Dustin Williams Video: The Ultimate Race Car Overland Rig is COMPLETE!

Reading Time: 11 minutes
Posted: 2023-09-20 17:00:37
Author: Dustin Williams
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V1 of the ultimate race car overland truck is finally complete!! today, we install some accessories such as a gas jug, water jug, and recovery kit. We also fully outfit the bed of the truck with the decked drawer system!

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Come on a little side quest before our main quest today one of the things that this Porsche really was AC ulate we’re gonna be fixing that Mission success they think they can do it hopefully everything goes well they said that the fitting looks like it’s been retrofitted to be a newer AC unit

So we’re gonna try it out but for now send back to the shop we got work to do in today’s project is finalizing V1 of the ultimate all-in-one rig now I told you guys that we’re gearing up for a little adventure and we actually leave tomorrow so perfect timing everything

Showed up once again we worked with Trail built off-road to get exactly what we needed and for this time it’s mainly just accessories if you guys have been following along with the truck build uh through these past few episodes you can see all the big stuff we’ve got the

Bedrock we’ve got the tent we’ve got the lights up front it’s coming out super sick but now we can kind of accessorize everything else that we need quickly let’s do a run through of everything that we have for today again if you guys want any of this stuff you can find it

On trail builds website I’m gonna link them down in the description box below we have a portable battery for literally anything and everything that we need this is the Rough Country thousand watt battery just in case you know we have actual 110 volt Outlets we have um USBS

We have British and college cigarette reports that’s what it looks like this thing is so versatile and can be used for really anything that we need and just as backup power just in case something that’s like not bad to just keep in Your Arsenal for especially for camping off-roading

Um Etc something that Noah behind the camera here recommended I should do especially for when we start over landing and doing some off-road content is a recovery kit this is once again the Rough Country recovery kit so I guess we can just take it out of here we don’t need this

Boom so in case we get stuck in the case of emergency we have a sick recovery kit this will go under the tires in case anything happens and we can strap this to our rash like I said accessorize it so this actually came with ratchet

Straps to be able to connect to our bed which I didn’t know they’re they’re blue ideally I would have liked black but they came in blue and that’s what we’re going to use we’re gonna have a colorful nice wrap we have a couple of things that Tim Bros will be

Working on while we work on the bulk of today’s project but I guess we should go take a look at what Tim’s doing this is one of the things I’m most excited about Tim is currently working on mounting a gas jug to the rack and then we also have a water jug

We can pretty much it’s not going to go exactly like this but that we can pretty much use for anything we need whether we’re washing dishes at the campsite washing and go like about here portable shower you never know what you’re going to need it for but Tim actually made

This custom little spigot right here from Home Depot supplies which is going to be pretty cool so we’re going to twist that whenever he actually has them mounted but he also found these really cool little mounts that will actually help a gas jug and the water jug look

That’s sick that’s good that’s amazing that is Super Rad so we’re gonna have a jug for our Diesel and then a jug for our water this is gonna be so sick the truck is like for sure coming out to be the all-in-one rig this is going to be

Cool but anyways while Tim works on this stuff Noah and I have our project right here in this massive box now this is something that I’ve wanted for so freaking long and I’m still able to put this in the car so let’s go ahead unbox it and see what we have

Figure out how to go take a look at this this is absolutely sick now if you’re confused and have no idea what this is this is actually a full drawer system for the bed of the truck since we did the bed rack as you guys can see right here we actually

Can’t use a bed topper or like a roll out dead top or anything like that because these mounts prohibit us from mounting anything more on the bed of the truck right here so what this drawer system helps us do is adds so much secured storing to the bed of the truck

And honestly makes it really easy for us to put our camping supplies put our tools um really put anything into the drawer system pull it out and get anything that we need it’s actually a really awesome kit it’ll be super useful for camping days track days everything I

Am so pumped to put this in the bed of the truck and just add another utility item this thing is going to be the ultimate rig I’m so pumped so this is essentially how it’ll sit in the bed of the truck we’re gonna go ahead and start installing all the mounts start piecing

This thing together inside the bed and show you guys how it all goes together it’s going to be sick foreign foreign this thing looks freaking Juiced Noah this is gonna be sick so much room for activity so much storage for activities I think it’d be perfect for camping

They’re your grill throw some extra water even when you go to the track maybe some tools in here exactly perfect it’s gonna be perfect all right so it’s basically assembled now we still gotta put the drawers and stuff in but now we can actually install this thing into the bed of the truck

So this piece was not sponsored at all this was just something that I really wanted for the truck and I have to say this is a quality freaking piece everything has aligned and fit better than anything I’ve ever installed in my entire life and even the fit of the

Truck they Dremel out to make sure it’s nice and snug next to the bed of the truck I mean that might be the easiest install and the smoothest assembly of a part ever let’s wait till we have to get the second yeah because I do have bed

Liner in and it might we’ll get the second half yeah thank you look at that Holy sh this is so sick dude for real you can put a cot right here and you’re good you’re good this is the best too comfortable here we have three

People up here two people on a cop down here it fits my whole body yeah perfectly dude I can put a mattress rip your eyeball out oh dude that is actually freaking dope it’s perfect quick intermission on today’s video because our little side quest has been

Complete okay I’ll meet you back at the shop thanks brother we are good to go now unfortunately it seems like our compressor’s going out so he said at times it could be working and at times it couldn’t so thank you for taking care of me in the portion so I wanted to hook

Them up with some Legend stuff here so this is for you and the team awesome we got like a bunch of stuff everything I had in the shop I brought you guys yeah yeah of course well I’ll be back I’ll see you guys soon let’s go we’ve got some cold air baby

This is a good sign yes the difference it makes having AC in this car is ridiculous we tell you guys all the time that it’s extremely comfortable and when me and Tiana are going to dinner we can just have normal conversations in the car this is gonna make it so much better

