Hagerty Video: Nissan’s Secret to Success: Analyzing the Iconic Cars to Reveal the Truth | Capturing Car Culture

Nissan’s Secret to Success: Analyzing the Iconic Cars to Reveal the Truth | Capturing Car Culture

Posted: 2023-05-20 12:00:57
Author: Hagerty
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Larry Chen discusses Nissan’s iconic cars and the evolution of their design with automotive design Artist, Khyzyl Saleem, A.K.A “The KYZA” and Cody Walker, brother of Paul Walker from the Fast and Furious franchise.

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Hagerty Video Transcript

Now that we got rudely interrupted GTA The Nissan Zama Heritage collection is where all the most significant production Nissans and race cars live in perfect condition I’ve been to the collection before but this time I met up with my good friend Kaiser who builds incredible cars in the digital world we talk a little bit about

His Inspirations including many of the Nissans on the show floor that Inspire him to build even crazier cars it’s uh pretty appropriate for you to come matching one of the cars here see look look at this hold on your vest is the same color as the

Bonnet yeah and then you have the rest of the live right here yeah perfect I I didn’t plan it you should sue so I could tell this is your favorite car though yeah it’s between this and the Sylvia as well um to be honest just because the super

Silhouette error of cause for me is just been pivotal in the creation of my artwork the inspiration the outlandishness but the functionality of it it’s cool because I’ve been following your work for so many years and to see different elements of the race cars that are here on your creations

Is something else it really is cool thank you so then tell me about what you like here because this is your first time here this is your first time in Japan yeah which is mind-blowing because you design all sorts of cars but it seems like the JDM Cars that you design

Really stand out to me thank you JDM causing me it’s the heart of Everything Automotive it’s where I first saw cars being modified it’s where I first saw this kind of culture of personalizing your car to yourself but that’s just one aspect of it you have done the Motorsport side your super silhouette

Cars your Japanese touring cars gc300 gt500s I drew a lot of inspiration mainly thanks to games like Gran Turismo you know from your Pennzoil arth84s to vr33s the group a cars as well the R32 is like seeing these cars here and seeing an oem car comes stock with fender flares on

It’s insane it’s something as simple as just being a t40z or maybe the kenmary you know like seeing them in that form you’re like okay so you’re not just sticking on a fender to a car for no reason whatsoever there is history behind it there’s Heritage behind it and then you go from

Something as simple as that to something as wild as this I can’t imagine this had wind tunnel testing and I’m just guessing you know this is legitimately a box yeah with some Arrow better it is we’re on these cars here because we’re close to them but in terms of design

Aspects it’s small details as well so like kind of the fins on the hood which then extend to the windscreen and then you have fins on the windscreen to obviously help Channel layer over I mean I’d I’d love to see the actual functionality of that but it’s the fact that that exists

And then the combination of The Stance of the car the height the fact it raced at this kind of level the wheel choice everything just ties together and then the Livery design like a lightning bolt it is something else I love this era of cars but the cars that really speak to

Me are the 90s error cars yes the cars that I actually had a chance to see when I was growing up or just the cars that I had a chance to see in Gran Turismo invest Motoring in magazines that seems to be really the theme coming here in

Japan it’s being Your Heroes it really is Thank you the crazy thing is you build things in the digital world with your mind one of the things I always like to talk about when I’m talking about your work is the fact that it’s honestly not fair for somebody like me because you have to photograph cars that actually exist in

The physical world you don’t have to do that you’re not limited to that but you also have to take inspiration from things that really do exist yes and that’s what’s here yeah and it’s in abundance here as well the variance you have of the old gt500s with the new

GT500 it’s ridiculous look at the arrow and this is a later generation where function was actually something that was backed by computer 3D modeling or wind tunnel testing that is that right there out of this collection I have a favorite group C which is the r92cp from a visual

