Dustin Williams Video: Trading My FL5 Type R For One of the CRAZIEST Cars Ever Made..

Posted: 2023-05-15 17:00:17
Author: Dustin Williams
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Thanks to @bridgestonetires for having me out! In today’s video, i take my FL5 Type R for a little road trip. We get to drive on an awesome desert canyon and feel out our new suspension and tune. Then, we traded the Type R for Lamborghini’s newest car, the Hurracan Sterrato. It was absolutely insane!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Behind this door could be your new car but before we get into today’s video I actually did want to tell you guys that our next and new giveaway starts this Friday May 19th at 10 A.M Pacific time and if you’re a VIP member you guys actually get Early Access starting on

Thursday we’re going to be giving away a new project car and I’m so excited to finally reveal it to you guys every one dollar that you guys spend on the legend site is one entry in to win and VIP members get double entries we also actually have a brand new Legends

Collection coming out this weekend as well we’re bringing back the Boba thank you mark your calendars set your alarms when I tell you guys it’s the craziest thing we’ve ever done it’s the craziest thing that we’ve ever done and I’m very very excited sit back relax and enjoy today’s video foreign Welcome back to the channel guys we have a little bit of a different one today we’re going on a little Type R Road Trip minor Type R road trip for a special event put on by Bridgestone that I’m pretty excited for and I think you guys will find it exciting or interesting at

Least figure I’d take you guys along for the entire Journey because we’re going to be going through a canyon that we haven’t gone through in a few years we are making our way two hours to Palm Springs and there’s a really gnarly Canadian that goes through the desert to

Palm Springs and I wanted to take you guys along because as you know number one we just got a fresh tune on the f05 as well as we just installed the olins road and track suspension and I figured this is a perfect time to do a little

Testing tune with all the new mods that we did on the way to the event for Bridgestone that we’re going to it’s going to be fun it’s gonna be awesome and I brought the head mount for the GoPro it’s going to be a good time so we’re currently making our way to the

Deep depths of the California desert right now now into the canyon we get some great Mountain views some great desert views it’s actually really really sick and I think you guys will enjoy it so sit back relax and let’s just hop into the fun You know so I expected on a Thursday at two o’clock that we really wouldn’t have too much traffic going Desert Canyon but uh seems like we got a little bit of traffic coming up ahead so I’m gonna try and get as much good footage as I can for you guys but right

Off the bat just from the very beginning of this Canyon can I tell you the suspension feels it’s just it’s so good um I would like to maybe turn into a couple of clicks a little bit more stiff um even just for Street driving so far

So good and the extra bump in power that we got going from 293 horsepower to 320. that is a that’s a big difference big difference I mean the power delivery and how long the power stays on is is pretty awesome we’ll give you guys a little baby pull here

We catch up to some traffic up here maybe a little third gear yeah it’s quick it feels awesome you’ve got the fuzz on the loose here oh almost ZL1 okay let’s see what we got oh this dude’s grinding look at this man I feel great in these olins

We are on the bridge show and re71rs the old school ones so still very grippy paired with the olins 10 out of 10. I took 12 out of 10 I would say nice open Canyon here now my favorite part of this Canyon is the end so hopefully we can keep it clear

Like this till the end but it’s fun going through the desert different than our our home Canyon oh man sweeper coming up We decided to have a little bit more fun going up the hill again so I figured I’d take you guys along going up God these roads are so great going uphill is definitely a lot more fun than going downhill carry a little bit more speed straight away and we’re gonna hit this

Huge sweeper and it’s fantastic whoa and traffic you guys know I had to pull over get some quick shots with the fl5 it looks so good out here I don’t know if it’s just the color or just everything it looks really really awesome performing great in the canyons best of all oh look

At that thing best of all it is super hot no heating issues with the fl5 very nice like I said I just wanted to get some quick shots with the fl5 we’re gonna make it down head to our hotel and we actually got to get going to our

Event where actually we’re going to be testing tires that are on the exact opposite spectrum of what we’re currently driving on right now it’s gonna be really cool I’m super excited to show you guys Thank you Foreign we have finally made it to Palm Springs so very nice hotel quick quick Hotel check here pretty freaking sick to be completely honest with you guys I have no idea what the deal is it is 4 10 and we’re supposed to meet in the lobby

