Hagerty Video: Indonesia is PROOF that Car Culture is GLOBAL and truly limitless | Capturing Car Culture

Indonesia is PROOF that Car Culture is GLOBAL and truly limitless | Capturing Car Culture

Posted: 2023-06-03 12:00:44
Author: Hagerty
Larry Chen travels to Indonesia to investigate what the car culture is like and finds some incredible builds and a thriving hobby. All of which they do with import restrictions and limited access to parts and tools.

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0:00 Intro
0:43 Pagani & GT-R
1:50 First Impression
3:00 Driving Shots
3:42 Drift Track (Downtown)
4:12 Larry Drifts
5:25 Local Tuning Scene
6:26 Meet Victor
8:22 R35 GT-R Trophy Truck
8:57 Import issues & Limited Parts
12:25 How Victor got into Cars
13:57 Engine Plus
15:15 Background
16:05 Collection
18:17 Struggle of owning cars in Indonesia
19:02 Craziest Builds
20:30 500HP Honda Civic EG & Toyota Starlet

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Hagerty Video Transcript

We haven’t been here more than a couple hours and we’re already shooting the scene I am so tired and jet-lag it feels like the same day I left from LA but we flew 20 hours to get here and now we’re shooting in the middle of the street the

Car culture is super strong and that’s what we’re here to document thank you We got a juara roadster behind us I’ve actually never really been able to look close like this just the craftsmanship and everything about it is something else but we’re just getting some detail shots we’re getting some overall shots with this awesome background here and then we have

Two yellow Supras we have a Nismo R35 just decked out we have a new NSX and we have a Pagani choir I feel like it jumped a couple steps the best part is the owner’s not driving it he’s letting other people drive it so he can

Enjoy it from the outside he can hear what it sounds like and he can also see what it looks like when it’s rolling We just landed in Jakarta and it was already such a crazy night how did we actually get to this point we were actually in Indonesia for the very first time to check out a car show called The Elite showcase since we were there I figured we would

Feature as much of the local car scene as possible there’s just so much to uncover in Southeast Asia and I’ve already shot in Malaysia and Singapore but honestly when I think of Indonesia I don’t associate the country with strong car culture I was totally wrong and I was in for a big surprise

We ended up doing a full shoot right in the middle of the street the valet parking guy saw what we were doing and he just started directing traffic and stopping cars so we could actually get all the shots we needed we then jumped in all the cars and

Headed to the airport in style to pick up a buddy of ours Pickups are a little different here in Indonesia right for sure a little higher standard we just picked up our Buddy Lawrence from the airport and we’re actually gonna head back into the city but I told the guys how I want to plan uh actual shot under the bridge where they just

Stacked two and two that way it’s just like a clump of four cars together so we’re gonna attempt that and hopefully we can get this shot Now I’m rolling shots here okay different yeah [Applause] first thing the next morning we headed to a drift track on the outskirts of Jakarta the crazy thing to me was that the track was right in the middle of the city there was a shopping mall across the street and it shared the same

Parking lot as Kentucky Fried Chicken I’ve never seen anything like this as it’s a drift school and it’s a place for locals to come practice surrounded by high rises okay all right come to Indonesia everyone says just uh Drive uh competition cars [Applause] yeah foreign Boss level stuff right here if he if he replants the tree yay for the environment I hope it works Wow I love shooting drifting I wanted to check out the local tuning scene and we ended up at a place called excess engineering I was totally not prepared for this scene the elite showcase was the very next day and excess had quite a few cars going into the show

This was essentially just like the SEMA crunch everyone was super busy getting the cars for load in that night I had a chance to talk to Victor the madman in charge of all of this the scene is so good like the car is just parked halfway in the

Street but they’re still like working on it one of the things that’s really striking is the space they have the conditions they’re working in the tools they have but we’re still talking about the top end cars like I would drive any one of these cars I’m just going to tell you right now

This is not normal okay this is something that I haven’t seen before it’s not so much that all these cars are getting worked on it’s how busy it is and the sheer amount of people here and they’re all here for one goal it’s to get all of these cars to the elite show

This weekend yes tomorrow another thing that really strikes me is the quality of cars for example this Omari Factory R34 this is a full z-tune build everything please stay tuned fenders bumper intake all of that everything all coolers shocks all the different parts is in this

