I Bought a JZX100 Chaser and Immediately Wrecked it…

Reading Time: 10 minutes
Posted: 2023-11-13 18:00:32
Author: Dustin Williams
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Practice makes perfect… today we inspect our new chaser and take it drifting.. the outcome was as expected lol
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Last episode we set up to find a jzx100 with the sole purpose of learning how to drift and we found the perfect car clean and stock now the only way to learn how to drift is to practice so in today’s video we inspect the car to see if it’s as

Clean and stock as we think then we get right to work to see how this thing is on track it’s too good man know the C the fun thing about it is it just does it I think the best part two is we’re doing something we’re not supposed to and it

Makes it even better that’s what makes it so fun right yeah Exactly Wow Let’s get our first look at the Chaser on the lift and see if it’s as clean as I thought it was great thing about this car supposedly it supposed to have zero rust and from what we can see down here it is very look how clean the

Under Carriage is dude so clean oh has a wao look at this yeah that’s cool got bracing do we have arms we got arms for something it looks like power steering are you Josh and me we got a power steering leak already us some power steering leaks here hey but it does have

Tank Co overs which we’re definitely going to get rid of cuz those do not feel good we need something with very very aggressive front Springs honestly it is stock yeah it’s very very very mild what car has this still on it I didn’t even realize it still has the

Under tray too oh wo look at the this is the intercooler yeah we’ve got little baby intercooler we have definitely there’s so much that we have to do to this car but in time wow what a car this is going to be absolutely sick man this

Is a car man I wonder if you adjust these if it extends it extends your front track out a little bit more you know what I’m saying that’s more of a Caster or a toe that’s a toe bar if this was like a drift arm you would have

Longer ones here and then something in here yeah so whoever owned this car did take very very good care of it in Japan ah yes still has a stock cat downpipe it does have this kakimoto exhaust which is dope sounds really really good for the minimal amount of mods that it has brand

New diff gasket it looks like the bush look how nice these bushings are dude that’s not very new but that’s yeah with this I think we’re set and ready to go um let’s talk about what the real purpose of this car is going to be and this is why we got the Car this is too good well I did want a new body kit so just start digging them out welcome to uh to Drifting what do you think it doesn’t look that at all got start somewhere hey yeah EV in the USA thank you guys look thank you guys so much you’re drift

Community yeah it’s very different very this is cool a there we go and this is exactly why we got the Chaser we are going to learn how to drift this year I am 100% committing and we are going to freaking figure it out for 2024 we’re picking it back up and

I’m committing to actually learn and the car that everybody tells me to get is the one jzx Chaser so that’s exactly what we did not only for just learning how to drift but also even like Advanced driving if I ever wanted to build this car even more than what it is we could

Do that and be perfect for that with the 1JZ platform now with this car specifically what’s really good about this car is it is absolutely bone stock we get to learn how to drift on a completely stock car which is the goal for this the 1JZ is stock the suspension

Is relatively stock like you guys saw just some really old crappy tan suspension so it’s a perfect platform for me to just learn on and figure things out and modify it step by step now the goal here is we’re releasing a little bit early cuz next year is going

To be the build start in January is going to be the build with this car until then I want to get as much practice as I can just learning this car with very very basic minimal mods still as stock interior I want to do seats steering wheel um a little some safety

Stuff maybe like a little drift button for the E bra but other than that I really want to learn the fundamentals of drifting and I figured a cool series for you guys would be me literally learning from Ground Zero knowing absolutely nothing to hopefully being able to drive

With all my friends and the purpose of this is like I said to be able to have fun with our friends go to drift days go to drift events with them and and ultimately just have fun now you guys know time attack is my true Motorsports

Passion but I feel like this is going to be a different Motorsport to have fun with and also help me gain a little more skill on car control we do have something coming up which that’ll make more sense later on but the whole goal of this is to number one have fun with

Friends learn how to drift but also gain more car control it’ll help me with time attack and like you guys know when you guys see when you guys see the driving today remember I have no idea what I’m doing I I’m quite literally starting from ground zero and going to try and

Work my way up to be able to drift with all of our friends and like I keep saying have fun so today is all about fundamentals learning and just figuring out how to whip this thing around for to progressively hopefully it keep getting better so hope you guys are ready for the Jay-Z

Build the front bumper is completely destroyed which it was bound to happen at sometime and I’d rather crash now to get the nerves and the Jitters of hitting firewall out of the way just so that now I’m just not afraid to just absolutely send this car so obviously

The front bumper is very easily fixable but we’re going to leave it like this because this is probably going to happen a lot more often so at this point I feel like I should rewind a little bit when we first got to the track to get

Comfortable I went out to the skid pad to test out some donuts and work my way up to running some figure eights Once I felt like I had control of the car doing donuts and figure eights I decided to challenge myself and go onto the actual track now whether it was a good idea or a bad idea the only way to improve is to challenge myself so on my first lap this

Happened yep you can definitely see I didn’t commit fully because I was afraid of Dipping my wheel on that massive curb and that set me straight into the tire wall this is definitely why it’s important to always commit first timer first timer drift car baby despite the crash early

On we had a group of awesome people that helped get the car out the drift Community is awesome and extremely helpful whether it’s tips to help drive or just pushing your car out of the tire wall now with the first crash out of the way it’s time to get back out and

