Dustin Williams Video: WRX Gets 600hp IAG BUILT ENGINE!! | Engine Install

WRX Gets 600hp IAG BUILT ENGINE!! | Engine Install

Posted: 2023-08-30 17:00:38
Author: Dustin Williams
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Official 1st episode of building the 2015 Subaru WRX FA20! In today’s video, we install the fully built IAG FA20 shortblock engine into the WRX! i am SO STOKED FOR THIS! We also install a radium fuel system in preparation for our dyno tune!

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Good morning welcome to Starbucks how are you doing today hi I’m good how are you can I do a vanilla sweet cream cold brew thank you Good morning guys welcome to day one Day Day 1.5 episode one I don’t know I’m gonna do this yet good morning and welcome to uh welcome to the start of the WRX build It’s a legend doing work things hello sir good morning good morning well it’s morning [Applause] welcome back to the WRX dream build well I was just slap my head on this Kyle would you say that this is episode one or two of the bill one and a half that’s what I said too damn it this is one and a half this is this is the real start

Yesterday was just prep work yes if you guys have no idea what’s going on right now make sure you check out the previous video where we go over everything that’s going down with the WRX it’s gonna be super exciting now today is assembly day and accessory day the engine’s currently

Not completed just yet there’s a couple of O-rings that need to be put on for the engine can be completely put together why don’t we wait for the engine we have all of our fuel goodies that are gonna be going into the car now of course you guys know we had to use

Radium we recently did a lot of radium stuff on the fl5 their quality is just insane so we have a complete fuel system for the wrex going in we have new fuel pump housing we have two 450 fuel pumps now are we gonna use two probably not

Don’t need but we have in case case we want to use them so we have the housing we have the uh The Hanger kit so all of the wiring and all of the little nozzles and stuff that we need and then we have all of our fuel lines and fuel filter

This stuff has to go in and since the engine’s not completed yet might as well just go ahead and do it now what do we have here it has more fittings more more things more stuff lots of stuff gonna be a lot of things and stuff going on there

Yes so today is the things in stuff day and hopefully by the end of this video we have the engine in the car which is going to be super freaking exciting Kyle what are we starting with today we’re gonna get hosed no we’re gonna while we’re waiting for

Alex and them to finish sealing up the engine so we can put the accessories and everything on to get it prepped to go in the car and the clutch and all that obviously we’re just going to start tackling this fuel system and see how far we can get before that kind of shows

Up just so we’re gonna get a head start we’re not sitting around doing nothing all day so start with this stuff when the engine gets here maybe we’ll take a little little stoppage and just like get the engine in that way it’s in and that would be great yeah that’d be that’d be

Ideal sweet well let’s go ahead and get started fuel first things first let’s get our current pump out of the car Oh yeah this nasty stock housing is about to be brand freaking new it’s pretty gross in there it has a little dingy here The first thing’s just filled with the brim too drain some of that out I can’t swear gosh darn it hey whoa you’re stealing everywhere give me a second I’m trying to spill it into there you’re wearing them look at look at this trash Old Stock housing let’s go give them a comparison ugh

Massive difference look at this holy gosh that is insane I know you’ll never see this but just having this in the car is going to be such a massive upgrade now why are we getting this why are we using this because we want to go fast yes so

But we have something special right right so what this allows us to do granted you could do it with the stock one but it’d just be a huge pain yeah what this allows us to do is run port injection so that’s right that’s the ooh and oz so as

You can see here fpr return fuel pressure regulator returns this is where all of the fuel from the port injection system will return because obviously the direct injection system is just a deadheaded setup so it has no return no way for the fuel from the important

Direction stuff to get back uh so we’re using this radium fuel sending unit to then help us just simplify everything and make it a lot easier for us to do this so we’re gonna get everything swapped over get a new pump in here transfer over your level sender and be

Good to go I mean get rid of this nasty plastic thing for this beautiful aluminum minimum housing absolutely and look what’s behind you ah there it is yes it is complete boom so if you guys want to know about this engine we’ll talk a little bit about it

Uh once we get it into the car or you can go watch yesterday’s video this is super exciting iag block number 12 823. foreign so basically what’s going to happen now is Kyle is going to take off the level sender install it onto our new radium

Housing as well as our new fuel pump here gonna go ahead and install this guy into the new housing as well and then do all the wiring and it should be good to go thank you a lot of suck power there a lot of suckage going on here seeing this whole

Thing is gonna suck super sucker 7000. look at this beautiful piece of equipment we have here Kyle finished putting this thing back together and the fuel pump and assembly is ready to go back in the car then we can actually move to the fun stuff