Perspective it was always just very instantly recognizable but this alongside the 787b for me was like dream stuff but then I love being able to see the progression you know like you notice as they progress the Splitters have gradually grown the Cannons they’ve introduced have gradually grown like this came from an

Era where it seemed like anything was possible the 3.5 liter twin turbo V8 from this era was the precursor to a lot of the McLaren V8 3.5 liter turbo Motors I didn’t know that and then you speak about the r390s the GT1 car it’s a peculiar design I think it works better

In race form but I feel like they had to make a road going homologated version in order to make that I’m glad that they did it in this color I think it looks great I love the fact that it uses z32 headlights because like you have the Lamborghini Diablo that

Uses z32 headlights as well as this and of course the z32 oh where do they start run That’s the problem with this place it’s so big we’ve barely heard this star and rev we were on the other side of this building where’s bealer is it this is like wait a minute I don’t need to run I’ll just walk normally yeah that’s right you’re all on my phone I am

I am all online Larry had to run and I didn’t it’s the kind of content I’m here for that’s it I’m Blown Away dude it’s only two people that maintain this whole collection So this is your first time in Japan what do you think about Japan in general I’ve only been here two days and I’m obsessed with everything down to just Road markings on the floor one thing that really blew my mind about what you’ve been doing is you’ve

Actually been looking at scenes and you take the picture for reference and then later on you’ll actually use it for one of your renderings I came on this trip and I’m like okay what can I get that’s useful to me that I will enjoy working with and using and

It’s just being in different environments if there’s an empty space it’s taking a photo and you’re like I could put a car in here if I wanted to at some point in the future but it’s also just the architecture in general around Japan the side streets Alleyways

Empty car spots to textures on buildings and like everything can be used it’s how my brain is kind of wide it’s like what kind of space can I use to place a car here do I need to stand over there or do I need to stand over there or it’s funny

Because the way that I think is completely different in that I look at the space and I think about the physical aspect of it like oh could I hit up Nissan or Toyota or whatever to borrow a cool car to put here to actually take the photo yeah you just take it Beyond

But it’s like you do with a purpose right you do it when you’re shooting a car and it’s the same for me if it’s a car that doesn’t exist like you look at this spot here for example in front of the R32 GTR like there’s a clear spot

There what if you wanted to position just a stock version there or it’s just trying to think above and beyond see different variations like what you could do if I was able to ring this and be like hey can I have your GTR LM at Tatsumi PA by this time you know that

Would be insanely cool and I would love to do that but sometimes that’s not possible and you have to think of ways to kind of recreate what you want to recreate it might be best done on a PC or computer but it doesn’t replace coming to a place

Like this seeing these cars in person I you’re speechless yeah I’m still we’ve been here what two hours almost and I’m still speechless if you asked me three or four years ago what my favorite car here is I would have gone immediately to the super silhouette cars and been like hands down

Favorite car but nowadays my brain is now rewired in a way where I have to design something where it can be built and brought to real life now it would be more something like the r33 they’re functional body kits but you can recognize the original street car that that car is based off

I get so many ideas as well like for the new cars I’m creating kits for or designs for I look at the old kind of the Ken Mary race cars or even the rally car liveries and I’m like that would look amazing on this new Z and stock

Form you know like it’s just trying to imagine the things that don’t exist and that’s what I really enjoy doing on an artistic under level look at this man’s face it’s uh definitely eye-opening kind of gets me a little bit emotional just being here you know and I’m happy that

This place exists exactly the same well I think I’m even more grateful to be here with the people I’m with and like if I ever come back to Japan again I’m like oh Nissan is so proud of their Heritage when it comes to their street cars and their race cars the fact that this place exists and they make sure all of these cars are in such Immaculate condition blows me away it is so great for big Nissan nerds like

Kaizer myself to be able to enjoy these cars this way part of it is because so many of these cars I’ve never even seen in person also checking out the collection for the first time was my good friend Cody Walker Cody has really taken it upon himself to continue his brother’s incredible Legacy

