First Drive in the Fully Built 500hp WRX!

Reading Time: 11 minutes
Posted: 2023-11-17 18:00:10
Author: Dustin Williams
For the first time since building this car.. we get to enjoy it!! in today’s video, we take the wrx on the first drive since finishing it, hit up cars and coffee, AND find some JZX100 parts that we’ve been needing! The WRX has a fully built engine making 500hp, varis japan widebody kit, and custom paint!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Oh over the past half a year of building this car I haven’t got to enjoy it a single time so that’s what we’re going to be doing today to let her warm up a bit and while she warms up before we go get her the drive let’s talk about it a

Little bit cuz it’s been a long long journey with this car and it’s finally at like my Pinnacle stage of what I wanted this car to be ever since I got it 9 years ago so it’s currently November 12th and if I’m not mistaken I actually got this car 9 years ago on

November 9th I think it was I’ll fat Chuck myself when I put on the screen but either way it’s been exactly 9 years and that’s what it’s taken to get this car to this point and I am just so over the moon about it so quick recap for any

Of you guys in case you don’t remember in August of this year we actually set out to build the engine on this car so it’s got a very mild engine build making right about 500 horsepower and a lot of torque I’ll go ahead and put that on the

Screen right now and yes doing the STI trans is on our list don’t worry oh we built the engine and that was seriously amazing and then after the engine built we set out to build the exterior exactly to how it would like so obviously we have the vars kit custom orange paint

Job big all APG brakes this thing is absolutely incredible and there’s honestly not a sing single thing that I would change on this car but I will say there are a couple of things that we still need to do to this car like a proper tune cuz it has flex fuel but

It’s only running on E85 so I want to get Flex Fuel back and working and there’s a couple of like wonky things with the tune we have to get the paint completely corrected now that it’s been sitting for a while I’m going to take it to Maguire’s and we’re to do a full

Correction on the paint to make sure it lasts and holds up as long as possible oh speaking of things done to this car look how sick the circuit demon headlights are those are are insane with the diod Dynamics Amber sea lights so good we still have to get our fog lights

Working we didn’t have time to wire these in and I need upgraded plugs to be able to run these so that’s something that we have to do and of course I want to start upgrading the interior we’ve done everything the engine exterior now we can start upgrading the interior a

Little bit but for now it’s pretty damn good oh yeah Sun is peeking out now you can get all the different shades of orange from this paint it is ridiculous look how much this color Pops in the sun man wow that’s what I love about this orange is it’s so deep have

You ever seen paint where it just like kind of sucks you in that’s this it’s really really sick so I’m going to get some megui and we’re going to clean some of this up this body kit with these meaty ass tires just kicks up rocks and

Kicks Up Mud it looks super sick it’s super aggressive but but you can see it gets really dirty the purpose of today today is actually Cars and Coffee and I figured what other better way to enjoy this car than to take it out for a drive

And take it to cars and& coffee figure i’ take you guys along we actually have some jzx100 stuff that we’ll be doing today too so figure just take you guys along for all of it let’s quickly before we go clean this thing up and get it Ready all right car is good to go walk off the shop let’s go for a drive and see some cool cars this idle is so menacing just that mild cam with the iig block very good okay I hope this is a good angle for you guys honestly I don’t know but

We actually have to get gas so let’s go grab some E85 and then we can head to the meat a feels so good to be driving this thing again we are super low on gas oh and I probably should have mentioned that I uh I also need an alignment my

Alignment is atrocious but we’ll try and have as much fun as we can today she wants to eat baby she wants to Eat all right I don’t want to do too much much till we get some gas in it but uh definitely wants to have some fun this is the craziest part is guys I haven’t even driven this car yet we built the engine it went down for the

Body kit and then it sat at the body shop forever then we did SEMA and it’s just been too busy for me to even drive the car with all this power if you guys remember when we built this car at MP I couldn’t even stay till the end of the

Build we ran out of time so I didn’t get to experience this at its full power which is ridiculous little freeway entry it’s kind of busy this morning actually oh first gear is non-existent oh oh it feels so good oh my gosh that is ridiculous it’s crazy to me that a WX

Can feel like this let’s roll the windows up here little third gear oh my God that is so good that is so ridiculously good look at my steering wheel this is dumb should got a freaking alignment before this aside from that this car is routy we are so low okay I’m stopping this

We’re going to go get gas nice shell E85 and we’ll be good to go also I don’t know why but like literally every light on this car turned on after the tune ABS traction control Hill assist everything and it’s so weird the car feels and drives fine building cars

Right okay quick 85 philli and we’ll be on our way to the show hey this is actually our first station fill up in the dub X this is an important moment it’s been so long this thing looks so good and we have this piece of tape here cuz the body shop didn’t really

Clearance out where we need so this is going to be super interesting seeing if I can fill this up all right let’s see how this works out oh hey it’s not that bad actually it’s not great but it’s not bad nice I should get like a rag to keep in the car

To like put under here so in case I like accidentally rub the nozzle on the paint or the kit or something but dude this thing is so cool I can’t believe we’re actually driving this thing around now from literally being completely total to then abandoned to now looking like this

That’s pretty ridiculous I’m just glad we can get back to enjoying this thing we are gased up and good to go now I can peel this off for now but we definitely got to get that fixed this thing is so good I can’t get over the color and like the difference

In the Sun versus is the shade wow you guys are going to see me posting this all the time now cuz this is absolutely ridiculous makeing like a little reel for today just came out I literally could not be any happier oh my God this shot so good all right guys enough we’re

