Dustin Williams Video: Traveling to Japan for My BIGGEST Venture Yet…

Reading Time: 7 minutes
Posted: 2023-04-17 17:00:05
Author: Dustin Williams
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In today’s video, I take you guys along for my craziest adventure yet. I wanted to do something so different and outside the box.. no one would guess what it is.. Well, we are solo backpacking/van traveling the country of Japan. Starting in Hokkaido, we will be camping out in a Japanese van traveling to beautiful landscapes all the way down to Mt. Fuji. i have no idea what to expect, but that’s the point. Everything is scary until you just DO MORE!

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Thank you I’ll see you when I see you hopefully go be a samurai my craziest Venture yet now what does that mean let’s head to Tokyo and find out well an eventful start to our very big adventure so apparently the flight crew on our flight doesn’t feel well and our

Flight is tentatively delayed for two hours and if they don’t find a new flight crew Okay and the flight is still on okay okay what’s a little bit of added stress on a crazy travel day this trip has been something in the works for months traveling across the world to my favorite place to do something completely different well it’s happening to start my trip since we had the

Schedule change they shuttled us all to a plane already set on the runway that was definitely a first touch for good luck Let’s go Mission success 11 and a half hours to go though I traveled to Japan pretty often this one was a little bit different my nerves about the trip were definitely getting the best of me this is something I’ve never done before and I’m pretty dang nervous so I tried to eat work and

Sleep as much as possible even if it didn’t work so well Almost 12 hours later we arrived in a rainy toad the local Chinese five 37 in the afternoon like I said even though we’ve been here so many times before this trip just feels different it’s just something about heading into the unknown of course I’m excited but I’m also scared shitless okay it’s official

Hi I got to go die of this is well I couldn’t tell it’s late and rainy plans are a little bit messed up for today but at least we made it this is going to be a very different trip but we’re officially in Tokyo and we are

Headed to the hotel it’s a long long travel day foreign Taxi ride to our first hotel Hi uh I was supposed to have a full day here in Tokyo to kind of gather my bearings but you know two to the delay with the plane either way we’ll manage at least we made it okay here we go oh we are one step closer to our mission let’s

Get to the room Now I know you’re all probably wondering Dustin why in the heck are you here what is the next big adventure that I’ve been teasing for so long and I promise we’re gonna get there but it’s also also 7 30 and things are about to start closing

And I’m starving before we get into it because it’s it’s a lot let’s go get our first meal in Japan looks like I’ve stumbled across a pretty sick little Mall here and check out and see if there’s any good spots here oh yes Here anymore all right not really sure how I always do this but we got some bomb tonkots it was actually chicken katsu but check this out only right to have my first meal be my favorite food from Japan let’s get a little bit of Curry action going here This looks incredible so you guys might notice that I am alone for the first time and we’re gonna explain that Kampai Oh my God how is it that every place is a 10 out of 10. Food mission accomplished let’s head back to the room and give you guys the rundown Oh All right well I guess it’s time to finally just break the news okay you guys know that I’ve been hyping up my biggest Venture of Adventure Journey whatever you want to call it yet and uh this is it you guys know how much I love to travel and

Explore you guys have seen us go to Egypt Thailand the pyramid that she needs like all over the place but I think for all of us one that really stands out and one that I truly love the most is of course Japan we’ve traveled to Japan I think six or seven times now

And it’s been a blast every single time when you travel to Japan if you if you’ve never gone there’s something new to see every single time every single corner you turn there is always something to see and that’s what I love so much about it yes the cars and the

Culture and the shops like that’s all incredible and that’s what that’s what I love to do when I come here but there’s just so much more than that here in Japan and I really want to show that and I wanted to do the craziest just off the

Wall thing that no one would really expect and uh I’m doing it basically I’m here in Japan to solo travel half of the country by myself for two weeks and what that basically means is I am traveling from the very very top of Japan on the

Island of Hokkaido which is off of the main island of Japan I’m starting in Hokkaido exploring there and making my way down all the way to Mount Fuji which is practically half of the country and I’m doing that and a Japanese van the goal for this experience is to is to

Really show myself in an uncomfortable situation and just learn new things show new things get new experiences and really dive deep into the culture of Japan the culture and the landscape of Japan Japan is so beautiful and there’s so much more to see outside of the Tokyo

Area and I thought this would be something just completely off the walls since you guys know I love traveling I love Japan why not put those two things together and travel the country of Japan and that’s exactly exactly what we’re doing and this is so big for me because

This is my first time traveling in Japan alone and it’s not like I’m just traveling Tokyo alone I’m traveling quite literally the whole country and I mean very similar to how the United States is the dialect in different places of Japan is different so when I

Go to Hokkaido the way people’s the way people speak and their slangs are much different than what I’m kind of used to in Tokyo and I mean I can very very basically get around with basic knowledge of Japanese I don’t have a very huge vocabulary of Japanese words I

Can I can understand a lot more than I can talk so I’m very curious to see how that’ll carry over when we’re in Hokkaido basically throughout our travel of the country we’re going to be doing multiple different locations and our tentative stops right now are hakadate Sapporo almori Sendai ebisu Izu

Wakamatsu nasu and Mount Fuji also another crazy part about this I forgot to mention is work work camping it we’re going to be vanlifing it and sleeping in in the van now don’t get me wrong there’s a couple locations that I really want to stop that have traditional

Japanese Onsen ryuken which is a Japanese Inn like the natural traditional Japanese dance with tatami floors and all of that so there are a couple of locations where I’ll be stopping for that but other than that we are sleeping in the back of the van I

Had to actually run to this hotel here because they had a camping store right next door and I had to grab an extra backpack to go ahead and take along like an extra burner if you guys notice I wasn’t running my usual backpack and that’s because I needed my backpacking

Backpack because we have all of my camping stuff tent sleeping bag blankets portable pillow everything for camping in Japan for two weeks across half of the country so this series is actually going to be called Japan in a van and I guess this is technically kind of the start not really

Because I don’t have the van yet this video is probably gonna be pretty long because this is obviously my entire travel day today but tomorrow I’m taking the trip I’m taking the train from here from where I’m at in Chiba to Tokyo station when I get to Tokyo station I’m

Taking the shinkansen from Tokyo Station all the way up to Hokkaido to a place called hakadate which is where I’ll stay that night I’ve never taken the Train by myself before so this is this is going to be a very interesting experience and like I said the goal is to put myself in

An uncomfortable situation and show you guys that I am vulnerable as well like I’m scared I’m nervous I’ve never done this before I’ve never traveled solo like this before and I’d be lying if I told you guys I wasn’t nervous but that’s the point you’re never gonna

Learn and grow if you don’t put yourself in uncomfortable situations I’ll just preach the quote do more and that’s exactly what we’re going to be doing on this trip it’s just doing as much as we can and learning from all of these experiences but the best part is I’m

Gonna take you guys along for every step of the way I have no idea what Wi-Fi and service is going to be like out there so you may get a video every day and you may not just know if you don’t the video on traveling in a remote location and

I’m trying to figure it out okay I hope you’re ready for the craziest most fun series of all time Japan in a van is going to be absolutely fantastic and I hope you’re ready I’m gonna try get some rest and uh get ready for our long day

Tomorrow of travel cause I’m gonna go ahead do some work like I said get some sleep see you guys in the morning for our start of Japan in a van foreign