Dustin Williams Video: When a 90’s JDM Car Guy Buys a Porsche..

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Posted: 2023-10-05 17:00:18
Author: Dustin Williams
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Thank you to @FitmentIndustries for sending the Porsche 911SC out https://www.fitmentindustries.com/
Thanks to @slammedenuffusa for having us out at Gatlinburg! Today is the final show day of the event and a new set of amazing cars is in the show! Thank you guys for taking the time to come see us. Today, I got to hang out with you guys and check out some other really amazing cars inside the show. Now, time to head back and get to work for SEMA!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign guys welcome to day three welcome back for slam enough day number two like I told you guys yesterday if you haven’t been following along you definitely should go watch the first two videos but today is a completely new show with completely new cars now our

Boots and stuff is still the same we’re right here next to fitment Industries and again want to give a big thank you to fitment for having me out and uh sending the Porsche all the way across the country of course it’s slam enough for having us out this has been the

Craziest and most fun car show experience that we’ve ever had I’m gonna take you guys along for one more last and final awesome day here at slam enough now we’re gonna go do a quick walk around before we get started today see some of the new cars that are here

And I might want to come take a more in-depth look at later on in the day but there are some oh guys super loud here there’s some really awesome cars here on the show dude first other one that we’ve seen this one is beautiful I like this color

Oh that’s so sick kind of kind of poops on mine a little bit steering wheel this thing is like restored so nicely it’s a brand new Porsche badge up front too it kind of kind of poops them on a little bit here thank God this is uh far

Away from mine this thing is beautiful dude I’m a huge fan of the wheels wow beautiful dang the little details on this car are insane the nice Porsche steering wheel if you guys look on the on the door handle right there he’s got a Porsche logo on the door handle thing

Is absolutely beautiful I want that one what I mean because this is pinky JDM style Porsche this is proper this is proper I’m the 90s JDM shitbox guy that got a Porsche this is a this is a Porsche guy foreign thank you so much bro okay what’s the

Brand tell me a little about it oh so this circle 96 yo I love this design that’s sick yeah so we came up with this because I felt like uh mid 90s early 2000s that’s where a lot of this camber is one of your your cars okay okay so I

Feel like wear this look of like the heavy camber I feel like that’s where it came from so somewhere and I see it yeah yeah that’s cool man I like that a lot this is dope man thank you for watching bro Hey listen I love y’all

Oh it’s sick man specific Gadget a lot of dude thank you bro thank you officially show time look who it is hey you’re back today what’s up dude for the GT3 RS they’re both over there we’re gonna go check it out again first one at the booth today appreciate you man

Where’d you guys come from Atlanta oh man thanks brother I’ll just throw we got people coming up the Legends booth for day two we’ve got a father-son Duo here look at this that’s awesome man thank you guys for watching it yeah nice to meet you guys all right the shirt

Damn fire bro I think you’re a rocket of Hannah I appreciate you hey what’s up Vlog you know we’re out here Tennessee slanting of Gatlinburg oh my God Dustin William there you go dude oh beautiful man that’s sick this man can’t prepare that’s sick dude that’s so cool

Now man day two is definitely still just as crazy and it’s so hard I want to see this it’s always so hard for me to decide what to film I never know what to film because I feel like I can look at every single car here and give a 10

Minute isolation on why I like it so much so I just don’t know but today is another group of really amazing cars and we’re actually getting to walk around a little bit today which is super nice we’ve seen this NSX before right yes in Charlotte this thing is sick insane color ogts

Okay I know we’ve said this a lot this weekend NSX has to happen telling you for years it’s my fault I was into the GTRs but she always told me to get NSX we never did it how’s it going man hey what’s up man I’m trying to never

Get it I know I would do NSX sorcery kit I don’t want to give it away I don’t want a spoiler because if it happens I can’t spoil it but just know NSX 10 and 10 is going to happen anyways we’re gonna walk around catch some of today’s

Coolest builds and just give you guys a little look at set it up part two this look at this another bar skip yeah I know there’s a lot of bar skits out there but the one the spice that we’re dropping on rwx I’m very excited but

This one is absolutely crazy I love the cage all the lights going to be watching the video covert ops mission we’re sneaking away for lunch yes T-money has never had a pub sub that’s why I love taking her to the South because she is born and raised in

California so she gets to experience everything for the first time like Bucky’s and a pup sub and I get so excited for those of you for those of you that don’t know what a pub sub is it’s a Publix sandwich they make really good sandwiches Publix is like I guess

Like the East Coast Walmart I guess you could explain it as but we’re gonna go get some lunch is this our this is not our car what are you doing every time I tried to open the door nerd anyways we’re going to Pub sub and

We’ll be back at the show in just a bit Pub Subs got it look at this your first experience I got a way too big of Sandwich here way too big it’s like 10 pounds okay here we go this bread look what’d you get literally so good I did like a

Little build your own turkey oh my God the bread yeah I’m so impressed now your guys’s mission is to go out and get a pups up nice nice before we go back we gotta take a look at this miat this thing is so dope you

Know you never really see any of the new ones get modified but I think these are so cool I like the target top Recaro do they come stock with these recaros that’s cool I actually really really like the new ones they just are an expensive car but the C1 modified to

