Hagerty Video: CHEAP, FAST, FUN RX7 – Which ENGINE Did We Choose?! – Tony Angelo’s Stay Tuned

CHEAP, FAST, FUN RX7 - Which ENGINE Did We Choose?! - Tony Angelo’s Stay Tuned

Posted: 2023-03-27 15:00:05
Author: Hagerty
The age old question…how big of a motor can you slap in the smallest car you can find? On this episode of Stay Tuned, the guys go on a roadtrip to pick up Tony’s latest Facebook Marketplace purchase – a 1987 Mazda RX7 roller that he scooped for a cool $1,500! Do they keep it JDM original and put a screaming’ high RPM rotary back in it? Do they throw caution to the wind and put a big V8 in it and do hellacious burnouts? Stay Tuned to find out!



0:00 – Intro

0:56 – New Project!

6:12 – Back in the Shop – New Engine

7:25 – The Work Begins

17:16 – BIG Summit Parts Delivery

27:35 – First Fire-up

30:52 – Hit the Streets

32:20 – BURNOUTS!


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Hagerty Video Transcript

– Stay tuned. We’re going back in time baby. – Natural. – Hard? – No. ♪ Photinia pronounced photinia ♪ ♪ Never agreed and decision was strong ♪ ♪ Those small trees made me an animal ♪ ♪ Photinia pronounced photinia ♪ ♪ Relying on this is very important ♪ ♪ Rose family ♪ – Holy (beep). – This thing is so fast. – Welcome back to, “Stay tuned.” Today we’re on a road trip out in the middle of nowhere, western Pennsylvania. To pick up a car that absolutely changed my life like 20, 25 years ago and I just bought another one and here it is. It is a 1987 Mazda RX-7.

Now, believe it or not, I totally grew up as a hot rod kid. But after spending a couple years ripping around in water cold Volkswagens, I spent 10 years as a hardcore rotary dude. I drove ’em on the street, I raced ’em in Formula Drift and I was obsessed. These cars are awesome.

They drive incredibly well. (helicopter whirring) There’s nothing like them and they are absolutely a ticking time bomb. And it’s been just enough time that I think I’m ready to get hurt again. So we’re at my boy Jimmy Caldwell’s property somewhere between (footsteps crunching) Ohio and Philadelphia.

He luckily had space to drop his car for us. My buddy Derek picked it up and dropped it off. It’s white with blue interior, like my first car. They’re not feeling it. I’m feeling it. Look at that thing. So I’m always on the hunt for cars

That I think are really cool or special or even mean something to me. I was probably searching for (hands smacking) 871 blowers, 671 blowers and came across a photo of this thing on Craigslist. It had a small block Chevy in there with a 671 on top and a couple of carbs

Sitting way out of the hood. And I realized the kid was selling the car as a roller and for 1500 bucks I scooped this thing up. Now it really does remind me of my very first, second gen RX-7. This is my seventh one, which I feel like is good luck ’cause it’s an

RX-7 or something. (birds chirping) Lucky number seven, (hands clapping) I don’t know, but the deal is 1500 bucks. It was in Northern Kentucky. I had it dragged out here to Jimmy’s spot and it’s just a really good starting point. It does have mounts for a V8.

We can fight about that later in the car. We’re gonna stick a V8 back in here. We’re gonna go to the rotary route. But you know, (footsteps shuffling) these are just really fantastic little cars. I don’t think 1500 bucks buys you much these days. And we’re looking at a rust free,

Pretty decent body. (helicopter whirring) Interior is very solid. (door screaking) A lot of my late teenage years (fabric rustling) and like you know, early twenties in a car, just really just like this. Rear wheel drive, fully independent suspension, four piston brakes, fuel injection, turbo power rotary engine.

I felt like I was driving a spaceship and it still kind of feels like that. These are tiny, rigid, great handling, great driving little cars. And I found my first RX-7 on Craigslist for 1700 bucks in North Carolina and I immediately sold my GTI, got a couple bucks together

And went down and got it. That one was a whole complete car running and driving, and I think I have pictures of like me in North Carolina picking it up, – Just give me. – I think I’m wearing like JNCO jeans. I think I’ve got a fleece on like a nautical fleece.

