Hagerty Video: Corvette HIDDEN in Plain Sight & Multiple British ICONS Resting in a Barn | Barn Find Hunter

Reading Time: 12 minutes
Posted: 2023-10-03 11:00:28
Author: Hagerty
Join Tom Cotter in this thrilling episode of “Barn Find Hunter” as he unravels the mystery behind a long-sought-after Corvette and visits an old friend hiding a trove of British sports cars in a hidden barn. Discover the fascinating stories behind these hidden treasures, learn how they were found, and their future plans.

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0:00 How I found this Corvette
0:24 Car’s History & Issues
1:04 Purchased Condition
1:36 Supporting our videos
2:06 Engine
2:34 How he found it
3:05 Remaining work
3:46 What’s it worth?
4:49 Consumer Cellular
5:22 Dave’s Body Shop
5:54 Lotus Europa
7:39 Barn Find Hunter Apparel
7:51 MG A Coupe
8:14 MG A Roadster
8:36 How Dave got into British Sports Cars
9:17 My First Restoration Won Awards
9:40 Mini Cooper Panel Van
11:10 Sunbeam Tiger
12:49 Surprise under the HOOD!
13:23 Plans for Sunbeam
13:58 Lotus Esprit
14:29 Outro

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Hagerty Video Transcript

You don’t have to go very far to find a barn find case in point I live 3 miles from this location drive by this road every day twice oh look at that there’s a Corvette over there I’d say a truck in the evening here but during the day there

Was nobody here so I I came back one night Adam answered the door it was dark Adam thanks for allowing me to come back Adam tell us about this car what what’s it de how long have you had it this car was a is a project car so I was born in

1979 it’s a 1979 Corvette when you look back on GM’s production runs this is the most produced Corvette at the time when I bought it so I figured it worked out for my birth year that there would be a lot more Supply and this was just a

Project car so I got it about 2 years ago M um in Virginia and we drove it down it still needs a bit of work it has an issue with the battery it’s it it takes the power out of the battery a lot but the I haven’t had a whole lot of

Time to put into it but hopefully this year was the year to get it going so you bought it as like just like this did it have all this like tree sap on there and stuff it did not it was did not that’s thanks to the pecan tree oh okay and and

Who and who is this you a co-star this is Daisy have you been looking for a Corvette for a while I had um it’s like you said the American Lamborghini it’s it’s the American muscle car yeah and uh it it doesn’t have computer chips in it

So which I was a big fan of if you enjoy our YouTube videos and have been wondering how you can help support their creation consider joining the haggy drivers club which includes a subscription to haggy magazine unlimited access to our valuation tool exclusive offers and rewards with reputable brands

In the automotive industry 247 roadside assistance with flatbed towing Early Access and VIP perks to select Hagerty member of events and unlimited classified listings with no additional fees you can find the link in the description below can I open this yes absolutely your intention is to drive

This like as a weekend car kind of thing just local travel nothing really extended at this point yeah yeah daisy look there’s a motor look at that it’s a V8 so is this the base engine 195 horsepower or a 220 horsepower or what 195 so it’s got a new edel Brock uh

Carburetor and we did some engine work um but it still needs a bit more to to get it going so I I noticed the mileage on there 35,000 do you think that’s a real I do really yep how did you find it in Virginia uh this was on uh did an

EBay search and we just talked through you know uh picking it up and it’s white red interior so I’m a big fan of that uhhuh and so you drove it back no issues um we put it on a trailer it actually came in and it has a new steering column

The steering column had an issue with it so that was sent off to uh it was a facility in Colorado that put the bearings in it reset the bearings and and it works that works fine now uh what is left to do on this um that’s a good question it’s an automatic transmission

I would imagine there’s some electrical work so that the battery doesn’t get drained too quickly and then uh just getting get Road uh ready it needs some suspension work on it as well mhm had you had a Corvette before or is this your first first had a Mustang before

Okay um but this would be the first Corvette yeah cool well and it’s not for sale you’re not selling it you’re this is your keeper it’s a project car I’m not actively looking to sell it but at some point I’m going to want to get something different so I’m open to

