Dustin Williams Video: The OFFICIAL Reveal of the Attack R32 GTR!! | IT SHREDS!!

The OFFICIAL Reveal of the Attack R32 GTR!! | IT SHREDS!!

Posted: 2022-06-10 17:00:12
Author: Dustin Williams
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Thank you @valvoline for having us out!
Also, s/o to the legend @romeezus3 for shooting the event for me! Should we do more with Rome??

Gridlife Midwest Festival was our first event in the R32 GTR. We were very unsure of what to expect from the car since we have never made it through a full track day… to our surprise, the car ABSOLUTELY SHREDS!! Day 1 was an absolute success. I show you guys the new JDM Top Secret front lip, APR Performance front splitter, and all the parts I got from Japan on my trip. We also get to do some track testing before the real sessions start.

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Build race brake repeat it’s all a process and through this process valvoline vr1 is my oil of choice the high zinc levels gives me anti-wear protection and the friction modifiers help keep my engine delivering max power Valveline’s roots and racing and high performance keeps me grounded knowing i’m putting the best into my car today’s video is powered by valvoline Hmm From japan to california all the way to michigan let’s go No way i’ve been thinking about getting sick What’s up guys we are here in michigan for gridlife midwest fest one of our favorite events of the entire year and very monumental moment our first competition in the r32 gtr now it’s gonna be a special one because as you guys know if you’ve been keeping up with

The gtr build we haven’t made it through a full track day yet and we have a three-day competition so this is going to be the real test for the attack 32 tim and i think that we have pretty much buttoned up everything there is to button up also we have another mod here

That we didn’t show you guys yet which is a top secret front lip and we have a brand new apr splitter check this out it is absolutely massive we’ll show you guys us installing that later on we have a lot of work to do before we can

Actually go on track and we have that’s not even the right time that isn’t right we have an hour and a half we have an hour and a half before we go on track we have to install our brand new tote that we got from japan also the

Brand new alcantara nardi that we got from japan and we got to put the sweater back on so tim are you ready for this weekend yes my car is gonna do great you’re gonna do great and you’re gonna have fun this week goal for this weekend is to

Get the 32 to make it through an entire entire day and try our track day also the entire weekend also a special guest for us this weekend we got rome here filming us filming us and gonna get some awesome content with him some spicy stuff look at that see

That man look at that freaking making movies it’s gonna be sick so i’m very very excited i’ve been dying to get back to drive the attack 32 and this is a really fun track to be on too and we have all of our friends here we’ve got

Tj in the whole squad over there we have valvoline right next to us with gears and gasoline rob dom’s here we have a crazy crazy squad so now you guys are updated a little bit we’re just gonna hop right in and start installing the tow hook the splitter and the steering wheel then

What do you think dude oh it looks slow looks slow i’m gonna do the honors here tim hit me up while i was in japan i was like hey try and find this kanza service tow hook because that’s the only thing that’ll work with our splitter little did he

Know i was literally an hour away from the actual kansai service actual shop and he succeeded and i succeeded i went there got the tow hook are you just gonna man it there we go dance nicely wrapped up it is dude they did a great job they were

Super stoked when i showed them the attack 32 they were like really happy that i was going on like an actual race car which i think is super cool so this is going to look great sticking out the front of our car with the top secret front lip and the splitter

Oh it connects right to the frame of the car which is super cool actually connects to the factory tow hook yeah they actually had a gtr on the lift and contact service with this tow hook so he like showed me how it goes and everything connect it right there to the oem tow

Hook and it just like extend those out the front of your car super dope so we’re gonna go ahead and put this in and get moving you guys don’t know we have the oh like the original steering wheel that came with the car when i imported it from

Japan it is crusty it is old and it just does not do the job this is brand new from super auto box in japan it’s got the alcantara red stitching very very nice way grippier than the one that i have overall gonna be way better for me driving so let’s go

Ahead and get inside and install this boom the old and with the new spicy look how nice this is you’re joshing me right now sits a little bit too close but yeah it is what it is take a look new looks so much better with like the black

And the carbon in the middle new versus old so much better Actually looking down here timbrel That is so sick also let’s appreciate how sick this custom mount is that tim made for the splitter you guys haven’t seen all the gopro footage yet which will insert into some video but uh it’s super sick perfect so splitter is now going on yeah i gotta do like this dance

Tim’s got it figured out so tim this was tim’s complete job whenever i was in japan he i know you guys can’t see it but when we take this bumper off we have a complete custom bash bar and gnarly freaking splitter mount it’s just actually crazy how we set all this up so

And splitter rods all from apr so huge shout out to apr thank you guys for hopping on board the attack 32 you guys know we have the gt 250 wing as well as now the apr uh carbon front strip so sick Drop it down all right quick update the attack 32 is ready to go splitters on we got the tow hook the steering wheel tim’s about to adjust tire pressures right now we’re gonna start with 24 psi front and rear and see how it feels as you guys know we

