Formula Drift Irwindale Through My Lens

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Posted: 2023-11-20 16:00:34
Author: Larry Chen
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Larry Chen Video Transcript

Oh [Applause] it’s been a while since I’ve gone up on that road here hey guys lar Chen here we’re at the Irwindale finals this is race day and I haven’t done this in a long time I’m going to take you guys with me the entire day on race day from the moment I

Pick up my camera two podos so Enjoy w Here we Go Oh oh Yeah for sure you also Miss My Wow [Applause] Thanks dud uh copy that I let him know right now all right here we go this is the battle that’s going to decide it all Chelsea denofa and Chris BL I think they just called a 5 minutes let’s see how it goes oh oh my God oh my [Applause] God

Oh my God Chelsea Sten that is wild dude I have like 600 horsepower and the car is set up for 1200 Whose idea was this I don’t know but I like it all right I like how we get to hang out let’s do it let’s hang out we we hang out all the time I love it it’s so good I’m down bro what you got all right

Cool ready how you do it yeah of course I can’t believe you brought a cat to Formula Drift this is incredible a little one I want to see how many signatures autog I just love you so much how we doing bud good really good what a great event right hey who wrote

The script for this event did you write the script for this event is this a great backdrop for you how do you like shooting Irwindale man I me again you you’ve been here 2005 was that your first event uh so I’ve been shooting this since 2006 and I always think I’ve

Run out of angles because it’s just the same couple corners right but there it it’s always different the light is always different the cars are always different there’s always new angles to get and uh some angles disappear forever you know one of my favorite shots a long

Time ago was when a lot of the crowd would gra gather where they would do the burnouts and then it was super cool to see the Silhouettes of everybody just cheing that shot doesn’t exist anymore you know I wish that still existed but guess what new shots appear for whatever

Reason this event is just so crazy can I get a shot of you two next to the car Brandon on this side real quick we’re with a pick up they’re going to go look at me one two three big smile one more hold on one Two can I get a shout of you guys on that side real quick look at me 1 2 3 big smile let me just get a pause real quick oh got it don’t want anymore look look at me big smile one more I missed this 1 2

3 awesome cool thank you all right so top 16 intros I’m so tired already I’m just like I am I’m I’m beaten there’s nothing left uh but I got to keep pushing cuz we still have to shoot top 16 all the way to Podium ceremony it’s been a really long day

Hope you guys have enjoyed the coverage going to keep going here we Go they’re the hold on we got to get the here we go here we go here we [Applause] go so awesome and obviously the emotions right now just taking over the team surrounding you the wife surrounding [Applause] you Sh w [Applause] W You’re youly is Nick [Applause] everybody’s got a story and everybody’s got a dream so Follow that dream and there’s a lot of people that have followed their dream and uh I’m I’m proud to call them friends and that’s what that’s why I get emotional just seeing that cuz I’m a dreamer too and

Once you hit those dreams you keep making bigger dreams baby yeah so all the oh jeez right all that being said let’s give out some [Applause] trophies hey thanks for watching if you want to support us directly go to Larry Chen I print and sign every

Single one of these this is the perfect gift or it’s the perfect piece of art for your Wall [Applause] Is