Can you show me around your shop there’s just so much to unpack when I pulled up here we had this uh rocket bunny FD RX7 out on the street all the guys pushed it in and then there’s all these cars getting shuffled Parts being made cars being polished Wheels being polished

It’s just Controlled Chaos but you’re just so relaxed you’re just like foreign I wanted to see some of the off-road builds that you have what is this actually used for this is used for the Indonesian off-road racing kind of like the trophy trucks you guys in the US same things but you guys don’t run V8s this is a four-cylinder class it’s a 4g63 this is

Out of Evo out of evil in a Jeep in a Jeep and then what about this one what is this it’s a 2J Jeep 2J Jeep what else do you have we have a trophy truck two blue trucks with the vr38 R35 GTR R35 GTR engine can we take a

Look at that yes it has been done for like years okay no way there’s not much Jeep left oh chassis tube chassis but the frame the frame the frame is the Jeep yes this one’s about 550 to the wheel because everybody moves and conservative timing and this is running uh sequential gearbox

Of course it is yeah only the best for Victor amazing this is so cool it’s kind of a understatement to say that you guys have it pretty difficult here as a tuning shop because it’s illegal for you to get a lot of used components for these cars to keep them

Alive well a lot of ship is custom parts we do our own publication headers we take manifolds roller cages chassis Fabrications all that we do ourselves [Applause] huh to my understanding you can only bring in new parts or cars that are two years old what’s your rule the rule is you can only bring in new parser cars you can bring in there are two years old at the most and that’s one of the reasons why

There’s so few r33s 34s yeah because back then if somebody had the foresight to bring in the car because it was never for sale here in Indonesia no then it’s like stuck in time yes these are the cars that are in the country and that’s it in the US it’s opposite you can’t

Import a new car you have to wait for it to be 25 years old then you can import it but it’s interesting in Indonesia you can only import new cars you can’t import used cars no and then on top of that the cars themselves here are crazy

Very expensive very crazy yeah so cost of living cheap that’s really cheap food cheap it’s very cheap yes if you want to race cars and use that as your hobby very expensive yes because to get the cars in here these cars are rare the r34s are very very limited r33s there’s

Probably only less than five in the nation wait r33s less than five and you have two of them here It’s very well known that labor is extremely cheap most Indonesians are lucky to make 350 US dollars a month so it’s not hard to believe when he told me none of his guys actually own a car they all Drive scooters but the thing is they love cars everything that they know about working

On these cars they learned from Victor it’s not like in the U.S where when you’re growing up you can get a 500 car and you Tinker on it with friends only the wealthiest individuals in Indonesia can enjoy cars as a hobby at this level this is my first time to Indonesia one

Of the things that I’ve been learning is the fact that it’s amazing that the Enthusiast Market is big enough to support a shop like this and I’m sure all over Indonesia there’s just countless Islands people are shipping their cars to you to build yes let’s say somebody brings you their car and they

Want it to be worked on how long do they have to wait and get it right now right now the way about eight to nine months but then small repairs and maintenance we do all the time but full builds will probably hold it off because we still have all

These builds that’s been going on too I see that where did you learn all this stuff how did you learn how to do this I went to school in the U.S I’m a mechanical engineer I went to University mechanical engineering when I went through I work

At some shops in the U.S built some cars in the US and then when I got back I got into it learned some more learned EFI classes I mean this is it Foreign amazing how many cars are you going to have at the show this weekend elite car show is a chance for us to educate people what proper tuning proper modifying is all about real Parts yes real horsepower real builds body kits nice fitment all of that proper builds where the cars

Drivable car safe it’s a way to Showcase these builds every one of these builds I look around and it definitely seems like something that was on the show floor of Tokyo Auto Salon aren’t you that’s what we try to do I’m just being honest you are able to do this with what you

Have which is something else like you’re really maximizing your abilities the parts I guess the hand that you were dealt yeah you know but and you’re able to kind of like build all these things it’s it’s pretty incredible Foreign [Applause] We went to one more shop in Jakarta called engine plus it was a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of excess engineering but it was equally impressive Lucas is the brainchild behind the brand and they Pride themselves in building some of the most incredible tuner cars in all of Indonesia

This shop is called engine plus so of course they have their own engine room they have a disassembled Porsche motor right here they have a g16 head out of a GRE RS they’re gonna make 500 horsepower out of this one and this may be the most extensively modified GRS and all of

