Hagerty Video: Is This ABANDONED Old Truck Too Far Gone? | Will It Run?

Is This ABANDONED Old Truck Too Far Gone? | Will It Run?

Posted: 2023-06-05 15:00:31
Author: Hagerty
Davin picked up this 1966 Chevy C10 4 years ago when we were working on our iconic Chevy Stovebolt project (https://youtu.be/gJx4Ze-j348). They said if he was willing to haul it away it was his to do with as he pleased. Well, it’s been four years and it’s time to get after things and see if we can get this 250 Straight Six up and running again.

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0:00 – Intro
0:18 – Background on Truck
1:20 – Engine Reveal
2:27 – We made a small mistake
3:15 – Does it still turnover?
4:20 – Pulling plugs
6:05 – Checking the oil
6:45 – Does the starter work?
8:14 – Inspecting the distributor
11:00 – Fresh plugs
11:25 – We need a coil
13:35 – Do we have spark?
14:05 – Back to the distributor
16:30 – Pull the top off the carb
17:40 Cleaning the carb
19:10 – We need fuel
21:00 – Will it run?
23:15 – We can do better
25:05 – Starting attempt 2
27:43 – This can’t be safe
28:48 – Outro

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Hagerty Video Transcript

Hey this is David with Hagerty and will it run this is a 1965 C10 Chevy pickup truck It was about 50 yards from where the stove bolt was sitting so if you remember the stove bolt and that cool video that’s where that truck came from and this truck was laying just a little bit further away as you can see behind me there’s an old 66 pickup truck

There’s a couple more around the corner and we’re gonna see if we can score a six cylinder look at that let’s grab the fan oh look at that Ben this is a good sign it’s free so we’re gonna pull the truck out out of its sleeping Nest here and we’re gonna

Potentially use this motor as a will it run I’m gonna see if it’ll run and then who knows what happens with it after that time slipped by it’s been four years and here we are and here it is still in all of its Glory uh I believe this is the high torque

292. there’s barely any sticker left here on our valve cover and it says hi uh that’s that’s really about as far as we can get doing a little searching around on decals that are available there’s a high torque 292 but one of the things I’ll do here just to verify I’ll

Show you way down here is a pad but we’ll scrape I’ll scrape that off and see if we can get a good visual on the numbers but you know what it doesn’t look like it’s going to rain today so I shouldn’t need an umbrella I’m going to

Get this Hood out of the way because well John said it’d be easier for him and you guys to see under the hood for lighting it wasn’t here all right oh look at that it’s almost spotless than under the grease okay so we just cleaned off the engine

Pad and went through and looked at that number the serial number on here says it’s a TF on the engine the thing is a TF is a 1966 250. so 65s and 66s are real close so you keyboard Warriors that are already typing in he’s wrong well you’re right I

Am wrong I went back I looked at the VIN tag it’s up on the windowsill this way on the driver’s side and it had some paint right at the six it had just enough paint on it it looks like a five so mistakenly we said it’s 1965.

Correction it is a 1966 which is all more of the better because I have a sweet spot for 66s just saying so moving on from there we’re going to inspect how the how well this is going to turn over by hand and then move to

The starter I need to see if it’s going to kick over the starter I will pull the plugs out make it easier on the starter I have not had any power to this ever and I couldn’t tell you the last time it had power um here’s the lines that are left

And if that indicates anything to anybody that’ll give you an idea I think I’ll eliminate some of these you know possible problems areas because all we need to have is starter and Spark from an electrical standpoint and I’m going to do all that from out here

We will hot water the Daylights out of this where’d you learn how to do this how many other does what teaching their kids how to fish or play ball my old man is teaching me out of hot wire see if she spins well let’s see if our how tight our belt

Is and if we can turn it just by the belt oh yeah okay look at that where’s the coil at in this maybe that’s what it’s missing it is that’s a coil wire yeah there’s no I was wondering what was there that sort of the coil I didn’t well it was running rich

