Hagerty Video: Unleashed 1100HP of American Muscle in Tokyo: Rocket Bunny Corvette & Camaro | Capturing Car Culture

Unleashed 1100HP of American Muscle in Tokyo: Rocket Bunny Corvette & Camaro | Capturing Car Culture

Posted: 2023-05-06 12:00:33
Author: Hagerty
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Larry Chen and his friend, Jun Hardcore, bless the streets of Tokyo with 1100HP of pure American Muscle and discuss the evolution and current scene of American Muscle cars in Japan. These two cars, the Rocket Bunny Racing Corvette and Camaro are unique builds in their own respects and are much different than most JDM-style builds you see overseas. Tune in to find out why!

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Hagerty Video Transcript

Foreign You know that one friend that you have that is super into everything Japanese including JDM Cars and he or she wishes they were Japanese well my good friend June is that way but he’s Japanese and he wishes he was American June is a bit of an outlaw he doesn’t dress like any

Other Japanese people that I know he doesn’t act like any Japanese people that I know he also builds incredible American cars with a Japanese flare we drove a couple hours outside of Tokyo just to meet up with him and check out his cars let me just take one more sip before we

Start running June it’s really good to be here at your shop finally so we actually had a chance to shoot with you last time we came in May in Ginza of all places with your r33 drift car it doesn’t really look like a drift car

I feel like it more looks like a show car it’s so beautiful yep thanks I can’t believe you drift something like that everyone said yeah but that’s your style one way to explain it is that his company is called hardcore mother effort also you say support violent driving yes

Right because it’s about enjoying the cars and forget about practicality let’s focus on beautiful cars amazing driving and all that we have a couple cars here that you guys actually displayed at Tokyo Auto Salon this year it’s interesting because not only do you modify Japanese cars you also modify

American cars in a Japanese style yes so it’s already cool to see this in the U.S as a drift car but for you to build it out as a drift car in Japan what was the idea behind this at first we focusing to the American muscle car we wanted to spread into the

World Japanese builded Styles America has a basically in Japan drag racer and original keeping nobody do touching the body touching the interior in the U.S you know we never got so many cars we never got skylines Chasers oh yeah you know there’s just so many cars from all the manufacturers

That we never got and when we import them they’re just so hard to build because the parts are impossible yeah that’s right that’s right you know but it’s completely flipped with you because for example Ford is not even in Japan right so then is it pretty hard still

For you to get yes yes super hard because the photo is already a get off from the Japan even the Chevy the nothing that uh hit the quarter just the optional importance it’s called the yanase even wiper braided brake pedal brake pad nobody care must be finding because you travel to

The US pretty often when you go to the US do you do what we do here you know like when I go to Omari Factory I’m like oh yeah yeah it’s like taking everything you know that’s right that’s right therefore they wouldn’t go to the U.S

Okay let’s go to GM so you go to the Chevy yes that’s right discontinued so this has a kit that’s actually designed by Marathon yeah that’s right that’s right for a lot of people who don’t know mirasan from rocket bunny and pandem I feel like really changed the game

In terms of tuning culture all over the world not just in Japan right so you know he created the over Fender craze yes right so when you go to Sema a lot of people like to make fun of it they call it the over Fender Nationals you know because everybody comes and

They put over fenders on everything but it started from mirasan from Tiara Kyoto in his humble shop and a lot of people don’t understand that he is more of just like a computer nerd he’s so good at designing things in 3D in the computer before it actually turns into a real

Yeah body kit one years ago I got the home walk from the muta hey June please give me a new big happen suggestion to me because uh he is already uh boring to the JDM scenes you know it’s funny because not that long ago he built that

Kit the boss kit for the S14 that’s right and then he made a Japanese car look like an American yeah that’s right that’s right so now he’s making American cars kind of look Japanese European yes we have two other cars that you guys actually took to Tokyo Auto Salon this

Year it’s already rare enough to see American muscle cars in Japan yes it’s even more rare to see them in Tokyo Auto Salon which is I would say the cinema of Japan right so then you have the Corvette you have a Mustang what year is

This this is a 2006 2 2006 tell me about this this is a pandem kit yep front bumper the wheels and included the kid and even the head right to press a smooth Fender Flare yeah this looks great yes and then is it the Stock hood

Still yeah stock food but the face is everything changing that’s super cool so then what is this going to be used as is this just a street car or is this going to be for drifting yeah this is a street call with the roofing car how is it for

You to drive these like do people when they see these on the road do they like them or is is it like a something where they don’t even know what it is oh yeah everyone there want it just want but can’t buy so last car this is

Definitely my favorite car that you guys brought this is just unbelievable I mean I love the style so much the wheels are just blowing my mind this is a classic American Muscle yes that is built as Japanese as possible I love it so much so tell me what did you have to

Do to add the flares here this Fender Flare is made by the mirror Sound by the pandem new kid this Fender Flare is a party with a smoothing everything that looks like a OE but this car is influenced from the USA the transom lacing I’ve never seen an

American car running Watanabe yes that’s right we want to cross over with the American muscle car with the JDM Japanese brand even the example the steering wheels in this exhaust systems and the wheels and the engine bay everything wanted to use a Japanese brand so it’s like the infusion between the

