Hagerty Video: Museum NOT open to the public: MASSIVE Stash of Cars & Trucks in Old Dealership | Barn Find Hunter

Museum NOT open to the public: MASSIVE Stash of Cars & Trucks in Old Dealership | Barn Find Hunter

Posted: 2023-09-05 11:00:15
Author: Hagerty
Episode: 146 – Tom has been trying for five years to access to an old dealership in Northern Maine that houses a massive collection of cars and trucks. Through some investigative work, Tom was finally able to contact the owner, Todd, who gives us a VIP tour of his lifetime collection of rare metal.

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0:00 Intro
0:38 Pratt & Whitney Buick
1:45 1909 AutoCar Delivery Truck
4:37 Will it Run?
5:50 Save $$ for your next barn find
6:26 Selden “First Auto Patent”
7:10 1949 Willys Jeep Wagon
8:27 Auto Car CREW CAB truck
9:46 Jeep Found on Island
10:17 Love Bug
10:30 1973 LS1 Corvette
11:08 Ford F100
11:59 Dodge Challenger R/T
12:10 1964 Pontiac GTO
13:31 More Cars
13:55 1939 Dodge Super Deluxe
14:43 1965 International Scouts
15:16 12,000 mile 1963 Ford F100
15:33 Late Model Jeepsters
16:00 1950 Jeepster (Sold as 1951)
17:17 Ford F800 (CAT Engine)
18:05 Start up!
18:29 Outro

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Hagerty Video Transcript

I live in Buffet Harbor and I’ve always looked into here like wow that’s like an old car dealership and so starting four or five years ago I’m like wow look at this there’s those old cars in here but how do I get a hold of this no the doors are never open

There’s no phone number on the building well I kept on asking people asking people and they ultimately gave me Todd’s phone number Todd owns this building and these are all his Vehicles so now after four or five years we’re gonna go inside I haven’t been in here yet so let’s go Oh man so what are we looking at here well it’s a 1923 Buick called the 2355 uh sport touring this came from a collection I didn’t get it through there but Pratt and Whitney the company it was it was Whitney’s that was his grandfather that started Pratt Whitney

And he had this huge collection of New York and that came from there through another guy to me and it took me three years to get it is that a running car yes but I’ve I just got the starter back the other day started generator so

You can drive this car isn’t it once yeah give me about a week yep yep if you enjoy our YouTube videos and have been wondering how you can help support their creation consider joining the Haggerty Drivers Club which includes a subscription to Haggerty magazine unlimited access to our valuation tool

Exclusive offers and rewards with reputable brands in the automotive industry 24 7 roadside assistance for flatbed towing Early Access and VIP perks to select Hagerty member events and unlimited classified listings with no additional fees you can find the link in the description below now this thing looks like something out of The Little

Rascals this is the only one that I know of that’s that’s this old it’s an auto car it’s a 1909 they started making trucks in 1908 and this is what’s remarkable about this it’s an unrestored running Relic it’ll start right up can I sit in it oh yeah this is one of the

Oldest Vehicles I’ve been in my life so how long have you had this oh three years I think so this is how many cylinders two horizontal horizontal I put the seat up we I mean I’d run it for you it don’t take two seconds but put

The seed up you’ll be able to see you’re sitting on top of the engine so it’s is it is it water cooled yes water radiator so the only thing that’s not right is this little tanks here because the tank isn’t kind of a u-shape around the

Engine it’s got a little dirt in it needs to be cleaned I get it so I haven’t got to that yet so is this a break in a clutch just a clutch and breaking a little one down is the gas oh wow and usually something like this has

Spike Advance this doesn’t have it but it’s got that’s all Throttle right there so you can set the throttle that’s it yeah so this windshield falls down Clips on the front this is unrestored this set closest I can figure 26 to 27 because the plate which is hanging over there in back of

That time clock yep it was 1926 Massachusetts with this with us hung out on Boston Waterfront Chelsea Boston area and that was the last plate that was on it was 26. they parked it in a building on a pier over the water and let it set just kind of forgot about it because

