Dustin Williams Video: The WRX is Making a MASSIVE Comeback

The WRX is Making a MASSIVE Comeback

Posted: 2023-07-10 17:00:14
Author: Dustin Williams
In today’s video we travel all the way to Minnesota for the Modest Car show. Today was set up and to our surprise, the WRX made it just in time! This was not planned.. We shipped the WRX to @maperformance for a special build, but coincidentally, the WRX showed up in time to take it to the event!

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Tomei Expreme Catback Exhaust

Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Foreign [Applause] Good morning and uh welcome to another Early Travel day thank you For his GP this weekend very exciting because Valvoline has partnered with Aston Martin and I want to see their first race together but also we’re rooting for McLaren ESS Isn’t that cool that’s pretty sick thank you thank you See you guys Minnesota Mission number one is to get all of our car show stuff meaning our merch and Titan setup stuff into this guy so that we can set up tomorrow morning let’s figure out I guess I can okay okay one down six more to go And uh that was surprisingly the easiest pickup that we’ve ever had but now we have the long journey and my performance I think we’re good to go my pants are rich are they really ripped that’s when I squatted down to pick that up do you want me to drive no I drive a

Drive why okay I like the driveway let’s go to anime performance for our very big coincidence and very big surprise not only to you guys but for to me honestly I go take a right we have arrived surprise oh my gosh to as much of my surprise as it is for

You guys the WX actually made it to Minnesota in time for us to take it to the car show which wasn’t actually supposed to happen this wasn’t planned at all actually wasn’t supposed to see the car until August but this actually works out perfectly Boys are back in town so this is very unexpected I told you guys I was gonna explain this the last video you guys saw we said that we weren’t going to see this car for a really long time it was going away for a really special build

Well I guess I can’t really hide it anymore because we’re obviously here at Ma performance which coincidentally is right next to the car show that we had planned this weekend at modest in in St Paul which is close by where Ma performance is so we were lucky enough

To be able to pick up the car and actually be able to take it to the car show tomorrow now while we’re not going to give them any details we have something very very cool coming up right that’s right we’ve been planning it it’s been like on and off planning for the

Past like six months I’m in some planets a decent amount of planets so not planning yeah it’s gonna be really sick but for now the the hard part about this is is that it’s a little bit rough and we had to take it to a car show but it’s

Okay because I want to show it before and after because this thing is getting a transformation WX is making a massive comeback and I am so pumped but this is kind of like the start of it right yeah absolutely if you don’t love it at its

Worst you can’t love it at its best that’s freaking right that was an inspirational thing you said all week she needs a little love it’s not much right now but I promise when we start the build of it you guys are going to be mind blown because when I figured out

That we were actually doing this I was also mind blown so I’m very very excited it’s what this car deserves and kind of like how I explained it in the last video 19 year old me we’re doing what I dreamed of of what like never in a million years I could have imagined

Could be a reality and that’s what we’re doing with this car all the parts all the parts I could dream of the body kit I could dream of I mean truly from from top to bottom but for now we’re just gonna enjoy the car she’s officially

Back and she’s gonna be going to modest car show tomorrow but for today we got to clean this thing up so the boys are coming out and we’re actually gonna go get a car wash all right let’s do this thing All in fitted Foreign Back in Mississippi when I would travel 10 hours for a car meet and oh this feels good this is awesome quick pit stop in the hotel before we actually have to go drop off the car tonight who and I’m looking for my deep Slumber AKA

My my very nice nap and uh we are actually getting together and drop off the car overnight which is going to be super convenient so that we don’t have to roll in in the morning with all the traffic and stuff but I’m very excited to see some of the cars are

Gonna be showing up here this weekend like I told you guys in the last video last time you were hearing me through the little pop-up meet you guys seriously showed up and the quality of build out here is nuts it’s bringing me like all the way back you know when we first

It’s so good foreign oh man it’s just bringing me back we’ve made it inside the venue Now’s the Time where we kind of unload everything I don’t think we’re gonna sit up tonight I think we’re just gonna unload and set up for tomorrow when the show is but just

