to that engine no power steering by the looks of it right so let’s take a look at this uh Alpine here as a Nismo 3 5 Drives By behind it’s so compact oh 914 of course like every Alpine the engine’s in the back super clean

Design got to get a rearview of the nsx’s such an orangey yellow kind of matches the F chii package wannabe bide blue R35 5 look at the fitment on this thing C c43 couple of SUVs Porsche Cayenne Coupe e hybrid turbo whatever the thing is Lamborghini Urus just in case you

Didn’t know what it was there’s a sticker telling you not only who made it but where it comes from but um I think I’m going to go back to the older stuff always cool seeing a 914 you could call it the predecessor of the Boxster the affordable

Porsche so simple it was just the mentioning iding power and one of their e36s M3 shows up in a dark metallic green over tan interior these cars are phenomenal I’ve got to uh test out a few of these and I think they’re possibly the best interpretation of the E36 M3

Check out the wing of the back and next to it another green car so nice man they’re really bringing some amazing stuff out on Sunday mornings I’m not really sure what is up with this one but it is beautifully clean freshly painted by the looks of BTO engineering gar J another

Unique offering this morning Mustang fast back in blue God they look good in blue Mac one in the old school Fair Lady 2000 here uh sealed away the interior so next to that spider at the very top of this section A Beautiful lancha Delta integral just showed up check out the

Mirrors on this thing a rally spec vintage carbon by the looks of it so cool this is the first GT3 RS I see in Japan that looks sick followed by regular GT3 in Bayside blue I’m glad I finally get to see this on the street

Man what a presence this car has look at This look at that Wing So this uh 992 RS is really creating there of a crowd here look at this notice the distance that people keep in Japan out of respect oh there’s that overtuned Five series I love how the Japanese never can leave a car Stop nice uh SL the interior in these cars is just absolutely phenomenal okay so I walked all the way up where the truck spots are still kind of empty and there’s this wide body mcil Lago with a number plates literally printed in a sticker and stuck

To the front of the car but jeez look at this thing I guess he wanted to recreate the race car car look it’s quite a lot wider as well look at the profile gigantic Wing Center lock Wheels I mean this is really wide actually if you look at it from the

Front and it’s got that nice kind of race inspired lip and bumper all carbon fiber carbon fiber craft Square looking mirrors and uh in case you’re wondering no it is not a manual it’s one of those uh paddle shifted things but yeah menacing from the back too nestled

Between two massive trucks look at this a B7 turbo Alpena it’s got all the the liery oh what a sight and what a treat to see cars like this out and about so these cars are distributed in Japan by Nicole BMW and wow so clean inside okay so Luca is getting his cup

Of iced chocolate banana and they actually show you you can’t really see much I have to stand in front of it you can see what they’re doing inside the machine probably peeling bananas there’s your jumbo chocolate banana drink don’t put your head inside get the drink on you have to taste it

And the alpas just keep coming a B10 3.6 B10 enthusiastic exit oh man look at this Nismo GTR followed by a Skyline 3,100 GT Turbo and just when I thought I had seen the first GT3 RS there’s actually two of them this one finished in a in a very strange looks like gray but it isn’t looks like semi- purple but it

Isn’t and um this one’s got the actual uh carbon fiber exposed oh check this out s13 Cabrio casually passing by in the back I would say that’s rarer than these two okay so I just figured out that this is actually the visc package with the Magnesium Wheel option and that’s why

The cars look a bit different man the old-timers are really taking out all the good stuff this morning we needed a rotary to finish up the day on c28 it’s good man okay so um I think I’m going to call it a day today it’s been an awesome morning

Here with my son Luca checking out cool rides new old and rare so I hope you enjoyed it I’m going to try and do more of these die coku Meats but I want to try and separate them because you know they’re so different and uh I think the

Next one will probably be the new year uh on January 3rd that’s when Dau gets really taken over by all sorts of cars including hyper cars so uh until then that’s buy from Dau parking Area B