Remember to fully commit now after many many spin outs I was starting to get the hang of getting this car sideways my biggest struggle is placing the car wide enough to link the next corner and and honestly just really understanding the fundamentals but that all comes with

Practice remember I’m in a stock seat stock steering wheel relatively stock suspension with crazy body roll there’s so much room for improvement but I like that I’m learning this way so that when we do make improvements I can feel them and it makes an even bigger difference when I’m Driving I’m committing okay no I need your help you did so much better than last time but this car is sucks wo wo wo I was going to ask you what do you think about the the one jzx no I I don’t like this car I think it needs a little work it

Needs to be set up that’s the point that’s the point you also win into some tires so maybe stuff got bent we don’t know yet you know so Steph ran was having kind of a similar problem to me whereas like we would press the clutch

In and it would do one of two things either send us in a full circle or wouldn’t do anything so you can I wish you could smell through the camera but the clutch is gone it’s destroyed we beat the absolute out of this car today

But I’m proud of it cuz it held up through the tire wall through Stephanie breaking my wheels through the clutch it is definitely a trooper and like we said it definitely needs work I’m going to learn as much as I can with it like this like I said with minimal

Mods so that when we do do the good stuff like I’ll actually be decent enough and like hopefully it’ll help me in the long run so day one of drifting was a general success maybe an alignment alignment yeah alignment so these are the upcoming mods I feel like we need we

Need number one alignment’s good number two seats and a steering wheel oh yes number number four I guess clutch then we’ll re-evaluate and come back out this is going to be fun we’re going be able to drive with friends go to different events and just meet different people

Opens up so many more avenues for us and I hope you guys are excited as well let’s build this Jay-Z and make it absolutely sick I had a ton of fun today even though I suck it was a lot of fun and like it like makes me want to keep on driving

But I just know there’s more that needs to get done to this car in order to make it like more decent at me being being even able to learn but uh overall today drifting was a lot of fun like I said so much different than what we’re used to

With time attack and road racing but I’m excited to learn something new we’re going to load the car up get this thing back to the shop and and to buckle down and do some mods this is going to be huge test your balls real reason I can say it this is

The real reason we came to this track I can’t see Cracker Barrel fun fact I’ve never eaten Cracker Barrel in my life ye in and just stay see now that we go drifting we can come to this track and they have a Cracker Barrel on the way home Peak track food Cracker Barrel

After you go drifting is good the door looking at honestly I would go drifting just to do this I would just go the track to literally go home and have this best food ever dude country fried steak the best on the menu oh yeah you

Guys ever going a crack bro got to try to cut a fried Steak only you one te that your syrup h successful yep that was so Good yeah party lights all around in there no way that’s sick oh this is weird red ah this car is so cool man literally beat the crap out of it all day today driving home starts right up this is going to be such a fun just like Street

Track Car especially when I know what the heck I’m doing this is going to be awesome 5:00 and it’s basically it’s basically dark it looks a lot brighter on camera than it actually is outside but it’s dark oh this is so good we’re back from drifting and I figured before

We end let’s give a little Chaser drift car debrief here I honestly never thought I could have so much fun not knowing how to drive and crashing a car this thing has been absolutely fantastic and before we even get started don’t worry about the exterior of the car

That’s all just cosmetic we can get a new body kit that’s not the point the point of the car is to learn and to have fun and that’s exactly what we started doing today a lot of you guys in the last video asked why I chose a chaser

And why would I drift this car not get a beater car cuz that’s not what I wanted I wanted to chase her and if I’m going to spend money on a drift car and learn how to drift I want to do it in a car

That I’m going to have fun with on the track and something I can also build and have fun with off of the track um as you guys know I love time attack and I love racing and that is my main priority drifting is secondary and something to

Have fun like I said a million times in this video something to have fun with and learn to drive with friends that’s the whole point of this car so I wanted something fun and something that I can build for the track and learn but also

Build and enjoy off the track as well I didn’t want some crappy beater car I wanted this and it just so happened that we were able to find a super clean stock car that’s a great starting point for my drifting Journey something stock that I can learn on bone stock something I can

Modify in my time frame when and how I want and this is actually the perfect Car Plus guys you got to remember we’re we’re also making content I want to have as much content for you guys as possible and finding this incredible stock chassis is awesome there’s endless

Possibilities and like I said yeah we wrecked the car today it was bound to happen at some point I don’t know what I’m doing and Wrecking is going to happen I’m going to go into the wall I’m going to go into the tire wall it’s better that it happens now so I’m not

Afraid of it later on and I just know it’s what happens we can always fix the body kit don’t get hung up on the body kit we will always fix it get a new one get a better one we actually have to remove all of the under trays to make

Things easier and this is actually going to look a lot better without the under trayon get a bash bar for the front there’s just so much that I want to do doing like I said we’re doing it slowly but surely I want to learn on this thing stock incrementally get better and

Better so that when I do have maybe like an extended knuckle kit angle kit whatever the case I’m going to feel infinitely better by knowing how to actually swing the car stock even though it might not be the easiest thing to do well we’re going to end it there we

Have been busy in the shop as always thank you guys so much for watching today’s video if you haven’t already make sure you hit that like button leave us a comment down below # made it to the end and of course don’t forget to subscribe we are so close to that 800k

Mark and be awesome if we could try and hit that before the end of the year again thank you guys and we will see you for the next one peace Out Like