Dustin Williams Video: WRX Dyno Day With Fully Built IAG Engine! *CRAZY RESULTS!*

WRX Dyno Day With Fully Built IAG Engine! *CRAZY RESULTS!*

Posted: 2023-09-06 17:00:31
Author: Dustin Williams
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Now, that the WRX Engine is finished we can finally start the makeover! We are partnering with Meguiars to bring the WRX to SEMA. Stay tuned to our full makeover and transformation.

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign [Applause] Build episode of the Doug Rex engine build today is quite possibly the biggest day it’s Dino day All right the engine has got some freaking like base to it now it’s free so I totally lied to you guys I thought we were gonna put it on the dyno and I totally forgot that we still have to do the upgraded injectors and the upgraded high pressure fuel pump which thankfully

Very gladly actually showed up so let’s go finish the fuel and then we’ll get it on the dyno So if you guys watched the last episode you would know that our air suspension actually took a crap on us yesterday and completely just stopped working so we actually swapped over to the evolved Auto Sport coilovers last night and honestly I don’t like the ride of the

Coilovers better than I like the ride of the air suspension on the car so we actually have not set the ride height yet uh we can honestly lower the front just a little bit more but for transportation and Dyno and everything I think that it’s fine just the way it is

It’s good enough it’s good enough for now and then once we get it back home and we start doing the entire makeover that’s when we can adjust suspension see if we get a different Air Management kit we have a little bit of time to think about all that stuff but I’m kind of

Stoked how it turned out thankfully all of our fuel stuff showed up we were super worried that none of this was going to come in and we would just have to tune on stock fuel well the 85s but it should be super yeah it would suck so we got the nostrum

Upgraded nostrum upgraded injectors as well as the xdi high pressure fuel pump which means we can turn it up but we can turn it up no I should preface I don’t believe this is a pump that xdi at least currently offers maybe if you guys give

Them a bunch of Love they might but we actually some some people here know the guys over there and uh they kind of helped us out because we were in a bit of a bind and we built us a custom high pressure fuel pump so this should be

Very similar if not the same to the nostrum pump okay um maybe which we could not get we we could get the nostrum injectors we couldn’t get the pump so the guys over at xdi built this one and it should be pretty freaking sick super sick nasty delicious all of

This is gonna allow us to still run E85 turn the fuel up so we can inject this freaking car with some power we’re gonna inject her up she’s gonna shoot some fully bolted fully injected fully everything fully done up I mean honestly at this point there’s only like Aesthetics that really

Haven’t changed exactly we did suspension we did a full engine full accessories all over the engine fuel system fuel system it’s sick now it’s a complete fuel system yes we did it all we did it in what five days five days five day engine build let’s see how much

Power we can make I’ll save you guys the nonsense of having us cleaned you a lot about taking all of this back off we’re just gonna go ahead and knock it out we have to remove our intake manifold to reach the injectors and then we can also

Knock off our high pressure fuel pump once they take manifold is off as well if I throw it all back on this thing will be set and ready to go double bro fist Stock injectors let’s take a look at the nostrum injectors here pretty much are going to look the exact same It’s shinier OEM high pressure fuel pump ouch nice replaced with look at that spin I just thought it was good that was good that was good new and sexy wow wow similar but different it’s gonna be a lot juicier extra Beefcake extra Beefcake right here Billet goodness throw it all back in

Really really dynamic duo here like a dynamic pool comment like subscribe if you want to see more content with Kyle and let us know in the comments down below Yes sir rejected high pressure fuel pump twice may have had a hiccup where it was spewing fuel but you guys didn’t see it so it didn’t happen right it happened in our hearts and our minds yeah but now Kyle is loading on the new tune we’re gonna pull this thing out and we’re

Gonna put her on the dyno we’re gonna go get some fuel yes we need E85 let’s do that Foreign as you guys know I’m still running the delicious tuning flex fuel system Kyle here is doing a little bit of a long run he knows what he needs so driving a little bit putting the 85 in it and then we’ll be able to load this thing onto the dyno thank you

All right I’m gonna be tuning the car today just pressing the plus button all you think tuners do is just hit the up button where’s the plus button you can’t find it you don’t need to be used all right we’re gonna get this thing back to the stop wow I’m gonna get this

Thing back to the shop and sort it out foreign A week in planning for so long all right we got the WRX set up on the dyno as you strapped down Kyle is ready we ready to make some sauce ready to do something or another good luck come by it’s close to clock one of my favorite flavors saucer up baby cheese

Instead of here Like today Oh man how old first Dino issue has arisen but it’s a very very small issue hopefully yeah we were running the stock map Center and uh not actually now luckily we’re of course at map which means they have everything that we need thankfully so we went ahead and got an

