Dustin Williams Video: The R32 GTR is BACK & Revamp Begins!!

Reading Time: 12 minutes
Posted: 2023-04-07 18:30:27
Author: Dustin Williams
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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Nothing like a little bit of space to start off our track weekend the car feels great but what you’re watching here is me trying to go into Fifth and absolutely nothing happening I don’t have fifth gear those look like Clips to hold something that’s all just metal shavings with Clips in it Yes sir trans is out how beautiful this brand new oskikin LSD this thing is sick how much do you think it weighs now that you’re holding it this weighs Before we hop into today’s video you guys might remember my old a86 and today I have something pretty special for you guys here’s an opportunity for you guys to be a part of the channel or even own a piece of the Channel’s history we’ve partnered with veteran-owned small

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All you guys have to do is click the link in the description go to go.getter2win.com buy a cool collectible mug or digital download and get your automatic entry and a chance to win this amazing a86 thank you guys for the support and good luck what is up guys

And welcome back to the channel we are back from vacation and getting right to work I am so stoked and today we’re starting back with one of everybody’s favorite cars the attack 32 and you know my personal favorite I absolutely love this thing and I showed you guys a

Little bit of what happened previously to the car if you guys don’t know we’re racing the car and long story short it blew fifth in Reverse which are just really strange gears to blow in the first place and it was kind of out of commission but kind of a blessing in

Disguise because it was the perfect time for us to kind of revamp some things that we had to get done number one being if we head right over here into our pile of things we have our OEM LSD that has been transformed with the OS geiken two-way LSD which is going to be

Absolutely insane now this is just the rear we do have the front front differential that we can throw in but what I wanted to do is see how the car feels with the rear LSD first and then move on to the front as well once we actually found another stock

Transmission a huge thank you to Sean over at Top Rank importers it was like it was just the perfect storm of events for us to go ahead and get the rear diff done and we’re super stoked So today we’re going to be getting the R32 GTR

Back in commission well sort of I guess the car still needs a tune if you guys don’t remember during that same event where we blew the fifth in reverse the car also started having some really weird tuning issues so we do have to get this thing tuned which will be done once

The transmission and the different but today these are the two things that were getting done in the GTR and I’m super freaking pumped now this is another stock 5-speed transmission I do want to give you guys a small update with the transmission into we actually had a dog

Box gear set coming from Australia that would be rebuilding this transmission with once it actually comes in but that is a good ways out isn’t take a few months for that stuff to get finished being produced and then shipped over to us from Australia so we’ll keep you guys

Updated on the dog box transmission which is going to be absolutely insane by the way for now we’re going to be running stock trans along with our oskikin two-way LSD and it’s going to be fantastic so before we get started with putting everything back into the car

Which is going to be a mission this thing weighs a ton I wanted to address a couple of questions that I keep getting on the attack 32. are we still going to be racing the car the answer that question is yes but we’re just going to be going in a slightly different

Direction through driving this car and quote unquote competing with it at the grid life events we did that for for quite a while and I kind of came to a conclusion and quite honestly that conclusion is just I really really missed the R32 GTR this is my favorite

Car I absolutely love this thing you guys know I always freak out when when I go to Japan and get to see a good 32 at daikoku or running on the loop or whatever the case and I just overall really missed this card so with that

Being said what I mean about this car is going in a different direction is we’re still going to be tracking it it’s just going to be for fun when I’m in Japan I see so many different GTRs that are built even crazier than my car that are

Still being daily driven or driven all the time to go to different car meets to go to daikoku to run the loop all of that kind of stuff and I really want to do that with my arth reviews and instead of constantly erasing it and beating it

And competing with it because it does constantly break it’s one thing after another which granted it comes with the territory I really want to bring this car back to being a more streetable fun trackable car as well yes we’re still gonna have the gutted interior I love

That about the car and yes we’re going to keep all of our race car parts to suspension everything is just I’m just gonna start driving it again I miss it so much this car doesn’t need to only live on the track and as far as like competing with the car and stuff like

That that’s gonna be put on hold for this thing and we’re just gonna go back to having fun with the GTR GTRs are my absolute favorite cars and we’ve built this one to be the track the trackable monster that it is and I just want to

