Hagerty Video: Cheap Turbo Lincoln Engine EXPLOSION, Can We Save It! – Tony Angelo’s Stay Tuned

Cheap Turbo Lincoln Engine EXPLOSION, Can We Save It! - Tony Angelo's Stay Tuned

Posted: 2023-03-13 15:00:06
Author: Hagerty
We’ve really done it this time! After 20+ HARD dyno pulls, and half a pass down the dragstrip, the all aluminum 32v engine in our dirt cheap turbo Lincoln build has finally sought out higher pasture! Apparently these engines don’t like 17psi?! How bad is the damage? Can we save any of the pieces and take this project to the next level? Stay Tuned to find out what Tony and the crew discover!



0:00 – Intro

2:07 – Dragstrip Recap

4:44 – Carnage Guesses

6:46 – Engine Holes!

8:23 – Teardown

18:27 – Autopsy Report

19:44 – New Powerplant!


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Hagerty Video Transcript

– Hey, I’m Tony Angelo. Welcome to “Stay Tuned.” This thing sucks. Bang bang. ♪ Come back ♪ ♪ Don’t forget where you’re going ♪ ♪ Come back ♪ ♪ Baby, come back ♪ ♪ Don’t forget where you’re going ♪ – Blast the leaves out of this thing. Think somebody will buy ’em. – Ford guys are weird. – So we are digging back in today

Into one of my favorite projects, our Cheap Turbo Lincoln. This was basically, age old story, how can you go fast for cheap? We took kind of a new angle on it. I thought this is like a 330 dollar on three turbo. We bolted into a Lincoln mark eight that we scooped up

For 1,150 dollars and made 380 wheel horsepower. Car is a ripper. – Oh yeah. – It was awesome. Big success. They actually like, it was a huge video on the channel. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, – It’s our biggest one so far. – Go watch it. – Yeah, go watch it. – It’s a fun one. – It’s a fun one.

The car made a ton of power for the time too. Like essentially this was the most powerful thing we had slapped together. The fiber now makes 200 more horsepower than this thing did. But this is, it was a crazy potent package. It fell together pretty easily

And it was awesome and we were all pumped to take it to the track and see what it could do, right? 380 wheel horsepower. Can it do twelves? Can it do elevens? What happened instead was that I took it down Florida on the track one time and it just exploded absolutely everywhere.

And I don’t wanna be done with this project. You don’t want to be done with this project. – I want to be done with this project. – You want to be done. I get it. I get it. Well look, I think going fast with cheap is still an awesome idea.

So we are gonna dig in here. We may spend a couple more bucks, but at the end of the day, I want this car to work, I want it to make big power, and I want it to finally make its way down the track. Step one is digging in into this engine

And seeing just how bad it is. Zach, tell us about that fateful day at Maple Grove. – Talk to camera. – I tried to block it out of my memory, ’cause it wasn’t really enjoyable, ’cause I just wanted to go fast and I just saw a giant white cloud of smoke in the distance and all the mosquitoes died. That’s all I remember.

– So what I remember is he pulled up to the starting line and did his burnout, massive burnout. We were all hyped. We were like, “This is sick, this is gonna be great.” And he pulls it into the beams, foot breaks it a little bit, and immediately blows one tire off. Car just died, rolled out a couple of feet and he punched it, starts to roll out, and I see him at the eighth mile and I’m like, “Man, this thing is really pulling pretty hard.” It gets to about a thousand feet and I just see a gigantic plume of white smoke come out.

And I’m like, “Okay. He definitely just threw all the rods out of the side of this thing.” But because Tony’s not really a drag racer, he didn’t know to pull over, so he just keeps rolling down for another 800 feet. All the way out into the shutdown,

Just pouring oil the whole way down the track, finally stopped and the crew at Maple Grove is not thrilled about that. We’ll just leave it at that. They were not thrilled about it. – They were so upset about it. – Yeah, they were. They were not happy.

– I think that’s a pretty fair account of the day. One thing I will say is that we didn’t have the car in our possession. We had it transported to the track, so it was like three hours late so that by the time it got there, in my head,

Any idea of like a warmup run was out the window. – It was out the door. – I was like, “Just this thing’s gonna rip. Let’s just send it and then like see what it does.” And it just got sent real too hard. Too much send. Here we are.

I put the pedal down all the way. I remember how sad the track guys were. – Yeah. – And I was like, “Gosh, calm down.” You know what I mean? – Shout out to Maple Grove, we love you. – Shout out to Maple Grove, appreciate you guys.

