Dustin Williams Video: We Accidentally Bought 3 Cars in 3 Days | THE NEW OVERLAND TRACK RIG!

We Accidentally Bought 3 Cars in 3 Days | THE NEW OVERLAND TRACK RIG!

Posted: 2023-05-12 17:15:02
Author: Dustin Williams
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Well.. we didnt expect this one! You guys know how much we travel. Whether it’s Tim and I heading to the track, or Tiana and I camping.. we needed something BIG. I wanted a rig that could tow the race cars, but that could also overland and be spacious enough for us to go camping in… we found it! Also, Tiana gets a car! Here’s the walkaround of all of our new purchases!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Here’s the thing I just want to can I say this right now sure I just want to prove a point that Dustin never looks at cars ever you just proved my point it was an accident oh you tripped and fell and bought a car boom roasted but I

Figured this would be just a fun Vlog for you guys to come along with this for because I won’t I don’t have my camera obviously because this was not expected at all we were uh riding around and as you guys know we do a lot of racing a

Lot of Towing we travel a lot Tiana I love to go camping and we’re like well be really nice to have a good truck that could like tow our new trailer comfortably and I just can’t believe this happened I’m sorry what I’m trying to say is we I made a purchase and I’ve

Very unexpected oh okay well we’re here at uh gosh Chevy no close to where we live and uh there was there’s one single truck one on the lot that was available that was like the suspect that we wanted but let me also point out this wasn’t

Even what you were looking at this was my suggestion okay she did good she did good this was my suggestion this wasn’t the one Dustin wanted I was like just go look so you can compare to the one you wanted and he saw this one and now we own it

Look good good cop bad cop action well actually you ready I don’t know we’re going to see Guardians we’re going to see Guardians of the Galaxy and we ended up buying the trucks so I don’t know why my number one choice was to get a Ram

2500 which I like she was like we gotta go look at Chevy because she likes Silverados I was like okay we’ll go check it out and it was right here well uh oops oh baby we got uh we got ourselves a big one guys this is definitely the uh the

Biggest vehicle I have ever driven holy moly like we said unexpected purchase but death this thing is this thing is badass okay and we’re off I do have to give a massive thank you to gosh Chevy these guys were incredible out of all the dealerships that I’ve been to this was

Definitely one of the easiest and most awesome random experiences I’ve ever had um all these guys are really really cool so if you are in the area Southern California I would definitely come check out gosh Chevy and not sponsored or anything these guys are really cool so

We’re gonna call it the uh the Great White Buffalo that’s what this thing is called the Great White Buffalo let’s get her to the shop and we’ll give you guys the rundown this thing is so rad I gotta figure out how to work all this stuff

I also feel like this is the perfect scenery for uh buying a big ass truck and driving it home perfect Sunset look at that not not feel like I I feel like I should be driving a truck here man this thing is so spacious it’s gonna be

So great when Tim and I are going on road trips or going to the track with Outlets LED lights on the outside I mean it’s so dope I cannot wait to give you guys a little walk around and maybe even some truck mods say hello to the Great

White Buffalo I cannot believe this happened but I love this thing to the Moon I never expected I would love a truck as much as I do I’m not a truck guy you know when people get things and it changes their personality Dustin’s personality is now the Great White

Buffalo no this thing is absolutely incredible and I am so stoked I want to give you guys a full rundown of the great white buffalo and our new track support toe rig and Overland camper build I want you guys to give us your suggestions on what we should do what

Modifications this thing needs I don’t know anything just like when we built the Jeep I am not versed in overlanding truck Jeep whatever I want you guys to help us out and what should we get to make this thing the ultimate rig I have

Some ideas in my head but I want to hear from you guys let’s just go ahead give you guys a full rundown of what we got here like I said this is very unexpected and somebody else also got a new car which we’ll show you guys in just a bit um Tiana finally

From the time of filming the beginning of this video to now found the car that you wanted and we’ll show you guys that as well but this is our new 2024 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD with the Duramax diesel engine which is what we needed I’ve said this a million times in the

Video already we tow a lot we go to the track a lot we travel a lot we needed something that can tow all of our stuff the big trailer all the stuff in the trailer and this guy was the unexpected answer this is the custom Edition so it

Came with the black front rear bumpers which I am super stoked I’ve actually never noticed the difference whenever I like look at Chevy’s and I see like chrome bumpers or the color match bumpers but this one with the black just looks so aggressive from the front it’s

Just a super mean calm so from the dealership which I actually kind of liked because we don’t have to do it and for once it’s nice not to have to do anything to a car or truck whenever you get it it came with Fox suspension and it also came with upper control arms