When you look at the plugs not only can you see how it ran last but you can also see if it has some internal problems so let’s just say it dropped the valve well you would have basically the issue on a spark plug like the end of it sheared

Off drastic terms so it does give you some indication it’s not just pull them out oh yeah look they’re black and move on you’re kind of seeing what everything else does too yeah look at that so we got it out of gear basically the three on the tree all the levers are

Right here and between John and I we had to kind of rock the engine back and forth because it was stuck and then I was in there on the column yanking it around and we I got it pulled up between the team effort and it turns as you can see

As you can see okay I just think I’ll spray some stuff in it um just to kind of work around anything that might be in there I just like to spray some I mean if it doesn’t need much because it’s moving so easy but some can’t hurt

That also means the valves are going up and down or at least not locked that’s a good sign let’s see how makana oil we got in this block yeah it’s even full hmm feels pretty good enough to fire it up there’s water in it yeah you can hear it

Yeah there’s water in it so it didn’t it doesn’t appear to be froze clockwise right it rotates uh I guarantee you those points are probably pretty corroded but uh let’s see first things first let’s see where the starter’s at because we need to be able to turn it over as I

Probably shouldn’t try to use the fan blade to start the engine because that seems like I’d be like this then from the rest of my life battery coming up that even fits them all positive two of them are black positive runs to the starter but this is not negative ground this is negative

Look at that little snappy snappy so here’s the key what would be should be that should be key side and this is gonna be hot because well it’s direct to the battery yep let’s see what the starter does we know we’re out of gear so we’re all good that way huh

So step two we have a starter spins the motor it’s nice because I really don’t want to crawl underneath there to do this and I don’t want to know what’s living underneath this because well if you don’t know by now not a fan of snakes I’m not afraid to tell you that okay

Let’s get cap off you know every one of these we’ve kind of clean up the fuel system uh uh I’m not gonna well I’m not going to say not how’s that but I think I’ll just take the carburetor top off this style should be like a Rochester where the where that

Cap comes off just like on the stove bolt so the very top plate will come off I can look in there I can clean things up I can assess whether I want to remove it completely or I can make it kind of work from where it’s sitting as little I

Disturb things sometimes is better there it is killed screw down cab yeah she’s pretty crusty I think the points we’ll just sand them and see what we get yeah for the engine on the side nothing to work around but the cap is not so great here you

Want to look at the cat and these have been chewed on so I’m going to I’m going to replace the cap and and wires on this one but you can see it’s pretty pretty green in there it’s a good cap though brass brass terminals I’m not just being lazy and

Taking the easy way out here with replacing the cap the ball on the on the Center contact and this is sunk pretty bad where this one’s up pretty nice and proud so the idea is is this is your strap that hits against that when it’s put in together make your contact

And obviously they can’t make Center contact that’s kind of make Points contact to the to the uh spark plugs it’s all nice Springs back looks pretty good I’ll put the cap down and then I’ll just uh grab wires and duplicate what’s on there easy just like that it only goes on one way

To figure out normally Chevy likes to put their firing order right on the intake manifold but I’m not seeing it I see a part number and I see a date code so whatever uh but anyway looking it up just to make sure I’m right uh firing order is one five three six

Two four one obviously being up in the front six in the very back and clockwise rotation it’s always the best way to do it all right so number one will be here when I get pugs let’s put some plugs in that works for me we have our coil lead

And this would be the key coil key side of it right to fire the coil I don’t have a key so I’m not going to worry about the ignition side of it I’ll just do everything here and we’ll hot wire right to it we’ll be able to run positive right to there bam

Plenty over to our coil that’ll be good now I went and well I made a real quick Fab job with some aluminum I just need to hold the coil enough to stay there so we’ll see if that works if I got to bend it up bend it make it work might even