Looking at this car looking at the WRX in this venue is bringing back so many memories it’s just crazy Thank you All right well since we’re not setting up tonight we have a little bit of extra time and you guys know that I love watching the cars roll in I guess Dad what’s up dude what’s up man good to see you man the g-char looks amazing

There’s one car here that we had to stop and come see immediately Twitter I’m just gonna go buy one oh my God is this the coolest reality we’ve ever seen or what and so is this I’m guessing it has to be a rocket bunny oh my God that is so gnarly

This is so beefy see this is what I’m talking about this is what I would love to build a Miata like just a beefy JDM Style little Miata oh my God this kid is awesome I love the gritty and Trust delivery that they have on the car as

Well I wonder if he tracks it that’s yeah that’s the real question There’s a whole other freaking little cave over here holy moly this is crazy this is gonna be actually pretty big oh I love it the FC that thing is really good thank you Oh and that’s a wrap we are absolutely exhausted but we gotta we gotta just do it you know that’s a wrap for today we’re gonna leave the Duggar X and we’ll set up in the morning but we’re gonna head out now we actually have some dinner plans with our friend Kyle which

We’re super excited about get some good Minnesota food right some Minnesota food stop adopting the lifestyle here And Nina out on the town Minnesota 10 left onto South First Street uh apparently we’re getting the best burger in town tonight we’re both starving and tired but we’re gonna push through right yep do it for the burgs do it for the burgs since we’re a little

Bit early Tiana and I are doing a little bit of exploring downtown Minnesota and it is absolutely beautiful here it’s sick Minnesota All right tonight we’re eating at the Saunder Shaker Kyle is meeting us here with his wife but he says it’s the best burger in town so I’m gonna try a lot of converter what are we going for I’m doing the same thing same thing we’re

Going for it okay so this better be as good as you this is this looks fantastic it’s amazing we’re gonna get hold on hold on oh that was good we’re gonna give a uh dutt’s Burger review here all right let’s get uh we’re gonna talk about talk about the

The presentation look at this I love all yeah it’s delicious right here this little slick out there what is a meat skirt the meats it’s got an excellent meat skirt I love the cheese okay okay I got a little bit of sauce oh fine crispy bun we got sauce all right

Give her a smash style here we go what do we think oh my God yeah oh my god Oh wow it’s insane right oh my God I mean I don’t even know how to rape this I can’t give it a 10 out of 10 because that’s too easy it’s actually it might be the best burger I’ve ever had it’s the presentation the crunch the meat and the

Sauce wow simple good choice I told you good choice I’m gonna give it a 9 9.9999 but you couldn’t give it a 10. the bun was crispy the outside the what was it Beef skirt or whatever still still talking about the burger crispy the pickles that was I honestly think that

Was the best burger I’ve ever I mean it had in my entire life I seriously think it could have been I yeah 100 I would have thought Kyle and I hahaha Kyle and I decided next time I come here when we do when we come back to the WRX

Build I think we’re gonna do a burger tour because now I just I’m on the hunt to see if anything is better than that I just have to know but uh we are pretty stuffed and absolutely exhausted so we’re gonna head back to the hotel even

Though it’s still time is it it’s after nine o’clock and it’s still light out and I love it but I’ve also been up since three in the morning exhausted we’re super exhausted as you guys can probably guess we got to the hotel and absolutely crashed so I

Figured we would end today’s video while I’m currently editing this and obviously we made it back home and the modest car show itself was amazing I’m so excited to show you guys that video but before we end today’s video I did want to tell you guys that this Friday July 14th I

Think it is at 10 A.M we have a brand new Legends collection it’s a new Sparkle collection it’s really awesome and I’m so excited to release it for you guys but along with that we have the brand new secret car revealed thank you guys so much for getting me to 750 000

Subscribers that is an insane number and you know 10 years ago when I started this I had no idea that we would be here right now and I still feel like we’re just getting started so I quickly wanted to say thank you guys and thank you guys

So much for watching today’s video and really showing out to modest it was amazing and like I said can’t wait to show you guys that video but we’re gonna go and end today’s video and before we do that make sure you guys hit that like button leave me a comment down below and

Don’t forget to subscribe because now we’re on the road to a million stay tuned for this Friday’s Legends collection as well as the secret car reveal and I’ll see all of you guys for the next one peace out