Hagerty Video: Raptor R vs Cullinan, Urus, G63 AMG, Escalade V, Range Rover — Cammisa Ultimate Drag Race Replay

Raptor R vs Cullinan, Urus, G63 AMG, Escalade V, Range Rover — Cammisa Ultimate Drag Race Replay

Posted: 2023-08-17 15:00:40
Author: Hagerty
The World’s Heaviest Supercars square off in this episode of Ultimate Drag Race Replay — with the brand-new, 700-hp Ford F-150 Raptor R racing everything it can.

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First comes the 682-hp Cadillac Escalade V, which makes some of the most deafeningly beautiful noise from its supercharged 6.2-liter V-8.

The Rolls-Royce Cullinan makes almost no noise as its twin-turbocharged, 6.75-liter BMW V-12 catapults it in outrageous comfort down the track.

The brand new Range Rover LWB P530 also uses a BMW engine — the latest version of the 15-year-old 4.4-liter N63.

Then, the 5.2-liter, supercharged Raptor R goes on to race the outrageous Lamborghini Urus and Mercedes-AMG G63.

This is a race to watch — to see if any of these heavyweights can dethrone the Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT, the quickest SUV or truck we’ve ever tested.

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As part of his Webby- and Telly-Award-Winning YouTube series, “Ultimate Drag Race Replay,” Automotive Journalist Jason Cammisa drag-races the fastest cars and trucks in the world, and then explains what happens using slow-mo visual effects and scientific instrumented testing.

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Hagerty Video Transcript

They say that weight is the enemy of performance they haven’t driven a raptor r that thing will do a burnout on pavement too and if you think that thing is crashing you haven’t heard a Cadillac Escalade V this is the loudest car we’ve ever heard porcupines God

Sorry if all of this Americana is too American for you well the Brits have an answer hello sir good day is this on I do believe so so but I can’t hear it sir same thing with this thing British thing either way each of these apartment buildings on Wheels weighs 6

000 pounds and yet they’re all faster than the fastest heavyweights in the world or are they you’re going to want to watch this one The Ford F-150 Raptor car is the sort of Automotive Swiss army knife that honestly shouldn’t be legal and probably isn’t in places like say Switzerland where the Swiss army knife comes from but here it’s King of the Road 700 Supercharged V8 horsepower enough suspension travel to run over a Supercar

And a 10-speed automatic that bangs off shifts like a gunslinger from the Wild Wild West and multiple gunshots are exactly what the Cadillac Escalade V’s exhaust sounds like kids these days love their crackle Tunes but Cadillac has out deafened all of them this is one of the loudest

Production cars we’ve ever heard and it’s glorious and the engine is a full leader bigger than the Raptors 6.2 liters of supercharged pushrod V8 that makes 682 horsepower with the same 10-speed automatic as the Ford and weighing just one American sized passenger more this is going to be one hell of a race

If you expect the Range Rover to have e oldie timing 5-liter superchargers V8 you’re stuck in the past it has another ancient V8 BMW’s 15 year old 4.4 liter now making 523 horsepower and if you’re wondering why on Earth a Range Rover has a BMW engine in it years or decades

After Land Rover and BMW broke up so am I I have no explanation for this it makes no sense but it does make a lot of power step aside all of you burbling peasant pleasing V8s because the Rolls-Royce has arrived with not only the largest engine

Of the group at six and three cooled Elites but the most cylinders 12 and two turbochargers shoved up its very dignified derriere It weighs exactly nine pounds more than the Raptor it weighs exactly the same as the Raptor and now we need to find out whether it cuts the mustard foreign Oh well there are only two words for that it’s holy and something I’m not allowed to say on YouTube okay the raptor r allows full brake torque and then explodes off the line hitting 60 in three and a half ish seconds that’s Porsche Carrera GT territory and

That’s not the most impressive thing the most impressive thing is how hard that V8 pulls at the top end of the attack I have never seen anything like it in a truck High Rev urgency puts this thing on a different planet to the other cars it crossed the line more than a hundred

Feet in front of the capitol which is even more insane considering that thing has already been sitting at its 112 mile an hour speed limiter long before it ever crossed the line the Raptor R’s engine comes from the Mustang Shelby GT500 but the Escalade V’s engine sounds like it comes from

Hell but it actually comes from the ct5v Black Wing where it makes precisely half as much V is about five and a half truck lengths back but it nearly matches the Raptor’s speed by the time it crosses that’s because the Raptor is pressing up against its limiter but the caddy is

Still pulling hard ultimately though it’s already seven tenths behind by 60 miles an hour which can’t be explained by its extra 215 pounds and 18 horsepower deficit the culprit while there are three of them number one Cadillac makes far less power at the very top of the attack number two its

Shifts sound better but they’re slower and number three gearing once you account for the difference is the tire size Cadillac’s gears are about 15 percent longer than the Raptor RS the Rolls-Royce might not have cut the mustard but it did damn near keep up with that Escalade V the whole way down

The track in fact once the two trucks shifted into second gear they were separated by just two tenths of a second the entire way down the quarter and at these speeds that translates into a truck length and a half so sorry darling better luck next time God that never gets old That is a hell of a performance considering a it accomplishes that acceleration in near silence and outrageous comfort and B it has a near 20 deficit in power weight And you can blame that over achievement on the enormous twin turbo v12s perfectly flat torque curve or perhaps blame is to lie on the spirit of ecstasy located perfectly betwixt my thighs the Range Rover is the length of a city bus but way lighter than most it’s the

Only car here to weigh in under six thousand pounds it hurtles itself to 60 and 4.6 seconds but winds up eight and a half truck lengths behind the Raptor that is really not bad considering this is missing a miata’s worth of horsepower relative to that Raptor hey maybe that’s

Why they put a BMW engine in this thing as always they’re overachievers four of the trucks in this episode were supplied by our friends at Falcon car rental in Los Angeles visit them on the web and use coupon code Hagerty for an up to 35 discount on an exotic car

Rental the link is above and in the description below thank you Falcon we couldn’t do this without you so the Raptor can leave regular trucks for dead but what happens when we pit it against heavy weights from performance brands This is a Mercedes G63 AMG a shape that’s been around since the 1970s it loves to almost pull its front wheels off the ground on a hard launch which is only one of the reasons we love it that is a Lamborghini Urus it is the most successful vehicle in Lambeau

History selling almost as many units in five years as Lamborghini did all of its cars combined in the previous 50. neither can match the Raptor 700 horsepower but it needs to be said the little G Wagon IS 300 pounds less and that positively tiny little Lamborghini Urus over there weighs 750 pounds less

So what happens now let’s find out oh well done King Charles shall be mostly latent the Mercedes front end get light on the launch but the longer wheelbase Raptor just leaves the AMG for dead hitting 60 a third of a second sooner it continues to pull the whole way finishing well

Ahead of the completely lunatic afg meanwhile neither can come close to the Lamborghini which uses entire traction power and low ish weight to explode off the line it doesn’t quite unseat our raining SUV champion this car’s mechanical twin the Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT but it’s enough for the

Lamborghini to finish even ahead of the Raptor Showing that lightweight matters even when you’re talking about 6 000 pound monsters and by the way a gallon of gray Poupon weighs nine and a half pounds but we emptied it for science science so we should just ignore your corpulence shut Up Randy you pompous