Dustin Williams Video: Wife’s Reaction to My 600hp Single Turbo R32 GTR

Wife's Reaction to My 600hp Single Turbo R32 GTR

Posted: 2023-07-31 17:00:19
Author: Dustin Williams
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The R32 GTR is finally back!! Now that the exhaust is done and on the car we can start driving the GTR around. in today’s video we take Tiana in her first ride in the R32 and also head to check out a local car meet!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

The gtr’s first outing I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time you guys remember in the last video we just finished up the exhaust Tiana is right outside and we’re gonna be getting her reaction to the new exhaust she’s back you know what’s crazy what we

Haven’t taken this car to a car show since I first got the car I this car went under the knife sat like that so awesome sat like that for a couple of years we finally got it completed it was a race car for a while and it’s decided that I really want to

Just drive this car all the time anywhere I want and that’s where it sits right now finally completed and we’re gonna be taking it to a car meet tonight and getting Tiana’s reaction to the car I know how it sounds I know exactly but

I will tell you one thing I can hear it at the house it’s gonna be good waited all its life for this look at poor thing’s so thirsty it’s guzzling gas There we go so good all right well I guess you I didn’t know you knew about the exhaust but I guess you do what do you think about the new and improved exhaust it sounds so good it really does but I also just realized what this car

Doesn’t have AC does it no of course not look windows down the sound of an RV I just realized it’s gonna be awesome okay initial impressions of the new exhaust what do you think I love it before we driving I it’s the perfect like volume okay like quiet tamed a

Little bit yes but it has like the Deep Grumble so like your neighbors aren’t gonna hate you but you know you can make it loud when you like do a couple reps but I you know I love the Deep grum I’m excited to get your reaction when we

Actually get under load and do some pulls she has no idea okay are you ready I can’t believe that we’re taking this to a car meet and the exhaust is so tame now that you can hear the chatter from the triple plate clutch you can that’s sick and that’s gonna be cool if

There’s no traffic because that’s going to be a nightmare to drive this in traffic you ‘ve ever really been in this car when I like drive it drive it so you know I’ve never really thought now it’s like a full-blown race anymore we’re gonna warm her up a little bit it’s so good

It sounds amazing and we can just like have normal conversations yeah yeah that’s the other that’s what’s so nice it’s like cool enough outside to have the windows down you know it’s like perfect weather yeah it’s just like it’s what I really wanted for the car just to

Be able to enjoy and drive it you know foreign all right oh my God oh it’s absolutely yeah I want to see it I know it’s odd but I want to see like a Windows up I know wow there’s other cars okay ready it’s unnecessary and it’s perfect oh my God

It’s so brutal oh my God it’s impossible oh foreign Or in like stop and go traffic the triple triple blade clutch is not not anything to drove no sir thing sounds like a fighter jet with the HKS turbo that’s the perfect way to describe it Georgia Pull right here yeah okay Boba run Market delivery okay Superior Boba once again Macho what did you get I can literally hear the Grumble all the way in there you can hear that it’s not like it’s like loud but I can hear the like Rumble wait wait

Wait wait wait wait wait you guys probably forgot about this I haven’t forgotten about it check this out I wonder if you can on the camera this is a very rare part in a GTR very sought after check this out I did forget about that cup holders this

Is a crazy part OEM Nissan part for the GTR but unfortunately there we go it’s meant for like like little lost coffee but look at this wait that’s okay I love that look at this I love that for us how great is that so cute look at that

It’s perfect also I probably wouldn’t open this yet with how driving this car it’s gonna go everywhere well it’s the point cup holders in here okay this is our everyday card you can risk it for the biscuit let us know in your comments what is your what is your ghost

Let us know in the comments all right I think now we’re set and ready to head through the car meet and there is traffic so I love that R.I.P to me and my clutch turns out we’re actually a little bit early so I know of a like a really cool

Quiet street with an open parking lot that I wanted to get some photos of with the GTR it looks so good it feels so good just to be able to like drive this car around and even take it to little empty spots like this to get some photos

So figure out make the most out of the time and get some shots foreign Foreign If you know you know what’s up what up dude all the gdm if you just go left here Yeah what up dude all the way back there It’s like a Sunset and coffee get it It came out Foreign It feels so good to have the GTR back at car shows just be able to show it and drive around but also just walking around seeing everybody else’s car I see this guy’s car at all the local meets and my my favorite part look at his license plate Oh my God wait I need I need to play GTR that’s what I need Calling my name I told you I wanted the yellow banana Supra and it’s on bbs’s too can we get hashtag banana stupa in the comments so we can convince Tiana to let us get us I don’t know I’m I’m cool don’t get me wrong it’s just like not I don’t know

Come what I know guys if you you might see a new face in the background of the videos we have a new friend here this is no everybody we’ve got fresh meat we need it we need nervous initiation we need an initiation ceremony ask me again we’re gonna Let’s do let’s

Discuss we’ll figure it out we have to initiate them in I already see it peeking out oh sitting me out it’s gonna be on also a green flag here for Noah is he is also a Miata fan so major Miata fan I told him he needs one ASAP ASAP a Miata to give

It up I want it to be a giveaway car this is good keep in the garage too though I I like the cream interior wow this is this thing is very nice it’s super clean inside it even says look this I need to meet this guy No come look at this I gotta meet this guy oh my God Miata fan yeah how much this is the guy this is the guy the car and the jacket what’s up dudes what’s up dude Thank you so good to be back in the GTR I mean oh at night time that’s what this this car really shines meant to be a midnight Runner it gives me all the Japan feels all right but we’re gonna head home now and get this thing back into the garage I really can’t put it into words I mean this was my first real JDM car I bought and it was with you remember do you remember what we did after you went to go eat you had a little date night I mean I just can’t believe that it’s

Finally here driving on the road we just took it to a car meet like this is like the goal for the car was just to bring it back and be able to drive in have fun with it that’s exactly what we did tonight and it feels so good I feel like

I’m in Japan but it’s here with this oh my baby is back it just feels so damn good to have this car back and I hope you guys are excited too it makes me want to continue to modify it get the hood that I want get through your spats

For it and just really like turn it into the car I’ve always dreamed of it and we are definitely on our way and she needs to go to Cars and Coffee all the different Meats I’m just so stoked well what do you think exhaust thumbs up thumbs down double thumbs up wait wait

Double thumbs up nice it really is I need to turn the lights off actually before I forget even though one of my favorite Parts is the uh LED lights that we have on this thing make it look so good during the night not that anyone asked what my favorite part is the rear

That’s what she said but it really is it’s sick right the wing you just turn the lights off oh oh oh you want the GTR lights that’s how you distinguish okay like if you were to pull it out right now in the dark and all you saw was this menacing hold on

She loves it I love it I hope you guys love it and there’s definitely more to come but this is where we’re gonna end today’s video hope you guys enjoyed as always be sure to leave us a like leave us a comment down below your favorite Boba that’s that’s today’s one and uh

Don’t forget to subscribe we’re on the road to a million thank you guys so much for watching and we will see you guys for the next one peace out Foreign