Suggestions but at this point it’s a project car got it got it old Corvettes don’t have much horsepower but they’re plentiful there’s lots of these cars around Lots were made and lots still exist because they didn’t rust away it’s fiberglass now the chassis rust away got

To be careful but if we go to the hagy’s valuation tool okay this is a 1979 L82 Corvette it’s got a 350 motor with 225 horsepower If This Were in Concord condition which this is far from it it values at 40,600 bucks number two condition is $229,000 number three is $18,000 and

Number four is $111,000 I think this car runs and it’s probably in number four condition you could probably clean up this body okay so it’s proba an 11 Grand car you know what things could be worse than driving one of these cars you drive a two-seater

Sports car for not a lot of money well thanks for letting us come over and I don’t have to wonder about this car anymore I’ve seen it here and I don’t have to wonder anymore so thanks Adam no problem have a good Day I want to take a moment and thank today’s sponsor Consumer Cellular Consumer Cellular delivers premium Nationwide wireless coverage for up to half of what the largest carriers charge has award-winning 100% us-based customer support if you need help or want to make the easy switch you can call and talk to

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Link in the description below so most of the people on Barn font Hunter I’m meeting them for the first time you’re seeing the people I meet for the first time the same time I am but David’s a different story David’s been a friend of mine for decades and David’s

Got a shop that specializes in sports car body repair and restoration and he’s painted so many cars for me I know David well and he said yeah come on over so we’re not here to see the cars he’s got in his shop but we’re here to look at

His cars that are in a barn behind this building so follow us by the way there’s a Lotus Europa out here you guys don’t want to miss it’s pretty cool you”ve had this since 82 so that’s that’s 40 years yeah most of them I’ve had it’s been almost 30 plus years now

So what year is this it’s a 74 it’s a 5-speed version I had a red one that I bought that was my first project that was destroyed in the front and got me into this and I totally took it down to the frame and rebuilt everything what

Was funny about this car was at Thanksgiving we had our family or my mom’s family over and my aunt was out looking at in my red one and she said my neighbor down the Street’s got one of these behind their house this is it yeah and when we went there at Christmas in

Monroe I asked I said um where’s that car at after we ate so I didn’t think it was legit walked down there and it was sitting there and I just saw guy and I had to buy it yeah so is it a twin cam

Yes but I used to drive it a lot and I had to rob the carbs off of it to put on the red one and I got new carbs for it but it started setting and I got busy with work and just hadn’t had chance to

Mess with it your intention is kind of in your semi- retirement yeah that’s that’s what I’m trying to do what’s involved with you know take the body off start with the frame yeah it’s a big X frame right is it made of tin like the Europa I mean like the yolan is yeah

Frames are pretty close the same on it set this was set up for a rear engine or Mid Engine set up in the LA they were designed with the wishbone with the front engine well let’s see I haven’t been in your barn in a while

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Too so this this is kind of my world right here I really dig this so these are your own cars that that can’t be restoration project that’s par car so it’s a right-hand Drive MGA Coupe my favorite Parts about these cars I don’t know why I love the little door handles

On here the only the CPE had the door handle the Roadster didn’t have it there’s an an MGA Roadster is that and so what are you into with that uh guy actually gave that to us um that he came and bought one from us and built a hot

Rod out of it and once he was done with his donor cars he didn’t have a need for it instead of sending it to the crusher he decided you know to send it back it looks pretty soft so here here you grew up in the heart of NASCAR country Muscle

Car Country what is it about British cars that kind of turned you on well I always love Ferraris when I was growing up sort of follow British cars too and there was a Lotus that Europa was sitting up town and I saw it when I was

A kid and the front end was tore off of of it and I followed it and finally made a run to try to get it and it took me two years to chase it down to finally work a deal on it and I bought it and

One of my parents um shook their head when I bought it cuz it was a total mess and I said I’m going to make a a show car out of it really and they couldn’t believe it but that was all my time dedicated when I was 18 19 you know and