Upgraded map sensor that should hopefully be good to go for now we can actually turn everything off I don’t even think we got a full pull should be good to go now so I’m just doing a couple of half pulls just gonna figure everything out see where the map is

Correctly so just cut it into it starting super hard car should be on play skate uh maximum stock absence route yeah so supposedly this is like an 18 or 19 PSI spring so it’s a four bar in here so there’s a lot of moving Parts

Here there’s a lot of getting so I think a lot of getting set up so well I’ll get you guys once however you do purple All right thank you 322 on I think 20 pounds of boost we have a lot more to go I don’t know that was less spicy [Applause] let’s go we’re having a tad bit we’re having a doozy of a day yeah it’s a little had a bit of trouble here we just had to pick the uh the 130 degree weather to tune the car in today just one of those circumstances

Um we don’t know what’s going on what’s Happening things look normal and look okay in the logs um but the car just isn’t really it’s not reacting exactly so the car the highest power the cars made is what’s like 364. yeah about about what it made before which is really really strange

And of course the heat definitely has something to do with it but I mean the graph is weird yeah the graph is super weird so one thing that we are going to try is grabbing a 20 20 pound bag of ice and throwing that on the intercooler to see

If cooling the intake temps does anything but if not we may be in a pickle because my flight today is at 10 o’clock and it is currently 5 p.m so if the ice doesn’t help then we might be a little hose a little bit host a little

Bit host but it’s okay because the car is staying here while I’m gone at least for a week or so so hopefully while I’m gone Kyle can have some time to work on this and figure it all out I mean the car does have a built engine upgraded

Turbo I mean everything’s new on it so a lot of things have to be changed we’re gonna try the ice thing out before we call it quits for today um but that’s just what we’re going through that’s just part of it you know told you guys at the beginning of this

Build when you do builds like this things don’t go as planned and you know and today might be one of those days but it’s fine at least everything works every thing is running we’re just going to figure out the power this could be our Saving Grace here let’s hope it is

Let’s try out the ice that’s what we’re going to try all right so it’s currently 97 in here drop down from 102. it’s a little bit cooler in here plus we have the ice let’s see what happens there she is coming alive a little bit it’s a little better all right

One is power jumps definitely the hot air is coming by the end of the dino session last week with Dustin is now fast forward Tuesday it’s a week later after Dustin Lynch having some issues with the car on the dino just kind of fighting us a little

Bit and struggling to make power I am happy to reveal to you guys that uh that’s uh figured out for the most part now um so we are sitting at see if he’ll Focus 469.96 we’re going to call that 470 and 465 foot-pounds of torque in that graph

Looks much happier so I won’t go into detail too much just because I don’t want to bore you or kind of say some nonsensical things but I won’t go into too much detail as to what was preventing the car from making power like that what I will kind of explain is

Di so direct injected engines are vastly different than port injection and there are things that are critical to tuning them that are much more important to pay attention to and in the kind of Rush that we were we kind of forgot the basics a little bit so taking a step

Back and just really sitting down with the car I also had the help of my good friend Brian May who is a very skilled and talented calibrator who primarily Tunes BMWs and her late model BMWs and rs3s and ttrs’s so he has a ton of knowledge when it comes to di fuel

Systems so him and I kind of sat in the room and just bounced off ideas on each other and kind of just figured out what worked for the car obviously there’s a ton of brand new parts on here so it’s not uncommon for the first session to

Kind of go poorly um that’s just kind of the way these things go especially when you have myself and frankly another tuner who isn’t super well versed in this platform but like I said the car’s making great power there might even be a little bit more to squeeze out of it but

At this point I was satisfied with what we had reached so far so I wanted to kind of check in with you guys and show you what we made and how far we’ve gotten so the car is running full E85 straight out of the pump a lot of people were skeptical due

To this car having tgv’s placed back on it as you can see the car had no issues making power um so I’m Gonna Keep kind of wrenching on this thing and just make sure it’s all good for Dustin when it gets shipped out this Friday but I wanted to like I

Said get you give you guys an update and film a couple runs and just do a little bit of talking to kind of explain where we’re at I squeeze any more out of it I will be sure to let you guys know in a much shorter format but for now this is

Where we’re sitting so you guys can hear me hear me out if you guys I would update you if we found any more power to be extracted from the car and uh kind of did kept turning it up just cranking boost cranking timing making sure the

Car is happy and obviously it seems to get happier the more we throw at it so still kind of limited by Fuel so that’s why the Boost does taper off a bit and see if I can 488 482 graph looks great it’s even it’s even with the Boost dropping but the ignition

Time and climbing still pretty happy over here um so he batter and see what it does Another degree after that last one I just showed you guys didn’t pick up any power so I think we’re probably at our MBT level as you can see 487 41 and this is all done with the top mount intercooler a drop in Turbo and tgv’s installed so I would say that