Put a zip tie on it best part about this bracket I can put it wherever I want to do that and put a zip tie in it just like Factory perfect look at that check all right now our negative wire all right so I had my coil tempt up on there

And my negative from the distributor is connected to the coil now I just need to run some positive now I was talking about just running a jumper wire which I lost along the way you know this one yeah all right so what I’m going to do is I’m going to just run

Hot directly from the battery to the coil now with that said yes you are 100 correct this is our hot wire from the key but I don’t have a key so I can’t I can’t use that so I’m just going to jump across it but the power that would be coming to

The coil should be resisted now the reason it’s resisted is so it doesn’t have as much juice going through the points for what I am doing it’s not going to matter yes it will burn the points out will it burn out in the time that I need

To use it most likely not so it’ll be okay and we’re gonna go from there then I’m going to check for spark because at this point I have everything that should make Spark plug in our call last plug I’m going to use just help me use the number one okay

Ground is right up here nice and handy with the okay like that maybe those points are not as clean as I wanted them to be and if that’s the case we’ll pull them and put a fresh point a set of points in yes I could have done that first I know

We’re just gonna run a test light on it just to make sure we’re doing what I think we’re doing so test light works obviously it’s dead hot here so you should have power there should not have power well you got some power going across that tells me something is sorted in here

Power there yeah you got we got power across ground so there’s an issue with our condenser points I’m just going to replace them both because there should not be power a on both sides of the coil because one side’s ground and uh B there shouldn’t be

Power to the case there so let’s get this out of the way they come with their own gapper fine the spot there they go perfect tighten this up a little bit snug her up oh now we got spark across here snapper yeah there we go okay so my optimism said clean the

Points it’ll be fine I hit the believe button and it called me a fool because I’ve just finished changing to the brand new points and putting a fresh condenser in it because it was not making uh contact across there so now let’s see if we have spark to our spark plug see it

Hey get in the shade because the sun was right on top of it you couldn’t see nothing all right so we have Spark ignition system is ready let’s go so on the fuel side of things I am going to just flat out pull the top of the carburetor off inspect the bowl

See what we got there clean it up a little bit whatever it takes and make fuel flow here’s what I’m gonna do don’t hate me for someone else’s mistakes somebody’s already used vice grips on this so for me to put tube nuts on a tube nut wrench on there may or may not

Work but I have vice grips if it worked the first time that’ll work the second time I suppose actually real close pretty easy out of the way and I’m sure our gasket’s not going to be happy but it looks better look at that it’s got a lot of crowd in it

Maybe a little carburetor spray should be good as new Did have the vent open so that’s good we have throttle actuation my friends the miracle of penetrating oil oh that’s gonna go back flushes so even though that Brian’s filters in there we’ll just leave it now what the heck was gonna take it out but no need to

Okay let’s see what we got for main jet carburetors back together I filled the fuel bowl of the carburetor with fuel so there’s fuel in the carburetor at least so we got a good starting point from that standpoint all right everything actuates this way all right we’re good there

Um now as far as getting fuel to it I’m not going to use the stock tank I’m not I don’t even need to bother maybe just fine but we’re not even going to go there um so on this this has a hard line right all the way down I’m gonna start here

I’m gonna try to put it in right at the inlet of the pump I’m going to use an electric fuel pump I don’t know that this pump is any good but an electric fuel pump should still push past anyway so we should still be able to get fuel

To that which is the goal bring around look at that that’s actually on there pretty tight but we’ll put this on just as a safety meter like with like to have something on there all right so we have spark we got that fixed which was purely caps wires

Condenser points rotor I know that just sounded like a lot but it really isn’t um took the cap off the top of the carburetor and cleaned out the bowl put fuel in the bowl got the throttle blades working so they can actuate that electric fuel pump on the front on the

Back side I should say of the mechanical pump would just push right through it and with that we should have everything we need to make noise still put some down the throat because there’s fuel in the carburetor but not in the manifold so let’s put in there that was quite a