We did like an overnight bomb run and I was like, this is all the money I had. This was the deal. I think I paid 1,400 for it. And then later on the guy had a HKS F-CON like computer to make it run better and more rich and stuff,

Once we got the boost up. And I went back and bought it for like another 300 or I had ’em send it to me. So total price all in 1,700 bucks for a running driving ’87 turbo two. Basically this exact car. (car beeping) And we need this (engine revving) vent trim in blue.

– We’re on page two with the parts list here already. I love this. – I just wanna work on one. I just wanna work on one car so I can actually drive it around. – I feel you. (car beeping) – All right, let’s load this thing up

And hit the road. (car door thudding) Wait, we need a windshield too. (keys jingling) Right. So we got so excited. I got so excited about the RX-7 that’s behind us, that I wanted to get my hands on an engine as quickly as possible thinking that like it was 15 or 20 years ago, you could hop on Craigslist or Facebook and find a decent motor

Either you know, off of a boat or out of somebody’s car for an RX-7. You can fit basically any of the turbo engines from ’87 to ’91, go right in and the later ’93 and ’95 engines, which are a little bit more powerful also can go right in with a couple

Of earlier second gen parts. And I looked at the prices and I basically cried myself to sleep last night because they are bananas. It used to be that a second gen engine was worth about half as much as a third gen. Now they’re like sort of neck and neck.

I don’t really know what’s going on. Mazda stopped producing these parts I think around 2009, now they shut the rotary plants down so you can’t get any of these parts brand new anymore. So everyone’s working off of this sort of, you know, limited supply and I guess it’s driving parts up.

I think we’re still seeing some effects of the pandemic when the shipping rates to bring a container over where bananas, it’s just really difficult and in the back of my head, my brain is saying, “Just put a V8 in it. Dumb dumb. That’s kind of your thing now.”

And we really thought about it. The car’s got small block Chevy mounts and it. Zack, how long until we get that thing running with small block in it? – 20 minutes. – 20 minutes. I think that’s a pretty fair estimate. You throw it in. Yeah, he knows. He knows.

A little bit of gas, a little bit of spark, you’re off and running. And that is just what we’re gonna do after really taking stock of this car and seeing all that it needs. It has no wires in the whole thing. It has no wipers, no interior, no HVAC. It actually doesn’t have

The turbo two diff in it. And I realized the amount of time and money and effort it would take to get this thing into like a fun street car would be, – A lot. – ridiculous. – Yeah. – Ridiculous. – And out. – And the parts are only getting

Older and harder to find. I’ve talked to a couple people and the estimates are ridiculous. So bottom line, I do want to have some fun with this thing. So we’re gonna do what comes naturally. We’re gonna cram a small block Chevy in this thing and go have some fun.

– For $12.00 and a half eaten hotdog pretty much. – Exactly. $12.00 and half eaten hot dog. And I don’t know, a day or two of our time we’re gonna be ripping down the road in this thing at probably double the stock horsepower anyway.

And we have a ton of this V8 stuff laying around. Zach ran home, grabbed this short block. It’s just a stock 350 that he had some heads on before and had some fun with. It’s got a cam in it. It’s still got oil in it, which is gonna save us eight bucks,

Which is nice. And we’re gonna start throwing parts at it. Go upstairs. I’m gonna drag a bunch of good stuff down, I’ve got laying around, and we’ll be off and running. So Zach’s gonna turn the motor over. Some of these cylinders have (ratchet clicking) a little bit of flash rust on ’em.

