Dustin Williams Video: When I buy A Porsche GT3…

Posted: 2023-08-02 17:00:43
Author: Dustin Williams
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Today, we take the FL5 Type R for it’s first track day! We load all of our track gear in and head over to our friends at Art of Attack. The AoA team is bringing out their GR86 and their Porsche GT3 GT3 Cup Evo conversion! it’s an absolute beast! When we buy a GT3, this is the build we have to do!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Track day prep f05 Edition and this is what a Type R is the best car for today’s video we are heading to our favorite track in the west button Willow and very surprisingly because I told you guys it’s summertime we really don’t hit track days in the summertime especially

Because tomorrow it’s gonna be 103 degrees outside and track temps are going to rise way above that but what’s most important is tea time and that’s what tomorrow is all about but I’m particularly excited for this track day because we are taking the fo5 type R which is super exciting because it’s our

First track day so like I said the track days actually trash reported ahead on North Haven Avenue and so before the track day we’re actually meeting up with a bunch of our friends at Art of attack to have a little Cruise all the way up to the track and they are bringing some

Seriously sick cars to do some tests and tunes for some upcoming competitions later on in the year which I’ll actually be at as well so I’m excited to show you guys those cars and just get back in the driver’s seat and get some real practice even if it is going to be scorching

Burning skin hot we’ll make the best out of it so I guess we’re gonna sit in traffic for a little while and I’ll see you guys is at Art of attack oh I gotta show you guys this probably my favorite Porsche build and one of the nicest builds of all time the

Art of attack GT3 GT3 car it’s insane absolutely ridiculous and we’ll get to this in a bit but God 10 out of 10. we’ll see more of that tomorrow but if you guys are ogs of the channel and I’ve watched since we first started tracking daddy Matt is back dude

It’s been so long since we’ve been to the track yes bro I think this is some Linkin Park in there radio station that works though sounds of the road this thing is so you should take this to the track tomorrow oh dude this thing is so gnarly absolutely

Look at this video right here right here all right Porsche if you guys don’t know Matt Matt is an absolute bad man he is a great wheel man he’s a great driver and the one that actually taught me how to drive a little bit of a break from driving but uh he’s back

But that’s not about fast Matt it’s about fun horsepower hey 987 came in s this power is pretty much stock yeah um it just has a exhaust and that’s it exhaust coilovers Wheels tires Motorsport Hardware the ultimate like track package for this honestly it coming from the S2000 it feels like a

Little bit bigger s2000. that’s that’s the best you can get dude that’s the mid-engine front mid-engine rear it sounds so good Matt dude dude have you taken this on track yet I have dude how good is it honestly it feels really [ __ ] good it’s got so much torque it’s so easy to

Drive yeah I’m gonna have a U-turn in here yeah take it all the way to redline I’m scared I don’t want to do that to your car you could do it to my car how does it get any better you know so Matt is actually going to be driving

The art of attack 86 tomorrow which I’ll go show you guys really quickly um I’ll give you run down to the cars tomorrow but trailering the poor shot Matt will be driving the 8-6 down tonight and then of course I’ll be in the fl5 it’ll be a fun

Track day tomorrow despite the heat so here is the art of attack gr86 this is like I mean really anything and everything that art of attack does is Pinnacle of the car but this thing is so awesome these cars already Drive Great and art of attack and ours future really

Know how to set up cars so it’s been about three years but we’re gonna be back at the track together foreign about two and a half hour drive so not too bad especially with a view like that thank you nice and smelly all right we’ve been to the hotel and we

Have a real race car hotel tonight like this place is uh pretty grimy but you know it’s a place to stay for a couple hours I’m gonna do it a hair check if you don’t hair check your bed before you sleep in it you’re a weirdo seems to be

Okay is our home for the night and I’ll see you guys in the morning for track day good morning it is race day the squad’s here and this truck day what’s up yes what’s up with my stuff getting the car set up for today we are

In the Red Run Group which is going to be first session today’s gonna be very very hot and very hot means High tire pressures so what we’re gonna do today 24 front 26 rear so hopefully it heats up right about 30 PSI here we go as you can see today is very

Much a Porsche day which will be super exciting to watch I guess hopefully we can learn a thing or two then we’ve got Jose right in front of us Jose is a fantastic driver also piloting the white Escape that I’ve shown you guys before she has got quite the diverse setup this

Thing is gnarly oh [ __ ] oh nice 202 hell yeah little first session debrief the car initially feels fantastic I mean for the car not having an alignment the wheel being a little bit crooked and us being on the old already 71rs the car feels awesome you can see the tire wear is

Right where we want it to be which is really nice I am so stoked on how this car feels now we’re just having the brake overheating which is either the fluid maybe even the pads because we are running Hawk pads these are kind of like our our street pads that we decided to

Run on this car as you guys know or if if you don’t know on the FK we actually run the endless racing pads uh for the track but these are just our Street Hawk pads and I do notice them overheating very early on in the session which makes

Me a lot less confident in the car to actually push it we’re gonna try and push through that and like I keep saying just get some tea time for today but for all of you guys wondering if the fl5 is good for the track it is fantastic all

