Hagerty Video: EXCLUSIVE 992 GT3 RS vs Corvette Z06 vs BMW M4 CSL w/ Randy Pobst — Cammisa’s Ultimate Lap Battle

Posted: 2023-05-18 15:00:29
Author: Hagerty
Randy Pobst races the 2023 Porsche 911 GT3 RS (992) against the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (C8) with Z07 package against the 2023 BMW M4 CSL (G82) — three road-legal track-special models — at Big Willow!

In this world’s first test of the 992 GT3 RS, SCCA Hall of Fame race-car driver Randy Pobst delivers the definitive Willow Springs lap times for each of these cars, and automotive journalist Jason Cammisa narrates Randy’s laps using time-warp and slow-motion techniques to slow the action for our deep-dive enjoyment.

Click here for the Corvette E-Ray drag race Jason mentioned:

Porsche 911 GT3 RS (992) 1:24.3
Chevy Corvette Z06 Z07 (C8) 1:24.9
BMW M4 CSL (G82) 1:28.2*

Driver: Randy Pobst (Sub-freezing temperatures)
*On base Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires rather than optional Cup 2R rubber

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0:00 Introduction
0:50 3 Randy Pobsts!
1:44 World Exclusive: Porsche 911 GT3 RS (992)
3:05 C8 Corvette Z06 w/ Z07
4:01 G82 BMW M4 CSL
5:24 3-car Race!
5:56 Turn 1— BMW is fastest, Porsche brakes best
7:25 Turn 2 — Z06 feels great, Porsche grips!
8:50 Turn 3 — Z06 doesn’t stop, 911 understeers!
10:10 Turn 4 & 5 — BMW is a handful, Z06 is unruly
10:57 Turn 6 — GT3 RS is perfect over the jump
11:50 Willow’s Back Straight & Turn 7
12:26 Turn 8 — Entering at 145 mph
13:12 Pulling 1.3g at 130 mph for 17 seconds and 0.6 mile!
14:25 Turn 9 — Z06 is right behind the 911 GT3 RS!
15:14 Porsche wins!
15:22 Laptime Leaderboard
16:33 Conclusion: Slowest Car Wins!


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Hagerty Video Transcript

Come on around a racetrack these are three of the fastest production cars ever made they have our compound tires they have arrow and if it wasn’t currently three degrees colder than the surface of Pluto we might see lap times around Willow Springs faster than we’ve ever seen

Before one of them is front Engineers one is mid-engine one is rear engine they all send their power to the rear wheels from a four liter a five and a half liter and a three liter with two turbos combined they have more carbon than a crematorium speaking of carbon we

Have a real record Setter here with us today their name is their names is their their name their names is Randy post and we have three of them they are an scca Hall of Fame race car driver they won the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona twice twice and today they’re going to foreign

What are you doing I am trying to say mostly nice things about use social media oh and what is with this smoke it’s heroic photo bomber race car drivers gotta eat man I love those guys oh In a vacuum any Porsche is impressive because it would be impressive to fit any Porsche inside of a vacuum Porsches typically don’t find themselves in vacuums they find themselves on race tracks and on race tracks race cars race more than just the clock they race each other

Our race starts with the brand new 992 Porsche 911 GT3 RS it has the 9000 RPM 4 liter 518 horsepower engine that punches way above its weight that’s because the 911 punches below its weight it is by far the lightest car here that lightweight Advantage wasn’t quite

Enough a while back when we raced the regular GT3 versus the astonishingly quick Corvette Z06 the that was faster in a straight line the GT3 RS has Arrow that’s going to slow this car down even more in the straights but in the corners the arrow will help will that be enough

To keep up with the Z06 is Randy prepared to use DRS and what color underwear is Randy wearing Nomex not a color We’ve established just how fast the Z06 is in a straight line but this is not what this Corvette is about if you want to win a drag race in a Corvette go get an e-rig we did it was awesome you should watch it we’ll link it below

The Z06 is the track special Corvette and this cars at z07 package amps it up even further this is 3.6 inches wider than the base Corvette all to fit enormous tires Michelin Pilot Sport cup 2rs same as the Porsche the z06’s flat plane crank V8 revs to 8600 RPM and

Makes the most power of any naturally aspirated production v8 ever and 152 horses more than a Porsche does that mean the Chevy will be faster than the GT3 what about the BMW the CSL moniker is back and don’t underestimate it first of all Willow Springs is at elevation and this has two

Turbochargers that will ensure that it makes its full power the entire time that is decidedly not going to be the case with the other cars and look we all know BMWs that make more power than you’d expect anyway second the M4 CSL has the least extreme

Aero so it’ll suffer even less in a straight line and despite being based on a big fat luxury sedan it somehow still weighs less than the Z06 does Jason this is a frapping Street Tire how am I supposed to turn a hot lap on that well step one stop complaining

Completely right look BMW tried but ultimately couldn’t Source this car’s optional Tire the same Michelin Pilots sport cup 2 are tires that are on the other cars those are barely legal track tires these are street tires they’re Pilot Sport 4S’s but it is absolutely frigid here right now so those tires

Might actually have a performance advantage over the cup to ours in other words don’t screw it up Randy foreign I told you thems Randy’s is quick now let’s rewind the tape go back and find out what happened and how that front straight is nothing but a big long drag race uphill and into a headwind and so the BMW really had its work cut out for it because it left the

Last Corner going 11 miles an hour slower than the pressure but it not only made up that 11 miles an hour but also added another 5.3 it hit 153 miles an hour that’s a different League of speed foreign Turbos in their work Randy was able to get on the brakes in the Porsche 50 feet after he got on the brakes in the BMW and when he did that thing pulled a brain melding 1.7 G of deceleration Compared to the Corvettes 1.4 and the BMW which got just under 1.3 the craziest thing is despite all of their differences all three of these cars arrive here within a foot of each other think of Willow’s turn two like a big long skid pad that goes up by six