Through Reach Out worldwide which was started by Paul in 2010 which helps with relief in disaster struck areas all around the world Cody also runs large car culture events called fuel fest with proceeds going straight into Reach Out worldwide so this is your first time here yeah

Dude I’ve never been in here before have you seen pictures have you like seen a couple videos I knew of this place but I haven’t seen any footage pictures don’t really do it justice you have to see it to believe it what really gets me is the ordinary

Pedestrian cars that you didn’t think that they would need to save they saved oh it’s unreal right dude this is a family vehicle so dude my first car was a 64 Nova wagon when I found out about this car I thought it was the coolest thing in the world I’ve always loved wagons

They’re gonna pull out the stage yeah or OD to check out I just asked if I could check out this uh autech 260 RS to Anastasia and they’re they’re Wheeling it out for me here at the uh Nissan Zama here thank you very much thank you so much this is so cool

Thank you see this right here I’ve got kids put them in the back you got space for the the dog or who whatever man this thing is I’m all about this wagon right now I love the seats too like I love how simple everything red the red uh perforations yeah dude

R33 wagon yeah we’ve leave the card and it’s like most pure yeah and like just leave that front end the front end looks great there’s no reason I think it looks amazing honestly I feel like it’s very proportional if you look at the side of

The car it’s so long you know like the roof especially oh yes it’s a big boy It’s funny because um this is such a pedestrian car for everyone else here for sure but we’re like oh my God so Jonathan if you convince Nissan to make this now um then you’ve got a couple sales right here dude you got it what you question Mike this thing is so cool

I love this so my first car was a Volvo 740 GLE that my parents hand me down it was horrible they barely ran no AC it would sometimes stall on left turns it was bad but the first car that I actually saved my money up for was this

Nissan Maxima I bought this when I got my license and it was a 1994 that I had five speed V6 with LSD I felt like hot driving this around dude it was so sick it makes me happy to know that something like this exists like I don’t know how

It is with a lot of other manufacturers but the fact that Nissan appreciates their Heritage and appreciates like the racing side yeah and I get saving this stagia I get saving the nurse spec GTR yeah you know especially the race cars but then you see some of these cars like this Laurel

While this is cool and I would drive it every day they made a spot for it and it’s here yeah the foresight that somebody had to do all of that right this is pretty much one of my favorite Rose here this tripped me out S15 very incredible convertible only sold in

Japan very rare yeah when we walked in someone’s like yo convertible like this only came in naturally aspirated and this was actually the first right hand drive car I’ve ever driven a blue one like this no way yeah I drove it in Norway and it was just so weird to to feel

Right hand drive and also on top of that I’ve never driven an S15 before and it was the convertible yeah it was the convertible that’s even more weird yeah why would you want a convertible in Norway I don’t know it’s just cool to see a pristine version here and look at this S14

Right hand drive I don’t think I’ve ever seen a brand new one or a clean one like this in the U.S you know they just get destroyed they get clapped out and they’re just they’ve all been turned into drift cars this and this s chassis right here this s13 look at the original

Wheels it’s so 90s it’s so 90s the one that really speaks to me is this green one why is that I love the two-tone like the gray on the bottom yeah I think it looks so cool wow 135 horsepower naturally aspirated 1.8 liter CA 18 is Cherry too look at

That it’s so cool it’s fun for me walking around with you because people appreciate the fact that you are a true car Enthusiast through and through you’re doing your thing with fuel Fest and it’s just so cool to see we’ve had a chance to go to a couple of them

Hopefully we can go to a lot more because there’s just so many stories to tell like you said I want to see the JDM Hummers that’s what I want to see I want to see like the very detailed and very interesting car culture that we don’t normally get to see If you’re in Japan or if you’re planning a trip out there it’s definitely worth reaching out to the Zama collection to see if you can schedule a tour I advise you to reach out to them months in advance because they are super busy thank you [Laughter] this way this way this one