– We love you, we’ll be back. – We be back. We’ll be back soon. – Certainly not your fault. – Yeah, stock up on oil drive. We’ll see you soon. – Gonna break your oil on it? – Yeah. Put it there, that sounds fun. Let’s start there.

See if you can turn that Ford into a Blowback. – What size it that, Ford man? – That’s a 18 millimeter. – You want to tear this thing apart, see how bad it is and then come up with a plan to get this thing back on track.

That is the goal for the day. Big. Here we go. – All right, so you’re just tightening up the ball. Yeah, that’s probably not right. – Okay, so we know it doesn’t spin anymore. Yeah what are you thinking? Pull it up? Have a look?

Should we just dig? Do you want to have a look? See, let’s get the flashlights out and see what we can see. Wait, let’s talk. You wanna place bets? How do you wanna do this? What’s your guess on what happened here? Well I think, so the timing chain guides and tensioners

Are pretty bad in these things. They’re plastic. – Ford guy. Ford stuff. – Yeah, I used to be a Ford guy. – He still is, don’t let him lie to you. – I am. Right here. I think it either broke a timing chain or skipped the tooth on it.

Tension or failure or something. – Do you think balancing pistons? – Yeah. – How many? Like 32 or like 26 out of 32 or..? – I think it went all the way. Yeah. – All right. – Like double. Yeah. – Okay. – That’s pretty common failure. – You think top end failure?

– I think top end failure through the whole thing at a time sent valves into the pistons. – Yeah. – All that. – Okay. What do you think? – That sounds pretty good. – I like it. Okay. I think, although I didn’t really hear the telltale (makes engine noise)

Of like a rod breaking loose. – It wasn’t knocking at all. – Well it didn’t move at all. – It didn’t do anything. – That’s true. – It was spinning really fast and then it wasn’t. That’s all I really remember. I think it’s bottom end. I think some broke loose, rod in something.

I think the bottom end is wrecked and stuff is probably wedged together. Well let’s find out. I know all the oil came out at once. It was like a magic trick. It was like “James Bond” smoke screen. The trackers have no idea who I was, after that I was like, “I’m outta here.”

– It was all coming out the exhaust too. – That was weird. – Which kind of leads me to believe it’s top end. – All right, let’s look first. Ready? – Flashlight. – Top end. Top end. I say bottom end. – We’re gonna meet in the middle. – The middle end.

– There’s a lot of oil everywhere. But this was a pretty oily motor to begin with. – Yeah, it was. – It was really oily. – I don’t remember. – It was. – I wanna say it has 140,000 miles on it. – I think we had a look at this thing

And noticed it was real oily and then swimmed it out. – Yeah, I’m looking at a big hole in the engine block. – Where? – There. – That’s a big hole in the engine block. – How big of a hole? Can I fit my fist in it? – Not yet.

It broke right at that rail. – Give me them long pliars. – Is that what you were trying to do, get that big piece of block outta here? – That’s what I wanted, like little show and tell action. – It’s wedged between the motor mount.

– I know, that’s why I got these cool pliers. Can I have the light? – You can. Who needs a paperweight? Woo! I like that. – Is that supposed to be like that? – Is this the strong block? – It was. – It was? – It was.

Look at, you see all the nickel in there, all the good stuff. I don’t know. Just kidding. – That’s Italy’s finest right there. – Hey. Hey. – Just kidding. We are Italy’s finest. – That’s true. – There are so many dents all over the pick of the oil pickup.

– I was looking in there. So yeah, the idea, now we know the bottom end is scrap, but can we use these heads? What are we gonna do next for a motor? We discussed putting like a coyote motor or an LS in it. Those are options, but I want to keep it.

I think it makes sense. Let’s make our system work. We have this little turbo set up we made. Let’s get a four six, either stock or the bottom in, if we get something cheap, and then like turn it up even more. But yeah, I think let’s pull it off.

Throw it on the stand and and tear the pan off. and see what’s down there and then we’ll see if the heads are alright. – I can’t wait to see how broke this thing is. Medium broke? Extra spicy broke? – That one. – I think it’s holiday broke. How much does a five dollar foot long cost these days? – With inflation? – Yeah. – 11 bucks. – It’s gotta be a lot.

– It’s gotta be 11 bucks. – Sometimes the 10 millimeter socket that you’re looking for are the friends you met along the way. Let’s do it. Get her up. It’s time to pull this engine out of this sub frame. – Going up boys. – Going up. Let’s go. – On the back. – God it’s so large. ♪ The more you shout it ♪ ♪ The more I start to doubt it ♪ ♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey ♪ – Right, mark from the last couple things off the engine. We’re gonna spin it around,

Pull that oil pan off and take a gander at what we’ve got. Real quick, I want to tell you about our new “Stay Tuned” hoodies. Just take two seconds, it’s still cold out here and it’s not gonna be summer for a while. So we’ve got the original “Stay Tuned” design,

Plus the Angelo’s gym shirt in a proper hoodie. You can buy those at our merch store right now. The link is in the description. – Save that energy. – I got it broke free. – I’ll break it free. – You’ll set it free. That’s different. – It’s a different show, I think.

