Dustin Williams Video: The Varis Widebody WRX is COMPLETE!

Posted: 2023-09-15 17:00:07
Author: Dustin Williams
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in today’s video we complete the WRX Varis Widebody. We installed the Varis rear bumper, Varis wide body rear fenders, and the Seibon carbon duck bill trunk. It is absolutely a dream come true! There is still a lot of work to do, but now the body kit is ready for paint.
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Welcome back for part two of the varus wide body on our 2015 WRX last video you guys saw us complete the front end of this car and if you guys missed out on that you’re definitely going to want to head back to the last episode and check

Out the front end but for today we’re moving on to the rear and what I personally think is going to be the biggest change in the car today we’re gonna be knocking out the rear bumper the rear wide body fenders and it’s finally changing out this trunk and wing

For something that I’ve been wanting for a very long time now I think this might be a little controversial you’re either Gonna Love it or you’re gonna hate it it’s something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and I think will be a

Nice touch to this car and what the finished product is going to look like let’s hop into it Did the APR wings like when we first got the car years and years maybe what was it Tim like six years ago probably six years ago that’s crazy this Wing has been on the car for six years I mean since I can remember owning this car the

Wings put on and I just feel like it’s time for something new and that’s where this comes in and this actually comes from our friends over at anime performance it’s a huge thank you to them for helping us Source this guy out and getting it to us we’ve had this for

About a year now and we’ve just never gotten to the point where we can install it and now since we’re completely revamping the car perfect timing we’re gonna get this old crusty Wing off the car look at this beautiful carbon piece this is something go with the entire kit as well can we

Grab this uh jungle oh it’s beautiful now add kind of like a newer Sleek stealth aggressive style to a car instead of having a massive Wing come up we’re gonna have a nice duck bill and I’m so excited to show you guys what we’re gonna do with the paint and

What color we’re actually going to paint the car I think you’re gonna be super stoked and I think for today we are going to start with the trunk of the car move to the bumper and then move to the fenders now if you guys come look over

Here like I told you guys our body shop guy actually came to the shop yesterday to check out the kit and see what he wants to do as far as painting the kit he wants everything off his car we got to remove the headlights the tail lights the trunks gonna come off

Um so basically just like yesterday we’re gonna stick everything on make sure it all fits lowered on the ground make sure the wheels fit and see what we have to do from there and then take everything back off and bring this car to the body shop so when we’re

Installing the trunk today you guys look down here there’s ports for our rear view camera our lights none of that’s going to go in today because it just has to come right back off for paint anyways keep that in mind when we’re installing today but let’s go ahead get started rip

Off our stock trunk the wing and see how this guy looks foreign Actual end of an era the wing is now off and Jim bro put on our new latch we’re gonna put a garbage truck on this thing man I think you even want to do this for so long it’s going to add just a new style to the car you know let’s go ahead

And stick her on see what she looks like I’m excited to see what this looks like plus the fender and the bumper because I mean with how aggressive the bumper is and like how many New Body Lines this car is going to have just in case you

Get kidnapped and you want to hop out of the trunk little safety kidnap latch right there all right let’s put this thing on All right moment of truth again we’re not going to connect anything up here because this has to be removed but when we piece this car together after the Bodywork and after the new paint that’s when we’ll kind of assemble everything just so that we can get an idea of what this looks like

Foreign it is so good honestly I mean just my opinion here but I think that this fits what I’m doing if you guys knew it was in my head it fits what we’re doing with the car when this car is complete so much better with the duckbill and we

Have the varus I don’t even think we talked about this years ago I went to Tokyo Auto Salon and actually bought these tail lights from the varus booth at Tokyo Auto Salon and these are legitimate actual varus tail lights so with like the dark smoke tail light

Carbon duckbill here the wide body new bumper let me just let me get a maybe the picture Now that the trunk’s done we’re gonna go ahead and rip off our rear bumper which thankfully is actually super easy it’s just a bunch of Clips so we’re gonna open this guy back up pull this thing off and then we gotta start fitting this guy up look how gnarly this is talk

About like new shape of the car different style and like I keep saying I can’t wait to you guys see what we have in store for paint um one of one then that’s for sure okay anyways let’s rip off OEM and put this guy on okay

Well uh what did you do Dustin update make sure if you’re gonna close the trunk to plug it in because now I gotta climb all the way back here damn it hey good thing we have the the kidney switch the kidnap switch comes in handy oh that’s a Dustin bot

We’re gonna need big dog for this one you’re gonna you want me to Amazon cut it it’s like in the jungle there there’s a bunch of bushes in front of you am I gonna get electrocuted so Tim is going to actually just properly wire this the third brake light

