HKS Wanted to See my R33 GTR Build..

Reading Time: 18 minutes
Posted: 2023-11-06 18:00:00
Author: Dustin Williams
That’s a wrap for SEMA! In today’s video, i take you guys along for a couple days at SEMA, exploring, seeing my favorite cars and more! HKS actually wanted to check out my GTR, so we showed them AND we got to do a full HKS shoot with all the HKS cars that attended!!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

This past week was SEMA 2023 SEMA is all about Innovation and bringing the community together so not only did we get to display some of our best builds at this event we also got to see so many of our friends today I take you guys

Through a week at SEMA seeing some of my favorite builds getting hk’s reaction to my r33 GTR and even having a full shoot with hkx in kids hey Dad also Brian is here now what up we got the whole Squad here see him a week

To start out the rest of our SEMA week I went around and made sure to go see all of our industry friends and partners that make what we do actually possible like I said SEMA is as much about connecting with people and friends as it is looking at cars and Parks from Japan

His first time here at SEMA if you guys don’t remember nasan when we were in Japan going around by ourselves noan actually took out a little Toge run in his R34 my 34 it was so much fun it’s crazy to see him in America so we’re here uh visiting the actual HKS Booth

Which you guys know we built the HKS r33 for this year you guys saw this in my video when we actually went and visited HKS USA this has HKS rb28 001 that is so cool so cool hey baby why was that so Butch Miller Butch Miller’s here

That’s my Alter Ego look who we found I can’t believe Tom made it all the way to dude I have two cars here like you not mine there not yours you just buil them we just built them we did so there’s something that I definitely have to show

You uhoh you’ve already seen good or bad good great oh oh I I’ve seen it but not in per well I I honestly asked Grant I just took that picture and walked away I like this yeah this is sick let’s take a look uh so thought I’ve always loved

Thei side extensions that you have like I have the Nismo battle myself cuz those look it looks great thank you thank you it look it’s m on just just chilling he’s taking a picture of my phone he’s going to laugh about it with his friends he’s look at this piece

Of we are nearing the end of the week but there’s still so much more to see and so much more to do excuse my voice the SEMA week is definitely catching up to me today is Thursday but I figured a lot of our big meetings are done lot of

The things that we had to really go and do is now done we have a couple of meat and greases to you guys and we can finally take a break and walk around see some of the cars that I’ve been dying to see and go see some of the boots that I

Really want to see as well so I figured I’d take you guys along today and just have a full fun day here at Sea trying to find some of my favorite JDM Cars so it’s currently 9:00 a.m. and this morning we get to start out with something super fun we’re doing a meet

And greet at the Maguire’s Booth indoors I wish we were able to have the car in here for the meet and greet as well so I can show a lot of you guys in person but we just got to head right over here in central Hall go to Maguire see some of

You guys hang out and then we get to take a tour all of our favorite cars here at SEMA or what we like to call the JDM tour look at this we got the whole setup we got you guys coming to hang out this guy first in line right first in line

Ready to rock pack battle you want to go you ready ready okay here we go o okay I got to pull I got to pull I got the good one I had him signed my shoes last year as always it was amazing getting to meet you guys but now it’s time for us

To walk around see some of my favorite builds I haven’t even really gotten walk around and see all the new parts and everything yet so I want to take you guys around and see some of my favorite cars and booths and everything I think we’re going to start here at greddy of

Course you guys already know if you haven’t seen already Sakamoto son has brought another garage active car to America that’s one shop that you guys know that I have got to visit when we go back to Japan it’s just so far out that we haven’t done it yet but this is all

My list and all my radar for hopefully this upcoming year we can actually go and visit the actual garage active shop check this out brand new garage active 32 this time in the blue carbon you guys have already seen like the regular carbon you’ve seen the midnight purple

Carbon and now he’s brought out a blue one which is absolutely sick talk about watch video this thank you so so cool and of course it has the gry rb28 for the engine absolutely sick guys absolute goals every time I’m just waiting for Sakamoto son to do an R34

That would be like the Pinnacle I’m sure it’s going to happen Someday best squad one thing that we have to see out of everything is of course the HKS booth and one thing that I love about the HKS Booth is they brought back the OG OG Livery from the very beginning which is super super sick what’s also