It happens over time. See right here, I’ve got a little bit of oil on a piece of scotch bright. (scrubber scratching) This is the gray one so it’s even pretty mild and it’s gonna take it right off. – Let ’em go. It’s just that. – That’s how motor works. I think. – That’s how a real motor works. Larry called me again this morning. – What’s he want? – Just wanted to check in. – Distinguish which Larry. (ratchet clicking) – Engine builder, Larry. – The Larry that cares enough to check in. – Yeah. – Good Larry. – Good Larry. – Whatever bolt fits in those holes. – Perfect. (metal clinking) Okay. (tool buzzing) – So we ordered up some

Hot parts from Summit, heads, intake. You know we’re gonna probably kick another 125 horsepower into this thing. I just had some stock smog heads laying around. We’re gonna toss them on for mock up and this Edelbrock performer intake. Basically we’re gonna get this thing in the car,

Do as much as we can to make exhaust, figure out the coolant, fuel, wiring, whatever, as much as we can do. And then when those parts come in, in a day or so, I’ll just put the new heads and stuff on with this thing sitting in the car.

– Let’s do this. – No sweat. So to get rocking, we bought a turbo 350 (engine revving) that’s been rebuilt on Craigslist it was 600 bucks is a little more than I wanna spend, but it’s fine. Barb ran home, grabbed the converter that he used to have in his Nova.

He’s bringing that back. We’ll start slapping stuff together and get it in the car. Here he comes. – From Japan. – Tight. That’s my favorite kind. – And from Japan. I mean from good old. – Yeah. – General Motors. – Detroit. – Yeah. – It’s beautiful. – See that thing? – Beautiful.

– Put this trans on. – What is it? – I’m gonna make ’em kiss. Now kiss. (laughing) (metal clinking) – Yeah. – Let me know if you want. – No washers. No washers. ♪ On the route 60 ♪ Stop. ♪ Long long ago ♪ – Here it is. ♪ When a man comes ♪ Yeah, that’s right. ♪ His own 44 ♪ – Put on some lock tight on those bad boys. – Yep. – Yeah, Now we’ll go around again.

(upbeat country music) ♪ Out in the west Texas town ♪ ♪ Of El Paso ♪ ♪ I fell in love with a Mexican girl ♪ – All right, let’s go. – All right, all right. – I’m gonna throw this thing in six minutes later. (metal clinking) We’ve got our heads on, water pump.

It’s in there. We’re gonna do a little bit different. We realize we have a Granny Speed Shop V8 conversion kit and we don’t have their engine mounts that accept the bolt. – Hang on, hang on. Stop. – So we are. – Can’t go down this. – Doing a little bit different scenario

But pretty much using all their stuff. Alright, the spring came off the trans thing on the side. It’s fine. We’ll put it in when it’s up there. It’s a little weak. – Will that bend? – We gotta re bend it. (metal clinking) The spring that holds in like the.

– Yeah that thing sucks. It was popped out already a couple times. – It’s all right. Let’s just get her in and we’ll figure it out from there. Why don’t we bring the car up and stop with this ’cause we’re gonna have to get under there. – Okay. (metal clinking)

– Yeah. (machine whirring) Okay about there. – We need an oil pan. – Yeah. – Gotta go back. – Grab that, grab that stick. – Nice baby. – I mean put it on the car and make sure the car’s level, but I like it. (friends laughing) – He’s not wrong. I don’t think there’s a level part on this car. – There used to be. After realizing that our engine oil pan

Was sitting directly on top of the steering rack, we decided to put a half inch spacer on each side. Now, Granny’s Speed Shop will sell you an oil pan in their master kit that doesn’t have that interference, but we don’t have time for that. Also, we decided to just drill through

Our engine mounds and do a simple nut and bolt through the whole thing. – Yes. – Now the fun part. (metal clicking) – That’s it. She’s mounted in there for good. Probably quite a bit of tension on it. Take it off. Yeah. – Yeah! – Nice. – Tighten those motor mount bolts to the block – Yeah. – and it’s in there.

– It’s in just that easy. – Oh, okay. This one goes to these. – Just like that drive shots. – Bang, bang. – Just like that. – She’s in there. – Let’s driver her. – Engine bolted in. Transmission, bolted in, drive shaft bolted in. (fingers snapping) – She’s a driver.

