Dustin Williams Video: Trading My FL5 Type R For the New 2024 Acura Integra Type S?

Posted: 2023-06-28 17:00:25
Author: Dustin Williams
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Today we get our first look at the 2023 Acura Integra Type S. I drove my 2023 Civic Type R to compare the two back to back. Here are my initial thoughts!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Thank you we are so close 990 miles we’re about we’re about to break her all the way in and also 26 miles per gallon we’re cooking maybe is this the best car of course Today we’re not talking about Thai bars we got something special for you guys foreign it’s a little bit of a different one today and I want to start off by saying you guys know how much I absolutely love my iPhone 5 Type R I’m in love with this

Car it is the perfect daily one of you guys actually a viewer of the channel reached out to me that he works here at Tustin Acura and they had something special that just arrived on the lot and I’m sure you guys already know what it

Is but I wanted to come take a look because you never know you never know trading my f05 for the well let’s let’s just let’s go check it out I really honestly wanted to go get a good look at it because being a Honda fan having a

New Integra Type S is absolutely huge and I want to see what all the hype’s about I want to see if it’s actually worth it if it’s actually good how does it compare to my type R let’s head inside find his name is Miguel and let’s

See if we can get look at the type S oh it is there’s literally right there yeah that’s right sick Miguel first off I want to say what’s up man nice to officially meet you thank you for reaching out of course man I know this would be a great addition wow it’s

Actually I say hello to the 2023 Integra types Thank you oh straight off the back dude this thing looks awesome I mean for the difference between what you’re looking at in pictures versus in person this thing looks so much more aggressive in person I mean from the flares I mean it kind of

Like gives me back to like the uh the FK where it had that kind of beefier or more flare body and even if you look back here too it’s kind of this kind of similar to the FK but I really do like this styling you know coming from just

The base Integra to what the type S is oh wow and obviously okay when you’re thinking of Acura you do think of something more premium so go into this looking like it’s a premium Type R or at least that that’s what I’m doing you can see the seats are very uh luxurious I

Guess with leather maybe some Alcantara Fabric in the center let’s take a look oh wow it’s actually it’s super nice no I mean very comfy it’s not they’re not as uh robust as they are but it is a little bit more comfortable yeah I’m gonna disable the alarm and then you can

Start it okay perfect wow okay much more premium I mean it reminds me almost exactly of my fl5 but more oh I like this all right let’s check it out here does my typewater have like this big bolstering right here I don’t think it does I don’t think it does either right

So you can go ahead and start it up now okay oh here we go Wow this is cool too honestly I kind of feel like like the Integra Type S has a bunch of things the typewr should have had you know yeah this is actually really nice yeah it’s definitely just a more luxury yeah luxurious Type R definitely more premium I like the steering wheel leather the

Perforated leather that you get here like this all this yeah this is pretty sick with this Alcantara suede shift boot I need to go like look at mine back to back to like kind of compare but it is really really nice also very very similar to the fl5 yeah and then so in

The drive modes up at the bottom go ahead and put that in Sport Plus or go up so now it’s in Sport Plus okay once you start gassing it you really hear the exhausting can I rev it a little bit go for it man please huh foreign

That’s a nice like deep yeah it’s definitely much different than the type R you get those pops which is so weird because you figured having like a premium more luxurious Type R but it’s like the type that you know you figure that like the exhaust would be on the

Type R the more sporty you know race car version but you get it on the Acura you know I was thinking about this on the way over it’s probably because the type R was made for the World Market whereas the type S is for the American one right

Which is uh probably why you get the sportier exhaust in this car and not that far because it has to be for all markets across the world but wow you do get this the the pause yeah like yeah it’s actually so interesting I love the diffuser

Wow it feels like the exhaust back here is also larger than my fl5 yeah so it is a little bit longer I think it’s three uh 3.4 if I’m not mistaken wow and I love the diffuser how aggressive the diffuser is back here I think uh I think we should take it for

A little Drive again it feels super comfy I I think I prefer the type R seats just because they’re so bolstered but I think if you’re looking for like a more comfy ride like you get in with the performance of the type R yeah it sounds really good all right what I

Mean just from I drove my f05 here but even just like going from that to this because my car still has the stock exhaust okay big difference yes oh it does sound really good it’s for sure it’s uh got a lot more character which is so surprising I said because this is