Right you guys know I’ve been drooling over this car the entire video we have the madman the wheel man Amir who’s gonna get little rundown of the GT3 GT3 car version it’s pretty crazy it’s uh G3 car that we converted to a cup car

The 99 1.2 front end and rear end at a narrow package to it so the RS feature uh splitter and plates rear wing we’re running our bottom out Wing right now to test to see how well that package kind of works uh it’s also going to be a more

Off the shelf one our Swan deck will require a lot of chassis mounting so that one only for special projects quick pause here if you guys don’t know Amir does do all Arrow like development and stuff it’s pretty insane so all of ours future stuff that you see on the car is

Developed and made by a mirror right here so not only does he drive the car he also builds the whole Cricket it’s insane yeah uh my team and I have basically done essentially everything from A to Z on this thing with help from guys like emotion uh Angel’s done an

Awesome job giving us a hand with everything that we need so it’s been really fun to be awesome build so we want to go see what it can do yeah kind of in like the stock GT3 form or stock G3 power plant um oh is it still stock power yeah so

Exhausted some minor things but yeah major uh we want to kind of just Baseline it today see what it can do and then go from there make it yeah we have super lap battle GTA finals hopefully with it I’m very excited for that so yeah I just want to give you guys a

Quick walk through but I mean like I said they did the full GT3 conversion with like the radiator up front they have the new uh boot in the rear I mean just everything yeah so normally I have side spitters on it you have them off right now because you’re doing a little

Bit of testing so we have our bottom out Wing the Prototype we switch to the cup definitely with everything on there Riley from RS Motorsports this is so cool conditions insane so full titanium exhaust and we raised the exhaust so that way we could run a diffuser so

Normally the exhaust exits down here you can see the cut out there but in order to run the diffuser uh I asked Riley to relocate it basically out of where the license plate goes so we have the diffuser on right now but we’re going to

Add a flat floor to it as well so almost kind of going like in stages this is awesome dude I’m excited to see it run good luck thank you that is insane and of course uh me and Amir in the same running group so maybe we’ll see him on the track probably not

I might stay back on the next run group so we can actually watch a mirror run this thing but oh yeah we’re gearing up for session number two it’s probably the last one we’ll do today because we’re gonna do a little bit of a half day today

Dreams one day and this is exactly how we’re gonna do it all right session two it’s hot let’s get some driving in thank you foreign foreign 202 now we’re at 203 might just be a little too toasty today but I call it a success

Well that’s a wrap it is a wrap it’s a burning Inferno out here and also did you see my brake fluid it’s roasted oil the hell out of it let’s go look actually though I’m curious it’s my own fault for not changing the brake fluid and still having like a hawk

Street pad it’s right here it’s just Brown and gross and supposed to be clear clear-ish it’s supposed to be I’m stoked with how how well it did today I’m super happy with it we did good it was a good shake that was good do it again it was good seat

Time especially for when we get back out with the FK we have our biggest competition of the year in November which is going to be here for Global time and tag finals and that will be with the FKA so as much seat time as we

Can get we need to but now time to load up all of our stuff thankfully we didn’t need any of the tools or the spare tires because we’re still good to go so we’re just gonna load everything in and let’s head home Unfortunately they were having

A little bit of vibration issues on the Porsche so unfortunately we’ll not be able to see it run today but we’re gonna have to come back out here when they take it out again well they’ll be competing with us at Global time attack which will be really sick as well so

When you can see it run but it’s okay at least we got to see it actually out here in person it’s just insane my go-to and saving grace at the track ghost hydration this stuff is amazing I drink this instead of my power Raider and Gatorade and stuff for the track so

I can mix some ghosts in to be good for the drive home also you guys can use my code Dustin to save 20 off Euro gonna get Papa mad on this ghost train here yes plug me up with some ghosts bro this is the I’m gonna do one hand here

Let’s see if it works oh there we go look at that you just go Dustin that’s right 20 off baby Yep this is the kiwi strawberry it’s super bomb that is some good track fuel right that’s good it is it’s not bad at all I feel hydrated

Time to rip and uh be extremely cautious about the brakes because they do feel a little bit soft let’s get this home and get some proper pads and fluid on it and also the best part about this is let’s crank the AC now we got a comfy drive home foreign

Three hours later we have successfully made it back home and I think I can confidently say this is the best sea time car of all time I mean what else can get 30 miles per gallon drive to and from the track and still be a competitive fun track Army this thing is

Fantastic and especially because we are racing the fk8 this is such a great sea time because they are so similar so front wheel drive means the same car a little bit newer and I really think that we should make the fl5 what the FK was originally going to be and that’s just a

Dailyable fun to and from the track car and which actually makes a lot of sense because it’d be great for me to get practice in versus driving this thing all the time and risking something going wrong so I think that’s the plan what do you think little guy moseying around the shop well

Now that I made it home we’re gonna hang out go grab some dinner and stuff so we are going to see you guys in the next one as always if you guys have not already make sure you hit that like button leave me a comment down below and

Don’t forget to subscribe we will see you guys in the next one peace out foreign