Hagerty Video: Ford F100 Short Bed, Plymouth Barracuda with 367K Miles, and a 1963 Ford Fairlane | Barn Find Hunter

Ford F100 Short Bed, Plymouth Barracuda with 367K Miles, and a 1963 Ford Fairlane | Barn Find Hunter

Posted: 2023-05-30 12:00:34
Author: Hagerty
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Episode 139:
Tom finds a Ford F100 (Short bed), Plymouth Barracuda with 350K+ miles on it, and a 1963 Ford Fairlane with a 221ci V8. All buried beneath 22 years of clutter and family memories. Tune in to find out the crazy family stories these cars have.

SPECIAL THANKS to Lenn Soderlund who designed the new Barn Find Hunter logo you see featured in this episode. Like you, Lenn is an avid Barn Find Hunter fan who took it upon himself to design a logo and send it to us. We loved it so much we made it the new face of the series.
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0:00 Intro
0:25 Ford Fairlane 500 & Plymouth Barracuda
0:47 How we heard about Phil
1:18 How you can help!
1:55 Ford F100 Short bed
2:56 Length of ownership
3:07 Engine
3:30 How Long it’s been buried
3:54 Plans for the Truck
4:34 Plymouth Barracuda
4:54 Crazy story!
6:10 Another crazy story
6:32 367,000 Miles
7:48 1963 Ford Fairlane 2DR
8:18 How he bought it
8:52 I want to sell it
9:11 RARE engine
9:40 His original plans
10:10 All the parts
11:55 History about the 221ci engine
13:15 Outro

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Hagerty Video Transcript

So I happen to live in the Charlotte North Carolina region and so we’ve been doing this show for what maybe eight years at least once a year we’ll shoot videos around Charlotte I think I know all the cars around here and there’s still more coming out of the woodwork We’ve met Phil this house and he showed us a couple of his babies real really nice cars 66 Fairlane 390 and a a very rare Barracuda convertible four-speed air conditioned strange wonderful combination he said the cars we want to see haven’t been moved to 25 years and that’s why we’re all here right

I was looking for cars in the North Carolina region because I live here and so I called my friend Doug and Doug said yeah I know some old cars around once you give Phil a call so this is Phil and thanks thank you for meeting us at your

Old Homestead I mean you grew up right over there yep and these are all your kin folk around here and you have some old cars in this building which I have not seen but I’m waiting okay all right cool man foreign Before we take a look at this Dusty barn find I want to mention if you enjoy our YouTube videos and have been wondering how you can help support their creation consider joining the Haggerty Drivers Club which includes a subscription to Haggerty magazine unlimited access to our valuation tool exclusive offers and

Rewards with reputable brands in the automotive industry 24 7 roadside assistance with flatbed towing Early Access and VIP perks to select Hagerty member events and unlimited classified listings with no additional fees we also offer a free 60-day trial you can find the link in the description below so

We’re going to go up through here here is a 66 Ford pickup truck no kidding short wheel short bed I tell the storyboard yeah you don’t hesitate to throw anything out of the way there’s no pretty sound body on here yeah a little bit of rust behind the uh

Uh wheel on the left side yeah but man this is this is metal wow the Hood’s got some rust on it but I got a spare Hood in here somewhere for it so what year is 66 66 F-100 my uncle that owned this building had a construction company heavy equipment

And he bought it from Hilbish Ford oh local guys in 66 I was 14 years old twin I-beam yep we went down to get it from hillbush and he didn’t have a way of getting it home so the gentleman down there said can he drive I said yeah I can drive he said

Let him drive it home so I got to drive it home what a great truck so this has been your family since new my uncle gave it to his Foreman to drive and when the foreman got another truck he sold it to my dad

My dad sold it to me I gave it back to my dad and my dad gave it back to me wow so what motor’s in here is there Y block no it’s a little six cylinder 300 600 and I got another 300 in transmission that’s been rebuilt sitting

Over there somewhere you know there are some people that swear that they’re 306 Ford is better than a small V8 only problem with this one uh something happened and they started getting water in it and I was on the road with it I put ceramic block seal in it so and I

Drove it till I had to park it so how long has it been parked I parked it originally around 1996. and I hauled it down here in 2001 and it’s been sitting ever since I repainted it around 1990 92 for my father and it’s just been sitting ever since all original wow

That’s a nice one that’s a nice so what’s your intention for this if I live long enough I want this one back on the road it’ll never be fully it’ll be a driver yeah I get it I get it so it’s a three speed on a column oh

Yeah oh yeah it’s got painted Grill painted bumper so it’s not the high end no it’s the low it was a construct what they call now a construction truck yeah and is the bed in good shape yeah except for the left rear quarter somebody backed into my dad and it’s got a little

The dent was fixed but there’s a little bit of rust back there you know how many viewers would like to own a truck like this you know it’s the short beds that everybody wants and they were pretty rare so now if we’re ready we’re gonna we’re gonna try to get over to the

Barracuda do you have a shower I can use afterwards uh I got a garden hose we can make that work I’ll let you go in because two of us won’t get in there okay I really dig this and I appreciate you not cleaning anything off I like that you owned this

Barracuda before you’re on the convertible we saw at your house I’ve had that one since 1970. it’s a 69 a young lady bought it from widen house Motors and Concord in 1970 on a Saturday I believe it was it has no air conditioning no power steering no power brakes

She kept it to the following Friday and traded it for a Mustang what with air conditioning power steering power brakes I was down there looking for a car I saw her drive it in I talked to the salesman and I said I want that car I was 18 years old he knew

My mom and dad and so he just told the person that was getting ready to detail just take it and park it aside and I bought it for twenty four hundred dollars in 1970. well how many miles on it now 347 367 two engines 318s automatically how many miles were