Cool about coming to visit the HKS Booth is whenever we picked all of our stuff up for the r33 we got a little sneak peek at what they were bringing and they finally this was the actual red Z that we saw when we visited HKS they finally

Got it ready it was iffy if they were actually going to get the new kit on which is really cool but yeah it has the canards the front lip it’s got the wide body fenders you know what’s super sick about The Zing what’s that none of this

Has to be cut it’s just the entire car you just put it on the front fender is replacement all this is stick on even the rear fender over here all of this none of it has to be cut which is super super nice so if we end up keeping the Z

This will be a really really awesome option for us speaking of the Z we should go check that out RZ is right next to the HKS Booth which is super cool but you guys can kind of get a look at the Save on kit here still can’t

Believe it and know what’s crazy one of the cars that you guys come up most about here at SEMA is the Z this thing has been so cool to actually see and just build along with sabon here all the carbon bits look so cool and especially

Displayed at the sabon booth it looks so good over here but you guys got to let me know should we keep it should we get rid of it for something else I’m so torn and I know t- money Tiana really really loves this car but I just don’t know let

Us know if maybe we do an HKS kit something like that let us know in the comments but it does look really good at the saon booth with all the new Pieces one thing we had to do though is get the HKS team hello everybody to go see the r33 GTR what the project that we created we got to go check it out right so stealing the HKS guys right now and going to see the car what a surreal experience literally

We got to work together on this amazing Bild and now for the first time ever you guys actually get to go see the car and see like this awesome project that we created I’m excited yeah I think everybody’s been loving it awesome thank you thank you it came

Out so good it’s nice it looks so good thank you I like it little tiny nice nice nice I can’t I still can’t believe it it still doesn’t even feel real being able to show the HKS 33 to actual hkss is it just doesn’t make sense in my head you

Know like it doesn’t doesn’t process but this is such a cool experience this makes me happy I’m I’m excited for them to find out what’s coming you know yes lots of really cool projects and ideas for even after Sea like I told you guys this is just the beginning and I’m so

Happy that you guys enjoyed it cuz we’re going to do a lot more it’s going to be awesome how do how just the start yes this is just the start and I’m very excited it’s going to be Awesome thank god oh yeah quick Airbnb check if you guys watched last year you might remember this one we got the same one welcome to cribs all right so EDI table yo right here’s the editing table this this is where all the magic happens oh my God going down right there you know

What I’m saying uh right here this is where I’m sleeping you know uh it’s good you know for one and everything like that right here we got the you know the 55 in flat screen you know what I’m saying I mean you know TC out that

Brand’s not even out yet sometimes i’ be in here chefing stuff up you know I don’t know what we made right here I don’t remember but um you know basically everything that you need right here yeah we got the Frito dip you know the bean bit you know what I’m saying a little

Great protein shakes ghost we’re stacked shout out to ghost shout out to ghost we got to put some cool music behind us you can play the music right now think it’s what they always do put it in fast forward that’s what red man does look at that this right here Life water

They call it follow me right here you know this is where nothing happens that’s the bunk beds you know what I’m saying it’s all good that’s Ryan’s room over here um you know still not totally sure what these are yet but you know just that’s the thing um uh right you

Know this is uh you know this is where Dustin and you know Tiana be doing their thing is the uh that’s that was good sema’s cool but what’s even cooler is the third party activities outside of SEMA look at the boys look at this on drip drip is that that drip where team

Money oh oh yeah who star of the show This is something that happens every year we have a Maguire’s dinner that we go on and this time we’re bring in the boys a little bit different we’re doing uh darts tonight be pretty fun like I said best part about SEMA is all the third party activities that happens

Bring Sometimes good sometimes crazy tonight’s going to be a good one oh it SMS so good hi guys welcome we are here at Fight Club and tonight we’re going to be dining with Maguire’s see oh I told you I was good come on usually I’m an oldfashioned

Guy but tonight I was feeling crazy that crazy hey cheers here we go here we go good that’s actually really good that’s right that’s right that look at that oh oh that’s my teammate that’s my teammate all of us we have 51 left all beginner look I was close I needed the