It’s pretty solid and it’s not a particularly cold day I’d say this is an average Minnesota end of summer beginning of fall day it’s about 88 degrees in the dining sets so I’d be pretty happy with that the car has been super happy to take all

The power that we’ve thrown in it like we said it’s got the caliper 272s ARP studs Tomei head gaskets and then of course the iag 600 horsepower open deck block so plenty of supporting mods like I said it would have been nice to have the port fueling maybe would have

Been able to push the turbo a little bit up and high-end but you know right now I just I’m at the mercy of what was available to us and honestly damn near 490 horsepower and the torque is what’s staggering to me so we are at that you

Know just shy of 490. we’ll call it 490 for YouTube 490 wheel horsepower and 480 foot-pounds of torque that isn’t that that’s that’s a fast street car I mean that’s that’s a pretty quick dailyable street car you know another platform is making a ton of power but if you think about a

Four-cylinder 2-liter di only no Port feeling I think we could probably squeeze a little bit more out of it if not flatten that graph out a little bit if we had some Port fueling in there or if somebody comes up with you know a set of bigger direct injectors or you know

Even some more tweaking of the fuel pump I think we could even squeeze a little bit more out of that but you know if you’re a BRZ intake manifold guy or something like that you could probably squeeze a little bit more out with poor feeling so like I said guys this build

Is completely replicable if you want any of these parts visit Ma performance.com and every single one of these parts is available from us since Dustin’s first video has already come out at this point we already had uh somebody hit us up for pretty much an identical build so if you

Guys are looking to have a basically if you’re looking for a 500 horsepower vawrx this is the cookie cutter build sheet that you would want to follow so I’m going to drive this car home and kind of enjoy it for the rest of the week while I have it before it gets

Shipped off to Dustin super appreciative of him giving me the chance to work on this hang out with him some more and do some tuning I love this kind of Discovery work I know it’s kind of a drag in the beginning trying to watch this stuff it seems like you’re

Struggling it seems like everything’s just going wrong but you always figure things out and you always just push through and that’s kind of the way that you the mentality you have to have if you’re going to be somebody like me and try and take on a bunch of stuff at once Thank you As our WRX build here in Minnesota comes to a close at least for me we have one thing left to do we are all gonna head out to a little local Minnesota car meet which is my favorite I love heading out to car meets cruising with friends especially after finishing the car now

Before we head out I’m wiping the car down with McGuire’s and as you guys know we’ve partnered with McGuire’s for the past few years and it’s been amazing Maguire’s kind of preaches reflect your passion and they’re all about passion and showing your passion and that’s kind

Of what this build is for me this is my absolute dream build when I first started the kind of build that I could have never dreamed of and that’s what I want for the wrex we’ve started out here at map with the fully built engine and

Now it’s going to come back home for the full makeover and like I told you guys since this is a passion build and Maguire’s all about reflecting your passion I’m super excited to announce that that we are partnering up with McGuire’s for the WRX build and bringing

You guys this car to SEMA the WRX when it’s fully complete in the full build is finished we’ll be at the McGuire’s out door display at SEMA so you guys can come check this thing out in person like I said we’ve already started with the engine build and next up this thing is

Coming home for a complete makeover and we’re working with McGuire’s to make sure that this thing looks fantastic actually just wrap it up today by wiping the car down on the ceramic detailer and getting this thing looking fresh before our local meet and when this thing gets

Back to us we have a ton of plans I am so excited to show you guys foreign last thing before we go we’ve got tons of WRX boys here at map I gotta hook my boy up another DGM yes thank you so much thank you for watching and six subie man

Thank you I’m jealous of the of the new bumper for a little test all 390 horsepower ready dude sounds pretty gnarly yeah that’s cool it’s different it feels pretty decent thank you All right made it to a little Minnesota meet we’re gonna look at some cars and then we gotta head to the airport and finally go home what do we got here it’s a montucky cold snack is this is this uh is this a Minnesota beer uh it’s actually

Wisconsin beer but it is the official unofficial beer of Montana let’s give let’s give her a rip cheers This is American this is American you can’t do that you’re right a light a light Summer’s Breeze and so that’s what this is no it’s a perfect summer beer like this and amps can’t beat it the Midwest is just so friendly look at this nice this nice beer enjoying

Literally the first time I’ve ever met you Well Minnesota it’s been real it’s time for us to head home a little car meet was awesome it’s always great getting to meet you guys out and about but uh Kyle’s gonna take the WRX and drop me off at the airport and we’re heading back home for California at least for a

Couple of days you know all right Kyle this week has been amazing I know I think we’re at the airport come here the viewers love you so hopefully we get to come back soon maybe for another project but for now take care of her and we’ll see the WX soon foreign

ER it’s been real until next time it’s been really good it sounds really good let’s go home Beautiful