– She’s just about there. ♪ Do do ska do do da da do ♪ ♪ Just making breakfast ♪ – Got some nice buns. – Some nice buns, baby. (door thudding) – Just some bacon and some carbs. Some eggs. – That’s how you do it. (plastic rustling) These Mary’s like their eggs

Tight, scrambled. – Eh, y’all can do it. – It’s done now dog. Oh, now the camera’s on this guy’s. He’ll eat whatever. (egg cracking) – Big team player now. – Yeah. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – I’ll take the chicken tenders please. – Yep. – I got a weird thing about the yellows

And the whites not being mixed together. – Oh, I didn’t realize you were seven. He said, “The whites and the yellows,” like he’s five and a half. – Look at that carb, pal. – That’s you. – That’s me? – That’s you. – Thank you sir. – Yep. – I think it’s delicious. See this quality? – You never eat breakfast. – He’s gonna work on exhaust. What are you working on? (metal clinking) Cooling or fuel? – Cooling I guess.

– What we have for exhaust tubing in that size? – What are we doing, one up one down here? – That’s what we’ve been saying, dude. – You gonna wrap it around the car three times too or what? – I might don’t tempt me with a good time. We’re definitely headed in

The right track here for sure. – I am putting some fittings on this Holly Blue pump. So we’re gonna stick this thing in the trunk with a little fuel cell we have and just run a bunch of three eights rubber hose from the front of the back. Keep it nice and basic.

Cheap, simple, effective. Get this thing rolling. Make some noise here. I’m ready for some burnouts. – That’s right. – PV blaster and. – Italian pheromones baby. – Italian pheromones here. That’s how we do it. (metal clinking) Somebody’s gotta do it. You know what I mean? – That’ll break you loose. – That’ll slide on real nice. – Gonna break ya loose.

Trying to get you pregnant. – Can I get a little straight off the leg? – What? – Let me get a little straight off the leg there. – Yeah, go ahead. Ooh, nice. – It’ll go right on now. – This is some backyard engineering. – You ready for this technology here?

This is what happens. So the key here is to find the worst ratchet strap you have in your shop and donate it to your project. – Because if it works real good, it’s gonna stay forever. – It’s gonna stay forever. Exactly. (metal clinking) We’ve all been around the block here

And we know that when you make a real, you know, half ass burnout car with really quality parts, you’re probably not gonna want to take it apart ’cause it’s gonna be really fun. So what you do is. (tool clicking) How many clicks do you think I should get on this thing?

How many clicks is tight? (tools rustling) Look at that (beep) thing. Golly. All right, we’re wiring this fuel pump up in the trunk of this here RX-7. We got this nice car we put together with all this beautiful wire from Wire Care. We appreciate you guys.

We modded this thing up with some bins and some some bins. (plastic rustling) Some bins. Some dormin stuff, and we’re ready to rock here. We got bins everywhere. Also, market relays. – Aw. Oh yeah. That’s beautiful. – How about that? – That fits real good. – He said, “Yellows and whites,”

He’s a yolk. (door thudding) – The yolks in the. – That’s the yolk. – Yoked up. – What? Where do we wanna put in these? – Bad yokes. – Take inspiration from Formula One technology (tools clicking) creating a little bit of a back globe. Smart leave this big gap. (metal clinking)

He knows what he’s doing. Also the cutouts are already in the hummer and these fit the holes. – Really good stuff. – Fabricator with a K. (tools buzzing) Beautiful. – A lot of exhaust for this car. Fireballs. Hit that with a torch. Make it all nice and blue. – Yeah, that’s the one. – Oh, it’ll shoot flames for sure. – Absolutely, bro. – No doubt about it. It’s shooting flames. – Let’s go. – Open the door.

– Open that door. Open that door. Scott’s gonna be like what the (beep). Please don’t break the door. – Yeah. – I don’t know my own strength. – In front of the door. – Let’s go. – How much is that? – Some in. – Oh yeah. (cardboard rustling) – This is the piece here. – This is the piece?