Doesn’t work because we had to wire in these JDM bars lights so now this is a perfect time to rewire this whole thing and actually get this to work because this guy’s good and we can get started next up on our list one of the most

Exciting parts for sure for me is this rear bumper will it fit with our usdm Dash bar that is what we’re gonna have to find out but first ever test fit of the virus or your bumper is the effing beam so nobody rear endustancy keep this in mind when doing

I mean even on my R35 on the front bumper The Bash beams have to come off because s2k too because usdm and JDM safety ratings are different and Japan’s safety ratings don’t have the big bash bars in the front so let’s remove it all right okay bumper is cracked super hardcore this

This is the problem with fiberglazers just cracked okay so before we can actually put our JDM bumper on we have to take all of these Clips off as well that bumper actually utilizes all of these screws but mounts from inside it’s actually like really cool how they did

It so we’re gonna go ahead and remove all of these this stock clip piece will come out and that bumper will be ready to go on Foreign [Applause] Let’s try this third time’s a charm okay yes it freaking fits now it’s cool because the entire so we have X we have an extra piece that’s going to go here we’re gonna connect to the wide Fender it’s going to be pretty insane I’m gonna go ahead and start connecting

This bumper just so it’s mounted onto here and then we can start doing the actual live bending What’s up Like washed completely Thank you insane and not only does it look absolutely crazy but check out the fitment the fitment is ridiculous I mean we’d have to cut some stuff obviously but the Body Lines this is going to be a major problem uh we’re gonna put the whole kit on just to see but what I

Think is going to have to happen we’re gonna have to cut this thing all the way down and just to fit the wheel um but we’re gonna put the rest of the kit on before we chop this just to be 100 sure but I have a feeling that’s not gonna

Work either way if you guys take a look back here let’s go over here freaking sick like I said this literally changes the whole shape of the car and it just makes it even better with the carbon duct this to me is like Finishing Touch

To all of it I don’t know why I like it so much but it’s pretty dope okay let’s go ahead and start taping up our fenders Tim’s already over here working what do we think wait wait stay there stay there dude look at it from right now it’s gonna sit something like this

Oh my god dude that is fat holy I feel like a mad scientist right now this is the best feeling holy mother god dude get the get the piece the piece this is gonna be ridiculous Finishing Touch so yeah it’ll be sucking yeah it’ll get sucked in and that’ll be lined up like

That if you guys are confused as to why we’re not actually like bolting any of this up I’m getting the kit molded this car isn’t gonna have no rivets no nuts and bolts it’s gonna be molded onto the car to give it a seamless nice flowing

Look so the like I keep saying literally the whole shape of this car is going to be completely different let’s get a little look from back here holy that is insane donkey donk I can’t get over the body lines I don’t know how well it shows up on camera but all of

These lines line up so perfectly like just the the quality and craftsmanship of the Japanese kits like this blinds here like when you guys see this in person it’s just a completely different look it is so awesome it’s the Nicki Minaj’s Subaru look at this thing yeah

The vents and everything dude I mean it’s just ins so in Japan they actually have um I guess uh break or um uh reflectors we are gonna create like just a custom cover up for this since we don’t have reflectors here and I think just a

Little bit of carbon will be nice right there but yeah all the venting how wide this is maybe I should put a wheel on let’s let’s let’s put a wheel on holy gosh see the idea of removing a little camber adding a thicker Tire dude it’s going to be on point it looks

So good how’s it looking up here holy this is a killer view I feel like all the body lines go together and the duck bill really complements it that is absolutely ridiculous Guts Auto Body open for business everybody wants the various kit HKS kit JDM stuff I’ll cut it for you it has a four out of ten look at this 10 out of 10. look at that cut you see that is that a Tim cutter is that a DOT cut it’s

The best way let’s put some money on it who’s gonna be better do I need to go a little bit more goggle Dustin and respirator Tim say it yeah I am your father Thank you Dustin for the win I guess look at this line hold on get back here get back I want you I want you to see this line look at that perfect for a little Bodywork is my favorite I love this stuff doing body kits like changing the appearance of a

Car this is what I love engine builds are cool high horsepower builds are cool what I really love is just completely transforming a car in this way with all these cars this is my favorite stuff okay we’re gonna go back we can officially to officially tape all this

Stuff up put this thing on the ground and ready for paint dude holy with the wheel on it like finishes everything and it looks just wild we have a lot of work to do look at this view oh my God everything I could have wanted and more