Got it finish and Dad was with us and we went up to Virginia to a first show and it won first place up there no kidding and and you were like a young guy yeah I was 20 years old here’s a couple of cars that I really dig this is a rather rare

One it’s a panel truck what year is that you know I think it’s a 64 65 something like that uhhuh and it’s right hand drive so where’d you get that one we were down in Atlanta there was a place called British carpar used to make runs

Down there to BU parts for projects that I was working on and we used to run down there my brother lived in the mounts at the time and we shoot down through Atlanta cuz I had an engine guy that was building my engines and we always swing

By there with my list of parts and he had this thing sitting out there at the door it was just an interesting car you know that we thought make a cool delivery truck or something and T to Lee down there and he gave me a price I

Think they wanted 400 bucks for it at the time how long ago that was probably 80 probably 86 87 something like that another one of those that just sat on the back burner and stuff so you never drove it or anything no it the floorboards were out of it and stuff I

Think some service guy may have brought it back with him since it was right hand drive I I started getting in building cobas and now I’m doing gt40s and stuff and I try to take care of my old customers too and it just seems like my time’s always limited you know with all

The others but as I’m getting older now I’m going to try to start cutting back where I can spend time with my stuff got it so this is a car that I’ve had a few of Sunbeam Tiger so what what’s the story of this car uh probably back in

The late 80s the guy come by my shop had a ETI Jag that he bought and it need floor boards and metal work done on it so he gave me this address down in Concord rode down there to see and when we went in there and walked around the

Back of the yard all of a sudden this was sitting out there in the backyard and I was more interested in this then you know the Jag and uh he was talking about it and I I looked at his car and gave him a price on it and uh I asked

Him about the tiger he said yeah I picked it up and stuff and it was an abandoned car and uh he got the paperwork and got it titled and everything and he said that his neighbor down there offering $500 for it and I’m like are you

Serious and I told him I said well for $500 it said heck I’ll um fix your car and do all your metal work on it we’ll do some trading out on it stuff and so that’s how you did it fed for it yeah so I just did that and worked it out uhhuh

I’m going to just move this over a little bit so I guess so is it complete still got an engine in it yeah it’s a complete car so these had 260s in them yeah except for the very last ones now is this like a posum going to jump out

Of I hope not Bob alov came down here from one of his friends wantan to look at the um air cleaner and somebody had taken it off but we opened the hood up and uh somebody had uh taken U the Airing take off of it see

If I can find the oh the air cleaner that’s a tough one to get too yeah but I’ve already found one for it there we go oh there’s something living in here yeah yes sir so when that air cleaner went off somebody moved in yeah

When we open it up and there was a posum in there snarled at us it sort of startled us W good good looking motor uh yeah it’s well insulated and stuff is this a a a project yeah between this and my 104 those are my two priority projects and

Stuff no kidding yeah when I get in the new shop then that’s what I’m intending to do I have the room set aside for these where I can tear them down so you what are you like 3 months away from the new shop that’s what I’m shooting for

Hopefully in there by the middle of May what will happen to all this stuff when you move to your new place probably throw the stuff that you know that probably wouldn’t be used or whatever and just get rid of it for um haul off the metal and stuff so this is a nose

For a a this is a Lotus spre turbo that I’ve had for years that I found all the parts for it and it’s up there in the shop and I made a vow that I wouldn’t do any of these until I got that one done

And I’ve got it all the parts to finish it now and when I move in my new shop that’s going to be the first thing I do is paint it and so that’s the one closest to being done Yep this would scare the Willies out of me I mean but

This to use no big deal no well sir I don’t want to keep you too long from your uh customers in inside there but you’ve always done amazing work and you know like I brought you crap and you’ve made it look beautiful my Corvette the

Lotus uh so I have no doubt that one day these are going to be beautiful as well so thanks yeah appreciate it yeah that’s a 93 Supra that I painted a couple of months ago I don’t know if you saw it down here but the guy was putting the

Interior back on it the thing cranked up out in his driveway and shot through his garage into two his better