Stories in elevation over more than 180 degrees of turn and what this does is measure tire grip plus a car’s ability to put a ton of power down to the ground at high speed well this is where the Porsche 911’s rear engine weight distribution really starts to pay dividends Griff is incred

One two a hundred miles an hour I’ve never seen anything nearly that high the cars enter pretty close together but the Porsche starts to walk right away its average speed through the corner is 7.6 miles an hour faster than the BMWs the grip just isn’t there this thing is

A handful that’s not really where the contest is here it’s still 3.6 miles an hour faster than the Corvettes feels good but it’s not generating the numbers that is a huge difference in grip and it results in the Porsche pulling a three car length lead over the Corvette by the

End of this corner and 10 car lengths over the BMW foreign the turn three complex really separates good chassis tuning from great chassis tuning in other words it’s a complete mother and here’s why you coming in on camera Under full breaking and just as you turn in the road goes severely

Uphill well that’s a good thing uphill and on camera means you have a ton of grip however just when you think you have it all figured out right at the Apex when you are about to go back onto power the camber boom goes away which is a real to control right

Over there while you’re going uphill but you have to because you have to get the car back over to the left hand side in preparation for the second half of the S which is a right hand turn that goes up and over the crest of the Hill great breaking up the hill

Push unusual there however it was right here in the braking Zone where Randy first realized something wasn’t quite right with the Z06 oh boy stop stop stop stop stop oh not stopping our data clearly shows that in the braking zone for turn three the Z06 couldn’t even match the BMW’s braking

Performance despite the Vets far more aggressive tires then once Randy got the Z06 slowed down and turned he had to manage the rear though not nearly as much as he had to do in the BMW this is pretty wild man I’m going to wrestle this car the very downhill complex of turns four

And five are all about blending braking and turning something the BMW did not do well the Z06 was Far easier to manage especially on the way of the Court good grip on exit it puts power down meanwhile the Porsche was Rock Solid and just extended its lead

Ripping down there I don’t want a gearbox coming up next is turn six which isn’t all that much of a turn but it becomes a jump if you’re in a fast car the W is a really fast car it’s left that’s right oh definitely unruly over the bump six

Is a really important Corner because its exit speed sets you up for the whole back section of the track here the Porsche was perfect this car doesn’t roll it doesn’t pitch the shocks are amazingly good at controlling the body so I’m flat out over the jump at six

120 on the exit I’ve never seen anything like that Randy had to be a little more cautious in the Corvette I don’t know if I can keep up with me here it’s a little wiggle a little oversteered through the middle of six on the tail Um the Porsche is the slowest accelerating car of the three enters the back straight at the highest speed with BMW proceeds to hike up its skirts spool the turbos and explode towards the other two still it’s the Porsche that gets to turn eight first I’m thinking about the wing in the arrow

We’re carrying a lot of speed over 140 on the way in stuck just stuck Randy enters this corner at 143 miles an hour in the Porsche 144 miles an hour in the Corvette and 145 miles an hour in the BMW think about that look at that corner he turns the steering wheel at

145 miles an hour nuts especially in a car without Aero like the CSL there’s no way just don’t trust it in case this seems anything less than completely insane let’s put it this way these two cars on cup two are tires are averaging 130 miles an hour throughout the entire corner

During that time the whole time they’re pulling between 1.2 and 1.3 G of lateral acceleration that lasts for more than 17 seconds and they cover more than a half of a mile doing that if you experience that speed that level of cornering Force for that long anywhere else on planet Earth

You’d wind up in a casket and if Randy tried to maintain that speed in the BMW he would have wound up in the dirt too breaking a sweat here trying to keep up with myself but now I know what all those other guys were going through at the races all the time

Modesty for the win Randy’s minimum speed here on the BMW is a hundred and miles an hour the Porsche and the Z06 never dropped below 127. that is the difference Arrow makes by the way at this speed the Porsche is making a thousand pounds of downforce and yet to everyone’s surprise the Z06

And 911 are dead even coming through this corner within 100th of a second though the Corvette is 130 feet behind the Porsche meanwhile the BMW is two football fields back halfway between the turn-in point and exit Down the nine we’re gonna come out on the front straight I see if I can reel myself in with the torque he’ll need that torque because on the tight Kink entering the front straight the BMW dips as low as 90 miles an hour versus the Corvettes 98 and the Porsche’s 101. oh

Not quite as stable I’m gonna be a little careful here roll the power on little Harvester moment on the exit Yahoo once out of Nine the drag race starts again to see how much ground the BMW and Corvette can make up sweet and it’s powerful too it’s barely doing

It but it is gaining on the portion ah the Porsche wins the slowest car wins around the track it might be the slowest in a straight line but the 911’s combination of grip Aero power braking and composure put it just ahead of the far more powerful Z06 which landed a

Mere nine car lengths behind or just six tenths of a second and the BMW well it’s 788 feet back there BMW might have been in a different zip code but it is the fastest BMW we’ve ever tested around Willow Springs beating even the big bad M5 CS by six

Tenths of a second all without its sticky optional tires in other words this M4 certainly did its CSL badge proud and the Z06 despite the frigid temperatures it tied the 759 horsepower Lamborghini Aventador svj which ideal conditions it very nearly kept up with a Porsche that cost almost exactly twice as much

And Porsche the 911 GT3 RS is effectively a road legal race car it not only set a blisteringly quick lap time but was easy to manage from start to its winning finish so there you have it three very different formulas for track toys that share the same goal

But surprise if you want to set the fastest lap around Willow Springs in one of these monsters you’ll have to pick the slowest car foreign