That was they weren’t doing the coal anymore 1980 a guy figured out they sat there all the years and no one got indoors yep it was indoors but it was over the water and they were worried about anybody tried to get it would fall through because the building was rotten I don’t

Know the man but I I’ve got a picture up and I found it online because this truck’s the other one you put in 1909 gold truck this is the only one that’ll come up so that it sat over the over the water in Chelsea and a guy figured out

How to get it and he got it within three hours they had it running it has been it stayed just the same this this top has been replaced since then but in that little thing in the back the window but other than that this is just original it’s got PTO that it’ll Sizzle

Lift and everything so check out the solid rubber tires this is I guess 1909 that was before pneumatic tires yeah and it’s all all wooden rims could you fire this up sure oh I’d love it that’ll be great I waited for you because I want to

Show you this the seat mechanism look at that all cantilevered this is pretty neat is that a Magneto up there yep I thought the guy says he see he’s taking those apart to check them over 100 this is 114 or something years old they they take he says nothing wrong with them

They get a good little Prime try that now with the old cranks yeah they always say put your thumb there but with this one it’s only two cylinders I don’t worry too much okay you watch I’ll probably end up snapping my hand but that’s all right ready

You don’t have to keep running along okay it’s got lettering inside have you figured out what it says yes it says something cold Harvey quality coal whatever the SR Harvey company quality cold when I first got this you couldn’t read anything I started wiping it down with penetrol

And it’s like it’s starting to come out it’s number six Trucking on the other side it tells how much it weighs in we should probably should have run it last now it’s all Smoky but but that’s all right man that is wonderful things that well it’s one pretty thing oh dear you’re gonna

I think Marvel at I want to take a moment and thank today’s sponsor Consumer Cellular Consumer Cellular delivers premium Nationwide wireless coverage for up to half of what the largest carriers charge has award-winning 100 us-based customer support if you need help or want to make

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Activation is free be sure to click the link in the description below that one there you should ask some questions on right there boy Selden what year is that one 1918 now do you recognize the name well Selden George Selden first automobile pattern holder that fought with Ford that’s right he passed

His truck wow all right so yeah so historians better than me will know that Selden a lawyer in Detroit named Selden right patent lawyer patented motor vehicles and said that anybody wants to build a motor vehicle after this has to pay me a royalty and Ford said no yep and Ford

Wanted to sell for the little guy that so he said no because it was another price on it okay and so here we have a Jeep wagon oh this is a supreme puff is a 49. it doesn’t have a V8 Chevy six cylinder chassis original the woman that had it

She had a horse ranch in Reno Nevada I bought it so they put a winch on it and bigger tires in in the seats other than that though it’s original yeah for the rear bumper so 49 so this is uh five years four years after the war and then

And Willie’s have been making Jeeps for America during World War II was looking to get into the uh civilian Market if you think of it this is one of the first metal station wagons because Ford was still making Woody wagons until 1951. Willis was ahead of its time I

Think they this was supposedly the first year they offered four-wheel drive in the wagon uh-huh is that a hurricane engine runs good she even gave me a spare one a spare engine so where’d you find this car oh Craigslist I was looking for one I was

Gonna have a place in Nova Scotia I was going to take take this up then and for the grand key you know for kids and yeah kids so this is kind of what I wanted then well come to find out doesn’t fit in the garage just right that’s why I’m

Leaving it here there it is yeah that’s a fascinating truck that’s all original that’s a 1941 auto car telephone pole truck and you see the thing on the top of the cab it looks like a vent yeah that’s really a mirror the driver runs the winches there’s two inches in the back

That he runs and if you notice for 41 it’s a four-man cab four main campus it’s got suicide doors yep my suicide doors open they hinge in the back open in the front the reason they call them suicide if this became dislodged you know while you’re driving

The door would slam open and the passenger could fall out and that’s ridiculous and look how soft where’d you find this right on the border of Vermont New York took me 24 hours driving time to get it on oh I bet I gotta I got a trailer

