Hagerty Video: EXTREMELY RARE Chevy C10 Short bed with 148 miles, WHAT’S IT WORTH? | Barn Find Hunter

EXTREMELY RARE Chevy C10 Short bed with 148 miles, WHAT'S IT WORTH? | Barn Find Hunter

Posted: 2023-04-18 12:00:08
Author: Hagerty
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Episode 136

Ever wonder what a pickled Chevy C10 looks like? In this episode of “Barn Find Hunter,” Tom discovers a 1985 Chevy Silverado C10 short-bed pickup with only 148 miles on the odometer. This Chevy pickup is original down to the factory chalk marks, tires, and deal stickers. Tune in to find out how this car was purchased and how rare it is.

SPECIAL THANKS to Lenn Soderlund who designed the new Barn Find Hunter logo you see featured in this episode. Like you, Lenn is an avid Barn Find Hunter fan who took it upon himself to design a logo and send it to us. We loved it so much we made it the new face of the series.
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0:00 Intro
0:30 1968 Chevy Camaro
1:10 Price
1:24 How he found it
1:53 327ci Engine
2:30 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass
2:57 $250 price tag
3:29 Different engines
4:35 Start up!
4:53 1953 Chevy Bel Air
5:12 Chevy 350
5:40 1974 Ford F100 Pro Street
5:50 4.6L DOHC V8
6:21 Chevy C10 Shortbed
6:40 Mileage
7:00 Interior
7:08 How he bought it
8:00 Engine
8:40 How many like it?
9:19 Undercarriage
9:41 Dealer Stickers
10:11 Price
11:24 How rare is this?
11:44 What do you think?

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Hagerty Video Transcript

If you’re looking for old cars well the first thing you should do is look everywhere you go like look this way look that way ride down the road your wife yells at you will you look where you’re going the second thing you need to do is talk to everybody you know you

Know any old cars around and most people say no but I call my friend Patrick and Patrick says yeah you know what a friend of mine Keith he’s got some interesting old cars in the building here so Keith thanks for meeting us yes sir early in

The morning Keith has some cars in his own you know for much of his life well if we can follow you in sure cool Which car have you owned the longest 68 Camaro right here can we uncover it yeah sure so did you restore it or was it the only thing I did back then was had it repainted other than that um it’s the it’s the same car and it’s been

Setting for since 98 and it’s kind of gone downhill since then so you drove this car from win to win 80 to 98. no kidding and it’s manual gearbox it’s a three-speed 327 all the Interiors originally set the carpet how many miles are on there it’s showing 17

000 yep that’s 117. it’s a pretty solid car floors yeah very solid wow Mary that was my first car at 16 years old 16 yes sir 68 Camaro how much you pay for it it was either 800 or a thousand dollars one or two I was I was talking to my parents

Over the weekend and we weren’t 100 sure how’d you did you see it it was uh we were looking for a car for me or they were and at that time you could see Camaros at use car lots you know so we passed a couple 69s I’m like oh I want

That yeah and I got a nah you just you don’t want that little did I know they my aunt and uncle had found this car and it was for me so when we got there it was there so when you bought it for 800 or a thousand would it look like this or

Yes look just like this it said it had hubcaps on it isn’t that nice can you open pop the hood sure four barrels uh it came as a two we ended up with a four intake to change that how simple and put uh power steering on I forgot that so

What’s your plan for it when you can start investing some time into it again I’m probably going to go with a with a newer models kind of thing and then it’s leave the body the way it is I’m gonna paint it paint it back the same color yep

Undecided about the top you know you go to a car show if you went with this you get a lot more attention you’re right those 20 other Camaros in that fresh paint job you’re right very nice nice car all right so you have your say your

Second car here the 67 Cutlass I used to look in the little car trader magazine religiously yep that car showed up for five hundred dollars we drove down to Charlotte me and my dad and my uncle with a tow truck offered a guy 250 dollars he wouldn’t take it we

Left he called us we had to go back the next day uh that was going to be 82. so you’ve owned that for two years by that point yeah somewhere right in there 250 and and this is what it looked like and the motor was in the trunk okay

No it didn’t look like this it was white had white seats white interior my uncle had a 67 42 that later on his son drove ended up wrecking it and we got all the interior really for this car is it 442 interior in this the same uh close the door basically I got

The door panels all the power windows air conditioned swapped everything this is just a plain Jane car and we swapped everything what motor is that 330.30 330. still 330. no it’s had a lot of different Motors we we didn’t rebuild the 330 that was in the trunk we put a

350 in it to start with yep I blew it up you’re gonna this is going to sound weird no I like it we put a 5.7 diesel in this car at one time one of those Oldsmobile deals yeah in this car I ran it for a long time with that that was a

A diesel that was made on a gas block right right they never worked great I mean the days they worked out anyway I think we rebuilt the 330. strong motor and I to this day I can’t remember what happened yet I don’t remember yeah and now it’s just a later model not much

It’s just it’s just something I can drive when I’m very nice I can drive it you know you never see these cars like you might find Hunter for like nine years right we don’t come across cars like this they’re either rotted away under a tree or junked or something yeah

That’s nice to see so AC power steering properties full fully loaded yep I was gonna say it would start it up we can if you want to yeah let’s do it let’s pop that door open and see what it sounds like foreign nice car so I see some other cars in

Here what about the 53 uh belong to a lady gentleman a lady at my church in Mooresville it’s sat behind their house my son used to take piano lessons from her so I’d go over there and hang out when he was doing that talk to him into

Selling it to me I’ve had that car about 10 years it didn’t have a V8 no it had the stove bolts the big the big six cylinder 213 230. I think it was a 230. kind of a restaurant I guess yeah have you have driven it like this no I’ve