Nine I I was scared I was scared we were so [Applause] Close just a couple boys good morning how do you feel really really good this might be the best thing anybody has ever brought to a meun grp he saw when I actually destroyed my hand and I was wearing bandages he found Corgi butt Band-Aid yeah dude yeah look at

This that is amazing well you’ll be ready this time instead of a cotton ball and like tape is what you had or something this is amazing yes thank you I tell you right now the bandage he had in his hand whack our last and final day we are spending here hanging out with

All you guys for our first meet and greet to start this morning say what’s up guys we brought you guys some Legend stickers and we’re going to have a good time with the meet and greet this this is amazing thank you dude yeah of course

As I always say getting to meet you guys is the absolute best sharing our inside jokes and listening all of your stories never gets old so today to start out at Valene we’re doing our last and final meet and greet of Sema Wow that was insane thank you guys so much everybody who came to our meet and greet that was so much fun but we’re going to go along for our last day here at C like I said just see some more cars see some awesome builds before we have

To take everything back out of this place which might be a little bit more hectic than actually loading in so we’re going to go see some awesome cars I’ve had the chance to check out some really amazing stuff that I want to show you guys so let’s go one of the hottest

Places to go in sea has got to be the tread pass most of the time we have Sakamoto son’s uh garage active 32 in here but you guys saw this time it was in ready but there’s a lot of other really awesome builds in tread pass this

Year one of my good friends Daniel’s full carbon Aston Martin is in here it’s got to be one of my favorite builds in the tread pass this year it’s got a full dry carbon front end which is insane but also as you guys know it’s rock and t37s

In the OG bronze which is also my favorite this thing is oh my look at the seats with Aston Martin carbon buckets too yeah this thing is actually pretty freaking wild figured you guys would appreciate these couple of builds right here absolutely insane Supra this this

Hood is wild but there’s also a very uniquely modified NSX right next to it these wheels are crazy kind of almost like a Euro style like a JDM Euro style NX almost but it’s pretty cool so you know I’ve never been a big super guy but I always appreciate a very well done

Supra like Brian Supra for instance yes Brian love Brian super this is a fantastic built Supra so number one right off the bat it’s a varis kit you guys know how much I love vars the brand new raise Wheels which are absolutely sick but also it has a crazy vmount

Turbo art intercooler setup I guess you could say with an awesome hood here this thing is oh and right-and drive that’s actually sick very very well done and put together Supra if I ever got whoa look at this that is a crazy exhaust setup I’d be interested to see what his

Whole engine setup is with this but this is a very very well done Supra that if I ever got one this is exactly how I build a Supra I was telling you guys about this kind of like Euro inspired JDM NSX build but Ryan pointed something out to

Me look at this it is twn bottom mount turbocharge that is crazy I have a never seen that before that’s really cool only at SEMA only at SEMA dude that’s cool man if someone ever ask what SEMA is man you tell them SEMA oh my God that was that’s not going

The Vlog come on come on bro only that that’s the joke that only the boys would laugh at you know you got to be homies with him to laugh at that another one that I kind of wanted to go into a deeper dive with you guys of course is

The spoon fl5 the new spoon race car for this year and even next year they are racing this next week actually at the 25 hours of Thunder Hill but I figured tier and we got the spoon guys over here as well let’s give you guys an in-depth

Look at the new spoon fi we even got jamot on all the way from Japan here hello guys this you jaman good see you see you I want to indepth look at some of the cool spoon Parts you guys remember Aaron whenever we did my spoon

2000 this is who helped us here in the US which was really really cool and now you guys are focusing on the fl5 and Beyond right yeah well the car is built in America so um you know I was heavily involved with it um but yeah pick you

For a walk around yes that would be awesome immediately you guys are going to definitely recognize the front end with the spoon lip the new fog light setup I me it’s really crazy yeah so that shroud oneoff design for this car yeah U by Cody casso um you know model

3D printed and it’s uh it houses the fog light which is what we need it’s so cool oil cooler is in there you can see it right there yeah yeah yeah and then uh this is actually the spoon lip did you did you guys cut it up for the SP we cut

