Dustin Williams Video: Traveling in Japan.. GONE WRONG | Japan in a Van Ep. 2 – SAPPORO

Reading Time: 11 minutes
Posted: 2023-04-20 17:00:33
Author: Dustin Williams
Thank you @ToprankGlobal for letting me use this van for Japan in a Van!
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Today’s episode is my favorite so far.. the experiences in todays video will be remembered forever! In today’s video, we visit Sapporo! Episode 2 has climbing an active volcano, seeing cherry blossoms for the first time, and… getting stuck on the beach.
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

You know those experiences that you try and tell but no matter how you tell it it just sounds fake today’s one of those days [Applause] For the first time it’s actually Sunny today’s gonna be a good day Not even gonna lie I think that was the best sleep of my entire life today is going to be an interesting one we’re climbing an active volcano and we’re heading to Sapporo welcome to Japan event episode 2. In 500 meters foreign Okay looks like this is it but the road is closed so I guess we’re walking I think this is like our first Big Adventure on our trip so far to start out episode two We Are Climbing an active volcano called Mount tarume once again do I know

What I’m doing absolutely not am I nervous hell yes Oh thank God we made the drill head but uh small teeny teeny issue here um take a look at my boots and uh trail of snow well I’m already here right I might as well just we’re just gonna send we’re gonna full send oh hey look maybe it’s just right here

First things first we gotta sign in any other usas nope just me solo oh look here’s a map oh Annabelle okay map and bear belt let’s put this stuff on actually yeah you’ll never know if you don’t try right or signed in let’s start climbing the volcano Okay I’m hoping I follow these steps up hopefully there’s not as much snow but you know boots are actually kind of good Holy look at that oh my God that’s insane small victories well I’m gonna be honest despite my best efforts there’s absolutely no Trail it’s all snow I am not prepared for this I think we’re gonna have to take the L on this one sit with a butt because this

Is a pretty amazing view here Thank you still a little bit too much snow on the mountain for me to get all the way to the top but rather probably be safe then uh try and climb this mountain up in the snow it’s probably a bad idea like I always say celebrate the small victories we may not

Have been prepared to make it all the way to the top but we got a pretty damn awesome Viewpoint here is an active volcano that’s located on the shores of lake shikatsu in Western Hokkaido which you’re looking at right there it was actually kind of perfect

Because Mount tarume was on the way to where we’re ultimately going today which is soporo now of course we would have liked to actually make it to the summit because if you can if you can make it to the top you could just see the active

Lava dome which would have been sick but of course nice Thank you foreign spikes to my hiking Arsenal I still count that as a success in my book made it as far as we could and it was absolutely beautiful okay so like I said now we head to Sapporo so Sapporo is so here we are and we had to drive all the

Way to Sapporo now what am I gonna do in Sapporo I haven’t gotten that far yet so let’s just drive and figure it out the holes wreck you inch man that’s great roads it was actually a pretty nice change of pace heading into Sapporo as you can see

There’s a lot more civilization more buildings things to do Pas that are off of the expressway and even some cool cars unfortunately unfortunately since I was driving so much I couldn’t catch all the cool cars but Spore has a really great car community oh quick combini pit stop it’s already

Pretty late in the day almost two o’clock so I figured we get a quick lunch from the combini and then we’re actually gonna hit the largest Shrine in Hokkaido which is here in Sapporo it’s gonna be beautiful I’m super excited the first really big Shrine on our trip I

Think this one’s gonna be really good so we’re about 10 minutes away from the shrine let’s grab some lunch and go check it out Oh My God I figured we take complete advantage of having this van meet in the back I am absolutely starving after that hike so I can also pound the little boss wake up a little bit actually uh on the way here found out that our campsite for tonight was

Canceled because the owners of the campsite don’t want foreigners there that aren’t with a Japanese person so I did run into that gonna have to figure that one out but worst case we can always sleep at a pa in the parking lot tonight we’re gonna try and find some