Haven’t haven’t completed a full track day yet so i’m not too sure about the brakes or about the suspension it’s gonna be a lot of adjusting for day one but if you guys don’t know midwest fest is three full days sometimes four if we can get some track time on sunday we

Will uh but three full days of straight driving it’s gonna be amazing i’m very excited just to learn this car and get back in the driver’s seat um so that’s what the first day like so that’s what today is going to be all about is just really getting to learn the car we’re

Going to test braking zones let’s see how the suspension feels and test tire pressures as well so i’m super pumped uh first session is going out right now i’m gonna kind of hang back because i feel like i’m gonna be a little bit slower just getting to know this car so we’re

Gonna go out in a little bit and let’s see what we can run there is uh ferris he’s probably gonna set another track record today bearish is at every event we go to and literally every track ferris is at sets a record yeah every time it’s so sick he

Progresses with that car so much yeah goals for the attack 32. game time baby dude Move oh so so um How does it feel it’s a little squirrely in the rear in the rear [ __ ] sick bro this thing rips i wanted to pull it in early just so you could check it out i got one really good hot lap in and then did a cool down and i want him

To check out the engine and make sure nothing’s leaking feels fine fourth gear is completely shot i can shift into it but downshifting it just locks me out and grinds which sucks my synchros are out so i think we might need like a trans rebuild at some

Point or just go full sequential and send it but uh car feels amazing mechanically and everything else so let’s check out the engine Way too early though how did you test the brakes they feel great really i shouldn’t get confident did it lock up at all oh you got more of it i know oh yeah on the sweater so whatever oil is coming out spitting down that makes sense um

Can you turn the wheel to your welder it’s fine it’s fine it probably is just the drain i think it is because i don’t have it blocked off well it wouldn’t be uh gtr track day without some heartbreak here we saw a big puddle of oil that’s sitting on our splitter

We want to check it out it possibly could be our drain because the drain isn’t plugged up to anything right now so we’re going to take the splitter off and see if we can find where it’s actually leaking from but it looks like it’s just our catch cam so it could be fine

This is uh we found the leak right here this little little right here just open it’s okay good everything’s fine then then number two to the rescue thank you gears and gasoline also shout out to valvoline if you spill as much oil we have more oil to put in exactly

Really quick the oil is just spilling out of this hose right here and that’s an easy fix we’re just gonna put a bolt in there and tighten it down and it’s not going to spill anymore that’s where our oil is coming from but no big deal other than that

They’re solid i never seal i never sealed the catch can and we’ve never had a splitter to show us what’s happening yeah so hey now we know but most of we needed it anyway most importantly car is freaking working then to the rescue he’s my mechanic now dude he’s learning from me

So now mark you need to bring a car and then dustin is yours and then dust is my mechanics all right so we’re all ready for your second run right for the second run we got the issue fixed not really an issue which is something that needed to be taken care of

That’s an issue idiot uh we took care of the issue got the gopro set up um yeah we’re gonna we’re gonna go out for our next session and i feel confident enough to actually stay out for the whole session and hopefully get some good laps in faster laps just

Uh what i’m really gonna focus on is feeling out the brakes that’s what i’m most cautious about because you guys know in my s2000 i’m so used to locking up the brakes and spinning out whereas i have a sick brake kit from apg that i need to just

Send it and like you know get confident with it and see how far and how deep i can dive into the corner so that’s our next goal and hopefully we can turn some faster laps gotta aim for the top like hello yeah i can never doubt myself i know

Better all of you critics be acting like you know better blowing the smoke but i know when the dust settles that i’m in my element it’s evident at this level to the game all of those dark knights i got there breaking my back to make it out

Get me feeling like i ain’t never need your help i know you wish they may have to witness That’s how you cook it huh i saw you cooking it i mean how was that dude amazing one second faster still just trying to get used to it but i think we’re getting incrementally better and so we only did one hot lap again for this session just because we wanted to

Check over here you can see our fill line right here to make sure that we’re not spilling oil anymore which we’re not so we fix that issue which is great so our last session of the day hopefully might be our fastest because the weather is going to get a little bit cooler the

Track won’t be as hot potentially so i’m going to go all out and do say three hot laps for the last session see if we can really push it out of her and see what we can get i’m excited so far it’s doing beautifully couldn’t ask for a better outcome this weekend um

We’re learning more things about the car as well as the cars working so it hasn’t worked for us yet and uh so far so good so i’m looking forward to the rest of the weekend this thing eats yeah i know what i gotta do

I know what i gotta do we just got to freaking do it rome you know break later and don’t miss it that’s hard yeah if it starts rotating that’s my motto Ready for this last session of the day we got all the boys here we’re gonna try and send it we’re gonna see how far we can go with the car brake late get on power early let’s just try and have fun we’ve gotten kind of the kinks worked out today it

