Dustin Williams Video: Tokyo Drift Evo Left Us Stranded in Japan.. | Buying JDM Parts from UPGARAGE!

Posted: 2023-08-16 17:00:42
Author: Dustin Williams
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Today.. or i guess this this morning..? we started out at the parking structure, bump starting the evo! We think that the starter is bad, so it’s time to get this thing fixed! We didn’t let the problems stop us, so we continued to shoot all night! We got back at 5am when the sun was coming up.. the next day we stopped by UPGARAGE to buy some JDM parts for the evo!
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Kill it oh bump start dude what is going on dude we gotta have to sort this out oh God what should we do for tomorrow I have no clue like if oh all right thank you Michelle oh Okay We were almost stranded but we have awesome friends the night is late or early however you want to say it we’re still going to shoot and make the best out of it but the Evo is definitely broken yes This is a continuation of our last Vlog if you guys haven’t seen that one you’re gonna want to check that one out before you watch this one but uh yeah the car mysteriously would not start yesterday I was thinking that it was a battery issue then I remember the car’s not even

Turning over and I was noticing even early on even in America the car was kind of like wonky with startup I really think my starter went out we’re kind of screwed we got to get this thing back to PDI so we can order a starter and get

This fixed but we’re like an hour and a half out of pei and they’re closed so we’re trying to figure that whole situation out tonight we’re actually here with my friend kaito who owns a really amazing media brand we were supposed to have a late night shoot with him

Obviously if it’s one o’clock and the car decided to not work thankfully we found out that we can bump start the car so we’re still going to finish our shoot tonight I just can’t turn the car off until we get it parked where we’re staying I’m so excited yeah

Screen in the description box below so you can check out their media team let’s hop right into it feels like making our own Tokyo Drift this is by far tooth that we have ever done Thank you Foreign Nights like these that I’ll never forget two in the morning empty Tokyo streets running Rainbow Bridge this is absolutely insane next and last we’re finally heading to Shibuya thankfully no problems with the Evo let’s go Shibuya yeah kite doesn’t take over the Vlog for you guys so we can get some external shots of us going through shibuyu Crossing iconic so sick Thank you Thank you I’m Batman Thank you Who would have thought you’d be standing here at 3 30 in the morning in the middle of Shibuya Crossing with the Tokyo Drift evil life is crazy that’s a wrap in the middle of Crossing it’s 3 30. we have a long drive let’s go home Really great way to end the night Hour drive in a pouring rain wish me luck finally done and now the sun is out oh God okay we are It’s Five O’Clock in the morning no I’m so tired I’m gonna pass out oh man but what a night that was freaking awesome what a morning what a morning yeah

Oh my gosh that was the longest day of my life just for times call for desperate measures we got convenient socks shirt and we’re rocking the undies I’m not sure what’s wrong with the Evo but all I know is we it’s a long story and I’ll explain it in the morning but

It is 5am and I’m gonna at least try and get a couple hours of sleep oh yes I will see you guys in the morning Again I tried to start the Evo but unfortunately it doesn’t it does it will do the same thing that will happen at the um the parking lot in the parking lot yeah I go in the parking lot so we have to pump start it which means on a

Tomorrow we have to force it at the start oh God all right well I guess we’ll just have to figure it out so I don’t think last night I properly explained what we have to do the reason why we had to drive two hours to Chiba last night is

Because PDI which is top ranked facility is closed for the Japanese holiday and if we left my car in the hotel we wouldn’t have been able to bump start it out of the garage so the closest area that we could park the car that we would

Be able to bump stop it without getting fined or having to pay in a parking garage or anything is Moss’s apartment which is close to PDI so the car is currently stranded at Moss’s apartment and we still have one full day left here and we’re gonna have to figure out how

To get the car from masa’s apartment to pityati drop it off before we leave and go home back to America so that’s our mission and also it’s still pouring rain so overall this is just an unfortunate situation but it’s okay because we’re gonna figure it out like we always do we

Always figure it out that’s the most important part my guess is it’s got to be the starter that’s what I think it is but we’re gonna have top rank check it out once they open up again and by the next time I’m here we should definitely

Have the car fixed thank God it happened now and not at the very beginning Foreign we are deep deep this is super cool what today’s mission was supposed to be is we are at a random up garage and this is one of the coolest things that I love about Japan and we all shop at Yahoo auctions or Krueger if you’re looking

