Dustin Williams Video: Van Life Across Japan! | Japan in a Van EP. 7 – Mt. Fuji Camping

Van Life Across Japan! | Japan in a Van EP. 7 - Mt. Fuji Camping

Posted: 2023-04-25 17:00:10
Author: Dustin Williams
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

The purpose of life is to live it to taste it to experience it to the utmost of your ability Reach Out eagerly with a little bit of fear and a lot of courage and find new experiences last week I set off for my craziest Adventure yet nine days seven different locations

I endured some of the hardest yet most wonderful experiences of my life I was able to see some of Japan’s most beautiful landscapes experience and learn more of the deep history and tradition and best of all meet completely random incredible people along the way today we set out to complete Japan After starting at the northernmost island of Hokkaido we’ll be reaching our final destination [Applause] I can’t actually believe it but it’s the finale of Japan in a van today is our last day with our final Among Us stretch so far I set out to a place called Fuji Yoshida where a very special Temple awaits us Quick break one of my favorite things about Japan and even traveling in Japan are parking areas or PAs you guys see us stop here all the time with our JDM Cars when we’re doing Toge runs or you know traveling wherever it is so nice just to

Be able to pop off on the freeway have like a little rest stop that has tons of great snacks and vending machines and gas stations right off the freeway it’s perfect well I want to stop here grab some coffee really quickly and we need gas to continue on our journey we have about

300 kilometers to go so we got a long time so far so good scenery and weather has been absolutely beautiful going Come by one thing I like to stock up on from 7-Eleven if you can actually find them I actually like these even better than the pancakes are matcha and whipped cream buns these are 10 out of 10. let’s keep continue okay here we go it’s our last day

Since it’s our last day there was a lot of excitement and honestly disbelief that we made it this far our goal was to travel half of Japan and we’ve just about done it this last four and a half hour stretches for Japan’s landscape really changed from Rolling Hills with

Cherry blossoms and massive volcanic mountains to lush green mountainsides Cliffs as well as beautiful valleys as far as the eye can see oh no it was sunny all day all day and as soon as we’re getting to the location it gets cloudy that’s okay we got a little bit until Sunset and uh

Hopefully I can catch Mount Fuji you can kind of see the base of it right here so that right there guys Mount Fuji almost made it to our final spawn of Japan in a van never been this close to Mount Fuji before Oh my God it’s huge even though

You guys can’t see it it’s right there so close upon exiting the expressway you’re greeted with signs for Mount Fuji in every direction Well it’s official we admitted to Fuji Yoshida and our kuriyama sengen park now with a little bit of an exception you guys can see all the clouds over there Mount Fuji is blocked right now for now all right well our mission here is to see the temple in shrine at arakuriyama sengen

Park and that’s what we’re gonna do we traveled the entire world to go halfway across Japan to get to this point right here right now and I’m so excited let’s do this There we go and uh we have a long ascent I don’t know if you guys can see that but look at the kabuki mask all the way at the top of the shrine Crazy the park Begins the base of Mount arakuriyama and extends up the mountain at the top of a 398 stair hike is the beautiful five-story pagoda And right above the Pagoda you’re supposed to be greeted with one of the top views of Mount Fuji unfortunately for us we had total cloud cover aside from this the Pagoda and the view were absolutely beautiful and we also had a little surprise waiting for us at the top

Even though Fuji is still covered we got to see a little bit of a peek but you know what it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey and also friends finally I’m hearing a vlog hey guys surprise how is it Masa I just traveled halfway across the country of Japan yeah and

Then now you’re seeing a Mount Fuji right we got a Peaks I mean we got a tip we just saw a tip yeah a bit that’s all that matters right yeah I mean the matters is the journey freaking Journey though dude I was so got so angry when

One of the guys from the campsite said I cannot they cannot accept you yeah that’s crazy it doesn’t even matter because it was a amazing trip and we’ve made it till the end we made it all the way to the end yeah I know thank God

You’re back in one piece you didn’t get in trouble with uh law enforcement you didn’t get in trouble or it kind of got in trouble with the car you know but you got you got here safe and sound at least I’m here yeah success that right as we leave

You did it reaching this single location means we officially completed our journey 1182 kilometers Hokkaido to Mount Fuji half of Japan we finally did it it’s a Bittersweet feeling I have an overwhelming sense of accomplishment but a want for more I learned Soldier about myself while on this journey alone I’m

More confident in my ability to just figure it out I have a new sense of curiosity for people and my surroundings this adventure opened my eyes to how much the world has to offer and how much more I have to learn there’s one piece of advice I could give

