Dustin Williams Video: We Put E85 On the Type R and it made POWER!

Reading Time: 12 minutes
Posted: 2023-10-18 17:00:29
Author: Dustin Williams
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In today’s video we put the FK8 type r on E85 and got it dyno tuned!! the attack type r RIPS!

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Continuing on with our FK preparations for Laguna sea we have a big one today we got a couple of mods going on the car before we get started with today and first and foremost I want to talk to you guys about this this is actually something really exciting that I’ve been

Wanting to put in the car for so long and as you guys can tell this thing is pretty lightweight this is an anti-gravity battery anti-gravity batteries are the most powerful lightweight Motorsports lithium ion batteries you can get right now first things first we are replacing our old big juicy battery with the anti-gravity

Battery this thing is insane these can be up to 70% lighter than OEM batteries and for a race car we need this so really quickly let’s go ahead and weigh our OEM battery which we already got out versus our anti-gravity battery here OEM let’s check her out o OEM weighs

32.7 lb that is pretty ridiculous let’s take this guy off okay anti-gravity battery weighs 11 lb we are saving $21 lb with this battery that is absolutely insane there’s a couple of other really cool key features about this battery let’s go ahead and slap her in here this

Way this has a built-in jump start now we currently have this battery on our R32 GTR and it has saved our butts many times so with this battery if this thing sits for too long and the battery decides it’s going to drain you can actually just press this button right

Here and the battery jump starts itself how freaking nuts is that not only is this a lightsaber it’s going to be great for the race car it’s a lightweight it’s extremely powerful for what we need in a very very small package it’s sort of an all-in-one the anti-gravity battery is a

Great upgrade not only for Motorsports cars but for really any car that you guys have now I’m going to go and leave a link to anti-gravity batteries down in the description box below you can use my link save some money help support the channel and get yourself an awesome

Battery for your car no matter like I said if you’re going on the track or you’re just driving it around anti-gravity is an amazing lightweight powerful choice continuing on let’s go ahead and strap this battery down here very easy and it just looks good in the bay

Too batter’s in we are good to go and next up and for the bulk of today’s video we have this this is the PRL flex fuel kit for the Civic Type R and it’s already installed let me show you guys to make a long story short this is our

PRL flex fuel kit PRL has a really amazing kit to run E85 in this car I’m going to go ahead and Link PRL fleux fuel kit in the description box below so you guys can check it out for yourselves they have a very detailed walkthrough installation video that you guys can

Watch which is exactly what we did but it utilizes all OEM fuel lines and is a plug-and playay option which is very very simple to install so here are fuel connectors right here then we also have our lines for the sensor as right here for today’s video we are finally getting

This cartooned on E85 and I could not be any happier we’ve been running this thing on crappy 91 P for so long and it’s going to going to be such an upgrade and so much better for the car to run E85 it runs cooler better for the

Engine overall it’s just going to be not only just a power upgrade but overall health upgrade for the car as well we’re going to be taking this thing to power metric who has tuned this car ever since we’ve been racing it has done a fantastic job to make some good numbers

And get this thing power ready wise for Laguna sea so let’s go ahead and hop in actually let’s start this thing up make sure none of the fuel is leaking and then run over to the tuner okay I’m giving you a job you guys need to watch

Right here to make sure no fuel is dropping I’m going to put a little napkin on under it just in case now we shouldn’t have any leaking issues but you know you can never be too safe when checking fuel so let’s go and leave this right here start the car up double check

Everything and we’ll be good to go we’re looking good just have to nonchalantly Drive the race car on the street it’s fine so you guys hav watched the last upate video on the FK we did some really cool stuff to it and now with the very solid rear motor

Mount this car feels very very awesome and like I told you guys in the last video I’m stoked to actually get this thing on the alignment rack to get it a super dialed in alignment now that we have all the arms this car is really coming together to make this thing

Complete and since we have been classed up for this year’s new rules to be competitive in the class that we’re in we need a fully built engine and transmission so that is a long-term goal but uh all of this stuff is accessory stuff that will eventually help us when

We can afford to do the engine and transmission really talked about this cuz we I thought we fixed the issue uh for some reason the car is not letting me get into any boost so third gear put all the way to the floor no boost at all now originally we

Thought it was our dead battery and we swapped the battery and for some reason that worked for a bit now I’m on my way to the tuner and I have no boost there’s definitely an underlying issue somewhere also I feel like I should specify this is uh this was Prior

Even to doing the flex fuel kit so it’s not that something weird is going on we’ve made it to power metric and Nick was able to plug his computer in do some Wizardry computer stuff and figure out why this car is isn’t boosting like I said Tim and I haven’t really told you

