Dustin Williams Video: Why I Can’t Drive My R34 GTR in Japan Anymore..

Posted: 2023-08-18 17:00:13
Author: Dustin Williams
In today’s video we unfortunately drop off the Tokyo Drift Evo back to Top Rank and get prepared to leave. Also, you guys have been asking about the R34 GTR and why i cant drive it anymore.. well, here’s your update!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign Ly head home Thank you guys I’m off we’re ready to go home no Well the Evo made it close to PDI we ended up bringing the EVO to Moss’s apartment last night and didn’t get home till 5 a.m but it made it so today I’m leaving to head back home and we got to get this car to top ranked today so should we try

And start it to see if maybe we’ll have some luck yeah I bet it will start that is so weird now it’s gotta be the starter it got to be started yeah what the what It’s it’s now it’s I think it’s now officially it should be starter now it’s definitely the starter all right I can upload this thing started All right Well I guess this is really it from picking it up all the way at the port to running together to fuel Fest to midnight one God runs this thing has already taken us on So Many Adventures and there are so many adventures and experiences waiting to happen this car

Is staying in Japan for one whole year so we’ll have it until around next July or August and then we have something special waiting here for us but for now we got to drop the evil Off The Top Rank and make our way home but before we do

This I think I owe you guys a little look an explanation on something thank you we’ve been hiding a little secret throughout these videos at PDI you’ve probably seen my secret full-time Japan car a few times we’re gonna give it one last little check out here and then give

You guys an update on something that you’ve been waiting for well muscle what do you think about the Japan car I think you would enjoy a lot uh but you guys won’t see this until next summer okay let’s go foreign Bittersweet throughout this entire Japan trip you guys have been asking about where my R34 GTR is why am I no longer able to drive this in Japan and I think I owe you guys an explanation a lot of you that have been keeping up hardcore with the Japan content obviously know

Why but for any of my new viewers or anybody that maybe hasn’t been keeping up and you’re just now tuning in this is my R34 GTR that I’ve stored in Japan for about four or five years the whole goal for this was to show you guys what true Japan life is like and

Getting this car built in Japan going to Carmi doing long gone runs and everything that we continue to do now and through this car we’ve really shared and had some amazing experiences that has kind of landed me in this unique position here in Japan it’s really cool

But let me tell you guys what the next plan for it is and you’re probably asking why the heck is it outside what is it doing well this car is actually getting ready to be imported well it actually needs to be transported before that because as

You guys know we are doing the Midori Sabi engine build this car has a little bit over a hundred thousand miles on the engine and the goal was to get this thing fully built from uchinagasan at Midori Sabi now we’re having just a little bit of issues right Masa so last

Time we were there we figured out that Nismo discontinued their blocks luckily for us uchinagasan ordered my block before the discontinuation but they’re severely back ordered and it’s a and it’s much later than we expect we were supposed to already have the engine being built ready to go into this car by

The time I was here right now and unfortunately that that didn’t happen do you know when he said potentially uh about now yeah I mean like any day now my block should be here so that they can do the engine build because soon after this goes to Midori Sabi it’s going to

Be shipping to America because this is a 1999 R34 GTR and one January so this is chassis number like 430 538 oh oh I was close this is chassis number 538 this is one of the earliest cars to be imported so this thing actually leaves in late

November to make it to America by January how freaking crazy is it that the R34 is about to come to America that’s insane what all of that means is in order to drive this car in Japan I register it through top rank as a rental car

Um and it’s very expensive to do that and since my registration ended back this year in March right when I left from Japan in a van it wasn’t worth it for me to pay for a whole another Year’s registration if this car was just going

To be imported in a couple months and I can’t even really drive it because midori’s baby was supposed to already build the engine so this car is no longer registered in Japan it’s sitting getting ready for export well transportation of Midori Sabi then export back to America that’s why the

Story of this car at least in Japan has ended we told you guys that last trip I made a full video on it um it’s like I said sad because of all the memories and experiences is that this car has given us and the opportunity that this car has given me

Through the videos and all the support from you guys that made all of this possible and I feel like that I owe all of that to this car you know it holds a really special place in my heart it’s it’s truly probably my favorite car I’ve

Ever owned in my whole life just through the experiences through what the car is and what it means to me you know so like I said it’s sad that we won’t be able to drive it in Japan anymore but bittersweet because it’s coming home and we’re gonna have this thing forever and

Like I told you guys just just a second ago we actually have a Japan car here that is an estate indefinitely a whole new story is about to be told a whole new story is about to unfold with a brand new Japan car that’s going to give

Us so many memories and so many more experiences we’re gonna be going to all kinds of different places we traveled the Kansai region with the R34 and we’re gonna go beyond that with our new car here in Japan and give you guys so many new and cool stories cool shop visits

Cool modifications and just experience what Japan culture and car culture here is really light oh gosh like that was a mouthful dude but you know it is always one of those stuffs that you know we always get involved so this is like one of the end of the chapter for 34. I

Really in Japan but it’s just in Japan exactly it’s gonna live forever in your house and you have a next potential JDM type of uh vehicle from us which is yay yeah yay for us I know I really feel like we really told an amazing story

With this GTR and it was time to close that chapter do the engine build and bring it home I really feel like it’s that time with this car and time to tell you guys a new story beyond the Tokyo Drift Evo as well that’s just holy