– Yeah. Were they gonna? – It’s something. – Sick. – Yeah. – That’s hot. – Yeah, a little fabricated tunnel ram. Single carb style. Got to get that up in the fresh air. Get that carburetor up high. Work. – Oh, the gaskets and everything? – You know it. Thank you Summit.

We love you. – It ain’t gonna be pretty but it’ll be done. All right, can I get a hand up there? It’s going down town. – We’re playing connect the dots. Nope, missed a spot. – Hey man, mostly for the gasket surfaces. – Yeah, we’re there. I mean we’re not putting any boosts in this thing are we? – Too early to say. – That’s what I like – This line over here, – about, this guy. – and this line over here. – These are nice. I had my head in the trunk before. I didn’t get to see these shiny parts. It’s been on right? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – These don’t weigh anything, compared to those monsters. – They look like bull horns? – Your heads lined up? – Fire breathing monster. – Got a medium for you right now. – The four separated properly? – Fire breathing monster. – We using our time for? Cool. (torch firing) – So we just tossed on our set of Summit brand

Aluminum heads for the small block. They look awesome. They fit great so far. (cardboard scraping) There was a time when this (door thudding) would cost you an absolute fortune, but with all the different manufacturers stepping up, this stuff is pretty affordable now. One thing, anytime you’re putting heads

On a small block Chevy, (door shutting) you wanna put essentially pipe dope thread sealant, whatever you want to call it on the ends of the head bolts (metal clinking) because all of them basically go into the water jacket. If you don’t, it will not hold water pressure properly.

It can even like kind of leak out once the thing’s running and warm. And if you’ll have this random coolant loss all the time, that’s what it is. So while you’re in there, do it right. – Ready? – And with the ARP stuff, they have a special lubricant

So that there’s no weird galling between the washer and the head of the bolt itself. So you wanna put that on both sides of this washer so it can still work. And then still put the pipe dope for about the first four five threads here. All right. Throwing in a set of stock length push rods. I believe they’re 7780’s or seven, eight, oh. – Seven hundred. – Close enough, we’ll call it. These are some hardened five sixteenths numbers from Summit. They’ve got these little guide plates on ’em, which is a nice move.

When you do get all this together, you wanna loosen up the guide plates, make sure they’re aligned really well with the lifters and that they’re gonna put their rocker right over top of the top of the valve, then tighten ’em back down. So it’s a little bit of put it together and make

Sure it looks right. Take it off. Torque down these rocker studs and then you can keep moving forward. – We’re gonna do the studs again too. – Rocker studs. Do a little bit of assembly lube on both tips. That way it’s not rocking dry for a little while. – It’s not.

– It’s not good. You want to keep that rod tip pre lubricated. – The oil will come later. – So we had ordered up some (plastic rustling) 1.5 to one ratio rockers and realized this cam is pretty mild. Zach’s claiming 450 lift or so. So I dug in the back.

I’ve got this set of stamped, but still roller comp cams 1.6. So if you do the math, you get essentially 16% more lift. Something like that. Somebody do the math. It’s gonna wind us. It’s gonna. I think with these numbers we’re gonna end up just under 500 lift.

These heads are good to 525. So we’ll be taking advantage of that and pumping a little more air and a little more horsepower through this thing. It’s just whatever yard seven needs, more V8 horsepower. – Yeah, I love doing that. – That’s really the name of the game here.

Why don’t you come through with the assembly loop and just hit tips. – Tips. – The tips of every valve. Rolling nice. I always like to make sure if they’ve been sitting a long time they still actually roll. – Yeah. – And then once don’t you put your car back together with all

This assembly lube everywhere. Run it for an hour and then change the oil. – We’re totally not gonna. – We’re not gonna do that, but that’s what you should do. – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. There’s eight. – Yeah, I didn’t say what, what you do for that first hour,

But after that hour and then you change the oil. – Make sure you drop parts on the floor. – Throw your parts on the floor. – Yeet! – I’m gonna come back through and pour oil over everything. – Oh God. – All right. We’ve got our stoner heads bolted down.

