Japan’s Insane AE86 Tuner Shop and Their Street Driven Race Car!

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Posted: 2023-11-12 11:00:23
Author: Dino DC
Crystal Body Yokohama has been in business 30 years, tuning, refining and evolving the Hachiroku platform, in the process creating some of the most recognised AE86s out there. I personally love the look of their aero solutions, the shop demo car being a test bed for all of Oda-san’s crazy ideas like the soon to be released aero hood.

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Dino DC Video Transcript

Hey welcome to a new episode today we are at another legendary place here in Japan Crystal body Yokohama I think is synonymous with you know high level hachiroku tuning for so many years you know this is a shop that pretty much has you know created a style that everybody

Kind of replicates and they’re so well known in the N2 racing and you know uh circuit grip attack and and scuba and other circuits like kayama and Fuji so um I really wanted to come here and show you guys what this uh brand is all about

Uh this is a oneman operation and uh we’re going to be checking out some pretty cool cars um including uh their main demo Car all right so we’re going to actually come back and take a closer look at this car uh but first I just wanted to take you guys inside the shop and and kind of like see where you know all these amazing Hai rokus have always been built

This this actual location has been in operation for 26 years uh but CB cby actually started four years prior to that not too far from here uh so it’s basically been around for 30 years so three decades of not only building hachiroku but researching and developing and pushing that envelope to basically

Get their cars to some insane performance I mean if you think it their demo card does like 588 at scuba um it really puts things into perspective uh a 58c lap is something you know a 600 horsepower GTR would do so to get these very lightweight Toyotas down to that

Kind of speed uh not only takes a lot of uh engineering but also a lot of thought when it comes to arrow and heat management and everything that goes along with it so uh let’s take a look start here here this is very much a true Workshop this is probably what you would

Call uh the machine area uh they have a lathe here uh a couple of presses and drills and then here’s a Welding Table where fabrication happens and we’ll see just how advanced I guess the fabrication is when it comes to the cars that CB cby builds especially in the radiator setups

That they do so lots of cool stuff to take a look at I mean these kind of shops are always so cool to take a look at because you know they really uh show the Japanese way of doing things uh as you know in Japan space is very much of a

Premium so people really maximize their space and that’s how you get these kind of like super well stocked and organized shops I mean you could call it like organized chaos but you know it does make sense to guys is working in these places and so much around to look at like super

Rare axles here and over here in the corner is actually a customer car that cby built and it’s pretty much a replica of the demo car uh this car was actually crashed at okama some time back so uh they’re still uh in the process of fixing it and replacing some of the p

Of course A lot of the stuff the CP does is either FRP or dry carbon uh so they take their lightweight uh componentry very seriously so taking a look at this uh engine bay it’s kind of replicating what the demo car uh has done so the engine

Has been dropped 25 or 26 mm actually so it sits on custom engine mounts and a custom uh sump wet sump for the oil pan and that allows uh the actual Center gravity of the front end to be dropped and here is a yet to be finished airbox

Where the velocity Stacks uh reside so that’s fed from the side obviously like I said this car is being crashed so it’s it’s missing some parts but um you can kind of understand um the setup that cby goes for this car actually runs slicks what bit rs’s massive carbon fiber

Splitter and vented fenders even vented over fenders and possibly what made cby very well known that uh rear deck lid with the integrated spoiler right over on this side is another customer card that uh cby is working on so they’re actually converting this uh track car to a link system so they’re

Changing the freedom ECU that was being run before and doing a full link conversion uh rewiring the entire car and then putting um a keypad for the can system and again this is a really cool setup it’s even got dry carbon Fender finishes so basically these have been cut and then riveted in

Place and the radiator supports have been cut because the radiator has been mounted at a very steep angle because that will facilitate the air to be extracted there’s a electrical fan here helping and the little fora um which has being built by another shop by the way this is a car that’s

Only in for the wiring and the ECU swap uh but a really cool build dry carbon bonnet gusseted and welded roll cage and even if you look here you can actually see how there’s an additional support uh this is something that a lot of people do with hachiroku

They add that um additional bracing at the back and then this has actually got a pass through that holds that kind of has a secondary bracket to hold or give extra rigidity to the rear end oh actually from racing garage mamoto it’s a beautifully executed car really nice

Paint inside and out completely stripped out and on te 37ds again lots of Arrow nice splitter that extends a good 10 15 cm that is continued along the side with the side skirts and then at the end on the back here is that GT wing CB no For Dev that’s pretty cool workshop manual for the fora geu and cby actually have a third car here this has been on a very longtime storage this is a friend’s car um that’s been here for a very long time and it’s kind of been kind of blocked in by a bunch of

Stuff and one cool thing is that um so odan the owner of cby was telling me that every carbon fiber part that he has uh developed for the 86 is being actually done here by himself so he does the actual moldings here and then he gets it

Made uh outside fui speak Speedway by a carbon specialist and here are some of the vacuum sealed molds that have been used previously for S skirts I think hachiroku guys will probably be drooling over this stuff gearboxes axles miscellaneous engine parts but uh I think to really make full

Sense of what cby kind of is known for we have to go outside and take a look at their demo car all right so let’s take a look at the street registered demo car I am still kind of surprised that he’s able to have this street registered of course the plates are not

On it now uh it’s actually just come back from an event uh 86 style so um the plates are covered but you can actually see them under there okay so I think let’s just break it down from the uh from the front starting with the carbon fiber splitter that runs across the