To you it’s do more just get out there and figure it out you never know what might just happen this was uh it was hard for me to choose where to actually end the trip but I definitely think I made the right decision Park once again did not disappoint ah

That’s pretty amazing well like I said it’s not about the destination it was definitely about the journey I’m glad that we caught a little glimpse of Mount Fuji and now we get to spend the rest of our night camping in the van with our best friends here

Oh yeah and the boys came ready to Camp I don’t think I could think of a better way to end my trip than with the boys this is gonna be so awesome I spent nine days by myself through Japan survived it survived somehow and now not only do we

Get to end our trip or I guess this is just ending Japan a van with an amazing view of Fuji but we to end it camping near Fuji with the Bros I forgot Masa also everybody say hi Jimmy mistake to masa’s girlfriend um Masa is no longer a lonely driver

First of all second of all he has a cooler car than all of us we’re going to take a look at we’ll take a look right now I mean go ahead go ahead go ahead oh my God this is Moss’s brand new gr I meant look that thing is

Sick too Masa that’s cool it’s a Toyota gang right there dude Masa I am number one I am so proud of you because this is a huge accomplishment yeah number two this is one of the coolest cars I’ve ever seen all the buckets yep wow this thing is so

Freaking sick Masa it is congratulations man and let’s go for toga runs we’re gonna go for toga runs for sure foreign Officially end this journey we have one last night left and we get to spend it with friends we all packed up and got a campsite on one of Mount Fuji’s five beautiful lakes lake Shoji Oh my God wait till you guys see our campsite for tonight ‘s campsite is absolutely insane I think it’s uh safe to say we saved the best for last best of all that’s Fuji right there so in the morning we should have a pretty insane View camping at Mount Fuji because I’ve talked about this for a while we did

It is a time to get some groceries yes And I wish I wish Tiana was here because she loves camping stores you should bring her next time yeah next time for sure I’m gonna grab this for Tiana we’re going camping when I get back so I think this will be a cool little surprise Hamburger meat and most importantly JDM s’mores yes a Rocky Mountain American s’mores This is what we got Either this kind the red one good to go All right we made it back to the campsite super dark right now but the setup is so dope I can’t wait to wake up in the morning and show you guys what our setup looks like I’m gonna continue this video since it is a foster pan in the van episode continue into the

Morning so you guys can see the see the view of Mount Fuji and in the lake behind us because it is absolutely incredible but have to kind of be quiet because now that we’re near Civilization by Mount Fuji we are staying with other people but we’ve got the van set up and now

We’re getting the grill ready this is so cool this fan definitely felt like home for me on this trip so it feels great to spend one last night in it and share it with friends I don’t know there’s nothing quite like finishing an epic road trip camping at

Mount Fuji and Grilling up some Japanese meat oh it’s a really disaster Thank you My last Japan in the van you’re super better my super burger my super burger [Applause] okay this is what Japan van is all about currently finishing up this second to last episode of Japan in the van right now it was so nice for everybody to come out and spend the last night of Japan in a van with me this trip was unbelievable there’s almost just no words

To express it it was a very accomplishing moment making it all the way to arakuriyama it’s a very accomplishing and a very proud moment for me we literally traveled half the country of Japan in this van right here and to me that is just so damn I was

Searching for an adventure I was searching to make myself uncomfortable and vulnerable for you guys and we achieved it we freaking did it we made it all the way down solo gaining new experiences meeting new people honestly like Building self character I I don’t know and even for me like just my

Creative juices were just flowing so hard making these videos and just creating something that’s completely different almost even just finding a completely new passion along with what I already do and I could really go on forever This truly was the most amazing experience trip adventure everything of

My entire life it’s the answer last night but before we end ahead we’re gonna wake up in the morning and see if we can get a good shot of Mao Fuji in the van and I want to show you guys exactly where we’re camping because it should be cross our fingers absolutely

Beautiful see you guys in the morning Ohio let’s go see if we can go see Fuji outside see Fuji oh no I know right I’ve been waiting for my last 11 hours it’s not moving not enough well nonetheless it’s still absolutely beautiful check it out so what

That’s Fuji right there where all the clouds are okay I know I said the adventure was over but I’m persistent I had one more mission to complete and that was to get the shot of Mount Fuji as beautiful as it was we didn’t come this far to only get stopped by cloud cover

Foreign Mount Fuji covers a lot of ground so we packed up our stuff we went on a mission to find a new spot Oh my God Awesome [Applause] we did it after nine days eight different places I can finally say we made it to Mount Fuji and we completed Japan in a van Thank you Foreign