We’re gonna spin the motor over a bunch and set the valve preload. (metal clinking) Then come in, put on these sweet valve covers. That sick intake. Top it off with a carburetor. Do a couple other things and get this thing fired up. It’ll be like that except for real.

All right. Time lapse it go. – Yeah, we’re getting close. – We’re getting close. – You’re mean. – Buy our stickers. Buy our shirts. – Proud of you. Where’s a, hold on. ♪ Nst nst nst nst nst ♪ – Can I paint on of those? – Where’s yours?

What are you thinking about doing with those bud? – Putting ’em wherever they stick. – They’re sticky. – They’re sticky. – New merch alert. We’ve got this Stay Tuned sticker pack. It’s got like 11 different stickers on it. You buy the whole thing as a pack.

You can get them in the description below. Zimmy’s gonna use them too. Spruce up. – Personalization. – Our plane, but pretty rad valve covers from Summit. – They’re about to be cooler. – I like it. – New merch. New merch. – When I was a child, my nickname was Sticker Stealer. – Weird.

– Okay. Sticker Stealer? – Yeah. – All right, I’m making a coffee. – Okay, so now can you, – Dang. – make a second one? – Yeah, gimme a clean cup. – With the red breather? – You’re really asking a lot now. – Ooh baby.

– We can send Zim on a real coffee run too one of these days. (plastic thudding) – To the place? (water pouring) – There’s a lot of great coffee shops around here. (metal snapping) – I’ve only been once. – It’s no (beep). It’s no (beep) Steel City, but it’ll work. – Knock.

– Stay tuned for when we decide to put a rotary back in here. Guys, I’ve been thinking about it and I’m wondering. – Is this another one of those epiphany moments? – Yeah. I don’t know if it’s now or – Now? – soon. – Do you guys hear anything?

‘Cause I didn’t hear, – Maybe now anyone. – anyone talking. – Yeah, let’s not fire it up. Pull it all out and start over. – Atta boy. (ratchet clicking) So I’m gonna dig into our Summit ready to run distributor. There’s a couple things we want to do.

I’m gonna dig in here and have a look at these advanced springs. – Oh, those look heavy. – Probably put something lighter, yeah. Those look heavy there. I’m gonna see what they’ve got rocking. – Oh, that does. – All right. Looks like Summit is actually starting you out

Pretty aggressive here, which I like. You can feel not much to those. What do you got? What are the other options? – No, I think those are the lightest ones. Yeah, those are beefy. (metal clinking) These are look pretty heavy too. – I think that’s very heavy.

That might be lighter than this even. – You want those? – Gimme one of those. So you can mix and match these ’cause they work as a team. (tools clinking) – Oh yeah, that’s it. – Yeah. All right. That’ll work. And then this just has a trigger wheel and an actual pickup

And ignition module in it. So all you need to do here is power and ground. And then you’re off and running. I got it. I got it. We got it today. Oh damn, that does look good. – How’s that look? – Barely a pizza. – Barley a pizza taco scenario.

This is just a big quesadilla. This is what I, yeah. – Pizza, it’s pizza. – I’m in. This looks like a pizza. It’s round and flat. – Dang. – I’ll eat it. – It’s Tuesday so we’re gonna taco Tuesday. – Taco Tuesday pizzas. Let’s go. We’ve got most everything

Hooked up except for fuel. I’m gonna start spinning the engine around and set the valves. So essentially we’re gonna set each cylinder to the base circle, set the valves, and we’ll be really close to firing this thing up. Zack’s gonna go back to get, to the store to buy a V belt.

This’ll be your fifth trip. Get that length right. We’ll be going. But this is my favorite part that. Hear that? – Woo! – That started ripped. – That just popped off but. – I heard it. Yeah. – I love it. – She sounds good though. She gonna make some horse powers for sure. – At least two. – At least. All right, flip her back on.