Bit but oh well all right here we go I don’t hear any fire let’s go baby foreign blew up some stuff hey what about what about that that’s running that’s running right there uh let’s see if we can keep because we’re always glutton for punishment [Applause] I win heck yeah look at that

I should say this truck’s been sitting in the yard here for a couple days and uh and it was sitting over there on Four Mile with the 50. and now it’s running quite well I might have had it sounds really good just like a top

Well we got it running so we went and had some lunch and John and I were talking and like wow wouldn’t it be kind of cool to see if we can drive it I mean why not right so grab my skid steer got the back end lifted up because I know there’s some

Wheels locked up this one’s good that one over there not so good it’s stuck okay the next section here might be a little too graphic for some of our audience so please don’t start typing just turn away it’s gonna be okay foreign Moved on to the front make sure they spin um I’ll be a little more ginger in the front because I’m going to punch a hole in the radiator ruin the bumper [Applause] check to see if the turn that’s why that one was easier come off I already took that road roof I forgot

About that I’ll bet you the front turn we could probably check them before we took the wheels on yeah that one’s free cool just flat one side gotta get that flat spot fixed we have kind of everything back mocked up as you can see we strategically place the fuel cell

On this nice platform of a heater box but uh and we have a little issue with our tires but we strategically place them we have two tires that keep air two hires two tires that lose air so we put the drive tire has air and the now steer

Wheel over here has air the opposite Corners are going to be a little less than full um also added a little coolant it really didn’t need much it took like that much so it was good uh with that we’re gonna fire it back up okay let’s try it that way let’s spark

Like a champ it’s like it was running yesterday or this afternoon this one tends to keep a little more air in it or at least it looks like it so let’s throw some air in here okay there’s that let’s go for around the front oh no it’s like

It’s like I’m tired of waiting for you we may have more of just flat tire than anything here restart well we’ll know well I know it’ll turn over I shouldn’t say that because I don’t think there’s any neutral safety switch well especially when you’re doing the when you’re doing it there okay yeah

I can’t shut anything off I wonder if we should push it up out of the hole let’s do that Okay we’re hot yep It runs like a dream runs like a dream ready for the interstate how cool is that doors wide open floors wide open no hood no breaks no clutch started off in gear rock and roll if that’s not a win I don’t know what is isn’t it funny how the so the starter

Had enough umph to roll the truck for one on two flat tires and start it in gear and just take off we’re really piecing things together here so the shifter works all day long right fantastic problem is it doesn’t turn it at the column to change gears within the transmission

So I couldn’t start it drive it like normal because pushing it in the clutch that didn’t do anything I mean the clutch has a spring on it but it’s not engaging anything we had to start it in gear well I started in first by getting it into first gear

At the shift levers at the column had to physically lift one up and get it into gear that way and basically John hit the starter button out there because I don’t have a key to start it here like well normal so yeah so when you don’t have a key and

It’s out there it’s kind of hard to turn off so we ran the wires from the coil into the cab through the vent window and my key was literally disconnecting this alligator clip because remember I don’t have any brakes so with no brakes I can’t bog the motor down I can’t stall

It I’m kind of well at the will of the car so I could have bombed on through there but I’m like I think I’ll stop right here foreign About you but that was a fun day for me John and I had fun it’s cool to have a challenge of something as simple as will it run um I get it some of you guys don’t understand the point and I think it’s because you’ve never tried so why not

Try you’re driving around there’s stuff in everybody’s yards heck ask them to see if he can or maybe you have one in your own yard because well some of us do and most importantly get out there get in the shop go have fun get some work done we’ll see ya

I’m thinking that girl’s gonna have to come out and go in the shop bro hey since this video is over and before you go to the next one go check out the Hagerty Drivers Club you get a magazine there’s flatbed towing it’s an awesome program you’re gonna dig it oh

In a 60-day free trial offer huh