Hagerty Video: Used Car Dealership full of WRC Rally Icons that ANYONE can buy | Capturing Car Culture

Reading Time: 18 minutes
Posted: 2023-10-07 12:00:25
Author: Hagerty
Larry Chen visits KG Motorsports, one of the coolest dealerships in the world. KG Motorsports builds, restores, and sells race-ready rally cars to the general public, some of which are even factory WRC Rally cars with legendary history

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Hagerty Video Transcript

Oh my God oh if we were driving this in the US Highway Patrol would just be like are you nuts are you crazy is there something wrong with You stage railing is is the most popular form of Motorsport in Ireland and I can see why because it’s one of my favorite forms of Motorsports to photograph we had a chance to check out the largest rally car dealership in the world which is located on a small Country Road in

Northern Ireland I never thought I would walk onto a showroom floor filled with proper rally cars available to purchase like any used car lot kg Motorsport specializes in selling brand new Factory rally cars stock homologation specials or historic rally cars they’re also known for completely restoring vehicles to like new

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Early Access and VIP perks to select hagri member events and unlimited classified listings with no additional fees you can find the link in the description below that’s pet salberg car Peter solbergs yeah so these two cars are both both pro drive cars and they’re both S7

WRC cars are both built in 2001 so Factory built pro drive cars 2001 and both cars would have uh been involved in the W RC rounds so they would have been in that year this be a special car now X Richard Burns Factory built car factory

Run car this car won rally New Zealand the year that Richard Burns actually won the the world championship so it is a pretty special car uh I actually used this car in Goodwood last year so I done the tarmac Hill in this car you actually went on a timed run no demonstration as

Well demon demonstration as well but it was still was quite special to drive this car and how many years have you been driving stage rally driving stage rally is probably up in 30 Old years ago with something like this I mean this has got to be Priceless like this is just

Yeah something else it is like it’s a very special car and obviously every know go passport all the all the history of the rallies that everyone’s there you know so it is it is a special car there’s no doubt like do you guys actually do a lot of the restoring here

In house yeah we would uh this particular car here solber car uh that was completely stripped to Bare shell here so it was I mean the the paint is like glass yeah so that’s back to full Factory completely stripped motor out everything so that this car here was and

We have all the pictures from start to finish so this car was completely taken all the way back to Bare Metal uh and then just everything redone and fully put back together it’s just sing a new car that’s what it is so huh so when you

Do something like that do are you able to like uncover some damage potentially yeah you actually do because obviously these cars been used in the world round you know they’ they’ve had probably a hard life you know going through all the gravel terrain and all you know so yeah

You do but and you you don’t like you replace you know the things sitting now like a new PIN you know so that’s it’s nice to do that there too it’s so cool because it still is this car you know it still has the soul

Of this car but it’s all new paint I’m sure a lot of new gaskets and bushings and things like that but also you have to redo the Livery everything for its time everything yeah far as time so then you do leave a lot of like the decals and yeah sckers as much as

Possible as original as we possibly can uhhuh cuz I I see that like for example the original Tech stickers and stuff are on there um but you still repaint the cage oh I repaint the cage but we always tip around that there for that’s a very important thing that that stays on the

Cage as such you know yeah it’s just so historic and uh it’s so significant yeah it’s incredible to see him in this condition so as a new vehicle Yeah so basically something a new vehicle that’s what is you know yeah so let’s take a look at that

Toyota you know I woke up this morning and I wasn’t expecting to see all these amazing Vehicles so it really is so cool to see this I mean I’m such a big Toyota fan this Mr signs oh my goodness that’s so can we take a look at

That so you have to undo yeah just the undo the light pod we had the light p on for uh Goodwood how was this to drive up the hill actually very nice and uh quite a quick car you know definitely goes very very well so but at the time um for

This regulation like what were they limited to 2 L obviously full spec WRC engine uh and then they run uh they had to run a 34 mil restrictor oh tiny yeah so so they you know that this is why you your ecus and your mapping and stuff to

Get as much power out of this here because of the restrictor it wouldn’t make sense for you to run it unrestricted right no no you if you run it unrestricted you’d have to remap the whole ECU and that wouldn’t be straightforward because obviously it’s a

Factory ECU so it it’s very quick as it is got it so you haven’t change any of that nothing No in fact this looks like it still has some patina from when it raced probably probably is me this car would be a very original car say this

This has not been restored as such you know mhm this is so cool I love it they’re they’re definitely they’re nice nice we car on their own right it’s got to look so good with all the lights plus the IOD on that does it yeah so this car here uh was built by

Osberg so was this is one of three sister cars for lit cam block gym CA so at the minute it’s D to 750 brick horsepower should be 850 seriously quick care but why would they build three cars because with this much power in this configuration you can’t