For those rare JDM Parts those cool JDM Parts well when you’re in Japan you can search for those parts and actually pick them up so these listings in Japan have sites maybe at up garages or different various stores in the area of Japan and it shows you which stores have the parts

That you’re looking at lucky for us we were looking for some JDM parts for my Evo and something that we’ve been wanting for the Evo for a very long time and we actually found parts and they’re supposed to be at this up garage but like I said we’re in the middle of

Nowhere so I’m hoping that they that the listing was true that they have our parts let’s go check it out first time ever like legitimately buying parts from up garage and also if you don’t know what up garages up garage is basically like a Craigslist store for car parts

But in person it’s really cool you can find steering wheels seats stereos performance parts it’s crazy and it’s all like second hand too so if you want like random OEM stuff that’s really cool you can find it here oh yes they’re here it was true let’s check that out oh hi

And this is what we’re looking for OEM Evo 9 Mr recaros for the Tokyo Drift Evo which if you guys remember these are the seats they actually used in Tokyo Drift movie and I’ve been really wanting a set but they’re really hard to find in America and it turns out here as well

But this random up garage had both the passenger and driver side Hello yeah this just makes it so much cooler that we’re getting them from an up barrage I think we should do it full sand Folsom baby number one this is gonna be way more comfortable for as much as we drive here on long road trips but number two again this is even more

Movie accurate which is going to be really cool now unfortunately the plan was to actually bring the Evo here and install these at up garage which I thought would have been super cool but obviously now that’s not gonna happen another cool thing that you can do at up

Garage in Japan is let’s actually get them shipped whatever location that you want so thankfully we’re restoring the Evo with top rank at the PDI Center so what we’re going to do is we’re gonna go ahead and get these shipped over to top rank and the next time I come here with

Evil and Evo’s fixed and running we’re gonna install these and we’ll be set and ready to go which is going to be so freaking sick now all we need to find are Evo 9 JDM tail lights and headlights which is even harder than finding the seats we’re going to keep searching

Hopefully we can continue to get down while we’re still out here in Japan because I think it’d be cool to be able to get the seats and the lights while we’re out here but we can definitely check the seats off of our list that was uh surprisingly way easier than I

Thought seats are what seats are on their way to PDI and we’re gonna have them for the next time I’m in Japan I am freaking pumped dude look at this miyah dang that thing is sick dude wow that’s a pretty rad Miata very cool up garage find

Quick pit stop at masa’s home with Mama and Papa Masa watching uh the latest video I think we gotta get Japanese subtitles for Mama and Papa Masa when they watch the videos so I think we need to find somebody to do some Japanese subtitles a lot of you guys pointed this out last

Time this is uh Mama masa’s anime collection so cool oh oh she has quite the collection always good getting to see my home in Japan my family in Japan are the best thank you okay now I think we gotta go back to my hotel yep it’s been a long few days

Look we’re gonna stop by Martha’s house because we had a pickup the R34 GTR but a lot of questions asking why was Mazda driving the gtt and that’s because it was from Top Rank top rank let him use that car for a little trip but tonight

He wants to grab the R34 GTR it’s crazy how much better the GTR looks than the GT2 super cool Well guys I am absolutely beat it is 2 10 in the morning we spent our last night here in Tokyo doing some work unfortunately the weather got bad again the Tokyo Drift Evo was down we got to figure that out tomorrow and how we’re

Going to bring it back to PDI and uh I wanted to get some work done so we called it in early tonight and I’m picking up the camera to end today’s video this was a this was a crazy Japan trip and I can’t believe it’s already

Over if we go home tomorrow back to California and then instantly leave again to make performance for a special project on the WRX which you guys will see soon but uh this one was exhausting no AC in the Evo hot long road trips but I wouldn’t change a thing and I wouldn’t

Trade it for anything it’s making memories and I can’t believe we get to do it with the Tokyo Drift Evo now actually insane but oh I’m gonna go ahead and end today’s video video I hope you guys enjoyed it I know it was a little bit of a weird schedule but with

Everything that happened I had a make do so hopefully you guys enjoyed as always if you guys have not already make sure you hit that like button leave me a comment down below let’s do uh let’s do a hashtag up garage finds if I I feel like that’s fitting for this video and

Of course do me a huge favor and hit that subscribe button because we are on the road to a million once again thank you guys so much and stay tuned for our last and final Japan Vlog for tomorrow peace out [Applause] [Applause]