Posted: 2023-05-10 17:00:20
Author: Dustin Williams
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In today’s video, we install FK8 suspension onto our new FL5 Type R. The question is.. does it work? The Ohlins Road & Track coilovers are some of the best you can buy, so that’s what i wanted to try out on my car. The ride is a 12/10, but height adjustability.. not so much.

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Dustin Williams Video Transcript

Welcome back to the channel guys we’re just hopping right into it today excuse my voice I’m very stuffy but we have something very exciting today for the fl5 this is something that we’ve been waiting for for so long and we’re actually taking a little bit of a chance

We’ve done some research at the time that we’re filming this video there’s not many coilover options a big option for us were the spoon Springs but even then it’s just it Springs and I’d much rather have a true coilover system for today one of our amazing sponsors fitment Industries if you guys don’t

Know about fitment Industries anything and everything suspension Wheels tires they got you guys covered I’m going to leave a link to fitment Industries down in the description box below if you guys look right over here a majority actually every single box right here is from fitment Industries so massive thank you

To then this is actually for our brand new giveaway car coming out May 19th which you guys will see it very very soon but let’s let’s head over back here this is this today’s project today’s project is gonna be these so once again I’m going to reiterate if you guys need

Anything suspension Wheels tires Ministries has you guys cover they make it super easy to find exactly what you need whether you’re looking for an exact spec exact suspension to fit whatever your build is going for they have a platform for you it’s really cool definitely check out their site if you

Haven’t already as I’m rambling on let’s go ahead and just unbox this as I was saying earlier there’s not many choices for a true coilover system for the fl5 one that I constantly heard about with the fk8 and one that I really wanted for my personal car but just never actually

Did are check out these olin’s Road and track coilover system now if that doesn’t Scream the best suspension for the f05 I don’t know what else does this is uh this is one of the best suspensions that you can get for Type R platform now they don’t make a

Kit specifically for the fl5 they make it for the Sk8 but through our research it seems like the fk8 and f05 suspensions are relatively the same and they they work for both so we’re just gonna full send today and install the FKA Road and track suspension on the

Echo5 today so it’s going to unbox it take a look and get started Thank you Paper cut just sliced me gonna bleed All Is that a did you do a ah there’s cardboard in my finger I did a cardboard cut your unboxing a set of olins the cardboard is very sharp does the uh the shop bandage good to go you can tell he’s done this before it

Happens every time dude look how beautiful this is the original gold now what comes in the Box how do I open this okay oh damn dude so for the fo5 build I think it deserves the best and this is the best one I think the box is wrong

I’ve heard so many great things about the olins that I had to pick up a set for the fl5 and like I said they are Road and tracks they’re different dampening adjustments specifically for whether you’re driving on the road or the track so I’ve heard that’s like a pretty noticeable difference once you

Put it on the track versus Road setting so we’ll be testing that out I believe that this wow we have to we have to full on build these yeah so this box is going to be all of our struts foreign and rear and it looks like the other box

Is going to be all of our Springs yeah don’t don’t lose that this is crazy okay here’s all of these things all the accessories that you need to build your suspension now let’s figure it out Take your last look at what the fl5 looks like at stock height I honestly I don’t think the car looks bad at stock height but it could always use just a little bit more low and it’s going to handle so much better especially if you guys have driven the fl5 you guys know

How stiff this car is in the type R setting this will help correct that as well giving it a better ride feel a better stance and overall just better handling on the car itself so I’m super excited and we get to 50s t37s and put 10’s already 71 just a little bit better

So first things first since we do have to build those coilovers and they utilize the stock OEM top hats we’re going to lift this thing up and rip off the OEM suspension so we can start building the olins I feel like we’ve done this a hundred times by now it’s probably because we have so what I’m gonna do this time is I’m just gonna run through everything really quickly uh because we actually just got finished doing it on the fk8 when we’re taking the engine out and

From what Tim and I can see just by looking at everything is it’s literally the exact same so we’re pretty much going to take off our lower control arm here the steering rack arm right here loosen the shock from the knuckle right here and this thing is just gonna this

Thing’s just gonna plop right out the front is the more difficult portion and the rear the rear is super easy so I’m just going to run through this really quickly and if anything’s different than what we noticed on the fk8 I’ll update you guys but like I said from what we

Can see it’s pretty much the exact same Thank you that was not bad Well we gotta we got a break at ghost energy for this one because it is a it’s a tad bit more difficult than the fk8 all right Tim what seems to be the problem here he’s getting down and dirty subframe is different than the FK it sits lower

That’s the all the what it seems like the uh sway bar sits at a different angle so like we usually we take these bolts out and these two out and you can take this out but you can’t now yeah and then this would swing down allowing you to get the