Good food here in Sapporo but for now I’m way too hungry All right and continue for three kilometers we’re back let’s find this Shrine actually the the hard part here is gonna be finding where in the how to park this big ass van Boom okay this looks absolutely gorgeous check it out we’re gonna be going there It is beautiful looks like we either just missed the cherry blossom bloom or they’re about to bloom absolutely beautiful wow luckily here in Hokkaido the cherry blossoms bloom a little bit later than the Tokyo region so I was lucky enough to catch them it’s actually pretty difficult to catch these when they blew

Him because for such a short time sure when this is in like Prime Time blooming period this entire walkway is just covered in pink Foreign I believe that this is the biggest Shrine here on Hokkaido as you can probably tell is one of the best places to view cherry blossoms in Hokkaido Thank you Always so refreshing that was absolutely beautiful foreign Cross this insane cherry blossom Garden look at this I’ve never had the chance to see cherry blossoms before and they are absolutely stunning oh my God they’re everywhere Thank you since we have a little bit of extra time it could take me a little bit out to do a couple business things and one thing I really want to show you guys is the new Legends collection that we have coming out all based around Japan in a van

Which which I think is so stick so sick it has our van and all of our stops that we made are that we’re going to make through through the entire Japan in a van trip so this will be available I think next week for you guys but uh I

Figured I’d pull this guy look at the front the front is so good I figured I’d pull this out right now and get some shots with the cherry blossoms and through here Foreign Trip has just been full of insane experiences seeing cherry blossoms for the first time unreal you do have good news I found a new campsite and even looks a little bit sicker I’m super excited about it so it’s actually pretty early I want to get an early dinner tonight because

Because I am camping I want to get there when it’s not too dark I’m gonna try and get to dinner around five o’clock 4 45 5 o’clock I said early dinner but we’re gonna go to the Sapporo beer garden sounds pretty cool I figured you can go

Check out some Sapporo beer while we’re here in Sapporo and then head to our campsite [Applause] all right again let’s head to the Beer Garden a little bit early because I always forget we have a van the size of three cars here so let’s go make sure we can find

Parking in downtown saboro Head West toward Bay one tiara all right our last and final stop for the day the beer garden which should be pretty sick all right so we have a pretty interesting dish here first of all Sapporo beer and Sapporo but I want to

Go ahead and start cooking this meat interesting dish here we have lamb Genghis Khan so what we’re gonna do is we’re actually going to use tongs here this is actually a block of fat and we’re gonna grease oh yeah we’re gonna grease the pan here so this is actually a very specialty

Dish in Hokkaido so Gotta Get it while I’m here grease the pan here the veggies along the outside now we can take the very thin sliced lamb and put it right in the center we’ve got an incredible dinner oh I’m so stoked today come by I’m so happy right now

Dip it in a sauce what has even happened that was incredible but now before it gets too dark let’s head to our campsite for the night continue on baby on this episode of what stupid thing did Dustin do Dustin drove a two-wheel drive van in the sand I got a beach campsite

Without knowing this van is two-wheel drive and not four-wheel drive so Dustin is now stuck also it’s off season there’s not a single soul here I’m in the middle of absolute nowhere on the beach absolutely screwed I didn’t think I could top the blowing Tire this Top’s blown tire

Supposed to be camping right here this is the spot right here this is the van idiot I don’t know on how some sort of Miracle these three guys stumbled across me and are helping me out and they actually called a tow truck for me to hopefully try and get this out

And they’re gonna be waiting with me so I gotta look as high loss oh my God this is the worst du stronger than my channel I am learning Japanese language but it’s hard I have no idea where in the hell they came from but thank you Universe I have no idea I feel so stupid oh my God I can’t believe they just walked off the beach and saw me and were so nice and called a

Tow truck for me now we just gotta just gotta wait for the tow truck I am such an idiot well as bad as this blows we can only just make the best out of it so got the camp lights up got my little chair and we’ll just

We’re just gonna wait for the tow truck S no for me are you sure You guys why are you so nice oh my gosh they got me snacks and hot coffee oh oh uh so for you I have sticker Legends oh my brand hi hi yeah bro this is one of those experiences that you just really can’t put into words or explain the feeling I guess