Let’s put her in all right let’s get her in there and you uh did you come over here and vacuum this hold on oh yes I’d grab the light this thing was was nasty and crusty once we took out our OEM well you really cleaned this up yeah that’s

That’s that’s cherries right we cleaned the bay yesterday cleaned the fuel pump area today are we gonna set this in this table yeah that’s right there you go look at you a professional oh my goodness I wasn’t paying attention okay it’s fine where’s it hold on oh wait no

It’s no dot where’s your uh where’s the O-ring that is a great question dude I read a dunkaroo there we go now look at that dude that is actually Super Bowl oh it’s really nice and yeah what do we do with these guys well these aren’t these are we don’t need these

Anymore oh we don’t use these anymore yep so this can just chill out I also I actually don’t know we didn’t look probably should this might have to spawn a certain way so yes it’s a shame that that we won’t ever be able to see this but it’s very

Nice and now it’s all cleaned up and good to go let’s get the engine in that way we can route everything nicely we’ll take a pause from doing the fuel system now and go work on the engine assemble everything on the engine and put it into

The car let’s go mission number two for today engine now for those of you guys that didn’t watch yesterday’s video I’m gonna give you guys a quick recap of what we have here and why I’m so freaking excited about this build so here we have an iag 600 horsepower short

Block paired with the map stage one head perfect for a fun streetable daily car this is gonna be so rad so our mission right now before this engine can go back into the car is piecing back together everything that was removed off of the engine to actually build this thing so

We have a lot of OEM pieces and some mozzololian pieces going back on this now we can throw her in so I guess we’ll just go ahead and get started let’s get at it Thank you Thank you Look at that we had we had a bare block of metal here now we have something that’s almost ready to go in it looks really good everything’s back together we have one last thing that we have to do before the engine can be put into the

Car let’s check it out we showed you guys this yesterday but now it’s got to be installed we have the brand new act six putt clutch and flywheel ready to go now this is gonna make the car feel so much nicer and handle the power that we’re gonna be throwing at this thing

Absolutely foreign look at that able to put your flywheel on on the engine stand beautiful just company 23. it’s coming through if you are a super guy this is a a must must have because if you own a Subaru your engine is going to end up on a stand at some point Savage

Be for bad reasons this engine didn’t blow up you’re right beautiful act flywheel going in no more chattery nonsense going on here this is going to be super nice last piece of the possible Fortune goes into the bay it’s about time I got behind the camera and you started putting some things on

The car you’re right I’m just just hanging just Dilly dallying around it’s over here being a rockstar yeah I think my favorite part about this is uh what does that even mean what’s my favorite part about this whole thing what do you what do you what are you

Talking about I’ll show you give me the give me the last Bolt That’s really something fantastic fantastic work let’s get the juice a little a little curmudgeon in there okay insta ham action you keep walking towards right for this noise yeah I’m ready for whatever I don’t even need to make it because you’re gonna hear it right now okay well

Maybe not because usually you blue I don’t know yeah I don’t understand the way that you do this We got it backwards yeah thank you really it’s as far as it goes that’s unfortunate it’s not gonna make the cool noise what is this I yeah I don’t know what this noise is that you’re talking about like when you oh oh it’s only when it’s crisp you missed it

You missed the noise yeah well you know I believe I’m gonna cry every night and day I’ll build the secret horsepower engine to make 300 because that’s what we do Anticlimactic but the clutch is in which means our built engine is ready to go into the zoo board dude look at this thing so it looks a little bit like a mess right now but once it’s in the car all put together this is gonna be freaking

Sweet okay for day one we are uh we’re Trucking along here yeah we started with an engine if I had some stuff on it now we’ve got a lot of stuff on it’s complete and it’s going into the car and like the turbo kit is Gonna Fly yeah

Like that’s like that’s on yeah it’s easy that’s like the kind of the whole premise of this is it’s like it’s gonna kind of all good this is something that all of you guys can also do yourselves like I said any of these parts that you

Guys want you can find at map so should we go ahead and throw her in yeah absolutely I can’t wait to make 350 horsepower cut Oh there it is we got a freaking engine this is what I was looking for oh it’s goes to clock I feel like we need to give them an update real fast probably well first major step in the WRX build is complete we have the brand new iag

Fully built engine back into the Duggar act you know what that means means it’s time for the fun stuff for the fun stuff yes but for today this is what we really wanted to knock out all the accessory bits are on it’s back mated to the transmission with our new ACT clutch we