This extent that’s Super Rad I have a present for you Dustin hey RV power baby I love that dude one day we’re gonna get the Arby’s together yeah we’re gonna have some fun yeah we’re gonna be power bro let us know in the com let us know in the comments what do

You guys want to see me and show do we’ll do something fun they’re gonna be like go to Cracker Barrel and eat you guys are the absolute best look at this this is oh this is the first of the first that is crazy man that’s from like

2017. that’s crazy thank you bro I want to know what your favorite car is of the whole show I already know mine oh my God I already what are you gonna say that’s the Porsche yeah oh my God you’re ruined ruined what about mine I don’t know what

My face I can’t choose things I know you’re very indecisive I like too many things well and it’s hard because they’re all so different yeah they have their own you know like yeah you have the Euro the JDM like yeah maybe maybe the green NSX

For today we need to get an NSX dude NSX yeah today I think my favorite car here is what this is NSX it’s hard being cooped up in the show all day but this was absolutely amazing Today’s show was fantastic the quality of cars I mean I’m

Not a huge BMW guy but this thing is absolutely insane look at the bbs’s I’m becoming more and more of a fan of bbs’s Super Rad I love the wagon too coming to this gets me so many more interesting ideas and I’m curious to see what what

Kind of cars you guys would like to see on the channel as well I don’t know we have some ideas in the pipeline of course in NSX but I’m getting yeah yeah the wheels are turning yep yeah this is uh I’m sure a lot of the car guys can

Relate on this point in the show we’re so close to the end 507 the show ends at seven tonight we also have to drop the Porsche off pack all of our stuff we have to leave for the airport at 4am it’s been a very long

Week but it’s been so much fun I mean especially taking the Porsche so surprised at how many people were so interested in this car it doesn’t look the best but it’s an absolute driver’s car so we’re gonna hang out while they’re doing the raffle and we’ll see you guys when we’re wrapping everything

Up to finish out our car show weekend we moseyed our way all the way to the other side of the venue which we really haven’t been able to come see but there’s a ton of amazing cars over here as well and some of you guys might have

Seen on the channel before but this is team Sensei from North Carolina every time we would travel to Evo North Carolina who would always see these guys out and they build some of the most amazing cars I figured I’d come show you guys a little bit of those today and a

Couple of you may have seen on the channel before two foreign maybe we should do a koi pond in the back of my car wait oh look his ears oh well we did it slamming up Gatlinburg crossed off the list if there’s one show that we do next year there’s got to be

Another gallon bird 100 it was amazing and we’ll try and do the two car method we’ll see oh geez I don’t know it got a little Rowdy you guys need to chill out at night time I hate this stupid stop stop it stop it look at me no more

Anyways we’re gonna go ahead and start breaking down the booth huge thank you to fitment for having us out and slammed enough this was such an amazing event and like I said if I could pick one show for you guys to attend slam it up Gatlinburg is his show anyways picar was

Amazing we got to drop it off tonight we’re gonna break down this booth and it’s finally make it home foreign oh my God Porsche is really good it’s so good it’s really good that’s good all right it’s time to get out of here let’s warm the Porsche up a little bit

It’s nice and I actually get to kind of roll out my own car too like merely freaking stupid oxygen here nice all right guys let’s head home like I said rollout is always the best part this thing is gnarly custom tie bars getting to see the dope builds is always the best part

That’s it I know I said it 14 times but this is for Real Ed we are saying goodbye to the Porsche she hopefully I put that in asterisks here hopefully gets picked up tomorrow with car transportation you really have no idea but guys over at King’s Customs were

Kind enough to let me store it here again and get it picked up so hopefully we see the car back at the shop this upcoming week we have a lot of stuff to install in that car but we also have a lot of work to do back at the shop we

Have three cars to build for SEMA one’s already done at save on we have three more cars to go so we gotta get home but for tonight we’re gonna grab some food head back to the Airbnb pack all of our stuff up and fly back to California for a very busy week ahead

We are finally all packed up and ready to head back home tomorrow quickly I wanted to go ahead and end this while we’re still here in Gatlinburg I know I say it often but honestly I feel like I can’t really say it enough thank you

Guys so much for coming out I mean it is the highlight of what we do getting to hear all of your stories a lot of you guys come out to the booth and no matter if you guys have been following us for years or days I truly appreciate you

Guys taking the time out to come see us and hang out wherever we go and it’s truly amazing interacting with you guys makes this so worth it and I love getting to share my passion with so many of you and you know share the same passion as you guys and maybe help

Inspire you to you know build the car of your dreams or work towards the car your dreams and drive your car I don’t know I’m just very very appreciative and this weekend was insane it’s gonna take a while to process everything because it was crazy but um I just quickly wanted

To say thank you guys so much it constantly and always blows my mind hopefully we can make it back to Gatlinburg next year and hopefully bring another car so with that we’re gonna go ahead and try and get some sleep we got to be up at two in the morning to make

Our flight all the way down to Knoxville so we’re gonna try and get some sleep thank you guys so much for watching um I can’t say it enough if you guys have not already make sure you hit that like button leave us a comment down below hashtag made it to the end and

Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button we’ll see you guys back home peace out thank you