Driven it I drove it one time to a little show when I first got it and it was rattling and knocking the whole way and oh I didn’t nobody’s gonna get back home you’re gonna leave it like this and just have a beer I’m Gonna Leave the

Paint like it is I’m gonna fix the back area back there okay so there’s three cars and then I saw a truck over in the corner there with some kind of monster motoring another project of mine that gets delayed yes 74 F-100 and this was a Mercury Prima router front suspension

Like the Crown Vic stuff so that was a big horsepower it’s a big Force 4.6 is it double overhead double overhead cam yep did you bolt in like this whole chassis member this aluminum piece okay these are these are the stock frame frame rails the aluminum cross member so

I guess the good news is you’re busy with your business enough that you can’t work on these so I guess well that’s that’s good bit when business cranks up here in about a month it’s I can’t it’s hard to get these worked on yeah you know what I’m saying

So we’ve kind of been ignoring this truck that’s up on the lift so what year is this one 1985 85 C10 Silverados it’s got all the right trim chrome bumpers trim around the fenders side trim yes sir bed trim 100 original covers and painted 148 miles on it 148 miles that’s

All yes sir okay yes sir 148 miles holy crap look at the plastic still here I have to see that odometer 148 miles holy Mac so a loaded C10 AM FM it’s got AC yes sir just got everything got everything but dual tanks I think is

The only other how long have you had this 19 years did you buy for the original owner I bought it from the original owner’s son the original owner had passed away and so somebody bought a loaded truck and didn’t drive it what was it what do you think

He was just kind of peculiar I don’t hate to say that but he’d buy buy cars and storm in a building and never drove up in Yadkinville is where it came from and he was a buddy at my his son was a friend of mine I’d known about it for

Years trying to get it from him and I traded him uh the the full-size Blazer after this body style before they went to Tahoes the two-door Blazers he wanted it so we kind of traded out in some cash 140 this is this has like two days worth

Of driving on it I think he drove it back to the dealership once maybe twice for something I don’t know what so those are the original tires on everything is original let’s see what the motor looks what does the motor look like that’s that clean man might be Dusty

So you haven’t like done anything to it no like no you haven’t cleaned the engine anything no so it’s a 350 two barrel I guess 305 a four barrel ah 305 okay so what what’s your intention for this I mean you can’t this one’s gonna

Be for sale this is crazy I mean you can’t really drive it no that’s the bad thing yeah I like to go to the truck shows I’ve taken it to a couple I took it to uh Americana before covered right I think the last one before coach but you trailer it

There you drive I drove it there it’s scary to drive how many can be like this in the world I’ve seen a few pop up one sold in Greensboro about a month ago with like that kind of mileage yeah he’s right at 200 200 miles it had 200. what what is

Something like this worth is there I could tell you what that one sold for sold for 113 000. was it loaded like this one yeah Silverado yeah it was Silverado two-tone blue equally nice pretty nice truck yeah but it was the last year the square body that’s one of the most special vehicles

We’ve ever found on this show my God we’ve never found a car with mileage this slow anywhere in the country damn look at that the muffler shiny exhaust system shiny this is amazing yeah so this this is you know I guess a piece of vinyl shielding that protect

The body from Stones being thrown up for the front tire hitting back here and wearing out the paint and even that is getting checked with age but this truck has never been outside it’s been stored inside its whole life if you look at the uh the trim

All around here all that rubber trim it’s soft and pliable and clean all the places that you can never wash when you’re doing your your waxing and stuff of your vehicle all inside the hinges original floor mats original covering for the carpeting this this is really as

Far as I can tell it’s one of a kind ignition key removal so you still got the little flyer on top of the uh sun visor so if you follow barn find Hunter episode you know that usually we’re taking out our evaluation tool and pricing out junk cars junk corvairs and

Junk Volkswagen buses and things to see what their value is but never has it been more appropriate than to do a valuation on this truck right here so just for Giggles we got up the Haggerty evaluation tool so if this car this truck was a number four condition which

Means a running but kind of a rough truck it’d be 4 800 bucks that that’s probably a good price if I saw this truck in rough condition in running condition I’d probably buy 4 800. in number three good condition 12 500 and in number two excellent condition which

Means like almost perfect twenty one thousand two hundred now if this truck were Concourse condition restored to really the best on Earth thirty five thousand two hundred you know it kind of tells you how this valuation and this truck don’t really work side by side because this truck is

Certainly in Concourse condition but it’s only got 148 miles on it it’s not like it’s been torn down to the chassis and rebuilt so I think that 35 200 is is uh it could go a couple of times that number and still be a fair market value if you were restoring a

Truck like this from the ground up you wouldn’t have the chalk marks NOS exhaust system like that that’s still shiny original tires that a week’s worth of driving 148 miles you could spend 150 000 restoring a truck and not come up with a truck that’s this original authentic if you’re a truck enthusiastic

Chevy truck Enthusiast what do you think about this truck what do you think of the color combination a black Silverado all trimmed out fully loaded what do you think about a truck that’s got 148 miles on it that’s uh almost 40 years old what do you think about buying a truck

Like this not using it should somebody come and buy it and take it to shows or should it be left in a garage be a trailer Queen I’d like to know what you think about that well Keith this has been a special morning I want to thank you sir thank

You thanks for putting any tools here for a few hours and no problem letting us wander around and thanks for sharing this truck I I’ll never find another truck like this I’m sure in my life so who would imagine like you know this nondescript cinderblock building on a

Side road in in Suburban Mooresville North Carolina would have something like this inside there you know what every place is worth looking for every little place is worth looking for a vehicle inside like this so happy Hunting to you