Also enjoy it on the street so we are going to be making a couple of changes with the car just to be able to have this thing be a little bit more streetable which number one is probably going to be the exhaust a little sneak

Peek on what we have is you see that big fragile box over there if you guys have been paying attention to some of the Japan series that we’ve been doing that was a very special piece that we’re going to be installing even over here we even have some really rare BR side

Skirts for the 32 and we also have the fujimura OEM Wing Gurney flop for this car that we’re all we’re going to be throwing it all on and I’m so pumped to just get this car back and start driving this thing for you guys again and it

Seems like you guys really enjoyed the canyon driving video so that’s what I really want to do in the 32 coming up to set everything up we are going to be making the attack 32 the ultimate fun Haver car and just have it more suitable for Street driving as well I know you

Guys have been asking me to do more streetcar builds and more stuff on the streets and that’s exactly what we’re going to be doing with the 32 and I am super freaking pumped for it let’s get started Ready Oh actually um did you just get it it’s not lined up but try that hey is that it it’s in are you joking first try are we are we professionals holy moly that was honestly that was the easiest trans we’ve ever put in I thought it was going to be so

Difficult too that’s a good extension you got there you look really deep in that there I’m super deep [ __ ] extension dude it works hey it worked that’s all that matters right Thank you Foreign let’s go that was uh way easier than I thought mission number one a massive success trans is in time to do the diff and our two driveshafts I got a hot and ready always guy can LSD ready for delivery ready for install actually oh yeah [Applause] [Applause] all right we are so close diff is in we got our transient drive shafts are in now we’re filled her up with fluid we did use shockproof heavy for the trans the transfer case at least we do have the Valvoline ATF and we also used Valvoline gear oil which you can see

Right here for our new diff this is going to be absolutely sick we are so close we just finished the ATF we’re gonna button this up put our sway bar back on I could have put in the broken shifter because I totally forgot that we actually need a new

Shifter where’s it we actually just found this today as we were getting parts another thing that broke on the car is our shifter just randomly we were racing at not what happened racing at gingerman Raceway and my no my shifter broke inside of my shift knob another one of the Unlucky things that’s

Happened to this car but it’s fine we’ll get it fixed let’s button up our transfer case and keep moving Okay So final piece of you can see where the freaking shift knob sheared off right there dude what a weird issue to have and this is a very this is the Nismo Nismo quick shift it’s what they called it there’s two different ones you have the short shift and the quick shift this

Was the the quick shift this is like a really nice one it just snapped in half from that shift knob really crazy but anyways we’re so close we’re missing two washers so I don’t care don’t care it’s got to be replaced anyways so yes exactly at some point it will be replaced

Unfortunate news came out the shifter how there it is and you lost something yeah no we’re just gonna you seem very good well this thing is just it’s just dumb the whole mechanism is dumb I wish I knew where your stalk one was I would throw that back in I know you

Didn’t get rid of it I didn’t it’s gone in the abyss somewhere I’m not gonna let the shifter defeat me today I have all the things we’ve done today no it’s not going to defeat you because we’re gonna sit here until you’re done ah I found

The whole well did I find yep found the hole okay now my old man knees hurt because everything else is bolted in which doesn’t make any sense as to why this one would be you can jiggle us around you can jiggle it around but I can’t

Move it anywhere oh [ __ ] it’s moving the whole thing oh is that a head jiggle thank God jiggle it next time jiggle it next time we are going to retain the duct tape shift knob surprisingly works really well that’s like a beat club dude that was my uh my

Makeshift shift knob for the event after it cracked in half and we just left it because it feels great one day we’ll have a real shift knob on this thing maybe I’ll take that new welder and try and fix it you should be sick that means you have to take this

Whole thing out again ready to see this Tim yeah hold back oh we’re about to do the first start too I’m so excited you know Tim and I were talking and this thing has been down since September we’ve been waiting on a trans in our diff so I don’t think we

Explained this but you guys saw the process of us taking the trans swapping it with Sean’s over at Top Rank and then us dropping off the diff but it turned out we needed completely new axle spline so we had to order axle splines from Japan get those over to the