Have our brand new radium housing let’s go back here our brand new radium housing with our fuel pump installed we have ordered brand new injectors as well as a brand new high pressure fuel pump to hopefully allow us to run enough fuel to make the

Power that we want to make out of this engine now the real question is Kyle will they arrive in time we’re gonna find out everybody’s gonna we’re all gonna find out we’re on edge yes we this is unexpected unfortunately and of course the goal is to make 500 plus with

This engine but unfortunately without the fuel to support that makes a little different makes a little difficult and Our Hope was that we were going to have the port injection ready to go for this and unknowing to us they just don’t even make it anymore and they didn’t want to

Notify us about that so like I said we’re crossing our fingers we ordered the we ordered the injectors we ordered the high pressure fuel pump it’s just now a waiting game but guys you know cars are mechanical things things are going to go wrong things are going to

Happen and builds don’t always go the way that you planned and this is a testament to that even when we do really crazy cool stuff like this not everything goes to plan so hopefully some of you guys can relate to that in a build and unfortunately I live very far

Away from Minnesota so I’m here on a five day trip five days I have five full days here to get this engine done Dyno Tuned and ready and then give it to Kyle the street drive for a little bit to make sure everything is good to go but

Um yeah we’ll see and it also doesn’t help that I’m here on a weekend for next couple of days as well so people aren’t working so that’s just a quick update I mean what we’re super stoked on is that the engine is in and we’ve spent a

Better part of the day a trying to figure out the fuel things we didn’t get as much as we wanted to done today but I feel like this is still a lot we still made massive progress and we’re on technically like day one of working on the car yeah engine and accessories are

On the car yeah so like that it seems like it’s not a lot of has happened but in reality this is the biggest part yes the largest part is in the car yes that is super sick now like I said we can start doing the fun stuff tomorrow we

Have a bunch of stuff over here that needs to get installed onto the car like the header the downpipe the turbo um we’re gonna work a little bit on the more the fuel line stuff tomorrow all of that stuff is gonna go in for day number

Two which is going to be super freaking sit either way I’m stoked look at this look at this shiny iag badge that will be covered up but we will know us we’ll know right we’ll know it’s gonna be sick I just can’t believe this thing is getting a freaking built engine dude

It’s gonna be freaking sick so okay day one complete Foreign we’ll be back at it again tomorrow bright and early bright and early we’re gonna get at it we’re gonna do some things and some stuff we’re gonna get a real spicy oh man you guys already know there’s a Target by map we’re going card hunting the smell of Target

Dude they are stacked oh my gosh we’re going for it we’re gonna get two atbs let’s go boys bag secured let’s head back to the hotel secured I feel like car opening so we’re gonna do the three pack in the car oh double hitter right off the bat baby look at that

Car poles are always the best I’m such a dork sitting in the Target parking lot opening up hard by myself So bad okay let’s head back to the hotel Well we have finally made it back to the hotel and we’re actually calling it an early night it feels I’m gonna get a full night’s rest tonight that sounds amazing I’m still kind of on Japan time I don’t know what the timeline is like for you guys but I’ve only been back

From Japan for three days now so I’ve gone from Japan California directly to Minnesota so my body is all out of whack but came home from dinner started to get some work we have some really awesome Porsche stuff coming for you guys been doing some editing trying to knock

Everything out for you guys but also my notes on the side did a little bit of Pokemon hunting didn’t get Super Lucky but we got some pulls also it’s side note side side thing here I’m not really a fan of the new generation of Pokemon it’s I don’t anyways I’m getting ahead

I’m getting off track here so freaking pumped that we got the brand new iag and engine into the car everything fit up perfectly got the new clutch it’s gonna be freaking sick guys I am so pumped for the first start tomorrow is when the fun starts like we told you guys the

Manifold turbo kit downpipe and it’s gonna be a ton of fun hopefully our parts end up showing up hopefully the injectors at least show up tomorrow so we can mount everything on top of the engine do do our intercooler all of that good stuff but usually nothing goes to

Plan when you’re doing a car build like this so we’re just gonna roll with the punches and it is what it is anyways that’s where I’m gonna go and end today’s video thank you guys so much for watching and also thank you to map for giving us this awesome opportunity and

Awesome build for you guys as always if you need any parts make sure to head to the link down below it’ll be my map link and you guys help support the channel and also get yourself some parts but again thank you guys for watching if you

Have not already make sure to hit that like button leave us a comment down below let’s do strawberry margs for the boys hashtag strawberry marks and uh of course as always don’t forget to subscribe thank you guys again for watching and I’ll see you in the next one peace Foreign