Like half of it off so uh it was getting too low with the splitter so we cut half of it off and this houses there’s a like Brak du oh it’s a light bu camera can prob so what’s cool is like like I said they’re doing the 25 hours of Thunder

Hill which means they’re going to be driving at night 25 25 hours straight you guys actually won last year two years ago two years ago yeah we won our class 2os this year year their driver lineup is ridiculous they have Tarzan DK D I mean so many awesome drivers we have

A lot of good drivers wow that is so cool yeah this is a prototype heart coming out soon spoon for cover Co yeah yeah other than that it’s just heat trouting and um pretty stock motor absolutely crazy dude fully gutted painted very nice custom cage right yeah

I saw the whole 3D process that was really cool uh chair Slayer he comes and scans the whole car makes model of uh basically everything inside outside and then he designs the cage and CAD uh models it and then uh it’s robotically bent and cut and everything so it just

Pieces together you can tell like the cage is literally hugging the entire body so it’s like one piece um and it’s like welded to the body of the car same with his bottom bar it’s basically just part of the car right um sequential trans yeah we have a qu sixspeed sequential transmission

Um God oh wow f we have a radi fuel cell here Wows the rears are here the fronts are W it to the cage right oh that’s so cool like a signature Mark yeah that’s his logo we kind of just stuck it on there it looks kind of like those restaurants

Where it has the piece of paper that the the celebrities it’s so cool that’s like a really cool little Easter egg for people that like when they come see the car and like they kind of like know about it you know that’s really cool yeah cuz he sent us his logo but we

Didn’t know how to get down car cuz it’s you know kind of complicated we tried to match the yellow but it didn’t it’s kind of cool it kind of turned out nice I think so yeah it’s like I said it’s like a cool little Easter egg for people to

Come find yeah something that I really love too is the wing the spoon Wing dude yeah this is the spoon next spiler it will look very much like this um I believe we’re running a different one uh for the race we need a little more down

Force but this is a street version we want to display that at the show so everyone we see so when I was actually in Japan with spoon and talking to jamason he was telling us that their initial Wing was a little bit too high or it created too much down Force this

Is different so this profile okay perfect so this is the updated version so when I showed you guys in Japan their type R they might have had like a a bigger Wing but like joto said back then they kind of made something a little bit different for street that had less

Downforce which is what you can see here better balance for the front lip that we’ll be introducing both pieces were together this is so crazy I am so pumped to see this thing actually running on the track yeah all lexend windows um we have a spoon Sparkle collab steering wheel

Spoon Sparkle collab harnesses um which will be introduced for the public later on um and another big announcement is a collaboration the brakes yeah wow is that a uh rep public piece that yeah we will be making the calibers beable to the public how sick Aaron thank you so much

Man that was so cool and you you guys can look forward to seeing this thing run at uh Thunder Hill as well it’s going to be awesome you know there’s a lot of stuff in here and a lot of things catch my but one thing in particular

That I really wanted to take a second to see it’s like sensory overload when you get here but there’s like specific things that I like to go see one that just absolutely blew my mind was this actual GT3 car GJ’s car is really cool but it’s now it’s time you can actually

See like an actual GT3 built car for inza racing absolutely insane and I’ve never been a huge BMW guy but like the Pinnacle of Motorsports and like consumer cars I feel like BMW is really ahead in that and this as a package that you can buy out of the box

Is pretty unbelievable this is an endurance Cup mza car this car retails if you bought it from BMW $570,000 is it that much it’s $570,000 you can buy this car from BMW I’m sure the waiting list is astronomical but like when you’re talking I’ve raced plenty of BM bws this is a absolute

Pinnacle of BMW race cars I one of my favorite parts are the OZ Racing Center lock wheels got some AP Racing brakes which is actually what we’re running on the FK which is really cool look at this aquapro exhaust that is actually insane talk about complete like if I had had

Unlimited budget unlimited budget for a race car but I think we have something coming up very soon that might satiate what I’m looking for here yeah potentially yeah it’d be weird if we got like some sort of BMW yeah it’d be really weird if you got a BMW