– Well, I’m ready. Whatever you need. – Yeah, I don’t care. Chop it off. Chop it off there so we can put a socket on it. – Wait. – Wow. That is better. – Yeah, that’s a little guy. Another hole. – Another hole. – It’s just a little one, which still is larger than you’d like to have. – If you’re gonna do something, my dad said do it right. – There’s a hole in the other side.

– Get the (beep) out. – Two is better than one. – Two is better than one. – Like the same spot. – Safety in numbers. – Twin bang bangs. – Sound good one time. – Yeah, so it’s definitely broken still. We saw this one hole, then we saw another one.

The proper number of holes in your engine block: zero. – This one has two. – Well this one has two. – There’s a dent in the pan here too. – You see the windage? Look inside, look at the windage tray it looks like a bunch of rocks. – I saw the windage tray.

– I had it lined up mint. – Perfect. – Oh my god. – She’s a leaker boys. – I think I’m gonna take a trip to ace here shortly. – Some confetti in here. – Woo. Oh, boy. – Oh, whoa. – All right. I’ll get them. I got it. – The rods don’t usually go into the same cylinder. They’re not pointing the right way. – I’m not an engine builder. – Right, so I’m not exactly an expert,

But I think this is wrong. – This rod decides what cylinder it wants to go in. – Oh look, the block is broke all the way through. – Yeah. So the problem here was not enough oil changes. That’s what it is. – Yeah. – And a little too much boost.

– Lack of maintenance. – Yep. – What is that? – That was vertical. – It’s a piston. – There’s a ring. – Dude, that looks like you pulled it out of the earth. – I love it. – There’s one of the piston rings. – From the earth back to the earth.

– Let’s see what we just did. – Yeah, just get in there and jingle stuff around. It’s looks cool when you get your fingers in there. How the tolerance? – Yeah. – Tight. – You feel good? How’s it look? Smokey unit? You feeling good about this one?

– I feel like if we just picked the pieces out it might be salvageable. – Come in there with a metal detector. – Oh, here’s another one. – Get the stuff out. Big magnet. – These were circles at one point, I would imagine. – How about this?

– The little screen did an awesome job. – It did its job. Yeah, for sure. – Oh, that one’s in there. – These pistons are just welded to the cylinders, a hundred percent. – Slow down. – Take the heads off. – Sort of. – Tablet’s a little bit off of there.

– Got it. – Nice. – I think it’s got a little extra thrust clearance here. – I got you. You want to distribute it. You want everything to taste the same, you want to get it out there. – Is that how it works with this? – That’s how you do it.

A lot of sass too. A lot of this. – All right, so the bottom end is wrecked. Definitely annihilated. Done-zo. We’re gonna flip it over. I think we should pull the heads off. See if the valves are trashed. I’m assuming we ran too much boost. The piston ring gap was not big enough.

Everything seized and things just started flying apart. – That’s accurate. – Accurate. Accurate for sure, yeah. Zach’s over here. – I’m having so much fun. – Zach’s playing “Operation.” Barb’s playing Solbet. – This is so much more fun when it’s not on your own wallet. – Flip it over.

Let’s pull the heads off. – Dude, it’s a meteor shower. – Those are rare earth metals right there, baby. – Couple little fragments up here. – This fell up, I think. – My theory. Yeah, yeah. Probably so. All right, so my theory about the timing chain was very wrong.

These are very much intact and fine. – I’m looking for broken valve springs, bent valves. – I’m all out here. All right, we got all the bolts out of this timing cover. We’re gonna pull this thing off. – Pull it off. Show me them chains. – Okay.

– They look perfect. Thought this broke. – Yeah, let’s put it back together. – All right, great. – Look at the front of the cylinder head. It looks brand new. – Just serviced. – Just serviced. – Freshly serviced by… – Adult driven. Never been raced. – That’s not supposed to be there. – There she is. Hold on. – There she was. – Ooh. – How’s she look under there? – You ready? – No. – That ain’t that bad. – It’s not that bad. – At least six of them are good. – That’s not that bad.

– I mean it was the only one. – Can we like pull on that? It’s not working. – All right, get some. – This is a piston piece. This was a piston. – Fire up the welder. Colin can put that back on. – Colin can fix that right up.