It’s great I think next up we gotta remove this cage so we can bring it to the tint shop and get this thing very lightly tinted just to help with the sun and that’ll be the finishing touch but AC check back at the shop the drawer system is

Now fully in the bed everything is mounted and bolted we have all the brackets the wheels now theoretically this thing should just slide right in and we’ll have a fully functioning system oh oh and now do we do the wheels and these wheels now I believe so it is so sick nice

Okay got it oh check this out oh I’m set for a zombie apocalypse the perfect all in one rig oh my God it comes with like this full little grommet uh weatherproof it once you have the last yeah that’s so sick okay now that the drawers are complete which

Are really sick we’ll show you guys the full assembly in just a bit I want to show you guys what Tim created over here what Tim installed over here because this is also really sick and just really good accessories that will eventually need so first up we have our gas jug Tim

Was able to get these really cool mounts that connect right to the rack easy and accessible to take on and off the gas jugs so let’s think about Diesel and have some spare gas and those mounts are freaking dope and super sturdy okay next up after the gas we actually have a

Water jug which this is probably my favorite and what we’ll get the most use out of so when Tim bought this gas jug there was no water nozzle for us to be able to effectively use it while still on the rack so so Tim actually created a

Custom nozzle if you look right here to be able to use this thing on and off with the wrap he put a water speaker right here to be able to put attachments onto it so that this thing actually attaches to the water jug and extends it

Out from the truck so if this thing had water in it which it did I would show you guys we can release the release the nozzle here open this up and actually have water flow directly onto the side of the truck instead of having hit light

Go down the side kind of extends a little bit which this is actually going to come really in handy and we’ll show you guys using this when we actually go on our camping trip but these are really good accessories that not only like look really cool and make the truck look

Finished as a rig but also we’ll get a lot of use for our adventure and last but not least we have the recovery kit which is really rad with our super cool blue ratchet straps we’ll definitely have to find some black ones but these are a good place holder for now and

Another accessory that makes the truck look finished but also if we ever get in a bind this will really really come in handy so with all the stuff today the truck’s ready to go for our first Adventure foreign time for adventure prep I feel like this

Is a great time to show you guys everything that we installed today and T-money my adventure buddy here how sick does this thing look walk me through it what do we have here okay number one you guys already know when we have a brief walkthrough for T-money here we have

Extra diesel in our gas drug right here so in case we get lost stranded this is so cool yes it locks in we have water this is quite possibly the coolest thing that we did today well second coolest thing hold this let me show you it’s

Gotta it didn’t go two and two here we have water come back here this is this is for just a second but together so that’s pretty cool that’s pretty sick check this out you know what all this reminds me of The Walking Dead okay that’s what I said like your truck

Yeah ready for a zombie yeah exactly okay so this is this is probably one of the sickest things that we did today this is this is really cool look how freaking sick this is this is our new drawer system for our new what your system your Mississippi came out a little bit when

You said drawer a big truck never really yeah yellow well good thing because we got a measuring tool here to measure our fish yes no but this thing is seriously so rad especially for when we go V2 and actually get a cap on this we can

Actually make this like a little cot and sleep for like a little table over here to eat on like it’s gonna be really cool but why this is so sick because all of our camping stuff all of our supplies so we can you know put maybe our miscellaneous items into one of these

Bins take a bin out we have so much room for all of our items to go into here and it’s all stored away how insane is that that’s so cool if you guys come look over here like I told you we’re going on an adventure getting ready for our first

Camping trip tomorrow and uh we’re gonna put all of this stuff that we usually have in these bins right here that’s right that’s right so we’ll update you guys once all of this stuff is loaded in and uh show you how everything fits and complete our camping

Rig is now actually up full-on rig we’ve got everything set up this is just our first time so I think once we do it once or twice we’ll kind of figure out our best method but we have everything stacked and ready to go I do eventually want to get like a little compartment

For spices for when I do cook when I’m camping and stuff but this is going to work for now we have all of our cooking gear inside of this box right here I don’t want to take it all out but it’s really cool that this kit actually comes

With these boxes along with it really is handy I know you can get upgraded ones but for now this actually works we have all of our cooking supplies into here we have some miscellaneous blankets our Grill is back here here’s our tent and then we have all of our accessory lights

And walkie-talkies tools safety kit some of our bathroom stuff is in here and then we have all of our pillows sleeping bags mattress pads all of that good stuff fits right in here and this is literally everything that we used to have to take four bins for isn’t that

Crazy I know and this saves so much freaking space and it’s just so organized all compartmentalized and so satisfying when you hear this thing close look at this that’s so freaking good and of course we got our firewood up top and then in the car this is where we’re gonna put all of

Our clothes and bags and food ice chest and then we even have our little portable battery right under there we are freaking ready for the zombie apocalypse this rig is coming along remember when we first got it it does and then we can also just close this and

Have tons of room so freaking dope I am pumped so next time you guys see us and this rig we will be on our camping Adventure really putting it to use I’m pretty freaking excited Big Sur is our favorite place in this whole world to go to until we find a better camping

Location but for now no we go every year that’s our spot it’ll never be replaced we have to go every we do but we’re gonna I really would like like all over to all the different national parks and cool camping locations but that’s for later on

Anyways I hope you guys like this of course if you want any of this stuff make sure to hit up Trail build off-road and leave a link to them down in the description box below so you guys can find all of your off-road camping 4×4 stuff anything you want they can get you

Guys so definitely check them out thank you guys so much for watching if you have not already make sure to hit that like button leave us a comment down below what should they comment for this video um doomsday prep no no no um big truck done big truck Dot

You need it leave us a comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe we’ll see you guys for our next camping Adventure peace out thank you