Truck I went and got it with I lost an eject a half an hour before I got there this has got to have low mileage I’d say see that see the wooden poles are called pick poles yeah that’s for adjusting the pole into the hole and there’s a there’s

A boom section that bounce on the back it’s all in there you just can’t see it where it’s sitting that you one of the winches picks it up and another one pulls it in out in those pick poles put get it so they lower it down this this

Is back when there’s a lot of manual labor this thing this could be used in a movie or something I mean oh yeah this is wow so Jeep number two well this is going to Nova Scotia it fits in the garage a four-cylinder that’s four but this

This is funny it’s set on an island off of Maine now if you thought a jeep was going to be rusty on on vinyl Haven you would think it would be totally rusted out there’s nothing in this it’s it’s clean and the guy had a snow plow on it

He used it had a top and it was quite bad painted it with a brush he was going to go hunting with it up north changed his mind it’s got one dent in the back all right so now we’ll go to the get away from the trucks and go to the cars

Here so you got a love bug automatic automatic that’s that but you drive it like a standard so it’s an automatic clutch yeah you rev it up let off shift it all right so you got a Corvette here yeah kids before I bought it kids get on

It I got one all painted to go on it but needs a paint job it’s a 73 which was the style of the dog years but it’s got the bumper that’s chromed on the back and this is the first year of the year yeah five mile bumper yeah it’s not

Original car the engine’s been rough applicated to make the LS1 so it’s 370 horsepower speed it’s an LS mirror it’s well the it’s a replication of one by the way I mean are these Keepers or do you want to sell any of these things no pretty much all the stuff’s Keepers for

Me I got it okay this is my daughter’s I gave this to her this truck I didn’t even want it I was a Chevy man years ago and the guy had this it wasn’t painted I traded a welder that all I wanted was 300 and he wanted a welder and I said

That heck with it I’ll take it and I didn’t even use it set set down the other place I have I used to put my blocking in it and finally one day I needed so much block and I said well I’ll throw a battery in it see if I can

Get it going start right up start driving it that’s the first Ford and it’s not the end because I turned myself 306. no it’s a tiny 226. 220 oh wait a minute excuse me 240 in this one 240. we call it Putt-Putt someone put it on the thing and I just

Left it so what’s your daughter doing with it uh stores it here mostly okay just chip off the old block yeah so these dads hot rods yeah there’s a 67 RT 440 it’s the original numbered car yep so you’re a Mopar guy you’re a GM guy

Yeah I get it 64 GTO over there first year GTO wow see you know it’s just it’s all original I don’t even bother it’s got the rip and the seat I just like driving the 389 yeah with a dry power as you can see I drive it the paint’s gone

Yep it’s got power steering but that’s it yeah A team’s a radiant and put a aluminum on did it run hot a little hot well parades uh well the engine’s built up a little bit it’s not original it’s it’s all it’s all the right components but everything’s been ported inside the

Pistons have been that you know all new runs balance oh yeah so you’ve put a bigger cam I made the mistake because I was young when I first got this when a young girl I got I had an engine build to do it for me and he says how do you

Want it I said I want this car to almost stall at every stop light oh my God that’s what it does it’s a pain in the butt I only like to drive it by myself because I then I don’t go through cities and towns this one that’s why I got this

So we can take go out to dinner so almost stalled because it’s got such a lumpy cam right and if it stalls as long as I get a tow truck because it’ll be so hot you won’t stop but all right so they’re going to be viewers here that will criticize me for

Saying oh you you totally ignored the Volvo those aren’t mine all three okay well that’s why we’re totally ignoring it helping a friend know Oh this is like a museum that’s not open to the public this side just full of stuff I haven’t got it cleaned up it is another oh man you gotta lots of stuff all right where do we start Dodge 39 39. so they had changed from the Dodge star

David logo by that time now it was just dodge that’s 39 like custom with supers up Deluxe how long have you had that oh gosh probably since 12 2000. it was my brother’s he had he passed at a younger age when he was young he had a 39 Plymouth and you