On it when you bought it uh less than 200 miles so you’re not the original owner but you’re pretty darn close yeah she had it five days six days what motor’s in there 318. automatic yep and you drove it for years parked this and about 2 000 yeah

My in my former marriage my wife wrecked it three Christmases in a row at five o’clock at the same Shopping Center in Norfolk Virginia in the right front corner same three years in a row I said I’m parking it no wonder that marriage didn’t last wow so it’s an automatic 318 how many

Miles are on how do you figure it’s either 347 or 367. I’d do a hundred thousand yeah 367 000 miles wow is the body in pretty good shape it stayed in Virginia Beach 22 years so it’s got successful the air yeah yeah yeah yeah so you’ve had this since 70 since 70. so

We’re going 53 years for 2400 bucks I’d say you did okay with it I got a good investment out of it and so what’s your desire with this my lifetime dream would be to restore that car 100 to its original condition I was going to do it when my mother

Passed away and found some unexpected debt that needed to be paid so I paid that in the car set the cars had nothing done to it my uncle that owned that Fairlane that lives next door he had a guy here by the name of Edelman that

Widened the back wheels to seven and a half and widened the front to six and a half that’s all I could get out of the front too that’s the old stock car racing trick they put a band in there oh yeah oh yeah neat car man

I wish I could see the rest of it well we can move stuff off oh no that’s okay it would take all day is there another car in here yeah on the other side oh I see the building I was gonna say if it’s another car in here you’ve got it hidden

Pretty well This is a 63 Fairlane two-door post I bought it to restore it was running it had the original paint on it I was the third owner and I can’t remember exactly what year I bought that but it was in 2004 or something like that and I had a

Buddy that Doug and I both know that was a body man and I talked to him about it and so we decided to do something very foolish I had to headliner tore out I got the windshield I got everything that goes with it and it’s had three coats of

Primer was ready for the second the last coat found out he had cancer and he never came back to be able to finish it and I never I bought that other Fairlane so it’s been sitting inside since 2003 or four this is the one I want to sell

Yeah you want to sell this really I’ll never do anything was this a local car yeah yeah local really what did you like these when you were you know a kid when they were new I just like the body style the hard top was my favorite a 63 or 62

Fairlane hardtop was a favorite car of mine and it had it’s a 221 or 231 Ford engine I forgot which they only made it for a couple years yeah it was a before it was a 221 yeah and they only made it for a short while till the 260 came out

And then they only made that for a short while through the 289 came out and you can’t buy these parts for this engine in kits you got to buy everything individually so a buddy of mine gave me a 289 and I ended up giving it back to

Him because I knew I wasn’t going to do anything with it so is that the motor right there for it the two the motor’s still in it oh 221 is okay yeah but uh I gave the 289 away but got a 3 302 that

Could go go with it so was this going to be a hot rod or or a restoration I’m totally original type guy are you what you saw in the other two uh yep yep and this one I would have loved to have had a 289 in it but now it’s got a little

Bit of rust nothing major on the rocker panels because it’s set across in my mother’s carport for years and leaves got underneath yeah yeah but the body was oh my God it’s solid I’ve got all the parts for it I’ve got all the screws labeled in containers as to where they

Go when I took the panel off that goes between the tail lights on the back the little great aluminum panel yep there was a brand new one still in the plastic behind that one on the outside like there was a mistake yeah grab two yeah wow and it was right behind it I’ve

Got it on the other side uh Brands so how did you find this card is a friend told you about it a friend of mine that was a carpet guy and he had the white with red interior hardtop version of this 63 fairly yeah okay gorgeous car

And he bought this somewhere and he drove it by one day and I said if you ever decided to sell that I want it and he drove it to the mountains and he thinks he’d popped a ring in it it was smoking pretty bad so he sold it to me

So what color was this uh sort of a mint green uh there’s really nothing you can see on but it was a light metallic green pretty car in fact I was going back with the original color so this you’ve had at a body shop before the no it was worked on

Right in this building right right here so a little bit of rust here and there has already been taken care of it it’s primed so you could somebody could just take this over and continue yeah I’m sure they’d find some little Nicks along the way they wanted to take care of but

And you have taillights grills Everything 100 car wow cool molding is all in carpet tubes and taped it off so it wouldn’t get dented so it’s sitting in my garage up there you visited yeah so I’m gonna try to work my way to the front I don’t

Think I’ve ever seen a 221 I’ve only read about them so a little piece of uh Carol Shelby trivia here the 221 was the first generation of uh what Ford called their uh thin wall V8 and it was a it was the first engine to get away from the old

The Y blocks the 352s or whatever and so when Ford decided to help Shelby develop the Cobra they they sent him a 221 V8 and that’s what was in the original Cobra uh CSX 2000 was the original motor in there was a 221. by the time

He was going to present the car to Ford look what I built they had sent them a 260 and he put the what was the more current motor in there first 75 cobras uh were built with 260 V8s and then after that they were 289s so it’s got the old type generator this

Is this is like a time capsule boy oh boy oh it’s a nice car what would you ask for this I don’t know at this point because somebody watching the show might say wow that’s exactly what I want all right did you ever drive this car by the

Way oh yeah yeah I drove it yeah I never tagged it per se yeah yeah but I drove it Phil you know what I love hearing when somebody’s opened the garage door is like this I hope you’re not disappointed this is really dirty in here that was a

Those are you know music to my ears right I love when people apologize before I even see it because I know it’s a mess and we love messes so I mean we’ve seen your pretty cars we know you’ve you’re able to have pretty cars and we’ve seen your projects pretty cool

Stuff and you have a very eclectic taste in the Mopars and the Fords and family vehicles that truck yeah really really appreciate you allowing us to come into your life for a little while I appreciate it yeah enjoy doing it thank you sir thank you all right happy Hunting