All right well we’re gonna wait a little while for the sun to go down we’re gonna put this thing onto the ground and go take some shots before it heads out to the body shop Stayed a little bit uh and I fixed the camber in the rear as you guys can see it’s pretty much straight right now so when I go down when I go down it should give a little bit of camera we all want camber but not extreme camber like the car head I’m

Gonna go ahead and set this on the ground and then Dustin will show you this in a little bit but I’m going to just lay it down for the first time I can’t wait for this thing to be one color it just looks so good and then the

Carbon pieces are just going to be the chef’s case I can’t wait for everybody to see it I can’t wait to see it but this kit is actually wider I think than the last one so hopefully we can get the fitment just right so we can fit some

Bigger tires on there thicker tires and uh yeah it should look really good let me set this on the ground Thank you dude it looks like a car it’s pretty pretty insane oh my the kid’s done I cannot believe this a lot of freaking work to do but keep in mind as you guys are looking at this we don’t have any of the carbon Splitters

On any of the canards on like this kit has a lot left to go but also I haven’t never seen this car without the Big Wang I know right so when I say like to me it looks like a completely different car it legitimately looks like a completely

Different car it looks so good and I was saying like like this just fits the car like it’s not gonna look complete till the Body Works done all the carbon bits are on and this thing’s all one color but the duck bill really complements the shape of the car and it’s just something

A little bit different I want you guys to come look at this so I thought I was up to re-barrel these wheels well fast forward a couple hours Tim actually took out some camber and turns out these are actually a perfect fit we’re gonna put fat meaty tires on these and it’s gonna

Fit it perfectly look at this now just imagine some big fat juicy tires on there and this thing’s gonna be set look at the rear of it oh my God that’s pretty insane way now everyone look at this Pokemon socks come on it’s fine I am so stoked so this is the final

Product next time you guys see this car it will either be completely Toronto Parks I’m showing you at the body shop or can it be completed together and you guys are gonna be watching the reveal uh tomorrow we actually take this thing all the way to the body shop and get this

Thing completely redone what we’ve been working towards this entire time 500 horsepower engine build it’s a completely new varus JDM body kit and now the exterior paint this thing is going to come together and you guys will be able to see this thing at seam I want

Everyone to guess in the comments what color they think it’s going to be No One’s Gonna guess it not a single person will ever guess it 100 to whoever guesses it not a single person will be able to guess the color I guarantee it I can’t wait it’s gonna be insane this

Thing looks so funky without the front lip and there’s just so much you guys Gotta Wait for but anyways I hope you guys are as stoked as we are because this is quite literally the wrex that when I when I got this car nine eight nine years ago the car that

I’ve always dreamed of that is quite literally this what is behind me which is insane to say 20 year old me would have never imagined we’d have this much less any of this so I think my younger self would be pretty proud right now 20 year old me would actually be pants

I’d be pooping my pants right now if I knew that this was about to happen it just it feels like the old days it feels like when I first started all this and we’re back in the garage just working on the WRX I mean all of my oh I I I’ll say

Childhood all of my childhood dreams of building this car are coming true never did I ever think I’d have a built engine never did I think I would ever have a full varus wide body or do a full paint job or take this thing to freaking SEMA

The biggest stage in the car world that is insane and it’s actually happening and I’m doing it my way exactly how I want I just can’t get over this guys like I said we still have a lot of work left to do it’s not done but uh it’s

Ready for the body shop whoa with that I think we’re gonna go ahead and end today’s video the final episode sort of the final episode of the WRX wide body I will try and keep you guys up to dated as the body progress goes on I have no

Idea when we’ll see this car again I don’t know how early before SEMA we will have this car but hopefully we have a little bit of time so I could film a really sick reveal for you guys and like I keep saying you want to see this car

In person come check it out at SEMA the outdoor Maguire’s Booth it is literally a dream come true I said this in the first episode as corny and as cheesy as it sounds don’t be afraid to chase those dreams because just like me you have no

Idea what can happen until you try so with that I’m gonna go ahead and end today’s video like Tiana said leave us a comment down below what color you guys think we’re gonna paint the car I guarantee you’re not gonna guess it but if you do you’ll win something we’ll

Figure it out I don’t know thank you guys so much for watching I keep saying this but I hope you guys are as stoked as I am and you guys feel the same way as I do about this car because this car changed my life and it’s gonna stay with

Me forever and it deserves the best and that’s what it’s getting so thank you guys for watching if you have not already please hit that like button leave us a comment down below and of course don’t forget to subscribe because we have a lot more to do before SEMA on

A few different cars and you’re not going to miss out on what’s to come all right guys we’ll see you in the next one peace out Foreign