Actually do any stage rallies no you couldn’t do a stage rally I think initially these would have been built for more like a rally cross car so they would have been uh but this car here was was bought by a private collector a friend of mine uh and then I bought it

Off and I only have the car probably two or 3 weeks now oh really yeah yeah when there’s only ever three of them built worldwide you know it it has to be an interesting car so it’s a nice car to have like nice car for stock you know so

That’s that’s the reason I bought it this is an absolutely incredible Road car yeah it definitely is so what do you think about the prices of these did you acquire this early on before they shot up in price kind of acquired it earlier on but um I still give plenty of money

For it but years ago I probably sold six seven of these cars and the dearest one I sold was £26,000 get out of here 26,000 that was free that was you basically gave I it away yeah and that’s and I I sold I sold six or seven of them

For that price 25 26 Grand was the price of them cars are you allow are you able to say how much you think this is worth now I wouldn’t take 3504 pounds pounds I wouldn’t there’s only 14,000 man in that car yeah that is

That is a special car it it might be one of the best conditioned ones yeah it it is and it’s never been restored underneath it’s sitting like a new car underneath the history of this car here it actually started off life as Subaru Yokohama show car that’s so it did then

A Subaru dealership from Cyprus bought it and they owned it for I think 18 years so they did and then I bought it directly off them in Cyprus so that’s that’s that’s the his full history of that car the dash looks like it’s never seen Sun yeah I would say it hasn’t you

Know even the underside of the car the wck on the car has never seen rain inless lifetime because there’s like original markings and stuff the back Pits on the car the white the white writing and all stump from the factory you can see everyone was PL as stay even

The steering wheel isn’t worn at all no like there’s just not like shininess or anything from from your hands no it’s a nice car it I’ve been lucky enough to drive a 22b yeah not in this condition though probably one with over 100,000 km

Or more mhm and I think the one that I drove sold for 450,000 us is that right they reckon these cars are going to go to a million pound I I think so I mean you’ve seen in the same era like the Nissan 400r you’ve seen like one sold for $2.5

Million you know which is just crazy it’s just so insane beautiful that’s just nice so so cool so that’s why I’m just kind of happy enough to let that sit there got a really clean tme up there huh 29,000 Mi on that one from you

And the white car it has uh 45,000 M on do you have any Group B cars that’s Group B the nist’s group b and then on the this here’s act X Berle Fisher car I love that these are just in this the beauty of this car here Lor

This car has never been restored oh my God so this this is as original as it gets amazing just the history behind this so so cool it’s always nice to have the cars with the history wa this is a n n 240 well you probably class this as a Sylvia yeah but

We would know this as a neston 240 RS 200 cars ever built I’ve never seen this before have you not no no so this will be a group b rally car as well so the last rally this car would done would have been in Kenya that’s so interesting

So naturally aspirated mhm too l 16 Val so those I think they were in their they were about 250 brick horsepower that’s a lot it’s a lot for that that period of Time same with as Mana you know in that period of time 1984 85 250 brick

Horsepower wa look at the wheels it says Dotson rally yeah I have never seen this before not in Japan not anywhere so like how is it that you’re able to get a vehicle like this like how do you even find these things it’s just govern I’m I’m always always on the

Search always on the lookout the very interesting thing about this car here this car here every other car has to be homologated so they have like a homologation car yeah this would been the actual homologation car out of 200 cars built this would have been the homologation car this car is virtually

BR UL this car has 575 km on it from BR new Incredible may you see this here that’s the way that look at that’s the way it come wait without door carard we have removed the door carard from putting new P specs in here in the windows okay but

As you see it that’s the way that car come no carbet no often but that car this car is virtually brand new 575 km what year is this 1984 so crazy it really takes a special collector or a special person to really appreciate this yeah RS n 240 RS like this would be for a collector this would be some care because of the mileage on it but as you say when you look at the white archers

And stuff on it it’s crazy like it looks so insane I mean what’s in the Middle look at that logo Sylvia yeah this is not like the syvia that we know I’ve never even seen this before look at this this is still yeah not runed so like where did you find

Something like this it was actually the same guy he had three of them together uh and I bought the three cars and I sold one of them to a customer M he still has his it’s a grrip b rally car as well so he actually has two of them

Which I sold them to both of them and you have some really a lot older rally yeah sort of group a Sia obviously you have your mark I es but this this would be the Ultra Modern Mark I es this 360 Bri horsep bar oh my goodness I can’t imagine this weighs

That much either so this here was built by Dan Motorsport uh you see here so he specialized in Mark 2 escorts so it is so that’s been a nice nice car so then this would be just for like um I don’t like a this would be for Irish tarmac

Rallying really that’s what it would be uh that’s all attractive gearbox paddle shift ragger suspension to build this car new today would be like £ 150,000 okay so how many rally cars do you actually have in stock now I’m sure it fluctuates by five six cars here and