I mean I was stranded there was nobody out here and just some way somehow whatever these three guys come out of the beach and are just so kind and friendly and offered to help me and then bring me hot tea because it’s cold as hell outside I mean

I don’t know if that’s the universe trying to tell me something but I’m listening like I said in the last video anything that can happen will happen and it’s definitely happening this trip was all about getting experiences and going on an adventure and through these two days this is more

Experience and more Adventure than I’ve ever had my entire life and I just met three great new friends and despite a massive language barrier they hang out they hung out with me for two hours while we waited for this tow truck driver I mean again even when I hear

Myself explain it it still just doesn’t and doesn’t do the actual experience Justice your volume hi California this uh dustiness our tow truck guy has an R32 GTR with an HKS engine mine what do they think my signature is so cool oh uh yeah our total drivers is a legend on the GTR

RX7 and does together stop start finish be done oh stop oh that’s so what he’s saying is this this is his local Toge in uh they start here and run it all the way up make a loop and come back down that’s so crazy this is all over Japan wow

Thank you oh yeah bye-bye thank you guys so much I would be stuck here forever without you yes yes thank you so much I hope we see each other again oh please keep in touch on Instagram please Instagram okay bye-bye dude as much as that sucked this was one of the coolest experiences

I have ever had they were so nice they brought me snacks and stayed with me and there’s no there’s no words to to explain or Express this wow I know how ridiculous this series of events sounds right now but literally across from the parking lot where I just got stuck

There is an Onsen I can just take a bath tonight and before I compile my thoughts for this video I want to go do that and then we’ll get the van set up in just a bit just when I thought I could get lucky I have tattoos and as soon as they saw

My fingers he said nope now it’s not as bad as it was back then but and in some public hot spring baths they don’t allow you to get in with tattoos and unfortunately since I am pretty much in the middle of nowhere um it is one of those times when they

Didn’t let me in so no shower for us tonight but we’ll try and figure it out tomorrow um but what we do have to figure out is let’s set up our bed all right are you guys ready for how sick this is haha we got light so I bought this little solar powered

Light thing and it’s actually freaking sick it lights up the entire van so what we can do now is this thing doesn’t have to use any battery check this out oh this is insane so damn all right before we settle in this is the campsite for the night

Probably see it better tomorrow morning but uh this is what we got set up we of course got the lights which is probably like my favorite part we have my sleeping bag we have a sleeping bag pad here which is what I use for camping

But I figured it’d be nice to have it on this and we also have a nice warm wool blanket here because I’m sure it’s gonna get pretty freaking freezing tonight so I think uh I think we’re all set this is no it’s this is insane okay

Here’s a little inside view of our camp for tonight we got string lights my bed this is gonna be my editing station for tonight unfortunately since our RV camp got canceled and I’ll have direct power to the van so I can’t plug any of my stuff in but I also have

Two portable lights which are absolutely incredible everything lights up this entire van perfectly so I’m gonna do some work and then we are gonna try and get as much rest as we possibly can quick update I’m going to sleep now but before I do really quickly I want to

Reiterate and let’s think about this right now what happened tonight think about the sequence of events my campsite gets canceled this morning I find a new campsite I come to this campsite the van gets stuck and I’m stranded 30 minutes later three random people show up and offer to help me and are

Some of the nicest people that I’ve ever met in my entire life they brought me snacks in a hot tea and then the tow truck driver comes and turns out he’s another GTR owner that runs together think about what I just said that story is fake that sounds made up

But it literally happened and it was one of the coolest things that’s ever happened to me I wanted an adventure and I’ve got the adventure tomorrow’s a new day hopefully not a new day of knock on wood another issue but uh it’s gonna be another adventure no matter what and

We’re gonna overcome whatever obstacles ahead of us I can’t believe I just said that that’s that’s this trip doing its job for me we’re gonna get some sleep if you guys have not already make sure you’re subscribed to stay tuned with the rest of the series and

Just for everything else leave me a like and leave me a comment down below and thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you in the next one peace Thank you