Strut out but now you can’t remove this bolt even if you Jack the car up it doesn’t move enough to be able to take this bolt out right here so in turn we can’t lower the control arm so that we can slide this out which means we have

No access and that’s the that’s the hard part about this entire setup even in the fk8 it’s like it’s seated into this thing so this isn’t just free flowing once you get the bolts out so what it’s looking like we’re gonna have to do is take the axle nut out

Take the lower control arm completely out right here to basically reverse do it from the FK and swing it from this end down to hopefully let us lower this entire assembly getting the full shock out if that made any sense at all just you’ll see what happens You need this guy last time it literally exploded though you gotta go way more than that for it to move texture I feel like this is going to explode at any second oh nah that one was kind of lame that was dumb just give her some good some good lump Taps oh God it’s scary dang that was if we did that from the start this would have been way faster yeah real time it’s

Been about three and a half hours yeah it’s embarrassing but we got it uh now we should now we just have to loosen up our Top Hat bolts in this shop will come right out here put the nut back on the axle foreign you can do that on an fk8 so if

Anybody’s watching this with an FK you can do that too um okay now we can start building our front coilovers because we do have to take the top hat off you can buy aftermarket like camber top hats but for the olins you utilize your OEM top hat

And that’s just what we’re going to use for right now because I don’t think I’m gonna need much camber for this car but if we ever do in the future then you know we’ll change oh Super easy the rear suspension is out just like that three bolts are four I guess technically so while I’m taking the roof suspension out we have Tim bro working over here on assembling pre-loading and getting all of our measurements correct for the Olin suspension how’s this coming Tim it’s uh

It’s a task because we’re we’re in America oh are the metrics different yeah it’s the metric system I’m my Canadian days are over and I’m having to do conversions on my the really cool thing about the Olin suspension though like I said it’s very noticeable when you’re changing your dampening whether

You want to do track or Street driving and they actually get you they actually gives you data right here which tells you how many clicks you want to do when you’re actually adjusting your dampening whether you’re on track Winding Road or Street or Street driving they give you the click specified for

That and you can kind of adjust as you want which I think is super cool because not many people give you adjustments like that I put you on 12 clicks which would be high end of Street okay so like almost bumpy roadish yeah and then we

Can adjust for like Winding Road and if we do take it to the track we’ll just dump her all the way down I’ve heard that the two to seven range is like the new Type R brutal okay which isn’t necessarily a bad thing it’s just you

Don’t want to drive on that all the time on the street so we’re gonna go ahead and get these built and start throwing them in foreign This is not the first time we’ve done suspension kind of like this let me explain to you what I’m working with here these are the front directions these are adjustable they’re a different kind of adjustable they’re kind of like kw’s in that sense this body is all one

Piece this right here adjusts but it’s mostly for your spring preload is what you’re doing on these so you get to your preload which is suggested by them they have it all marked down for you so when I put all this together see if I can get this okay right there

So 170 millimeters is the preload that’s what I’m doing on everything I’m doing everything by the book of what they sent me uh rears are 12 mil for the spacing on there and was at 200 and yeah 215 millimeters which is about a quarter eight and a half something like that it’s somewhere

Around that I’m close I have it marked down but pretty much what it is it’s the same as any other suspension so the Springs themselves are quarter inch I mean seven they’re seven inch Springs so the seven inch spring needs to go about a quarter inch down on your preload uh

So pretty much that’s what you’re getting the numbers from and that’s their numbers you’re getting the preload so I’m guessing that this is going to lower the car but you’re not going to have the adjustability of uh of a two-piece coilover um the rears you can actually do two

Piece on because they have this adjuster right here so you can knock this loose and then adjust the body down or up um to make it shorter they’ve done their homework so I’m guessing that it’s lowered I’m hoping that it’s lowered it should be so we’ll see what the finished

Product is but yeah that’s what I’m doing right now I’ve measured these out 12 millimeter I’ve measured these out 215 millimeters so it’s it’s 215 from here to here so I did that um they came that way actually um I have these rubbers on I am not zip

Tying it tightly yet I was telling Dustin these are inverted struts so usually a strut sits like this and then your piece is up here these are inverted it’s pretty sick that it’s an inverted strut and the adjusters are actually right here and then the adjustments on these

Are actually under here they’re not on top like usual like you don’t have to pop your hood but you do have to probably turn your wheel all the way and like reach up under but I’m doing 12 clicks but that’s my that’s what I’m doing right now Thank you And there we go adjust it to where I need them they’re ready to go on the car now everything’s been adjusted to where I want it so nobody touched these hopefully I am curious to see how these are on the car I’m pretty excited about it