Japanese and American tuning style what did they say at uh wantanabe when you ask them you want to build something like this for this car what another CEO guys is there oh my God I I can’t I maybe I can’t make it that you know too much fun then uh PCD

Everything is changing yeah I mean because the fitment is perfect yes like the clearance everything it looks really good yep how wide is this it’s 295s it’s crazy yeah this is a 12 j8 negative 15. and did you get the wheels first and then do the fender afterwards yeah

That’s right I just love this it’s American Car Japanese Fender American Tire Japanese wheel that’s right it’s just like yes from country to country that’s right thank you when I was built 10 years ago I built for a drag racing this is an original the 396 big cubic inch block then the J

And the manly the Piston cornrow the on the crankshaft then a little bit blow up the to the 42 cubic inch now and the suspension is OE everything even the head bulb everything there for the truck racing you make it it’s so cool that even with stock suspension you

Guys were able to yes make it sit yeah yes yes it sits so nice so then do you know about how much horsepower this thing uh 500 yeah awesome have you ever drifted this car no no I wouldn’t have tried it I want to try this in the future I’m gonna try

That this thing is so cool all right here we go next this is the epitome of badass like look at this roll out three American cars in Japan this is definitely hardcore foreign this is one mile Syria gas eating you know one kilo Toyota uh polar ice caps are melting very fast

Number goes like this gas meter goes like this but you don’t drive this that often right this is something where maybe on the weekends or just for cruising yeah yeah and a little bit hanging out yeah not using the daily use you know this is like a hobby

Like a leaf rash and a stress-free you know just driving don’t need it anything so Sports feed yes of course how long did it take for you to build this uh six months I trust I bought this covet then scanning then a little bit of build it

Most problem is a painting you know progress because this is a limited of the Lexus LC 500 limited corals it’s a super air candy bar metric six layer painted then three coat clear then shaving sanding polishing and you guys did all of this in-house yes at your shop yes

Super hot how did you even get the Lexus paint oh we can easy just uh you’re just a contractor to the paint company right then super expensive one liter seventy thousand how many liters need a four liter okay that’s not even the labor just the paint

So then all in total with your labor and everything maybe fifty thousand dollars fifty thousand dollar paint job on a car this is a car it’s a nine thousand nine thousand dollars you are insane that’s what I love about June and his guys I just I can’t believe that and then it’s his

Drift car he’s going to drift it it has a hydraulic e-brake and it has a roll cage yes sound system the suspension big wheels big brake systems and you know the crazy thing is I feel like you could have got away with just any kind of blue right

You could have even done uh Nissan’s Bayside yes and it would be so cheap yes that’s right you were telling me when you were actually pulling this into the show they didn’t even know what kind of car it was yeah right they were like okay is it a FD yeah NSX

NSX I mean I guess yeah um and then you know even your Mustang they’re thinking yeah David Cuda charger Challenger yeah oh my God is it easy for you to drift on air suspension is this something yeah no problem no problem now the suspension is uh

Different to the old era no you know popping no Ellie King and that’s super easy good traction no problem so then one of the things that I want to know is what does marathon think about this car when he actually saw it for the first time is this the first one ever the

First car yeah first times I had no idea that you were going to build this what did he think when he saw it in person hey Mira this is a finish what do you think Millers yeah super excellent that’s it that’s it that’s it yeah after all that then hey

Mirror is coming this is after Forest everything is set up you know how the stance no problem no problem this is excellent number one part of it is that you can create it out of his mind and he can build it in his head with the help of computers obviously

But uh somebody needs to execute it in real life you know somebody needs to get their hands dirty and actually create it in real life and it’s cool that you’ve been able to do that with Marathon for so many years and now the fact that you’re moving on to American cars yeah I

Think that’s really cool basically the mirrors itself didn’t changing you know before just the JDM because me in the middle as a super Aussies but we love America you know what I mean everything culture the people building kuodi show Street things everything we love a music food culture therefore okay

We should be touching to the American car you know it’s interesting because something about the Japanese car culture it’s almost like they take a little bit of everybody’s car culture and they make it their own you know and I love seeing that for example the European cars Porsches the Japanese tuners they build

Them different you know you look at rwb right the kaisan yep you have low riders yeah right when we went to the low rider meet in Shibuya oh my god I’ve just never seen anything like it before you know they embrace the culture and I wouldn’t say they make it better but

They make it their own they love it they live it and they’re just having so much fun doing the Hydraulics and everything you know it’s that is so cool to me and then now it’s kind of come full circle because at first in America drifting culture was just about bringing

The Japanese cars over or using s13 S14 yeah you know that’s what it was like for the longest time and then now over the past couple years Corvettes Mustangs everything’s just getting a lot more popular on the U.S side and now it’s kind of come full circle yeah it’s coming back to Japan

And now people like yourself are drifting American cars in Japan yes there’s just so many other people in Japan that absolutely love American Car culture and uh maybe it’s a little unfair for us because we are American when we’re in America and we see these cars it’s just

Normal to us you know seeing something like this not like this but the stock version of this yeah in America it just passes by and we don’t even blink an eye but for you guys it’s kind of incredible how much effort you’ve put into this car it really is cool