At 4 30. all I know is that we’re getting to drive some really cool cars on some really really great tires and I think to be awesome we are some of the first people to ever drive this in the states at least at least as consumers so

I think it’ll be really cool for you guys to see as well and it’s the first of its kind so that’s the most important part so I’m going to actually send some emails here and then I have about 20 minutes until we meet in the

Lobby and then we get to have some fun okay so apparently when I checked into the hotel I was also supposed to check in the uh Lamborghini tent did I do that nope am I going to be late yep what’s new also doesn’t help that

This place is a giant maze like a tree Labyrinth am I gonna get out of here here oh cold water oh sweet thank you Welcome guys welcome Foreign Valley Raceway and today we’re doing something a little bit different we’re trading the f05 type R for this this is something absolutely crazy that shouldn’t exist but it does and it’s one of the craziest and the coolest supercars in my opinion ever made this is the brand new Lamborghini Serato but

The reason why I’m here is because of Bridgestone and Bridgestone actually has OEM tires they’re making for the Serato for off-roading they’re absolutely sick and we’re going to be having some fun with the Lamborghini on Chuckwalla but very very different we haven’t been to truck Wallace since the S2000 blew up

Rip to that it’s coming back soon but today we’re not just doing the regular truck wall of course we got something special for you guys and I’m super excited to show you so we’re on a very very tight schedule we I really don’t have a lot of time to film with it we’re

Gonna hop into the Serratos and get on the track slash dirt and have some fun today we’re getting to drive Lamborghini’s new Huracan Serato it’s pretty insane and the first kind but the reason why we’re here is because of Bridgestone the new Bridgestone Dueler all-terrain at-002 tire specifically designed to provide Huracan Serato

Drivers with maximum driving pleasure and adaptability for any driving conditions or surfaces both on and off-road foreign Power it’s really ready right now There’s a lot out here but it’s like all right okay you have a house that’s okay I do Thank you foreign Open for it Yes George foreign Thank you foreign no no problem at all dude well definitely the shortest driving experience that I’ve had the opportunity to have but I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun in Lamborghini ever that was insane especially getting to come to Chuckwalla and then going off-road and literally rallying a Lamborghini

That’s pretty insane that was really really awesome if we did have more time so I could test out the tires a little bit better as well but but even that short experience that we had was it was fantastic along with being an all-around great Tire the Custom Engineered Bridgestone Dueler

All-terrain at002 is the world’s first ever Supercar all-terrain tire featuring run flat technology to keep drivers going safely even after a puncture Foreign Quick trip but we’re heading back to the hotel no I bought the little pocket tripod thing you see you know we have finally made it home from our little road trip fund and that was actually really really awesome like I told you guys in the video I really didn’t know

What to expect but it was a great time I do wish we had a little bit more time in the car just get a better feel for it as well as the tires because we were there for Bridgestone but either way how can you complain that was so cool and

Definitely like I said one of the craziest supercars ever and definitely the most fun I’ve ever had in a Lamborghini but we got back and gave the ethel5 a fresh wash because we were covered in bugs from the Canyon Drive and now it’s all squeaky clean thanks to

One of the best Partners ever Maguire’s we use the uh the ultimate wash and wax on all of our cars and it works fantastic but especially on the Sonic gray Pearl it’s really really good with all of that being said thank you guys so much for watching today’s video don’t

Forget behind this door right here possibly be your new car we have a new Legends collection coming this weekend the Boba is making a comeback back and I’m glad to see so many of you guys are stoked about it we just posted on Instagram and you guys are really happy

That that’s coming back which makes me happy but anyways every one dollar that you guys spend is one entry in to win if you’re a VIP member you get Early Access starting Thursday and double entries which gives you double the amount of entries to win what’s behind this door

Right here hope you guys are excited I’m freaking excited I have like a knot in my stomach because I’m still like nervous for you guys to see what it is but it’s gonna be really cool thank you guys for watching if you want to see more like Canyon Drive fun videos like

This let me know down in the comments below huge thank you to Lamborghini as well as Bridgestone for having me out hopefully we get to do it again and I will see you guys for the next one don’t forget to leave me a like comment down below and of course don’t forget to

Subscribe we are so close to 750k I’ll see you guys for the next one peace out