Seems to be fine and last session of the day it’s the coolest it’s gonna be hopefully the track is cooler so if we’re gonna go fast now would be the ideal time last and final session for the day so uh So many people going off We’re back for the final session of the day and the fastest session which i am super pumped about so throughout the day incrementally getting more comfortable and more comfortable in the attack of 32 like i’ve said multiple times we have never made it through a full track day

And i got more track time in this car than i have gotten over the past couple of months that this thing has been running and it’s been absolutely amazing learning things about the car learning the breaking points how far i can push it obviously this is day

One i have a lot to learn i’m so very timid as i’m sure you guys can see breaking way early not diving in the corner as hard as i could but overall lots of good things have come out of today and a lot of learning was had or made

You guys get what i’m trying to say here um but very very excited i am still having the worst issue of not being able to make my shifts having that stupid mis-shift issue and i do think it might have something to do with the elevated shifter when i go to shift

It’s not as precise i thought that i would like it because it’s so close to my hand from the steering wheel but i think it might be causing me to miss the gears so that’s something to look into but at the end of this lap i could have had a

Lot more time but i miss shifted three separate gears which is embarrassing it sucks but you know it is what it is and i’m learning through it so enjoy the rest a lot What Third session fastest session by five tenths of a second which is awesome at least we’re getting quicker but uh not without some sacrifice so i noticed that the car was getting a little bit hot when i came into the pits usually the coolant temps around 80 to 81

Degrees and it was at 92 when i was sitting in the pits which uh means something’s not right so when we got down here we noticed that our oil overflow tank was seeping out again because it was full which is normal but then we looked underneath the

Splitter and there’s a ton of coolant down here so may have potentially blown a coolant line or something i don’t know the most frustrating thing is the miss shifting issue i don’t know why the gearbox is so sloppy i just for the life of me cannot shift from

Fifth down shift into fourth or like get into thirds smoothly i mean it’s definitely something that i have to work on it’s just really really frustrating and i don’t know why it’s out there i guess i mean obviously it takes i’m getting used to shifting with

My left hand being right hand drive all of that but i mean it’s not even an excuse this gearbox just does not feel good for some reason so that’s another issue that i have to look at maybe getting some sort of different short shifter or something needs to change

With the gearbox because i’m just like it’s just like not good so we’re gonna figure out this issue first and i’ll update you guys once we can find something i’m guessing that’ll cool outline first or something like that it’s definitely a mix of both and way more coolant

What do we got down here brother Uh we’re gonna check it out and i’ll update you guys in just a sec there’s no direct culprit but uh we think that this let’s see if i can back this up here this quilt line right here that i’m pointing at we think that this line is just getting too hot and under

Pressure it’s seeping out from the top where it connects to the block the top right connects to the block which is that’s what we’re theorizing because there’s only two coolant lines on this car one on the top which is absolutely not leaking and this is the

One that’s kind of covered in coolant so i’m thinking that it just got too hot and it’s kind of like over pressurizing causing it to seep out where it’s connected to the block so only thing that i can really do is wait for the car to cool down and stops building pressure

And try and maybe tighten where the lines are and drive again and see if it spews out again yeah tim yep that’s all we can do right now but it’s just so weird that there’s no like you can’t see like anything like the system isn’t hot now it got too hot

And then it just started leaking out and when it does that like if the line was actually blown or there were the leak leak it would still be leaking right now and it’s not it’s not leaking at all which is so strange we’re a little low on fluids because i can’t even feel

Fluid right now so we need to go get some fluid we’ll fill it up in the morning and do do some of these everything’s okay everything’s okay so it is what it is kinks happens so that’s gonna be in the end for day one most importantly this is the first time

Tim we’ve ever finished an entire track day yes there’s complications but it’s a finished track day that was the end session you made it through the whole thing and really it’s not a huge deal it’s not s2000 yeah didn’t boil at all it’s not even close to that yeah so we

Just need to fix i’m tightening every line that’s on the radiator just in case we’ll fill it with fluids and hopefully we don’t have that issue tomorrow it’s a win in our books like i said finished an entire track day with really no complications other than a little bit of

Fluid that is going to be the end of day one good start to day one oh my nose is burning from that one is it pungent look at it it’s like coagulated so this is what came out of our catch can you guys remember we having the oil issue

Because if we just let it drain that’s e85 and a little bit of vr1 yeah it’s it’s it’s beautiful really to me pat uh the viewers may have seen your little off-road sparring adventure what happened yeah i uh i just sent it a little too

Hard i saw dustin was behind me and i didn’t want to get run over by this beautiful beast it holds you up and uh i carried probably where i should carry maybe five four miles an hour like ten and yeah a little off-road excursion luckily i got stock suspension so plenty

Of travel that’s all the light you let jesus take the wheel i did i was just like you know what i gave up this is it that’s all i got that’s so good quick walmart run oh my god Um