More of a luxury right I know like just this difference of the Interior I love this I love the big bolsterers yeah you know what that’s the point that most people have pointed out too the red coming down into the center console like that it like ties it together yeah it

Brings it together really well and I like that it’s not too much red on the interior so you have a different texture of different colors it’s so much louder like it a lot actually I like the heads-up display as well yeah that’s really nice too oh nice little uh

Touches that you wouldn’t get with other cards so for those of you wondering about the display here it’s pretty much the same as the type R in your sport or Comfort mode except when you’re in Sport Plus you don’t get the really cool F1 Inspire tachometer and all that

But other than that it’s pretty much the same way different tone that’s better better actually Pretty Petty yeah it is it is so I don’t know do you feel so I know it’s a five horsepower difference yeah 100 well so my car is tuned now okay but I remember

When it was stuck it’s definitely like you can definitely feel it it gets going right away for sure that’s a big difference okay I feel like it’s also like a little bit more spacious in here because you don’t have a little bit more string so you can kind of like

Yeah when it’s in Sport Plus the uh the r mode the r plus mode or whatever they have in the type R was yeah you feel the road a lot yeah it was way too stiff this is very plush yeah uncomfortable right okay all right sweet I mean it’s beautiful it looks so

Good what do you think me taking pics of it what do you think I actually really like it driving truthful looking I wish all of you guys could see it in person and when we get back to the dealership we are going to put it right next to the

Fl5 but uh in person it really does the car justice but I think the same thing as as the fl5 when you see it in pictures when you see it in person the car is so much more aggressive in person I think that’s just how it always is but

I like all the contrasting colors that this has you know this honestly really reminds me of the fk8 whereas yeah I feel like the fl5 is a little bit more subtle Timeless I don’t know but this car is super super gnarly then you’re really gonna so now I kind

Of know my thoughts after just giving it a little bit of a drive and really sitting in it and taking a look at it I’m gonna bring it to go sit next to the fl5 and get a good comparison of them side by side I think that’s everybody’s

Kind of choice is to like see them side by side right thank you well now we get to see him kind of side by side here it’s definitely like I feel a little more aggressive even than the fl5 the fl5 I think is a beautiful design Timeless Hana did an incredible job with

This type R and they kind of brought the more aggressive side of it for just the us only Market but there’s a lot of things that I think could also be integrated into the type R to make it a little bit nicer but I think my overall

Impression is if you are the kind of guy that are gonna track your car tune your car like really really drive the heck out of this thing and you’re not worried about the comfortability of it and you kind of want to be in that more bolstered race car the f05 is for you

But if you’re the more kind of relaxed not gonna track your car too much you want all the niceties and the and the accessories that’s where the Integra Type S comes in but either way you still get the fun aggressive Pops in the exhaust and you know the big vents up

Front with the type S but I think overall the f05 definitely fits me a little bit more than the type bass does I’ve seen an fl5 and type S side by side no this is the first one it’s pretty Austin was the first one that’s sick

Hopefully it’ll be side by side in your driveway I mean they both serve a purpose I just I hopped back into this and I’m like this is so much more of me but also like this also serves a really awesome purpose for the specific driver

As well I mean they both have their good qualities the f05 is me dude yeah it is absolutely dude I mean you guys can see the difference in interior even right here I wish there’s like the type R badge kind of like how the type S has but

And I also like how this has the Alcantara instead of the leather I don’t know there’s like little bits and pieces I wish I could take from the type S and put into my type R but overall they’re both very similar and have both great qualities to each their

Own you know definitely I mean it’s just a matter of uh what Market you’re in what your uses for the car getting daily driving I mean you can daily this too but I feel like this is meant a little bit harder exactly this is meant for the track enthusiasts right the tuner

Enthusiast where necessarily this could be too but with a much more comfortable base starting point right I think that’s that’s where this Market comes in so but the good thing is if you guys are looking for one of these Tustin Acura and my boy Miguel can help you out right

Come down guys I’ll hook you guys up um anything you guys need yeah he’s getting a bunch more right guys yeah yeah he’s getting a lot more so if any of you guys want to come in choir about your own type ass or come take a look at