Car and Ryan actually told me that this is pretty cool this is for their like light up numbers when they’re racing at night time so you can see their numbers yep so sometimes what they’ll do is they’ll either do a light up number here or they’ll do an LCD panel and it will

Change what place you’re in so like when people are watching or like you know expecta it’ll show you what place the car is in dude how baller is that talk about like boy racer dreams like this is complete Pinnacle goals this is absolutely sick and look at the

Swan the swan neck carbon Wing very very sick lots of Wheels tur into my head super cool oh my gosh this is so SI look at this seat dude the whole setup in here is wild yeah damn talk about Pinnacle this is insane race car goals for sure dang

Thank you guys for taking the time this is wow look at all the here too on the cage wow oh my God look at this too look at the door car that’s crazy the D wow look this let me yeah let me I just got I got we did it finally

All that’s pretty cool we did it we did it we made it through an entire SEO with the most cars we’ve ever done the sickest Booth setup that we’ve ever done this is insane and also this is just the beginning still next year next year we’re already I I can’t say anything

Nope I can’t say nothing you got to wait but now the fun starts like I told you guys it’s time to get the cars out of here so I think we can start them up and get out of here yeah let’s do it Ryan’s Drive the fo5 we got Timber of the WRX

And I’m going to be taking the 33 now this is going to be the difficult part we got to get out of here Patience that’s my ride back home and uh after a very very long week we have finally finished crazy SEMA ever we got all the cars back in a timely manner which is very nice and uh we did very very well so it’s time to load up and get these cars back Home okay SEMA might be over but our SEMA weekend is is not over yet we have one small thing left to do and this is something that HKS really wanted to do so of course I’m going to make the little trip out there we’re going to go

Meet up with the HKS guys before they head back to Arizona with their HKS r33 with with rb28 number 001 which super cool they wanted to get a shot of my 33 and the actual HKS GTR together so before we load up r33 we’re going to go

Meet up with the HKS guys get some shots and just say our goodbyes it’s always so hard to saying goodbye to everybody after SEMA we get to see so many friends all in one place and all of the people that we work with it’s just so damn cool

We’re going to go on one last little cruise with the 33 to go meet up with the hcas guys oh my God that thing sounds ridiculous but we got both the HKS GTRs together that’s so dope I get to see a drive hey what’s up what’s up Jordan

Good to see you man to see you this this is so freaking cool so we’re going to get Jordan parked right over here and and night with a really cool hkss shoot oh that fuel [Applause] pump that is Ridiculous Childhood me is literally dying inside right now what a way to end her SEMA trip I have to say this is the most mindblowing I think wrap up of the year I’ve ever freaking had so many insane memories have been created this year so many insane builds have happened this

Year and to cap it off with the biggest event of the Year being at SEO with HKS with the GTR is truly unbelievable and I cannot thank you guys enough for making this a reality for me I often find myself thinking how the hell did I get here cuz I’m never really

Jaded but this is one of those times when you’re just really like what the is going on this is something I could have never ever imagined literally in an HKS Shoot We have made it home and this is where we’re going to go ahead and wrap up today’s video if you guys have stayed this long thank you so much it’s always so difficult making SEMA videos trying to like pick and choose what to put in the videos cuz just like crammed with so

Much stuff so I try and like pull from the car cars that I filmed and meeting you guys and hanging out with friends and it just turns into this like mushed ball of fun crazy content so I hope it was enjoyable for you guys to watch and

I just try and film and show what catches my eye and what interests me so if there’s anything else that you guys want to see through these videos let me know I’m going to go and end today’s video here I going back and watching the hcast shoot and hcast checking out my

GTR and I don’t know it’s just so crazy and what like I said what a crazy way to end this year also speaking of craziness this just happened and I thought it was really freaking sick look at this this is kind of a big freaking deal um if

This will focus please HS just HS Japan just posted me on their Instagram literal like bucket list item checked off that’s pretty damn cool I’m going go and end this video it’s already way too long thank you guys so much for watching if you haven’t already make sure you hit

That like button leave us a comment down below definitely hashtag made it to the end on this one this a long crazy video with so much content and uh of course don’t foret to subscribe we’ll see you guys for the next one peace out