There like 30 plus cars in stock you know at any time but it does as you say it fluctuates up and down just depends on how busy we are but I always is trying and keep the showroom full you can’t sell empty spaces so you need to

Need to keep the stock up we sell a lot of stuff worldwide like all over the world and we do a lot of repeat business with customers far and wide like so and we can do all the shipping we arrange the shipping Lally if I sold this car a

Container would come here we would load it in the container we strap it in we seal the container so that container is not open until it reaches its destination so it’s good in that sense the customer knows he’s a full value of the car being load it he knows it’s

Secure you know when he’s getting it’s so nondescript like it’s just off this country road yeah I mean how in the world would anybody know something like this exists here yeah yeah I say the good thing about here you wouldn’t know it was here unless unless you did know

So you seen yourself until you drive into past the house there good that s but it’s like everything nowadays you know like social media the Power of social media like you know Instagram Facebook etc etc it’s that’s Brant I mean because realistically it’s not like you need a storefront right no you you

You don’t need like a normal used car dealership storefront with all the cars parked out with like mark down you know exactly for sale um because these cars while a most of them are street legal right for for stage rally yeah yeah they’re street legal but like something

Like this is not Street no that’s not street legal no no but the likes of the R5 cars they all have to have your your street legal you know everything ready because obviously in between the stages they’re on the road so yeah they’re all street legal yeah that’s the common

Misconception people think oh my God it’s rally car you know but honestly my favorite time to shoot stage rallies is on the transit because it is just so ridiculous to see a full lied up car driving through yeah yeah I mean the thing has anti-le the thing is like just

So insane with the arrow and it’s just like picking up dust because so Dy on the normal roads you have a couple of these rally cars that have never even seen a stage J yeah yeah so the point of having this car here is if if you wanted

To buy this car today from the dealership or the factory you could be five six months with so when we have it in stock it just makes sense if somebody wants a car they come and buy it so do you just place an order when they’re available yeah I place the order and

Just sit and withit on the cars God it and then how long potentially could they be sitting in your stock it just really depends um I haven’t even advertised this car yet but I know once it’s advertised it’ll go straight away because supply and demand on the brand

New car you know so it just works out rad you know so then like for example with something like this it it has been in a rally before you just delivery it and refer it and usually refresh it just send it the pin shop and just leave it

Something nice again so that’s just a second H 2018 F R5 car so is so this is so crazy I just I I know this is normal for you and this is what you do every single day but for me I just didn’t ever think something like this

Would exist and if somebody did have something like this for sale they would have one or two you know not like this this Warehouse is so so crazy and this is just one of the buildings this just one of the buildings yeah I can’t these poor cars they’re just sitting outside H

They’re always kept they’re always kept in charge and kept right and stuff like so we just run a space A lot of times you know we have to move around stuff you know have you had a couple yars through we’ve actually had a good few Ys yeah what do you think about that

I think they’re they’re quite a good we car you know value for money they’re brilliantly you know it’s a lot of car for the money like the Le that’s over here between 30 and 35,000 you know so it is it’s it’s definitely a good value

Car you know so what else any any gems that you have in the back here uh not really gems just there’s there’s cars there we’ll be bringing in to restore like these older cars are now becoming kind of sort of sought after so the likes that four evil four Evil Five M at

Some stage we’ll take them into the shop and uh strip them to a be shell and just go through the whole thing and and just leave everything like new again I can imagine the these are just going up they are you is this a real tme that’s a real

Tme yeah yeah so like this if you actually restore this it potentially could go for a pretty penny huh yeah they’re they they are they’re they’re holding them on extremely well then how many people work for you actually one well two my wife and the she does the all the office and

Bookkeeping and stuff and then of sea in the in the workshop uh and then my son helps out and your son is a driver too now yeah he drives yeah he does the junior Championship so he’s just turned 17 there over the weekend so uh he’ been

Moving in the bigger cars but up until this we’re doing the junior Championship and a what they call a junior 1000 car this is like Subaru R over here Subaru R this is that’s actually we call McCrae car there we series McCrae which one this one here this a Wii McCrae car Oh serious McCrae I’ve never seen one of these before don’t know you see the seats and stuff on address mcra on the seat yeah huh and then is this something that you’re actually going to restore to probably will restore this yeah yeah same thing they’re going up in value as

Well you know I see you have a lot of chassis here yeah what are these for they’re just cars that was damaged and then new body shells were f it you know I mean is there a reason to keep them then uh not well sometimes you might

Need a part off them to do another but these shells here would be used again as such as people could use them again for another car again cuz they’re they’re not overly badly damaged to such really yeah no these two here will not be used again the not these two but some of