This car for yourself guys can head down here ask for Miguel and I’ll hook it up sounds good thank you for letting me come by of course this is awesome Thank you Yeah this bolstering is so it’s crazy right it just like hugs you in there oh my God see like I wanted to get Miguel’s reaction to the Thai bar seeds because it’s a lot more driver-centric definitely yeah I mean the other one’s nice um if you’re gonna daily it you kind of

Want that that comfortability yeah but in here dude you just like it just feels like this is where you’re supposed to be like this feels just feels like home maybe it’s a Thai bar it’s a lot more aggressive I feel like yeah but in a good way in a good way yes exactly

It’s not as comfortable this it’s very bolstered hugs you really tight but it’s still comfy yeah Okay back to back I want to show you guys the rear diffuser and exhaust here because these exhaust tips are massive take a look at this now let’s run over to the CTR and look at this guy just a little bit smaller actually it’s a kind of a lot bit smaller

So funny thank you brother he reached out I was like this would be a perfect addition to your your Honda collection I mean it is a dang good car dude we’re definitely gonna think about it I don’t think I would ever let go of my fl5 but

It would be good to add to the collection for sure but a replacement just in the day exactly what what do you guys think I want to know in the comments down below what you guys think about the fl5 versus the type S or even

It just the type S on its own like what do you guys think about it not even compared to the type R I’m curious to hear from you guys and I would love to see these two cars at the track back to back that’s something that I would love

To see but for now that was a good look thank you so much dude no worries man thank you man this thing does look super good rolling holy man what did you think I mean then you get into this and it’s just like it’s it it’s a very different feel yeah it’s

Just different this is definitely way more mean oh it is for sure but I think for you know like they’re the right customers yeah like that’s that is a perfect yeah but also plus with when you get the type S you also don’t get like

The log R in just a second it’s not like a race car thing though yeah yeah like you you get this with the type R which literally gives you all of your parameters water temp oil temp pressure like that’s that’s a you thing but I love going to the track I love racing

Cars you know you don’t care about this and you want you know maybe more comfortable seats got the type S yeah I’m super happy we came in at least oh yeah I definitely wanted to see it now if you were here and there’s a and a Sex

Type S here this might have been a very different move but uh all right let’s get this thing back to the shop we’re about to hit a thousand miles and we’re gonna cross that Milestone which actually you guys were there when we hit 500 miles and you’re about to be here

When we hit a thousand miles remember this moment well I guess whatever we actually do it but let’s head back to the shop oh my God come on wait till it changes we’re gonna roll over okay we’ve gone oh A Thousand Miles you guys saw us at 500

And now we caught the first thousand miles in the fl5 that’s pretty cool I think it’s time for an oil change now oh man it’s cracking up in a cold one here in my Legends beer glass oh look at that beautiful that’s beautiful nothing like so sick a long

Day and cracking a cold one with the Legends the Legends glass that’s pretty sick actually well as you can see we’ve finally made it home Dutch cooking set what are we making what’s on the menu chicken katsu of course all right VIP say what’s up to the Vlog

While I’m cooking the chicken katsu we are vlogging and live streaming Inception having a little live stream with the VIP Facebook group so if you guys are VIPs and you’re not in the group check it out and you guys should be a VIP so what’s up everybody that’s so cool

I absolutely outdid myself look at this costume it’s so good but I can’t even handle oh my gosh what do you think get a good bite it’s unbelievable it’s like super hot perfect end to the night that’s awesome okay so I’m going through this video editing and finishing up the video and I

Realized that I never even put the the sticker price or I guess the what they’re selling it for and I’m sure that’s gonna be a huge question in this video so really quickly before we end it they had it listed for twenty thousand dollars or MSRP so I think that the

Sticker price if I wasn’t if I remember correctly was around 72 or 73 000 now for me that’s outrageous for this car but I think at its regular MSRP price it it makes sense but with dealer markov’s all over the country in all kinds of different cars it’s just almost

All cars outrageous now so keep that in mind when you are looking at the type S but like I said the video I think overall the type R just suits me more so let me know what you guys think and let me know if you guys enjoyed this video

Would you guys like to see a Type S on the channel is the type R for you or just what do you guys think let me know I’m gonna go and end today’s video here like always if you guys have not already make sure to hit that like button leave

Me a comment down below and hit that subscribe button we are less than a thousand subscribers away to 750 000 subscribers which is insane and at 750k we’re gonna be revealing the new secret car so stay tuned thank you guys once again I’ll see you in the next one peace out