Dustin Williams Video: We Rebuilt a Wrecked R35 GTR & Got it Tuned.. IT’S INSANE!

We Rebuilt a Wrecked R35 GTR & Got it Tuned.. IT'S INSANE!

Posted: 2023-06-23 17:00:39
Author: Dustin Williams
Thanks to @OsosikMedia for having us out for the tune! @powermetric_ gave the GTR all the sauce and it performs amazing! This is the absolute best the GTR has felt since we rebuilt it. Sitting around 520hp, this R35 GTR is going to be the perfect daily for anyone!!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

We have a little bit of a different one for you guys today we had a little bit of an emergency today’s video is it is kind of Tim Vlog Tim took over the log for you guys today I’m very excited because it is the last real quote

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Favorite designs we have like 20 plus new items of your favorite design and brand new colors so check out the legend site we have a ton of stuff on there and like I said you could buy a jet tag you could buy a sticker every one dollar is

One entry and to win the GTR sit back relax and I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video Foreign We’re about to get started on the 35 I just got to drain the oil get the filter off put new oil in it you know the drill we already have it on the lift because of yesterday intercoolers so sick that that turned out amazing love ETS products all right let’s get this

Started let’s get this done so we can go to Power metric and get some big boy numbers Foreign Like Dustin said yesterday we don’t know the power of this car um it has a tune don’t know what kind of tune I know it’s running a tad bit Rich uh so maybe we can clean that up and make it run a little bit better I just want it to be

Safe for y’all it has a couple new parts on it and those parts need a tune it ran good yesterday when we started with the the intercooler but today we’ll find out the numbers that this actually gets so fill her up with valvolving oh 40. synthetic Oil change is done now we’re gonna go ahead and get her off of a lift and head to parametric foreign And just like that we’re here at parametric they’re getting ready for us they’re opening the doors and we’ll get this tune started Hey car is strapped down they’re about ready for this GTR tune can’t wait to see the result I’m pretty excited for you guys honestly I’ll keep you updated on how it turns out rap I thought it was painted up first that’s why I asked you today I was like what’s happening there

Is that wrap so that rap is sick and back then I’m a little out of touch with wraps over the fact whoever guesses they’re gonna have a well-rounded car [Applause] s All right All right we got base numbers Daniel’s gonna work his magic and get you guys a safe spicy tune we don’t know what size injectors are on there so he’s just gonna like feel it play with it a little bit see how it responds but uh we just

Took lunch break now we’re gonna get into the spicy bit all right Daniel all the parameters set you’re ready to dial her in I think he’s doing like field trips and stuff right now so hopefully he can figure out what size the injectors are by just tuning it can do that

About the car but he said he’s just gonna go safely All right So when the car first got here more horsepower than it does now but Daniel hasn’t collected any boost doing better than the old tune was he’s just got to work his magic and then he’s gonna go to the trans it transmission like that Channel is on and then I’ll get the final Target

Numbers for you guys so you guys know exactly the car it’s right around the 500 range which is amazing and he is he’s not even just started so we will update you guys what the final numbers are done Thank you Daniel’s buttoning up the tune right now he’s got some great numbers out of it I’m gonna wait till the end to show you the numbers there was a little clip of some numbers earlier those were not the final numbers he was dealing with a torque Spike so that’s why I said 590 so

He’s cleaning that up now and he’s actually gaining power from the torque like fixing that torque plane so we’ll talk with him and Nick after this but I really appreciate Nick and power metric and Daniel helping us out with every one of our cars foreign So 5 27 and then 569 torque and that’s not it’s not cool outside right now either so we’re done with the tune thank you so much Daniel you’re amazing 67 foot pounds of torque and for Peak horsepower it’s like a fire like five horsepower but the biggest gains are

Pretty much in the mid-range so just driving this daily whoever wins this car honestly if you’re driving it on the street that’s where you’re definitely gonna feel it it looks even better well looks better and Daniel why don’t you just let everybody know what else you

Did because not every car when you tune a car it’s just about the engine you notice that the is shifted kind of harsh really so yeah we don’t know what train Transmission in there so the first thing I did was get like a clutch for you and put the all the touch points

To um the capacity to zero that day I relearn okay that made a little bit better so the next thing I’ll do is basically going in there and change the clutch torque table trying to make it you know just did a basic you know rough across the board yeah and then after I

