Hagerty Video: This Car Sat for 30 Years. Can We Still Drive It? Dodge Challenger TA 340 Six Pack Part 2

Posted: 2023-05-22 15:00:07
Author: Hagerty
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Last time we got this iconic 1970 Dodge Challenger TA 340 Six Pack running, but we weren’t satisfied with just that. We wanted to see it back on the road again too. Check out Part 1 here: https://youtu.be/3npnzjXZJts

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0:00 – Intro
0:34 – A quick detail
1:50 – Vacuum Leak
3:20 – Draining the Coolant
4:15 – Pulling the Carbs
6:05 – Removing the Intake Manifold
6:40 – A blown Gasket
8:15 – Pulling the Fuel Pump
9:15 – Do we have a fuel blockage?
10:15 – Chasing Fuel Line…
11:20 – New Fuel Pump
11:50 – Back to the Fuel Lines
13:30 – I’m not dropping the Fuel Tank
14:00 – I’m dropping the Fuel Tank
15:19 – Oh look, A new Tank and Sender
18:30 – Reinstalling the Intake
19:20 – Carburetor Fuel Line Breakdown
20:20 – Installing the Six Pack
21:35 – Fresh Coolant
24:13 – Forgot our vacuum line
25:25 – Starting it up again
27:10 – We’re driving now
28:25 – Outro

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Hagerty Video Transcript