Always tried to find the exact car and he couldn’t so we ended up buying this to he was going to redo it and he he got sick and died and that left it to me and I’d like to redo it someday it needs to be always solid but it needs to be

All torn down and gone through and you know how long that takes so and you know what at the end of the day well sentimental reasons it might be worth it yeah but at the end of the day you would not make no I would not make Financial

Sense I might just pull the engine get it going and start having fun with it I don’t know so these are rare beasts these days these International Scouts yeah a couple of my kids want those those are all running they’re 65s is that a a that’s a slant four yeah half

Of one that’s a half of that engine that is so is that an international motor is it an AMC motor or what is it International these International Scouts are 60 65s so here’s there’s a mode you never see I mean never see yeah it says International right on there

And one of those has a this the factory winch you can’t even see it hasn’t run for a few years since I put it in here but it was when it came in this has only got 12 000 miles on it this one it is a four wheel drive Ford yeah 63. the

Tailgate’s like brand new it’s at my other building 12 000 is this a fire department truck a man had this and he had a Marina and all he did is drive around his house with it hardly ever been on the road so these are the later model jeepsters so did the roofs come

Off here yes they do all they do they lift off okay so it’s an open top it these have V6 yeah the Buick dauntless they called them take a look at this this is the later Edition in a moment we’re going to see what the Jeepster

Started out like which was kind of jeeps uh attempt to get into the sports car business they they saw after World War II that American soldiers were bringing back mgtds and jaguars and triumphs from Europe and Jeep said oh we’re going to try to build a sports car so we’re going

To see that in a moment now what year is this Jeepster well it’s actually I was told it’s a 51 which technically they didn’t make because they made them from 48 to 50. and this was either a leftover or made from parts that were still there

It was sold as a 51. this runs but it doesn’t look the grace but you know you got to get them when they’re there so it’s a four cylinder overhead it’s kind of attractive you know two-tone they actually got this nice belt molding and it’s look at this chrome trim around

Here this is uh this they didn’t have to do this it’s very nice my friend made fun of me if a guy gave it to me if I wanted it and I went and got it and it’s almost folding up I had to winch it on a

Trail and I brought it home I had an older friend and he says what did you buy that I said I didn’t he said why did you even take it and I said you see these Chrome strips yeah exactly so this was you know kind of a sports car they

Were only available in this generation as a two-wheel drive rear-wheel drive vehicle not four-wheel drive and it was a you could put the family in there and go to Dairy Queen I mean it was really cool it had a back seat so you could probably put bucket seats in the front I

Think maybe it was a bench belt buckets buckets okay so five five six people could fit in here a family could use this as a a very practical kind of sports car very nice pretty much and then one big cab over over here that is going to be my uh service truck for

Myself X buy it truck wow I think it’s clean 3208 Caterpillar so it’s got a fresh paint job on it yes get rid of the red wow that that will start up without even one rotation so you’re going to put a flatbed or oh I got a a utility body

Going on it and I’m gonna have a I got a diesel welder and I’ve got a telephone one of those telephone truck buckets is going to go on it and then the gas powered air compressor so I’ll have air uh my welder and my torch set and I have

A little thing to get up and do some welding and up above 30 000 miles on the truck but from new yep 3208 Caterpillar I get you got it you got to hear it per I’ll turn it right off okay if you don’t want it on let’s do this all girl whoops Man is that sweet air brakes is that a V8 yes V8 caterpillar all right well I guess we’ve seen it here you’re one of the Most Fascinating People I’ve ever met in this series oh and it’s pretty cool I mean you know your collection in the building and now

Your collection out here it’s it’s totally different from each other my God I mean passenger size vehicles to monster sized vehicles but thank you so much oh it’s an amazing adventure to meet you enjoy here see your stuff thank you so much that’s a 41 Sea grave it’s a little bit

Of rust back there but I mean in Maine you don’t find things this clean if you have what you can put in there that’s going on a trailer truck frame I have 400 Cummins that’s what’s going in this this body’s coming off and going on the truck you’ll see in a minute