Which is really really nice as well tons of adjustability the shocks are really really nice so it actually drives incredibly also some freaking sick wheels and tires actually the same wheels that we have on that we put on the Jeep same as our Wheels oh that’s

Pretty neat I think we have to change these guys out with some bridgestones but very very nice some more dealer added options or I guess not dealing with options some more dealer accessories that they they installed are the step Downs what do you think you just love this

Thing I love this thing so much I think that’s everything that they installed from the dealer something that’s super sick too if you oh that never done that before that’s cool um if you look back here we actually have a 120 volt plug so if we’re at the

Track and we need I don’t know air compressor or if you’re camping or something camping yeah anything like that this we have a plug back here which is very very nice also let me see this also it’s already set up and plugged for a fifth wheel so if we ever like expand and

Um like grow out of the single car trailer or if we want to get an open two car trailer you could add the gooseneck and this were towed even more which would be super sick and let’s hop on the inside look how deep is the camera

Hop on in it’s a mountain in here okay this thing has all the room which was really really important for our long drives I can plug my computer in right here do the editing while Tim’s Towing and switch off also in the passenger seat there is a ton of room so I can

Hold a lot of stuff up here you can lay down fully and sleep it’s just it’s got so much space which was something that was super important to us especially for Tiana and I when we go camping if you look back here look how much back seat

Space that we have that’s what the seats put up then we obviously have all of the truck bed space as well um it’s very very basic there’s not a lot of options in here I got just like the basic bare minimum model because we don’t really

Need a lot I just need things to work and I like when things work and do their job and that’s about it I don’t need the niceties it is cool this still has let me turn this bad boy on nope it’s on diesel this is that power it is

Nice that the truck has Apple carplay and like really this is all I need we got all of our Towing accessories we got trailer brakes right here uh it is four wheel drive so we have four wheel upper and lower which is going to be really nice for off-roading and I’ll never get

Stuck in this stupid sand again that’s about it that’s all I needed we don’t have we don’t even have buttons on the steering wheel you know back to the basics it is what it is and I love it it just does what it’s supposed to do it’s comfortable I mean the suspension that

They put on it is fantastic and I love driving this thing around because everyone just moves out of my way this guy’s big this guy has a large footprint and everybody knows it it’s very very cool today actually we got the truck tinted as well we matched the front

Actually we can hop out for this he is so proud look at him tinted today which is also very very nice we got it matched to the front and we also did the front windshield just for some protection and it’s also nice when you’re going on long drives and you

Have like the UV protection it’s not just blinding you in your face and you know scorching your face skin overall yes this guy is big but if I was going to buy something like like a tow rig I needed it to be an all-in-one so yes it’s a big truck but

It’s got a ton of purpose and this thing will literally last forever so it’s going to be an all-in-one like I said toe rig track support and Overland camping build you guys know how much Tiana I love to go camping this thing is going to be a large Overland Camp build

And I’m super pumped that brings me to my last Point here give me some suggestions we need to make this portion Camp Overland track support a bull okay and I kind of want to build this out I want shelves in here that we can store

Things in if we want to sleep back here I can make like a little cot kind of thing but also we can put racks on top of the smart cap and actually put a rooftop tent on top of that too so there’s just a ton of space here which

Is going to be super super nice and the goal with this thing is just to blast us and so we can travel anywhere we want go camping anywhere we want explore anywhere we want and this thing can just be ready and capable to do everything so

If you guys have any suggestions for us let us know Tim and I just did a almost 2 000 mile round trip road trip to get what’s behind this door right here behind door number one listen I get a car Tiana gets a car you get a car so

Behind this door actually is the new giveaway car which we drove all the way to Salt Lake City to get and it is going to blow your minds we’re actually going to Tiana’s reaction in this video is the biggest most ambitious craziest card number one that we’ve built but also

That we’re gonna be giving away to you guys so this thing was absolutely fantastic I didn’t get to make this Reveal video before we went Towing it was I keep going back to comfortability and that’s because I truly do think it is so comfortable anyways as you guys

Can see I’m pretty freaking stoked about our new truck camper build now what you guys aren’t expecting is Boom guess what Tiana also got a call do you want to pull it over this way look at this rig this thing is absolutely freaking sick and it definitely screams T-money what

Do we got this is insane now I want to say Tiana works very very hard at what she does um some of you maybe not all of you know that Tiana does have her own full-time job that she works very very hard at some of you think that she’s an assassin