Diff shop so they can actually build us our differential and it was just a whole process which totally just I totally fret would even show him anything yeah we didn’t show him any of that okay you ready for this we need some juice flowing in here yeah I need the move for that

Thank you okay you ready take the exhaust piece off because there’s a flange on there still it’s been a while and the battery is a little low so oh and she’s only 85. all right here we go [ __ ] Sounds good okay it works that’s that part works that part works next up we’re gonna throw a seat in here we’re gonna throw the uh the bridge Japan series seat and this actually feels a little better yeah it feels better uh throw a seat in here so that we can actually take this

Thing for a little test drive and see how the trans feels and the new diff put it through put it through the test but so far so good it is so nice to have the attack 32 back from the good storage space we have up there I guess I should probably grab that

Oh hey it’s pretty light got it change the plants yes chains of plants change plants we don’t have Hardware to mount the bottom mounted seat to the rail because we I think we used it for a different car while this cover’s down so we have to go run and

Get some Hardware which will be a mission for another time but for today we still have our stock seat which is typically fine for right now so we are going to throw this guy back in there just for testing purposes and it should be good to go for it’s gonna be awesome so

Okay come on you slide it looks so weird with the stock seat it does oh so weird okay Mmm Know me one of the things that we have to fix is a lot of you guys notice that our battery shows red when we get into the higher RPM that means our alternator isn’t charging or something and that’s still happening so one issue that we really have to fix is

The alternator so we can’t rip it when we go test drive we do I do just want to make sure the car goes into fifth gear and everything like goes through every gear really um so we’re not going to rip it but we’re going to hopefully try and just

Make it down the street okay [ __ ] yeah thank you Sean she’s back baby let’s go foreign She’s alive oh my God oh my God how sweaty and raw that car is and yes okay transworks and diff Works massive thank you to number one always geiken for helping us with this dip it was a year process to even get these things in stock and now that it’s finally here

That’s amazing but all of that to say huge thank you as well to top rank importers number one for helping us with the Trans and helping us Source the splines we needed for the diff now obviously we can’t really feel the benefits of the dip until we take this

Thing on the track or even some Spirit of driving on the canyon so that is definitely to come but we still have some things to figure out on this okay to finish off our plans with the GTR today number one I want to talk to you

Guys like I said I want to make this thing more streetable more reliable just to like take it to shows and do all the regular streetable fun things which is this car just is meant to be driven and I want to drive it more so number one

Like I said the alternator we may have a bad connection to the alternator having to do something with the OEM display it’s a long story but once we figured out I can tell it to you guys or we might just have a bad alternator in general so we’ll check that and number

Two something really weird our power steering pump leaks and it’s weird because it doesn’t leak when we drive the car it’s when we let the car sit it starts seeping out so our good friend oh you can actually see it right now yes it’s wet yeah that’s weird see if you

Guys can see so you probably won’t be able to oh we have a napkin down there too by the way so there’s a lot of buttoning up to do here so uh what I was going to say is our good friend Lee from Monster performance told us about a little

Secret and we want to make sure that we can actually do it with this car and we’ll share that with you once the time comes but we’re going to be replacing our power steering pump with something completely different and actually even relocating it so I actually have the

Biggest and the craziest adventure of My Life coming up in about a week so while I’m doing that what you guys will hear more about on April 14th or 15th whenever I leave and go to that but while I’m gone Timber over here is going to be taking over taking charge yeah I’m

Gonna fix this guy so he used to be buttoning up everything with the GTR so that when I’m back from this crazy adventure I’m going on we’ll be able to completely have this car ready to go making some awesome fun content with it but for now we gotta get everything

Buttoned up so I hope you guys are excited for the revamp series on the attack 32 we’re gonna be doing some body work we’re gonna be just buttoning up everything it’s gonna be so freaking sick just like this car was always meant to be I’m very excited it is it’s a very

Very hot car especially now that’s coming summer time but anyways what’s the sweaty back Mission success for today Tim hell yeah I’m stoked Thank you Thank you