Indonesia when they’re done with it they have a bunch of other Motors that they sell that are complete engines and they sell them all over southeast Asia but specifically to the Indonesian Market this shop is unlike anything I’ve seen here in Indonesia it’s so clean it’s incredible it’s almost like a cross

Between Europe and Japan you have like the tiles you obviously have the incredible cars you have a lot of Porsches BMWs Ferraris how did you start building cars where did you come from I Love cars since I was in the fourth grade school maybe around 29 years ago

Since that I learned cars every day every day yeah you have a lot of incredible builds here what’s going on with this Ferrari whoa this thing is wild yeah Clinic space shuttle oh oh this is very rare yeah only three ever produced and this is one of them

Yeah I’m guessing only one in Indonesia yeah I think so and then what what is this what’s going on here this also has a big top mount turbo this is also my own car oh how much how much power does this make last time 10 years ago 860 1.4 bar boost where do

You even drive that here go to the track weekend for coffee shop This is an actual Toyota race car this was imported from Japan yes this air box is crazy so one of the things that Genji from Grady pointed out is that the headers that don’t go under the engine I guess to make more room they actually go to the side yes because the engine

Position very low nothing nothing underneath the engine for the exhaust manifold so good so what does the owner use this for just taking to the track this is uh engine plus car shock cars oh this is that’s some shop car yeah do you what do you drive this on the street no

No this is a track only car yeah what a cool shop car the level that Lucas builds cars here is unbelievable it really is something that Rivals what we see in Japan and also in the US there’s just a methodical way to him building these cars

He has 35 employees and the people that work here their enthusiasts themselves they love cars and car culture but unfortunately this might as well be all McLaren f1s because having a tuner car gear like these in Indonesia is so expensive it’s not just tenfold it’s everything that comes with it you know

You look at these R34 z-tuned inspiration builds each one of these are potentially going for a million dollars just because of how rare they are there’s only 20 in the country and 20 percent of them are here in this building look at this plate that’s a real plate yeah yeah

Tell me about this build about the engine from omori F Sport R this is all you know Z2 and everything huh yes That Tune Hood all of it another z-tune inspiration build you know if I just came here and I looked at every single engine so far all the RBS

You have are Tomei engines yeah [Applause] [Applause] Let’s talk about your personal race car here what do you use this for this is probably one of the craziest evos I’ve ever seen track race this is for drag racing yes but there’s no drag strip in anything yeah so then where do you go no problem

So then what is this Dino on your Dyno what yeah just a thousand okay just a thousands okay yeah maybe you should take this and the GTR foreign while the shop and all the cars inside of it were very impressive we actually had a chance to check out two of their

Completed vehicles that were displayed at the elite showcase one was a 530 horsepower all-wheel drive eg6 Honda Civic and and the other was a Toyota Starlet that we actually never got in the US believe it or not the Civic was built with the intention of beating R35 GTRs It’s powered by a turbo K24 with a quave sequential gearbox using an aftermarket custom CRV transfer case surprisingly the engine is a package that you can actually buy directly from engine plus and it makes over 530 wheel horsepower on their all-wheel drive dyno After all said and done it still has air conditioning because there’s never a winter time it’s always summer there in fact they went out of their way to mount the condenser for the air conditioning with a fan under the rear spare tire well just so it’s more efficient

You can’t drive the Civic on the street luckily we can still drive the Starlet this is not so much of a race car it’s more of a street car and this is really cool for me because I’ve never actually been able to drive this vehicle this is

Something that wasn’t available to us in the US and this one is such a tuned up version of it with the Civic it’s interesting because it’s like five times the horsepower I think this is like two two and a half times the horsepower of what it originally came with

So it’s still going to be a lot of fun I was absolutely in love with this 1994 Toyota startlet they actually replaced the original 1.3 liter with the turbo to sell 1.5 liter engine It’s running a GTX 28 Gen 2 turbo and it still uses the five-speed Starlight transmission this is the most fun front-wheel drive car I’ve ever driven I just can’t believe the way it pulls it just comes on so nice but the thing is it’s so tame when you’re not on it

And that’s what I love about this car it’s just everything you want in a front-wheel drive hot hatch amazing it’s just like it really goes all over the place I’ve shot car culture all over the world in over 50 countries I never thought I would see so many high-end builds in Indonesia which really goes to show that car culture is global and truly Limitless it’s the biggest it’s ever been and it’s not slowing down anytime soon