Hagerty Video: 2024 Integra Type S vs Civic Type R, Acura NSX, Honda S2K, ITR — Cammisa Ultimate Drag Race Replay

Posted: 2023-09-07 12:00:01
Author: Hagerty
Drag Race and Roll Race: 2024 Acura Integra Type S versus 2023 Honda Civic Type R — together with Honda’s Legends from the past: the original Acura NSX, the legendary Integra Type R, and the rare Honda S2000 CR.

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This is an episode featuring Honda’s greatest hits from the VTEC days against today’s Turbo Twins!

Hear the VTEC legends: B18C5 battle the F22C1 and C30A!

How are the exhausts on the FL5 Civic Type R versus DE5 Acura Integra Type S? Jason and Randy Pobst make sure to find out in a drag race and a roll race!

0:00 Intro: Honda’s Glory Days
0:57 Hagerty Driver’s Club Promo
1:18 The NA1 NSX and C30A V6
1:53 The S2000 AP1 and AP2 — F22C1 in the S2000 CR
2:35 The DC2 Integra Type R and B18C
3:12 VTEC Drag Race — ITR vs S2K vs NSX!
4:13 Drag Race Walkback: NA1 NSX (13.5 @ 104 mph)
4:53 Drag Race Walkback: S2000 CR (14.2 @ 98 mph)
5:38 Drag Race Walkback: ITR (15.2 @ 93 mph)
6:45 Valentine 1 Promo and Trap Speed Cam
7:09 2024 Integra Type S vs 2023 Honda Civic Type R Drag Race
7:19 Spec Comparison: ITS vs CTR
8:09 Drag Race: ITS CTR NSX!
9:05 Launching the Civic and Integra with Traction Control difference
9:50 Roll Race: ITS CTR NSX
10:29 Civic Type R and Integra Type S are as fast as original NSX

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Hagerty Video Transcript

Foreign Once Upon a Time Honda was at the absolute top of the Enthusiast pecking order they made everything for us from front wheel drive sport compacts to three-wheel Drive sport cars two mid-engine supercars they had the highest revving engines in the business the best shifters in the world and VTEC

And then there was a little bit of a lull while Honda was busy concentrating on selling tens of millions of boring cars to normal people but now Honda is pulling back with two cars for us so naturally we’re here to answer the world’s dumbest question which one’s fastest bro You can help support these videos by joining the Hagerty Drivers Club it includes a subscription to our award-winning magazine unlimited access to our evaluation tool 24 7 flatbed roadside assistance free classified listings exclusive coupons and offers and Early Access and VIP perks to select Hagerty events more info in the link below Welcome to the Glory Days of Honda and where VTEC is concerned at least in America it all started here the NSX contains the only naturally aspirated double overhead cam VTEC V6 that Honda has ever made and likely ever will the c30a revved to 8 Grand and made 270 horsepower

It’s thanks to its lightweight aluminum construction dusted all of its Ferrari competition and the s-2000 dusted everything in the revs Department [Applause] ap1’s 2-liter rev to 8 900 RPM faster than any Ferrari had ever done and it made more power per liter than any other car ever made

This ap2 trades some revs for torque but the F-22 C1 2.2 liter still pulls to eight and this CR is the lightweight s2k that all-aluminum NSX weighs 240 pounds More Than This S2000 which hits the scales at just 2790 pounds and the Integra Type R weighed 230

Pounds less than that which means this four-seater weighs 470 pounds less than that all aluminum Supercar it does have the smallest engine here but the 1.8 liter v18 C5 was another Honda monster redlined at 8400 but with a limiter that allows nine grand all of its 195 horses have to get to the

Ground through the front wheels so at the launch this will be at a disadvantage what happens afterwards oh no bruh let’s find out Foreign all right the NSX wins it’s the heaviest car here but it has enough power to give it the best power to weight ratio and since it’s mid-engine it puts all that power to the ground and just launches right past the other two cars and that’s exactly where it stays it’s

Famously way too long gear ratios don’t hurt it here because it’s on the VTEC high lift cam lobes the whole way leading to an easy victory all right foreign ‘s front engine layout means it’s got a good deal less grip off the line than the NSX does however it’s got a lot less torque and so mostly it just bogs however if you beat the snot out of it it can get to 60 just three tenths of a

Second behind the NSX but here at the end of the quarter mile it’s six and a half car lengths behind that has a little bit less to do with power than it does with aerodynamics that enormous CR spoiler really slows the S2000 down and so its trap speed is a significant six

Miles an hour slower than the NSX Oh the Integra Type R was a monster in its day for sure but it’s just out muscled here it makes some of the most psychotic four-cylinder noises you will ever hear and it hits 60 miles an hour in just 6.6 seconds but after that it just kind of

Slows down it manages just 93 miles an hour on the quarter mile which by the way put it ahead of just about every single sport compact hot hatch and Enthusiast car of its day if you wanted to go faster than that you needed super Karma Sounds like VTEC kicked in anyway next up it’s Honda’s new sport compacts racing the NSX to put old-school Honda against today’s turbo twins I am in the brand new Acura Integra Type S and I’m in the Honda Civic Type R they have the same engine transmission Driveline suspension because they’re the

Same car this thing weighs 36 pounds more yeah and you got five extra horsepower to make up for it mine has a better exhaust Mm-hmm mine’s got real sport seats fine well mine has a spoiler you call that a spoiler yeah that’s nothing compared to my Big Wang and I suppose you’re gonna tell me about how stiff it is too your suspension how is that even relevant we’re drag racing are we or are we

Sitting here wasting our audience’s time listening to you boast about how your supposedly Big Wang is don’t you make me show you Thank you Hey Randy spoiler alert I never got to see your Wang well you’re good off the line brother I gotta give you that the mid-engine rear drive NSX takes off like it got rear-ended meanwhile the two new cars limit revs in neutral to protect their Transmissions making hard launches a careful balance of clutch

Slip and frustration the Integra won’t let you fully disable traction control the Honda does and yet they’re dead even they’re dead even it turns out from start to finish with just two hundredths of a second separating them at the Finish Line the turbo twins use super short gearing and tremendous torque to

Make up ground through first and second gears however the supercars high-speed Aero advantage means its relative disadvantage starts to Wing near the end and so the NSX manages to hold off the two youngsters until just after the Finish close that we did a roll race to see

What would happen if you eliminate the nsx’s launch advantage We got the same result the nsx’s instant throttle response gives it a quarter crawling jump while the two new cars turbos are spooling and then they spend the rest of the race pulling ever so slightly on acura’s Old Legend which is the theme of sex foreign two effectively identical cars from the

Same manufacturer with the same engine the same horsepower and the same weight are exactly the same speed but the cool thing is they’re the same speed as an icon from 30 years ago from that same manufacturer what Have We Lost in the transition from streaming VTEC to turbos

Well certainly not speed although we did lose a good bit of induction noise and here’s another thing that just hasn’t changed Honda is still on top of the Enthusiast world take mine as a Civic Type R because let’s be honest who doesn’t love a big wing