Hagerty Video: Family and Car Reunited After 40 Years: Restored Barn Find Back Where It Belongs

Family and Car Reunited After 40 Years: Restored Barn Find Back Where It Belongs

Posted: 2023-09-11 15:00:24
Author: Hagerty
The Snowball Saga is coming to an end. We’ve been working on this vintage dirt track racer for the nearly 4 years and now it’s time to return it to the family. Snowball is unfortunately no longer with us, but we know he’s looking down smiling at this old car. We always talk about the cars, but it’s the people and communities behind the cars that matter just as much, if not more. We’ll miss this vintage race car, but it’s back where it belongs.

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Hagerty Video Transcript

Foreign cars are a catalyst to bring amazing human interest stories together and I think here in Max Meadows Virginia these cars have done just that hey if you like what you’re watching do me a favor and go check out the Hagerty Drivers Club subscription to our award-winning magazine discounts on all

Sorts of car stuff the 24 7 roadside assistance with flatbed towing access to VIP events the links in the description Hey this is Damon with hagrony our Redline rebuilds today I’m going to meet up with Tom Cotter we’re going to take the 37 Ford race car back down to Virginia so if you remember back in 2019 we went down and picked up this 37 Ford car from snowball

So I like I told Steve I’ve never heard it run and I won’t involves the detailed it out and painted across the arms from him but never did get around doing it so we were in the process of doing that when you called I was wanting to get the

Old car back just to show it take it to the races and put it on the trailer just as uh car shows or something you know get the old engines running we never did get around doing it a couple things happened between now and then and of course a lot of time an

Effort went into putting the car together and today we’re going to get back to the family Thank you dropping off the 37 Ford Coupe modified stock car is kind of the end of the story that started here if you go back to check out episode 44 barn find Hunter you can see the first time we came here snowball Bishop let us come in here and

Videotape and talk to them stories about stock car racing and Richard Petty buying Motors all that’s coming to an end right now because David over the last couple years has been restoring this car you know Snowball sadly left us in the middle of all this but you know I

I know he’s he’s happy right now it’s coming to an end now I I hope that I can maintain a relationship with the bishop family because you know they’re they’re salt of the earth I mean this family’s been here since 1940 on this farm and you can see you know this is snowball’s

Passion they’re pretty pretty bad shape I mean look at this but it’s always my belief that it’s not the car it’s the story and you know there might not be a car here worth restoring but the each car here has a story and the story always goes back to the bishop

Family and snowball in the Sun and his brother but now snowball’s family can can take that car and put it in parades and Cars and Coffee and car shows and bring it to race tracks during nostalgic nights and and share what was once part of their family history with the rest of

The automotive and racing world all right let’s get to this door down Look on the back of that thing boys yep watch that pile of dirt cut the wheel to the right right Big tires are gripping all right put the emergency brake on yeah I’m ready for you I put her in park foreign Well you can see we had the car off the trailer here looks like his buddies are pretty happy with it and a little bit of sign of approval now we’re going to sit down talk to Jimmy and James which is snowball’s younger brother did we do okay hey you didn’t find you

All right good we know Snowball wouldn’t have done it halfway and we don’t want to stop saying he wouldn’t break down I’m sure he would have probably checked your work out now that’s the way he looked he’d have been looking at some things he said no this might work and it

May not well that’s still there yeah he was critical sometimes yep and Jimmy can tell you the same thing having something had to be perfect hard the car had to be perfectly when we went to eight and a halfway do anything yeah yeah he would have been uh he would have

Been tickled this this so I mean yeah yeah sit right there for seven years oh I had to that I had a tire covered up I had it in that old garage or the old wooden thing over there which I think is where you found it at maybe

Where you found it we opened that door and that Cooper right there before you guys got with me and said hey that’s what you want to do my brother and I had done moved the car into this garage yeah right we didn’t know what we was going

To actually do but we said hey we might peddle it because we was going to do it for snowball too and then you happen to call or Tom call yeah he said hey we want to do something for snowball when I’m like yeah you know and it was hey snowball was it

You know he wasn’t so kind of said on that either he was like well they want to do they want to take my car you know we’re gonna take it I convinced him now everything’s gonna be cool and yeah yeah he was fine with it then what will

Happen with this coronary you’re gonna display it out really you know I haven’t given a lot of thought you know it’s it’s one of those things where I I didn’t know what was going to happen you know if it’s going to get it back you know the snowball I mean it’s all

About him wasn’t about me you know I’ve got time hey I can put it in the garage here hey make plans hey show this thing maybe get it out sometime and take it to some of the shows and cruise there’s going to be people that remember this

Car you know what yeah oh yeah you oh no doubt yeah yeah there’s probably some people that around still yet that you know kind of remembers so we’ve we’ve got to set up with uh Fred Brown over there at the speedway where snowball ran it

Opening day is what Fred says wow and he can’t wait to see the car okay so a static display of a race car is all fine and dandy but really to enjoy it it needs to run and be on a track so I’ve already talked to Fred Brown owner of

Wythe Raceway snowball ran there in 1970 the very first race and I really want to have Jimmy and his brother Ricky get on the track and drive the car All right there is worth all the time and effort I don’t care who asks you differently tells you differently that’s worth it right there It was super man super isn’t it cool oh it was oh I mean adrenaline is just it’s just pumping right pump yeah yeah and power underneath you there and I mean gosh I mean you want to go a little faster but hey I want to take it home with me

All right come on get you in here does that any fun that was great I’ll help you with this okay I’m good you did good it wasn’t that bad for noise it was right there where you know where it’s at yeah yeah I ain’t gonna be satisfied unless you go

Around here girl oh she’s coming she’s coming feeling Well the family seemed to have a great time running the car around the track and I think it brought back a lot of memories for them so having a nice private time with the car at the track is great but tomorrow night we’re going to put the car out in front of the

Public and run some laps and I think that’ll be really special for them because there’s still some of those guys around that remember the car racing Tonight is race day so weather pending here we’re going to have some good Laps on the track with the rest of the crowd they got a big group of cars coming in hopefully a big crowd and as you can see we’re on display we have the family here as well and

This is the coolest look at that right here right here snowball posing with his power back in the day how cool is that That’s gonna get stuck With uh Hagerty Red Line reveal that’s what I’m gonna I’m just gonna say the resurrection of this vehicle that everybody’s asking questions about he’s going to run it here on the track tonight I don’t even know how to begin like I’m just going to hand it to him

And let him start talking because he’s got more information than I could ever gather so here we go so today it’s it’s making uh 492 horsepower uh just a little under 530 foot-pounds of torque and uh got some big wide tires to grab it and

We’ll have fun with it yeah I can’t wait to see you uh see cars around around we’re gonna do a couple parade laps and uh I think we’re gonna lead out with the modified feature tonight yeah awesome well I’m glad you guys are here man and

I’m gonna say the video is the bomb and all the work that they’ve done nothing like time lapse I can’t explain the hard work you got to watch it you’ve got to see it Foreign We deliver the car we got the car on the track we got the family in the car and now we’re back out in front of the crowd it’s been fantastic you know we always say it’s about the car but you know what it’s really not it’s about the family

And the community around the cars that bring everybody together and you know what while you’re brought together get out in the shop have some fun with your community and get a little work done next time see thank you