That’s crazy but even beyond that for a car that’s going to stay and definitely here with me in Japan that’s gonna be pretty freaking cool yeah and then you’re gonna drive your awesome new it’s gonna be JDM guys it’s not gonna be it again it’s not gonna be a Euro Car you

Know like awesome Fuji bougie stuff for that it’s gonna be more oily greasy but still really fun to drive and ready next that car will be a very Nimble car as well yes but it will be more towards to the Tollgate car that Dustin really loves exactly and you guys know that

Like yes doing like one gone wrong sorry Wong runs Yokohama runs you know that Tokyo downtown nightlife is amazing but what I truly love is being in the mountains running Toge doing all of that and that’s what this next car is gonna be geared towards of course we have the

Togay 34. can’t forget about this but uh we’re really really gonna have a Toge car and something that’s kind of unique and a little bit different you’ll you’ll see it yeah it’s a comfortable car for sure than your Evo because it has AC and it has a nice seats it’s a unique color

It’s a unique color too it’s a very let’s just say you know it’s done when you win the car is here it’s just all foreign leave I want to give one last goodbye to the Evo and I do have to say one quick thing this trip was an absolute blast

Um but I do want to say none of this would be possible without top rank top rank has been with me from the very start from my first ever JDM car and from there we’ve developed this really amazing relationship leading up to my 34 and now the Evo

Um I am so unbelievably grateful for top ranks help in yasuka Brian Masa top ranked Global Japan team sought over taking care of the car I mean without top rank Global none of this would be possible a big thank you and shout out to top rank for facilitating all of this

The paperwork housing the car for me taking care of it yasuka thank you so much for putting up with me constantly nagging you on on making sure everything was going through we were doing it properly um I just cannot say thank you enough and if you guys are looking for your own

JDM car your own Japanese experience I cannot recommend top rank enough I mean what they’ve done for me and everybody else with a car here is truly insane it’s it’s incredible and the care that they take and the cars that they provide for you guys to buy I mean it’s truly

Amazing um if you’re considering buying a JDM car please check out top rank I’m going to leave a link to them down in the description box below so you guys can find their inventory as you guys know all of my JDM Cars have come from Top Rank and now we even have my

American car here so just wanted to give a big thank you to top ranked Global yasuka Brian Masa it’s about them not as we’d be possible and of course without you guys either watching thank you for the support but this is the final goodbye 600 miles now many many more

Miles to go I’m also is it time for the airport well I want to take a shower behind because look I don’t like soaking wet it’s humidity AF here so we’re gonna get out of here and uh I’m heading back to LA for one day and then we fly out

For our next adventure without further ado okay well I’m most excited about now is getting a ride in Mazda’s grmn dude this thing is so effing cool man I wish you would have driven this all week you guys didn’t see this last trip Masa traded his regular gr Yaris for a grmn full

Track spec let me give you like walk around before we go really quick crazy carbon Wing super awesome red paint let’s wrap around front crazy carbon vented Hood canard’s lip kit it’s absolutely sick my favorite part wait Carlos page double recaro’s bucket gr seats and they’re freaking comfortable you did good Masa oh Our last convenient run of the trip gotta get my favorites on Fury and chicken taco Now Dustin’s getting here this trash out I wanted to talk to you guys this was a very interesting trip thank you Dustin for taking me around and I’m so happy that you we made this happen maybe that we have some hiccups it worked out great so yeah Dustin this is the random clip

That I always do but I love you man you definitely need to do this kind of trip more and more and more and thank you yasuka and intern for our team for supporting it that was great you know great knives great needs great hangs but one chapter ends there’s always another

Job to come in so Oh God Hardest part of the trip always but exciting because ready to go home and see Tiana and Tiana and Sparkle [Applause] Foreign Trips ever it was perfect fortunately we’re sitting in line waiting to for our waiting to check in and just reminiscing all the crazy stuff that we did yeah just checking out like the photos I know you guys are getting an inside look I haven’t posted these yet but

Just insane dude seriously best trip ever oh they all it’s like every each trip like evolves right it’s like a different experience every single time and it’s like there’s no bad trip in like all your Japan trips there’s always good and they’re all different they’re all different and they’re good and

They’re a good way and we always end up Reminiscing on it in the checkout in the check-in line goodbye come here I miss you man see you very soon thank you for everything also all right as always man take care of my Evo of course bye-bye time to go home Like I told you guys are already back on the road and I’m so excited to show you guys what’s in store I hope you all enjoyed this Japan trip like I always say it was absolutely fantastic and every experience gets better and better and more different and more different as

We evolve figure things out and it’s a lot of work I do everything on my own shoot film photos edit everything and each time it gets more and more work we’re staying out later and later getting more shots but it’s all so worth it so I really hope you guys enjoyed

This series and I can’t wait to go back um I think our next trip will be in January for for Auto Salon so that’ll be a really fun trip with the Evo I just want to say thank you guys so much for all of the support this truly is my

Passion and to see how much you guys enjoy it along with me makes me so happy excites me for the future so so with that being said I’m gonna go and end today’s video we are back on the road for another exciting project so next week starts our next big series which

I’m super pumped about you haven’t already make sure you hit that like button leave me a comment down below hashtag media to the end and don’t forget to subscribe we’ll see you guys in the next one peace out