About this issue because it was kind of an on and off thing that we thought that we fixed but come to find out Nick sat in the car with me we did a quick pass uh in front of the Dyno in front of the dyno here and he was able to see that

Our wastegate actuator is not opening fully so this thing is staying like either all the way open or just closing and not opening anymore it sounds like something in here is grinding that there’s a pin that holds the actuator in and it could be smacking into the Heat

So that’s what we’re going to check out it could be a potentially easy fix Let’s cross our fingers but we got to get all this stuff off to pull the heat shield off and check the little pin in here here’s a tool to take off the heat

Shield all right let’s see try maybe Moment of Truth going this way let’s see under here yeah right here it’s hting there oh my gosh so we got to flip this guy the other way and that that should clear the issue that b up I wasn’t like that what

A weird issue dude I think we just need to flip it and honestly I we’ll update you guys once we fix the issue the Tim fix that’ll work bend it manipulate it pound it beat it whatever it’s race car so so like it won’t flip over so it shouldn’t hit the shield and

This moves freely easily now perfect so now we shouldn’t have any issues with our actuator getting stuck on the heat shield which we do want to keep because of how bad the heat issue still is on this car but you know it’s fine I think we’re going to button this guy up and

Ready for 85 tune yep Ready nothing like a little bit of Dino day trouble all right guys see let’s get it all let’s get all the kings fixed out now so that when we’re at the lovely Laguna SE track none of this happens it’s going to be a

Wonderful bright sunny day great great for racing that’s what’s going to happen when we drive all the way to the here we go will we have Boost she’s back all right it’s working thank God she’s fixed I’m ready for some sauce on the 85 Nick do you remember last time how much power

We made uh I do not but it was like 360 or 340 oh you’re about to see Nick has already pre-loaded a tune onto the car which is going to be pretty close right yep it’s pretty close so uh Daniel and I were where you’re coming so we kind of

Already pred everything with your mods and uh right now on pump gas so let’s just see what it does on pump gas and then nice First Run pump gas we’ll see where it’s running it’s run we’ll fill it up with the 85 current base map on our 91 tune right

Now is making 3 48 horsepower and 325 ftlb of torque so that is where we will base our numbers off of today and see how much ey we can get that number with the 85 safely time for the good stuff Nick was telling us that these

Cars don’t take full 85 so we will do a little bit of a blend of 91 with 85 so we’re going to do one tank right now and see how she does all right here we go first first pull on the 85 oh that’s spicy oh my God holy sh holy

419 and 374 lb of for oh my God this thing’s going to be an animal and remember what a Mustang damn IC see okay incrementally 422 that’s actually very very strong pretty sick pretty crazy just off of e cuz we haven’t done anything else that’s insane put

Tel this thing is going to feel awesome this one’s for all the beans all the beans he clean clean it up dial back a little bit of boost had a little bit of timing he gave it the secret Splash we’re good to go it is so loud

Wo that one sounded spicy hell yes this is what I like to see 427 386 I feel like that is a perfect safe power to stop at the FK did so well today we’ll see if Nick and Daniel want to uh fine-tune in anymore but I’m

Pretty sure this is where we’re going to this is where we’re going to dial it for today all the sauce yes that was good look at that grass too yeah and compared to the last so all we’ve been working on is like the midrange the mid-range it’s

About 17 uh horsepower and torque pretty much from entire graph almost you see the Gap that’s insane this is good I think this is that’s a good that’s a that is really good yeah I would call that a successful dyo day I think you’re ready for the

Track yeah this is going to rip power torque everything it’s going to be nuts I’m so glad you went Flex Shield dude me too finally it’s about time also I thought I should show you guys this parametric has been doing some testing on the new fo5 and this actually come

With some really really amazing results these things can make really great power even a little bit more than the FK I believe if you guys need a tun for your cars make sure to come check out power metric and the 068 eShop I’m going to go leave a link to them down the

Description box below they have killed it for us every single time they actually just did spoons brand new 5 which is really sick speaking of that how did the spoon car do spoon car did a really really cool they’re sequential insane but obviously you know the class that they’re in they’re

Restricted on power it’s more just making sure like uh fuel economy and everything is working sick cuz they’re getting their fl5 ready for the 25 hours of Thunder Hill which is really sick and uh yeah Daniel and Nick just got done doing that car pretty cool to be able to

Get the FK done here as well so we are good to go for today let’s go for a little drive and see how 400 27 horsepower Fields I very happy now we are officially one step closer to getting this thing to lagona and next up we have a new Arrow package for the