Did did some part throttle and it definitely shoots a lot smoother and for those of you who did not understand that here’s the simple terms makes more power drivability is a hundred percent better it seems to be sick man put it on some ethanol that’s all you gotta do yeah he

Has in the projector so all you gotta do is put a flexor sensor in it put on ethanol so whoever wins this will give you a discount if we get to retune this thing all right you heard it here I forget I honor this go back to Dustin’s Channel and watch this power

Metric delivers again yeah can’t wait to see this bad boy blow the winner Link in description thank you well well look cool well I guess I’m the one who made it made it back who’s back the GTR made it back from the dyno unexpectedly I had prior engagement that

Came up like this that I had to be at and you guys might notice there’s a missing car in here not gonna say anything because you’ll you’ll see it soon vlogger Tim today came out and uh filmed an entire video of the GTR at the dyno tube what did it make Base number

Yeah so you can’t really go off of the numbers that he showed because we have the ETS intercooler right and that could have uh oh you’re right you’re right numbers yeah but it was 521 No 520 and then 500 torque okay so 520 horsepower 500 torque okay and we ended up with

526 horsepower okay and 568. holy moly this thing picked up some torque this how does it feel driving it feels way better than it did that is pretty simple mess with the transmission because we were having a little bit of jerking issues also this they were kind of thinking that it could potentially

Have been built or maybe that something with the Trans is done yeah and I’m trying to figure that out but I haven’t heard anything yet sweet so so far the car’s been amazing but let it rest a little bit it has been running all day but I really want to hop in this

Thing and give you guys a look at the first drive with the giveaway 35 so thank you to Tim for vlogging today let us know if you like the Tim Vlogs maybe we get some more Tim Vlogs in here I need a big camera like this yeah yeah

That one’s a little jerky all right Tim bro have fun on vacation you guys won’t see Tim for a couple weeks so I’ll be back he’s going back to the motherland motherland hey hey thank you all right it’s the next day after a little emergency Mission I’m so sad I wasn’t

Actually able to make it for the dyno tune but without the car rest overnight we are gonna go for the first drive with the new tune this thing makes 526 horsepower good ready to pee my pants it should be awesome I want to do a couple of pulls and just give you guys

My reaction to how great this car is go for a quick rip yeah oh geez well oh my God that is good going really fast to the speed limit well ready for this no no oh my God that sounds super good let’s roll the window s in case you guys can’t hear

Oh wait that’s better well I just feel so solid it does it like feel it feels like you’re 100 in control you know like some of those cars where it doesn’t really feel like it yeah I know you guys got to see it one one first ever drove this car and uh it

Felt good back then but right now it just feels like it’s like a lot smoother and I guess like the word for it is like more clean just feels like a monster feels like it feels like how a GTR should you ready Oh it’s awesome it’s like the perfect amount it’s so perfect it’s honestly it is you nailed it it’s so perfect the noise I love it I love it it’s one of my favorite sounding ones for sure just when you’re on the street like maybe you don’t notice it Um oh that’s beautiful I love that because you can hear him bouncing off the mountains right here listen to her breathe that’s sick that is uh that is a good noise let’s get her back to the shop well the R35 GTR rebuild is officially complete we rebuilt this thing from a

Wrecked car into this beautiful midnight purple R35 GTR and I am so happy on how it turned out I really wish got to keep this one but I’m super happy that it gets to go to one of you guys and I hope it’s one of you guys watching this video

Right here and you’re so freaking stoked on this thing because it really is such a great and solid car I mean everything that we did to it came out so amazing and from the tune to body kit the wheels the suspension it’s been amazing but uh

This is officially the end this is our last modification if you want to call a Dyno tune a modification the last thing we’re doing to the GTR on Monday the giveaway ends it’s completely over so if you guys have not gotten your entries in yet head to the first link down

Description box below to take you guys to the legend site having one dollar is one entry into win this thing and if you’re a VIP member you guys already know depending on which level you’re at you get up to 10 times entries and even free shipping so that’s everything that’s a wrap that

ETR build is officially complete I’m going to end the video here and thank you guys so much for watching if you have not already make sure you guys hit that like button leave me a comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe because we are so close to 750k and who

Knows maybe I have a little surprise once we reach 750k let’s see we’ll see you guys in the next one peace out Thank you