Posted: 2019-05-28 17:00:01
Author: Dustin Williams
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2015-2021 Subaru Wrx/Sti Rear Diffuser V5 ( Aggressive)

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

What is up guys welcome back to the videos today is gonna be a monumental day because number one it is the first day we’re putting the Duggar X on the lift number two we’re showing her a little bit of love something that has been needed something that has needed to

Been [ __ ] something how do you say it yes and it’s not the bags it is a rear diffuser this car is overall super super aggressive but when you look at the rear besides the wing yeah we need we need some seriously we need some real diffuse

Yeah when you look at the rear it’s just missing something and I feel like it’s a gnarly aggressive diffuser so huge thank you to a company called little flow dynamics you guys can use the code on the screen right now to save yourselves a little bit of money I’ll also put

Their link down below in case you want anything that make awesome aero mods for all kinds of different cars so if you were interested please check out their website and use my code on the screen and save yourself a little bit of money if you want to grab something today

We’re gonna be installing they’re brand new believe this is the version five I’ll put on screen if I’m incorrect we are installing the brand new diffuser on the WRX now thankfully we went ahead and unbox it because I didn’t know if it came with hardware or not that was about

To go get it but Aero flow is amazing and they actually provide all of the hardware necessary that you’ll need as well as some mounting brackets and everything is extremely nice but we haven’t opened up the actual diffuser yet so let’s go ahead unbox all of this

And give it a little mock-up so we can see what its gonna look like oh but first let’s see again Oh a nice red to kind of offset it a little bit okay before we get too far in today’s video I do want I do have a little bit I do have

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Personal favorite item is the rainy windbreaker as well first time ever doing an item like this and it is pretty sick so we’ve got the same hit over on the left side as well as something small on the arm this has to be a legend as

Well in the kanji with the actual new logo so very clean very sleek stylish another couple things that we are doing is we do have all accessories we’ll have a brand new banner jet tags and we were actually doing box stickers now so we’ll have more designs than just these two

But here are a couple of the box to your designs that we have you know what kind of like holographic yeah this is a stupid joke oh okay so don’t forget May 31st 12:00 p.m. on Friday don’t miss out since your alarms your calendars it’s gonna be amazing and I

Absolutely love everything so I hope you guys too also you guys are gonna hear me talk about this in every video just cuz I am so excited about it but let’s get started with the diffuser put this thing up on the lift and they start mocking up the rear diffuser Everything is unboxed super-nice that it already has mounting holes and everything is ready to go and I also like that it kind of has like this upward angle right here to block the stock diffuser that it comes with so right now we’re using the little nuts

And the bolts to go ahead and connect the entire diffuser here actually really cool cuz all the pieces connect we have the car up in the air once everything is connected on a diffuser we’re gonna start figuring out how to mount it to the car

I believe you use the stock pins but not 100% sure yet whoo okay a little bit of time this pass and I think we have figured out how to actually mount this thing so on either side here you mount these two stock clips that come on the car and then they

Give you some hardware for the uppermost how would you yeah yeah over here they give you hardware for that same thing was this side now so these were the two issues that we had we didn’t know where these brackets go but now I figured it

Out so this guy is gonna go right right here – right there oh you’re a genius see that yeah okay before we do this I feel like we need to do these brackets up here which we can’t really show because you’ve mounted the thing already Dan I think so yeah smaller clips here

You’re really thinking now kid oh yeah that’s it no yeah because we were before we were doing this and there was like this much of space there was a gap there because we thought we’d have to use Clips but definitely looks like it’s it now okay

We’re going to take off this nut right here and then we’ll yeah yeah okay so I’m not nice dot dot notice things dot org this is the these two mounting brackets are secured now we should need to tighten these up just a little bit but when you

Guys actually do it there will be two clips in here that you’ll need to take out and replace with the actual brackets so now that these are in there we’re gonna go ahead and tighten both of these up and then maybe let’s mount this before we do the rear brackets let’s try

It okay so now all of this is mounted and good to go these two middle brackets are good to go and we are going to do the sway bar bracketing right here which goes just like that so these little bolts right here this hole is threaded

So you’ll just take out this bolt right here Danny’s already done it let’s go let’s walk let’s walk them through it Dan yeah so I have this wave our bolt here let me just stick this guy in here put it up just screw this guy in right

There alright okay and then this guy and that’s your chassis mount yep and now it’s not gonna just be like a floppy boy it’s gonna be nice and stable dang dude this thing is super aggressive in the rear my rear is That is a sturdy boy dan damn that’s awesome solid brother pull on it yes dude that’s so sick damn I’m super freaking nice so quick run-through for anybody else that’s trying to do this you have two clips down here that you’ll use from stock you have your bolts that were provided from

Arrow flow one right here and same on the other side then you have your two brackets two brackets in the middle with your provided hardware and then the two long brackets connect from the diffuser to the sway bar and that’s it super easy simple install and something that I

Really like some companies don’t do is air flow provided everything so the diffuser is officially on we’re gonna go ahead and lower the car and see how it looks on the ground also thanks to Ben pack we did use the trans jack to also help us lift up this diffuser he did Dan

Have been working as Oh that is crazy aggressive from the rear dude the thing that I really like about it is it complements the wide body of the car – ah I wanna see what it looks like outside dude look at it from like this single ah that’s so sick thankfully I had these boards laying

Around because now I just realized I can’t jack up the car to get it on or off the lift anymore with the rear diffuser so I need some wooden block Danis car looks really good let’s go ahead and back this thing out and see what it looks like outside has a

Massive exhaust leak I think it’s coming from the headers deaf man scan then checked out I might just get a whole new set of headers so I get it Dan thanks for helping brother looks really good it looks crazy on it’s like super you can’t really say they can see on camera but I like I got seen you before it like becomes like okay my camera died while we were filming at the shop but I haven’t been

Here in such a long time and I wanted to come shoot a couple pictures of the new windbreaker that we’re dropping this Friday so I decided to take the Subaru home and get some glamor shots of the brand new diffuser and then I have Tiana

Here to help take some pictures of me I scare but uh yeah I wanted to stop by what do you think about the diffuser by the way it’s brand new this is the definition of aggressive it is like if you were to look up aggressive in the dictionary it’s super awesome I love

Definitely what the rear of this car was missing it looks crazy it’s super nice too it’s very very sturdy it’s crazy yeah so very good stuff from arrow flow I’m gonna go ahead and get some cool shots of the windbreaker getting out of here as well as I’ll get

Some glamour shots of get some glamour shots of the new diffuser – such a cool location – especially when this place is completely empty the car just looks a really good down here in this lighting We got some small some shots once again a huge thank you to arrow Flo for the amazing rear diffuser whoo it would definitely be doing some more work with them and I think the BRZ needs a little bit of love from them too though but I’m absolutely in love with the new diffuser

If you guys are interested in anything for your car as well be sure to use the code on the screen and save yourself ten percent off of anything off of their site it will be well worth it hope you guys enjoyed the install video we have lots more things coming for the

WRX like the bags as you guys know thank you for watching if you haven’t already please hit that subscribe button we are less than ten thousand away from hitting four hundred thousand subscribers which is crazy so you have it please subscribe and like the video I’ll see you guys in

The next video peace out