And this car fits this car fits that this car definitely fits that she used to have a Jeep Cherokee Jeep Grand Cherokee and she actually sold that and got this insane this is the 2024 BMW X6 with the m package dang baller the coolest freaking thing obviously with the m package is

Like blocked out the black rims the like front grille here that’s what she wanted she wanted everything black this opens and closes and then the whole Grill like illuminates at night I have front cameras the tech in this is crazy Big Booty Judy we love it

Okay I also got mine tinted today too yeah we but we took them both to get together come inside come check it out oh this thing is way too bougie look at this got the M steering wheel too look at that this is very very nice so this is the

Exact opposite of the great white buffalo yes so it has the panoramic like touch screen thing okay and it just has a lot of tech I’m not used to I’ve never had Apple carplay or a Maps like show up on my thing like this is Tiana’s first brand new and I

Kick her in the butt because they pulled this off of the showroom floor and she didn’t film it or take any pictures or anything Dustin wasn’t even here he was coming back from Utah with him grabbing the giveaway car and I found it and ran

And I just bought it and it was it was on the showroom floor and I never I didn’t do anything about it come on I’m so sorry anyways this thing is absolutely sick and this is gonna be uh the fam car yeah this is

Is the cool cool mom the cool mom car to move on from this I do want to get Tiana’s reaction to the giveaway car because that’s coming up for you guys next Friday on May 19th we’re gonna be starting the giveaway and you guys can win it it’s absolutely insane it’s

Pretty ridiculous so Tiana does know what the car is but she’s never seen it in person yet or at least this portion of it I can’t let you guys know though I there’s there’s Parts all over the floor so I have to be super zoomed in because I can’t give it away but oh no I know we’re giving it away I know so unfortunately I can’t show you guys but it’s gonna be so worth the wait like

Tiana said I can’t believe that we’re giving it away we have to give it away I mean the end product is what’s like what’s gonna hurt so bad for us to let go but on the other hand you guys are gonna get one of the

Coolest cars of all time you know a car that’s that’s very close to my heart when you because now I’m like standing here and you can like see the whole shop and it’s crazy to like you have this sitting here and like if you think about it when we

Met you had like one car you weren’t even doing YouTube full time and like now we’re just sitting here with like cars and race cars and it’s crazy and honestly it’s all because of you guys too so seriously thank you for sticking with us this long because what you

What’s behind this camera is all because of you guys I mean what’s outside and what’s in this shop is all because of you guys and we are so unbelievably grateful down to my core it’s it’s awesome so we’re very excited but at the beginning of this video we told you guys

We’re going to see Guardians of the Galaxy and baby we’re still going to see it we actually didn’t end up going to see it because when we got the truck it was just way too late um so we’re actually gonna go see it tonight I’m gonna give

You guys Dutch movie review it’s been a while are you gonna bring the little camera you’re gonna bring them in it’s been a long time since you’ve done that I’m gonna bring you guys in for Guardians of Galaxy so we’re gonna lock up the shop bring the Great White

Buffalo and casino Soul has not come up with a name yet it’s not complete truck car doesn’t matter stocking police not a Reveal video unless I put the traditional sticker on the car you guys know every car that I have has this sticker right here [Applause] oh baby now it’s official oh

First movie trip in the truck it’s a big moment I love the movies it’s important to have a comfy car to go to the movies in Now I’m not a huge superhero movie guy but Guardians of the Galaxy is an exception and of course the adventures Tiana on the other hand has never even seen anything oh my gosh until she met me and so for I’ve seen all the superhero movies even though I’m not super into them Tiana

Hasn’t seen a single one except I made her watch the first two Guardians of the Galaxy so she can get caught up on what’s Happening um so we’re pretty freaking excited and she actually really enjoyed it so yeah we watched the first two in preparation for this she’s looking good all right

Guardians of the Galaxy time Prime movie theater parking we gotta fix these headlights though that’s definitely on the list so freaking sick Here we go So many people it’s a bigger one cheese that movie was so good 10 out of 10. it wasn’t no I don’t think I think it was like an eight out of ten I think the first I do like the first two best first Guardians was the best I

Think I like a third better than I like the second it makes me want to go see Spargo I know it was so damn good how do I turn these like look at that we got full Lighting in here you see this look at this it was amazing I’m still learning

Stuff about this truck but successful movie night it was it’s my happy place we’re gonna go ahead and end today’s video here thank you guys for watching if you haven’t already make sure you hit that like button leave us a comment down below especially for some some tips and

Stuff that you guys want to see done to the truck and maybe t-money’s car you never know and don’t forget to subscribe we’ll see you guys in the next one peace