Um because I have always been a strut spring person so this is pretty much kind of that setup so it’ll be great to see Dustin’s reaction to these Oh Thank you Thank you Okay I think we’re good to go Thank you F05 suspension install complete it is now the next day and we wrapped everything up is it hot boy status no but that’s okay because it is olins like we told you guys we set the suspension up to the exact specs that olins recommends and this is where it

Set us and and actually it looks pretty damn good now it’s not super low usually I would like to probably have maybe like one finger one finger width Gap this one’s about like a one and three quarters Gap right here with that being said if that’s what olins recommends

That’s what we’re gonna keep it as and something else that I did not notice is that this is not like an adjustable coilover system meaning like you can’t like spin the actual shock assembly to lower the shock itself you would have to tighten this ring and change this the

Preload rate to potentially get this thing a little bit lower which we could do but I kind of want to keep it just where olins recommends because that’s that’s where these coilovers are going to feel and perform the best as you guys know olins are some of the best

Suspension that you can actually get so if that’s what they’re recommending from all the tests that they’ve run with the suspension and a Type R that’s that’s what we’re going to run and it honestly looks way way better than it did completely bone stock so our next

Mission here is Let’s go drive it and I’m probably gonna leave it as it is for about a week or so and drive it just like this to let everything settle and then once I’m more comfortable with the suspension itself I can start dialing in the adjustment foreign

See the suspension feels really really good and I’m surprised at how stiff it is even still on the streets on the street setting you know yeah and it still needs an alignment it’s so smooth yeah it needs an alignment it’s very very smooth that’s why I kind of want to I want to

Give it a week and play with it think I might want to go a little bit more stiff really yeah oh one thing I should mention is you you guys if you do the coilover system this with any coilover system for the fl5 that’s different than the fk8 you have

To get the dampening the dampening sensor delete kit because if you don’t your light comes on and you can’t actually change your mode it’s just stuck in sport uh which is different than the FKA because on the FK you could just leave the dampening light on and

Still adjust all of your settings with this one you can’t we actually ordered the uh the damping light delete kit and that should hopefully take care of the light and be able to put this thing back into individual mode but other than that incredible we need to do another uh

Another Canyon Run video now that we have the tune and the olins this thing feels like a completely different car the the crazy thing to me is like usually when you do suspension you have some sort of a noise there’s zero noise and the ride quality feels insane

And this will be perfect for are we taking this to the track yet no no dang this is the longest we’ve gone without taking car to the track and when we go to the track this thing is going to feel phenomenal yeah tips I wanted to wait to completely finish up

This video Until I let the coilovers settle just a little bit it’s been three days since we installed the suspension and now I feel like we can go ahead and end the video to give you guys an accurate look at what the olins look like now I am over the moon at how

Awesome this suspension came out yes it could definitely be lower for daily driver application I think this stance is absolutely perfect I mean just look at it it looks infinitely better and I mean the difference in quality of driving with the Olin suspension is 11 out of 10. one of the nicest suspensions

That I’ve ever ridden or driven in I mean it’s it’s fantastic and now with that being said the suspension was developed for the FK and not the fl5 specifically so keep that in mind when you’re actually looking at the height of the car and it might have actually been

Different in like measurements I guess from front to rear so keep that in mind when you’re actually looking at the height of the car so that is definitely something to think about for any of you guys thinking of getting the FK Olan suspension for your fl5 and down the

Road I do think that I will swap an fl5 specific coilover system but for now this is absolutely perfect and I could not be any happier this is my favorite angle of the car we may or may not have a special something coming all the way

From Japan I’m probably going to want it at this height anyways it still gave the f05 a super aggressive stance which is what we were looking for and feels amazing Get it I’m gonna go ahead and wrap this up we have a little secret something hiding behind this door right here which you guys will see next Friday May 19th our giveaway car we finally made it all the way back from Salt Lake City you guys are going to see our entire Adventure it

Was incredible and very very unexpected I can’t wait to drive this car more field suspension I’ll keep you guys updated on where I land on adjustments because as I modify this thing more I’m going to keep adjusting it and I’ll just keep you guys updated thank you guys so

Much if you have any questions or anything like that make sure to leave us a comment down below like this video and of course don’t forget to subscribe we are so close to 750k thank you guys so much for watching I cannot wait to show you guys what’s coming up next I will

See all of you for the next one not car but new reveal in the next video so stay tuned if you made it this long I’m gonna give you a little sneak peek it’s an over Landing track support vehicle and we call it the Great White Buffalo it’s

Absolutely sick see you guys in the next one peace out Foreign