These other ones yeah some of them are will be oh I mean because like the cage work and the chassis work is what you really want to save and what’s different versus a regular Road car exactly yeah so they’re all stri back you can see see the same

Weld and stuff in the chassis there yeah you know and obviously your cage work and stuff you know that’s just really hard to replicate yeah yeah there’s a lot of mons in doing that yeah and that’s kind of where the strength comes from with these vehicles so that’s all M I was

Telling you about that’s the the X uh McCrae car AC Del go this car here has been fully restored Jimmie McCrae so that has had a full full restoration no that wasn’t done by us it was it was done somewhere else and then this is like a recently acquired car for

You yeah I have that uh probably a couple of years now so cool have you driven this I have D that yeah I took it down actually we were doing a photo shoot for this car the other day uhhuh uh and I drive it down the road it’s uh

Quite different to drive from your from your sort of up to R5 car no power steering I couldn’t imagine Wheeling this around with no power steering like wide wheels in the front that wide tires yeah how much power did something like this make 250 brick horsepower which for

Back then 1984 was impressive you know what a what a good looking car so what else do we have in here uh in here this just a couple of replica Clubman group a legacies and that’s just the got club man grip a that’s B Evo six car it looks

So cool nice that color isn’t it it looks great yeah it does look great and then what what are you doing here I bought that as you see it so it’s a basically a legacy it’s fully caged and seem weld paint it so it’s ready for

Build so I’d probably just sell that as it sits with all the parts to build it oh so uh and then this is just an escort coer Road car I’ve sold to one of my customers so we have the wheels off getting refurbed and stuff in it

Beautiful we don’t really see these in the US I would say that yeah we have the Mercury but it’s just not the same no it’s kind of incredible how much you’re able to do with just such a small crew yeah it is all right so what’s going on

With this that’s L another uh what you call a modern Mark es that’s 2.5 attactive paddle shift that’s actually sold a customer m in the in the UK as well did you start um rallying in escorts first rally car was a like a Nostra GSA like a noble uh then my

Second rally car would have been a Mark I escort on another car that we didn’t get in the US no yeah and that’s the car there that uses us what they call the scoter oh this is your son’s car yeah so 1,000 CC full weld in cage uh uh rager

Suspension good strong safe we car you know uhhuh plus a great Championship uh like there there could be 20 competitors in the one class and then it’s one liter but is it turbo no just one liter that’s uh like it a BRI horsepower is that three cylinder yeah three cylinder

Yeah this has got to be still so much fun to drive though is like know yeah like flat out just flat out you don’t come off it like it takes too long build it back up again right but quite quite a fun car to drive it’s good for the for

The kids at that age to get into the Motorsport you know yeah and then what’s going on with this this an EVO 6 uh grip AC sort of so dog box big bricks Etc are you just fixing it for a customer no it’s just one I have for stock we’re

Just doing a few repairs and bet some pie on and it looks like you stock quite a bit of Parts too yeah we we do uh started to sell a lot of parts as well you know because you know you do build up quite of stuff you know throughout

The years and such you know so what happened here that’s just a we car bought bit bit of front end damage on it so same thing we’ll just we’ll take that send it to the bodyby shop and repair it they’re becoming quite a rare car as

Well yeah cuz at this point it’s worth saving something like this oh oh definitely yeah definitely well worth saving something yeah because the rest of the car looks like is very very good yeah [Applause] [Applause] this is crazy so do you still compete in this one uh no I I don’t I don’t really compete anymore okay uh just do a small bit not not that much just for exhibition Goodwood Goodwood and wait when you’re driving Goodwood do you have

A Cod driver no oh it has to be solo yeah SOLO yeah oh okay B of A py this is so cool so this is your porn washer Factory R5 when you’re driving this on the road mhm do the locals know you or do the local police are like oh

Yeah it’s just just they’re kind of kind of used to be they’re used to it yeah they are so if we were driving this in the US mhm I don’t know what the the highway patrol would just be like are you not are you crazy is there something

Wrong with you yeah but even though this is a road legal vehicle it has to be yell yeah perfectly perfectly Road Lael yet has a spare has everything everything we get our fired Up sequential sequential yeah it’s up five or six Amazing hand BR no Way your neighbors are like oh it’s going for a test drive yeah just get used to it do you ever just go out for a cruise by yourself with these not really no you just you can used to you know but they are a nice thing to drive this is so

Cool I feel like if I had a R5 I would go cruising in it all the time so this here’s your that’s your mop set for the like so 1 2 3 4 and then that’s your stage mode there oh my God something lag [Applause] on oh my God this is crazy so Cool oh that was cool when I woke up today I didn’t think I would experience an R5 on the street so cool it’s not every day you get that yeah amazing thank you so much not a problem not a problem what a treat after R it’s just a old car you

Know what if I had a rally car I would drive it on the street all the Time