Front of the car that we’ll be running but uh this was definitely a huge weight lifted off for our shoulders getting the car dialed in and uh feeling great with an amazing tune now with the most poers ever had on the 85 this thing is going to be absolutely ridiculous so let’s go

Ahead and see how she feels oh it’s just a little baby pull and it and it feels nuts oh man I’m ready for this I am ready for this it’s Peak traffic time right now so I don’t know how much we’ll be able to get in but uh

Little baby PS feel nice quick initial Impressions the car is very good so we’ll do a little third gear pull here third gear 60 when we get to this straight woo she rips hopefully you guys can hear but uh car feels very very strong you can definitely feel the increase in

Torque that’s definitely where I’m going to benefit a lot from is getting that torque out of the corner oh yes it fre PS tomorrow we’re actually dropping this thing off to WR Technica for an alignment and this will be our first alignment with a properly set up rear

End so we have we have the new rv6 lower control arms as well as the uh Wonder Laden rear toe arms to adjust our toe and our rear camber which is going to be extremely nice paired with the dino tune um so those are two massive upgrades

That we’ll have as well as the front Arrow package which we’re going to be picking up tomorrow as well so we are this close to being prepared for our Laguna weekend which is so exciting too because of course Laguna sea in my opinion is the best track in California

Laguna sea is an amazing amazing track we’ve only been there once so and that was with the S2000 uh when I had very little experience and now um I’ve grown so much as a driver I still have a lot more to do but I’m just very excited to

Test all of my new skills um the new car of course the typ r has been such a fantastic car um to develop and learn on and I think putting all of that together on Laguna sea is going to be fantastic getting the opportunity to have an entire weekend

Friday Saturday and Sunday at of lagona is going to be freaking awesome so tune feels great car pulls are feel strong which is most important transmission feels great I think we’re set ready to go I guess it looks like we’re taking you guys along for another bring your

Race car to the gym day so again as this is like a reoccurring thing so I shouldn’t say this because it always takes longer than I think but again it took longer than expected at the dino shop again worst possible time to come to the gym but you know when you got to

Do it you got to do it uh today we’re actually be hitting chest which I really like and even better today is my de lo week which means we’re backing off the weight slightly to give my body a little bit of a rest this is week six of my

Program week six out of nine a little bit over halfway before we start Phase 2 and uh I’m feeling great I feel stronger than I’ve ever been my body feels healthier than it’s ever been so overall even through all the travel we’re making progress which is sick so let’s go hit some

Chest it’s always a good day when you get to take the race car at the gym so let’s head inside and go do some chest our top set today is 275 for a set of two to three I’m going to really Cheo for three so we’ll see

How that goes but RP of 7’s like I said it’s a little bit on the lighter side of what I would do but should be solid for today oh yeah actually went up pretty smoothly wow sick see this what I like doing the strength programs I can incrementally

See myself getting stronger week by week it’s crazy especially with how much travel I have that’s my biggest worry is losing strength but with the way this program is which if you guys want me to go more in depth on that I can so let me know in the comments but anyways it’s

Cool just getting to see myself get stronger and stronger each week but now we’re going to strip this and do two sets of 10 at just 225 supposed to do supposed to do the set of 10 with minimal leg drive we’ll do our best here set of 10 easy enough I’ll take

That I apologize in advance for the horrible lighting but successful dno day and successful lift I am freaking exhausted but it’s track prep Crunch and SEMA crunch all at the same time so we leave in 2 days and we still got a lot to do

So I’m going to go and end today’s video here and I’ll pick it up again tomorrow when we go get our new Arrow package for the front of the car which is going to be really sick it’s the first of its kind which I’m super excited or it’s the

First design by this company it’s it’s really cool you guys will see it tomorrow but uh I’m very excited how everything’s going I’m really I’m super proud of Tim and I for handling everything it’s our our most busy year yet for sure four cars at SEMA is a lot to take on

But we’re getting it done and preparing a car for a race is a lot to get done in a very short amount of time and we’re getting it done so I’m proud of us feel like we’re uh definitely taking the necessary steps forward and growing everything and just doing more it’s

Really really cool to see and I’m glad I get to take you guys along but like I said with all that being said I’m going to go and end today’s video here I got to go home we got to edit and I got to get some sleep and go see T money and

Spov so thank you guys so much for watching today’s video let’s leave it off with a # made it to the end we haven’t done just a just a basic made it to the end in a while so if you stayed this long leave me a # made it to the

End hope you guys enjoyed today’s video if you haven’t already make sure you hit that like button leave us that comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe we’ll see you guys for the next video peace out m