So late good to go let’s go do some rips and get on our way to cars and& coffee so good now the real question will be will we be able to get out of this entrance this entrance is is quite steep here God oh God oh we’re so good we’re so Good dude when the FP blue kicks in it’s pretty ridiculous it spools so fast it’s such a small turbo I think we’re okay all right a little third gear oh oh it’s so awesome guys and before you say it yes I already said this but the goal is to obviously get the STI

Trans we already have the big brake kit which the APG kit is freaking sick would definitely recommend man you guys are going to see me posting this car all the time do another little third gear drop down to Fourth third oh dude that’s so good that’s

Incredible man you know what we got to make another one of these but take Tiana do a Tiana reaction video like we do in the GTR she’s going to love this she also just loves this car because it was the only car that I had when I first

Met her so it’s pretty cool that it’s like this now maybe do like a little fourth gear God and the cool thing about it is yes this car makes 500 horsepower God the suspension also Fortune Autos wow the cool thing about it is the car makes 500

Horsepower has a lot of torque it’s still on the W it’s a your ax but nothing feels like it’s going to break like it all feels extremely extremely Stout which is what I love and this car is just like the perfect Street Cruiser made for exactly what I’m doing right

Now taking it to car meets Cars and Coffee going on fun cruises and of course car shows the goal is to hopefully take this thing to a bunch of car shows next year and just enjoy what it was made for you guys have been watching for a while on the channel I

Mean that’s how this started started we started out going to tuneros and stance nation and everything you know 10 years ago even with the Civic so to have it like a car that I seriously if I if 9 years ago I told myself I was going to

Have a car like this I would not have believed it not even close it pops it bangs they’ve got the blowoff sound the tur it’s all just really good Sor right feel like I’m rambling on geeking out about this car but I’m just so Stoked what’s up what up dude all this camera has zero battery the battery Mark with an X through it is on right now so we’ll see how much I can get let’s get out all right Angel what do you think about the new build Angel

Is a subscriber came up to me uh as soon as we pulled up what do you think dude I think it’s amazing I think it’s defin it’s definitely different it’s something that you don’t see every day and it was done that’s what we wanted the amount of

Time is crazy man my man thank you bro appreciate it yes we made it the WX is incredible now we can just enjoy and do exactly like I said what the car is made for just have fun let’s check it out oh nice appreciate you man oh this is so

Cool I got to show you guys this so I might drive the car when we leave right over here because if you guys watch the video where we put everything together and did the paint this is the actual orange that we modeled my WX paint off

Of I really wanted the R35 GTR orange which is I think they call it like burnt orange or something like that this is what I wanted but as you can see this is like a very very bright orange but it still has that flake that my car has but

The difference is we layered my DGM under this to give it like that darker we call it lava and Volcanic orange but this is what the paint color started out as for my WX I really wanted to get these two together that would be super sick so I definitely might just roll

Around here so we can get a shot of the GTR Orange versus my orange damn now it’s actually pretty cool to see in person now that we have my car Done Nice perfect little meat just enough time so I actually have to meet Tiana in Orange County which is about an hour away but in all the way to go meet Tiana I found a couple of parts for the jzx100 that we have got to go pick up and I’ll

Show you guys that a little bit later but for now we’re going to head home oh okay well rip we’re going to head home and go pick up some jzx SPS Mission success got some jzx parts thank you to Rainer this thing is dope dude he going to air this thing

Down oh that’s pretty Rad That’s So Dope it’s always so cool getting to meet you guys Rainer is actually a viewer of the channel it’s always so cool getting to meet you guys and see the different cars that you drive man thanks for hooking up with the jzx parts hopefully we can get ours

Together there someday for sure dude I appreciate you man the car Community is so freaking rad so Rainer the guy out of these bumpers from actually bought his jzx the same exact time as I did but he wanted to go with a different style these are vertex

Style I I don’t want to talk I don’t want to talk about it too much but bumper secure we’re good to go we get these things back home and we are building up the Chaser parts let’s head back home where you at Mission success jzx bumpers have made it to the

Shop now let’s actually check them out real fast what do you think Buddy doesn’t even Care look what we got a little Mission today no longer front bumper lists oh look there you go few zip ties you’ll be good to go see it’s all fixed and he had a front bumper but he also had a rear bumper I figured if I destroyed the

Front bumper I’m most likely going to destroy the rear bumper so probably a good idea if I just have extra thinking ahead this car is so sick I’ve been having so much fun look at his little butt exploring Mission success today I’m so stoked about this car now we can mount this one

Easier now I understand like why all drift cars have like different colored Parts because they just piece their car together like what’s the point in painting it well I’m probably going to take the front bumper off when I drift until I can fully learn how to drift

It’s probably a good idea cuz it’s not worth risking it but this is so much fun just beating the heck out of the car not even caring you know and then just finding little pieces like this super dope now I think that these are vertex that’s pretty cool so this is sort of

How it’s going to go I actually really like this style front bumper I like it I think we can clean this up really really nice and like I said take it off whenever I actually drift this rear bumper is pretty much exactly like what I have back here almost check it out

Yeah literally probably exactly the same just Bears check well we had a very fun and successful day with both the WX and the Chaser very excited we have so many crazy things coming up for the end of this year this another car all the stuff that we have going on with the Chaser

It’s going to be awesome so hope you guys are excited and stick around for everything that’s coming it’s going to be awesome so with that I think I’m going to goad and end today’s video I still got to edit episode 2 of the Chaser series and we have to get ready

For everything that we have coming with this car and what’s about to go down with this car so thank you guys so much for watching hope you enjoyed today’s video as always you guys have not already make sure you hit that like button leave me a comment down below

Even on some more stuff that you’d like to see with the WX I’m curious to see what kind of videos you guys want to see me make with this and of course don’t forget to subscribe we will see you guys for the next one peace Out Me