– Yeah, the rest of these… – You put them back in the cylinder and it welded in there. – I guess, right? – It’s like jigsaw puzzle. – All that stuff that was stuck to the pickup. – Honestly, all the combustion chambers are good except one.

– One of the valves is held open with a piece underneath it. – That’s not bad. – That one’s not. It’s not that bad. – I expecting that to be a lot worse. – Yeah, the heads might be usable. – Let me use the top. – Yeah. Even honestly, like.

– Those are wrecked. You’re out of your mind. There’s nicks out of that cylinder wall like crazy. The block has a hole in it. – Yeah, dog. – Yeah, I understand. – I’m just saying I thought the cylinder wall would be worse considering the situation. – I mean it’s not good.

– Typically any nicks aren’t ideal. – Yeah, I can feel them through these gloves. – So far the entire engine block is trash. The cylinder head is rocked. It’s maybe fixable but it’s not. It would definitely take some work. Let’s pull this other head off and see what we’ve got.

So far: broken, broken, broken, broken, definitely broken, kind of broken. Let’s see. – This goes in here. – It’s heavy. – Four out of six. – Is that an aluminum magnet? – It’s a aluminum magnet. – Oh, okay. – This is (beep) wild, dude.

– All right, we need, we need a corner of carnage. – Have you seen this? – Start a collection. – Well next time we do it, we’ll just turn her down a notch. Oh, did did you say to not run 15 pounds? I don’t remember. – He wasn’t there. He supervised. He left unsupervised. – I left to get Owen. I came back and he’s cracking up and he is like, “Brad’s got this thing on 17 pounds. I see it and he is making a pole

And there’s all kinds of (beep) coming out of the exhaust.” I’m like, “Oh my God.” – Yeah, horsepower’s coming out. Big power. This is incredible. This is fine. – Yeah, so I listened for the price of a new head. – Yeah, it’s still good. – I do love that we tried to kick start it a couple times in the track. – Probably my favorite part, you’re like “Maybe the battery’s dead.”

– That wasn’t me. That was Charlie. I was like “It’s (beep), man.” – There’s not enough batteries in the world, bro. You could hook two Teslas up to this thing, it wouldn’t spin this motor over. – So strong. Let me, you got them off? – Yeah. – There’s only a couple pieces on this side. – This one’s fine. – Put it back to back. – Got so many cans. – That head is all right. – Yeah, there’s only like two pieces in that cylinder.

– Yeah. You putting this on marketplace bud? – Yep, these are still good yet. Blast the leaves out of this thing dude, somebody will buy them. – Ford guys are weird. – Here, and look at it. – It’s almost the stuff I’ve worked on, except this is disgustingly small. – Oh wow.

– What’s the bore on this? – Yeah, I know what four inches looks like. – That ain’t it. – Five eights. – That’s so small. – Some people might say it’s more than enough. – Yeah, maybe they would say that’s adequate. – It’s almost too much. – Yeah. So autopsy report,

The only thing left that’s halfway decent on our four valve motor is two cylinder head, one cylinder head. – The dip stick tube’s probably okay. The dip stick tube seems okay. Alternator, if we try to oil off, it’s probably fine. I love this car and I want to get it back together quickly.

I think I’m open to whatever, just to make sure we still have a bunch of horsepower pounding the ground here. But we could do anything. – Almost anything. – This is what my plan is. I want to get another one of these engines that came in all sorts of different configurations,

Some of them actually built for boost, some of them not. We could get just another one of these blocks and try to get it built up, or try to find someone’s project that’s already like put together. Something that makes sense. We don’t have a lot of good parts.

So we’re basically need at a minimum that head, one head fixed, and we need a complete bottom end, and I think we wanna go faster than before, ’cause this is America and we can do that kind of stuff. So we need a forged bottom end so we can turn the boost up

And not down, so that’s my plan. – In the long run, it’ll be cheaper to buy something done. – I found a couple good options. A guy just hit me back and I think it might be. I can’t honestly believe it. It’s gonna be perfect. This is the way to go.

Here it is. – Bring her in, Zack, this is just what we need. It’s gonna solve all our problems. Keep going. Easy. Easy with this thing. Perfect. – Right. – Yeah. – Yeah. – Dude was super cool, super Italian. – It’s gonna work perfect. Perfect. – All right, let’s have at it. Ah!

– It’s just pizza. – It’s this week’s pizza. You guys are gonna have to wait ’til next time to find out what’s going in our Lincoln. And we will have to eat our, this is our weekly allowance of pizza. Thank you, Haggerty. ♪ No more tomorrows ♪ – Delicious.