Front end and that feeds into these vented over fenders so these have been kind of like played with and tested uh by aasan and he’s actually done the same cutouts along the fender here to kind of get rid of pressurized air from the inner Fender including this massive opening here and

That brings the CB Arrow across the side with the skirts onto the rear fenders again same treatment here and then this uh very well-known and respected rear hatch with the integrated spoiler and then he’s added a carbon fiber uh cfd developed with Wing that he got from a company in the

UK and uh developed his own Wing stays here in dry carbon and mounted them to the rear hatch so the cool thing about this Wing is that it actually follows the right homologation uh requirements to actually pass Shakin or the uh Road wherein Test hering Ban

Height and width is within what needs to be considered Ed as legal hence the car is able to get a number plate the car sits on HTS tokico dampers these are custom made for cby and of course the RS whatab is these are actually forged magnesium alloy wheels so um a little

Bit lighter than an alloy uh version four logs so this is actually running 15s uh 225s at the rear on Yokohama Advan 0 50s and 225s at the front and if you get get a little glimpse of that there’s a little Brembo caliper back there so he’s

Actually gone down from the original 17s that the car used to run on and prefers to run the chunkier side roll to kind of add a bit of extra bump absorption as part of the whole suspension setup so it just ends up making the car look far cooler I’m a

Big fan of like chunky sidewalls on especially older cars so front end you can’t really skip this amazing detail so this is still uh I guess a prototype version of what will become the cby uh vented hood for the 86 and this will probably have to be

Sold with what’s inside so this really it makes sense if it’s fed by the proper radiator shroud that he’s created um but we’ll have to take a look inside to make full sense of what that means you So let’s lift the hood and just take a look at that that’s insane and you’ll see exactly what I meant with the hood actually making sense if the actual airbox is present because uh much like a race car the radiator is being uh angled at like 45 degrees to

Make full use of the air flow coming in through the the main Grill and then that allows the air the hot air to escape through the openings in the hood So This Hood will actually be made in carbon fiber and dry carbon be very light piece and it will feature these two openings

So you can tell how the development on the car like this tastes a very long time um it’s been years in the making much like this uh scoop that brings air from the headlight position onto or inside the heat shielding that hides away the cby stainless steel exhaust

Manifolds and again like we saw inside the engine uh actually sits on lowered engine mounts 26 mm lower that allows for a considerable uh benefit when it comes to the center of gravity and that is uh doable because he’s actually made a custom oil pan for the engine itself so

The engine is actually being stroked to 1.8 L and it runs uh a 300° intake Cam and a 295 5° exhaust cam refs about 8,500 RPM uh we haven’t really talked about power but uh considering it does 58.8 at scuba it definitely develops uh over 200 horsepower so another cool

Thing is how the other side of the engine bay has been converted into a big scoop that feeds this custommade airbox or enclosure where the velocity Stacks uh live in uh you can tell that they’re actually um made in carbon fiber and they’ve played with different lengths

And uh diameters to kind of see what uh changes it would make to the power delivery the torque curve and the power curve and this is what has worked best so far so another thing that’s being modified is the actual repositioning of the top mount 17 mm inwards and that

Allows for a better geometry now that the 15 inch tires and wheel setup is used so if you actually look in the airbox that he’s created the uh left side of the setup is an oil cooler while the right side is the actual radiator with the electrical extractor fan so

Once the air comes out of here it’s expelled through the openings in the hood here’s another super cool detail the original speed Hunter Chrome sticker from 2008 I can’t believe he still has this on the car I think I gave it to him probably 2008 2009 at

Scuba so sick so that exhaust system that we saw um beginning with the kind of like heat shielded exhaust manifolds ends up with this titanium silencer so it’s titanium all the way no Catalyst and the the car is actually running a silencer bunk now so it’s actually pretty quiet all right let’s

Take that look inside so from the passenger side amazingly some of the door trims have been left and uh Center Stage are these breedo bucket seats they’re actually pretty uh cool Limited Edition version uh made with watan wheels pretty nice bu you can see the six-speed sitting there with a carbon

Fiber uh surround around the transmission tunnel and then we’ll have to go over to that side to get more details of the digital dash so the car runs a bolt-in roll cage and if we actually take a look behind the seats you can actually see the additional uh strength in uh box out

Support there that uh we saw in the other car all right from the driver’s side we have a little cubby hole here on the side of the of the door and an OMP flat bottom steering wheel and just behind us a really sick R32 has just pulled in

Because uh something I haven’t really mentioned but this shop behind me is actually Auto Gallery Yokohama um but that’ll be a different video cuz uh those guys are awesome too all right so uh right behind the OM steering wheel is a digital dash that he’s custom

Created let’s see if we can get it to come to life so Etc card Etc machine in there so gagee art is uh what he’s running for for the display for uh for the link ECU system and I love how analog it is check out the the pixelation on the numbers that

Is so cool and over here is the speedometer that he’s um kind of moved to the side here on a little digital display and up there is the lap Timer So yeah a massive thank you to cby today for allowing us to come here and shoot and take a look at their demo car it’s been uh a car that I’ve followed for so many years uh while shooting for Speed hunters and it’s great to see the development uh continues it never ceases

You know they’re always pushing for a better lap time and just uh perfecting that package so uh I hope you enjoyed taking a look at such high-end shop when it comes to hachiroku chuning and uh there’ll be more to come for sure so check back soon