I’m gonna start. Let’s go to work. So we’ve got our laying around short block from Zack, Summit top end on this thing. This is the carburetor I rebuilt for our Buick. It never really worked right, but that wasn’t the problem. Radiators in there. I slammed in that Summit distributor.

I gave it the little patented scooch and I think it’s gonna fire right up. We haven’t heard anything yet. Gimme fuel pressure. (machine whirring) See that, Barb wired it up. Streetcar style. Oh yeah. – Ready? – Turn the ignition on. (engine revving) Woo! – Crank! – Crank it!

– Wait, wide open. (engine roaring) – Woo! – Yeah man! – I’ll take it. (hands clapping) – It sounds terrible. – Oh, it’s great. – Got sooted out. – Okay. (hands clapping) – Let’s tune her up. – Maybe some hard work. – Yeah, let’s tune her up. – Little bit. – Put that 800 on there. – Woo! – Put that other one on. – 800. – That was sick. But a lot. – Let’s do it.

It’ll be better than this thing I think. – It sounds like a boat. I don’t know that I’m. After this thing, saw so many backfires. – That’s true. – I wouldn’t trust it. – I don’t trust it. But I’ll have to go through it all again. – We need chrome up there anyway.

– Yeah, let’s get this thing fixed up. Yeah, squirter’s working great. – He’s reinvigorated. Do you see this? We’re gonna doll it up. – That one isn’t working. – This one doesn’t do anything. Yeah, it’s outta here. – Woo! – Yeah, let’s add more silver to this – equation here. – Hell yeah.

All right, my bad. Get that on there. That’s from the bird? – Firebird. – Firebird. – Yeah. That’s a good carburetor. – It works. – Throw that thing on there. Hit it. New carbs on. Hit it. (machine whirring) Woo! All right, it’s good now. Yeah, that’ll work. Stop. Woo! – Dude, this might be the coolest thing. – That sounds right. That sounds good now. – See now don’t you wanna just keep it and beat the piss out of it? – I definitely wanna drive it. – Hell yeah. – Real bad. – Woo!

– It is not a rotary. – It’s not a rotary. – At all, but it does seem pretty awesome. – It does. – I can tell right now. It’s gonna make a bunch of power. It sounds sick. It took us 11 seconds to dial in timing and you know, tune it by slapping

A different carburetor on there. This is what’s on the Firebird. Seems to love it. – Way better. – Yeah. – I think you put this on anything, it runs great. – Yeah. That’s the one. – Let’s put it on my car. – Sick. All right. We wanna put a battle cable

On it and hit the streets. – Oh yeah. – Let’s do it. I’m excited. (tools clinking) – All right. We are out in our small block powered RX-7. It’s been a crazy week. My brain is all swirled around. I had one idea, now we’re in one rowdy, rowdy, ratty little rocket ship. And I mean, I’m telling you, this thing is gonna be. (engine roaring)

I can’t it just burning the tires. You got some pep dog. – Woo! – Ten second now. Holy (beep). (hands clapping) – This thing is so good. – Wow. – Woo! – Wow. Clicked in a second and I laid on it and it was like. – I heard you guys coming (door thudding) and I was like I gotta pull off. – Oh my God. Brutal.

That thing is a rocket ship. Like I, it makes me feel so crazy. ‘Cause I’m like, it’s so brutally fast. Like it’s not a street car. It’s got headers that come out the front. But my God, it’s so fun. Also, we just drove it in the street. It was pretty fun. (engine revving) Woo! (hands clapping) That’s it for this episode of, “Stay Tuned.” But there’s no way that’s it for this car. It’s too rowdy, it’s too fun. I don’t think I’ll ever put a rotary in this one because it’s just an absolute blast to drive. I think with a little bit more work,

We could take this thing to the track and have just so much fun with it. It’s very basic motor in a tiny little Japanese car and it is a riot. I love this thing. It’s not exactly what I was going for when I bought it, but sometimes you just gotta let

What the car take you where it wants to go.